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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jun 22, 2020

Politicians pandering to what they perceive as the trend will backfire when the trend crumbles to the TRUTH. More than likely every single self serving politician will find themselves holding the bag when their fraudulent actions are met with the truth. From Atlanta to here, people are getting fed up with being fed a false media narrative by politicians who are poised like marketing strategists to divide the public for their own purposes while painting themselves the crusaders for justice. These politicians are anything but righteous. They are coward opportunists.

Over the last few weeks we have seen the murder of George Floyd, and the protests following turn into an agenda, where it has gone from protesting those actions to an all out war on Police Officers. We need to put the focus on what the real problem is here; politicians, and other elected officials who can’t lead water down a hill.

Down in Atlanta Georgia an officer was fired and indicted for murder, after shooting a DUI suspect who beat him, resisted arrest, took his taser, and fired it at him. This was done within a day of the incident happening. Here in Albuquerque, a man was bashed over the head by a VIOLENT protestor, with a skateboard, and by another VIOLENT protestor with a handbag with something heavy inside it, and another protestor with his fists. The one protestor who was shot in self defense even appeared to have an edged weapon in his hand. Both of these cases were pushed through the legal system with charges on both of the individuals who decided to legally protect themselves, instead of being victimized. 

In Atlanta, you actually had District Attorney Paul Howard state that any other officer would have driven Rayshard Brooks home after finding him driving drunk. In what world is he living in? Maybe back in the 80s and 90s officers would stop a drunk, and drive them home, but you get fired for that today. How many times have we seen the calling for of going after police officers for letting a DUI off the hook? For the last 20 plus years officers have been fired for letting DUI suspects slide. So this DA advocates driving drunk drivers home, and giving them a free pass. This is now the world we are living in? No, that’s what UBER is for. Maybe the officer should make the drunk driver a night cap before tucking them in, after they carry them over the threshold. Now because of political climate DAs are advocating breaking the law. We wonder if he would advocate officers driving a drunk driver that struck and killed his family member, home and not charging them. Reality has truly become distorted for many who are really the ones with hatred, rage, and racism in their hearts. 

While all of this is going on, slimy district attorneys and city leaders are doing legal gymnastics, verbal yoga, misrepresenting facts, omitting facts, and distorting accounts of events they were not present for, to get their agendas out there and appear to be solutions to the problems they created. They are scapegoating good people, and hanging others out to dry because of  incidents that don’t even involve these people. The whole country is on a witch hunt with hundreds of agendas focusing on the next election, and it is pathetic. 

A lot of this disrespect towards authority started with the last election, when a bunch of spoiled, entitled babies did not get their way, and President Trump was elected. 

Regardless of who gets elected president, there is no justification for getting so bent out of shape and triggered, that you lash out like a 10 year old, and rationalize violence, burning and looting. When you see politicians rationalizing this, or allowing it, you now know that it is sick and out of control. To destroy an economy, and promote anarchy because you got your feelings hurt, is sick and pathetic. Let’s get this strait. The peaceful protests are about George Floyd, and many other issues, but the riots and looting are about an organized overthrow of the United States government, and the bringing of anarchy and instability.  

To jump on political bandwagons, passing judgement, without having ANY facts is reckless. To call someone a white supremacist, or lump in a man who defended himself in with a group you FALSLY called white supremacists, because you know it will sensationalize something, and provide opportunistic momentum to your other agendas, like anti 2nd amendment causes and election influence is willful malfeasance, malevolent, dishonest, dishonorable and cowardly. 

It seems most politicians, and police leaders around here have no problem throwing anyone under the bus with the blink of an eye, for their own advancement or gratification of seeing those with differing political opinions suffer. That is criminal, and it seems most politicians are on the same page in conspiring to commit this behavior. You can combat it by educating yourself, and seeking out the truth, instead of listening to the lies coming out of their mouths. The last administration did this with expertise, and this one is worse, because they do it just as much, but portray themselves as inclusive when they are nothing but hypocrites. We will prove this with up coming posts that are on the way, as we welcome a new writer on board shortly. 

Before we go any further, our blog is proof of the over a decade of the work we have done against corruption, while exposing the truth on some of the biggest cowards who walk our planet. Do keep that in mind when you make an ass out of yourself by disagreeing with our stance on this, because you too have a bias ax to grind, and now don’t like what we have to say about what is fundamentally right and wrong. We are beholden to nobody. We are beholden to the truth and what is right. 

Since the last election, and the years of chapped hypocrite asses that followed, we are now in a state of anarchy in our country. Everyone is being played to turn on our police officers. 

Below is an article written by another person who is not from New Mexico, but from an outpost in Alaska. They will have you think that in all their couple decades on the planet they have the life experience, and wisdom to open their mouths about something they have no clue about, when they can’t even write objective articles without the emotional overtones of hatred towards any authority. The overtones of baseless finger pointing at law enforcement, stemming from their reaction to the recent shooting in Old Town is the same old “nothing is good enough.” From the same old children, who haven’t walked a mile in their own shoes yet. 


Although we agree the investigation was handled poorly, as is shown in the next article, where the DA Raul Torres states he had to drop the shooting charges, the failure lies more so on the leadership, both politically and within the police department. 

There are now a few articles about how the investigation into this matter was botched, from edged weapons found on the scene not being matched to their owners, to letting witnesses go without giving statements. We would like to add one more thing. When the protestor who tried to kill Mr. Baca with a skateboard was shot and fell, did anyone see the liquid fly out of his backpack? We wonder what that was. These protestors knew they were wrong. 

DA Torres made one of the most pathetic, weak ass attempts to attempt to explain criminal action against Mr. Baca, by essentially saying that one forfeits their right to a self defense claim against someone they they themself instigated an incident against. Well that is the biggest crock of shit to ever come out of a law enforcement attorney’s mouth. So in his opinion the below applies....

By DA Torres’s opinion of a self defense claim, it seems to be that when you attack someone, the person who gets attacked gets to say when the fight ends, and that incident never shifts to being excessive or criminal regardless or what transpires. Essentially, in his eyes, you get attacked, and it’s then weapons free, regardless of the disparity in sides. Sorry pal, that is not that case. People have rights, and excessive is excessive regardless of the forum. Three on one, with the three attackers being armed, makes Mr. Baca a victim. Also, if you look at this from a law enforcement perspective, where all DAs across the country take the position that an arresting officer is responsible for the welfare of the suspect they are arresting, Torres’s opinion on self defense would have one believe that once one is attacked, all bets are off. That is not the case. You can only defend yourself until your actions stop the threat. Being attacked does not make you immune from the responsibility of being held criminally liable, when you take it further than stopping, or warding off the the threat, but to turn it into a punishment session. And it definitely doesn’t take away your liability when you say things like “kill him.” as it proves your intent to kill the man. That is going to be hard to argue away. One more issue that puts Da Torres’s stupid (giving up your claim to self defense) comment to bed is that. The issue between the woman who battered Mr. Baca, to keep him from entering the protest was the first incident involving one party. When a separate party (protestor Williams) decided to get involved with his accomplice, both dressed in ANTIFA black, this turned into a separate incident. This incident number two puts the DAs claim in defending violent protestors to bed. You can’t attack a man when he is running away, and not known to be armed, smash him in the head with skateboards, loaded handbags, three on one, then pull what appears to be edged weapons on him, then cry foul when you get shot, and say he was a threat.

Mr. Baca was retreating from a crowd after what appeared to be an altercation with a female protestor who attempted to keep him from entering the protest, and individuals surrounded him with deadly weapons, stating “kill him.” There isn’t much that needs to be discussed here. 

A district attorneys office that allows APD detectives to threaten the DA himself, and that can’t even prosecute the Victoria Martens child murder case, can jump the gun on a man because he didn’t lay down for a bunch of violent vigilante protestors, then feed the public the most illogical line of shit while doing so. The DA needs to dismiss this, and arrest the three individuals who actually did the criminal acts here. After that, the hypocrite governor and Senator Heinrich need to give a press conference apologizing for jumping the gun, and calling everyone white supremacists, then lumping in Mr. Baca with the N.M. Civil Guard who by the way was a calming, and order keeping effect, until the arrival of APD, because everything they said was politically motivated and false.  

If you as a Police Chief, or other ranking leader think the lines are blurred so much on where you should stage your officers during protests, you need to resign. When you take the political stance of the mayor and police chief that you don’t want to intimidate people, or hurt their feelings, therefore you hide officers behind buildings, out of sight while protestors use pick axes, and ropes to pull down city statues, you are a gutless pandering coward, and yes, the blame for rapidly escalating violence lies directly on your shoulders. 

The problem with people who write articles like the one from UNM is that they want to take the podium, and pontificate about how the big scary officer hurt their feelings, and how officers are systemically a problem when they are full of dog shit. They love using the word systemic, but fail to address the systemic facts because of their emotionally driven personal bias. If they were actually worried about systemic issues, they would be attacking the politicians and leaders at the top, who are giving the orders that let their skateboard and handbag wielding, coward buddies get out of control, to the point that a man had to defend himself by shooting one of them.

If anyone was concerned with systemic issues anywhere, more police brass and corrupt politicians would be getting prosecuted, but you NEVER SEE THAT! NEVER! It is all about low hanging fruit, and going after soft targets, like the lowly officer or citizen, who after you ruin them, have no way to defend themselves. That is cowardice. Just ask AG Balderas who is still sitting on the former APD Police Chief Raymond D. Schultz corruption grand jury case. Ask him. He will take the 5th on it. 

For now, we will leave this right here. It is a police report concerning the violent protestor who was shot at the protest last week. Read it for yourself, and see the mindset of these protestors. You tell us if that guy is not violent... and that was from back in 2017. We have one question. Why was this guy not prosecuted back then? This police report contains elements of threats of violence and conspiring to incite violence against an individual, along with threats via electronic communication and harassment. Just read it......

If the above description of actions against the listed complainant isn’t the definition of Fascism, we do not know what is. Folks, we are not dealing with peaceful protestors. We are dealing with radical, hypocrite terrorists, who try to bully, intimidate, and terrorize innocent people out of having any opinions differing from their radical ones.



Anonymous said...

All of this is 100% true. Just wait till the lawsuit with the sex crimes detective comes out. Let’s see killer talk his way out of that and try to act like he’s so inclusive when that gets out. It’ll be interesting to see how Keller and Guyer explain all of the black employees that have had run-ins with the guy geier brought here from Rio Rancho PD and how he harassed all of them. I can’t wait till the half dozen lawsuit in the pipeline for harassment and everything else gets out. All of the little kellerites are trying to keep a lid on all of this. Nothing has changed with APD. The city is led by a bunch of morons. When you have jokers like Pat Davis acting like they should be spearheading reform the place is a laughing joke. That guy had three years on the job as a cop which probably included his academy time. He never left rookie status in a 1 square mile PD. Then he comes here and gets locked up for DUI. I am sick and fucking tired of hypocrites like this.

Anonymous said...

I guess the Brooks guy should have removed the keys from the ignition before going to sleep. Once the officers contacted him, he didn't have to act like a drunk asshole and do all that he did. Then to make matters worse he argues, resists, fights, then arms himself with the officers taser, runs away then fires the taser at officers. WHO ACTS LIKE THAT????? A person who is not a law abiding citizen!!! Doesn't matter what ethnic background he came from. He chose to drink, drive drunk, being so drunk that he falls asleep. No ones fault but his own. When will people stop blaming their actions on everyone else??? Absolutely amazing!

Anonymous said...

"An interesting aspect of the June 15 protest is that a paid political consultant for Mayor Tim Keller, Councilors Isaac Benton and Pat Davis, attended the June 15 protest. The paid political consultant is Neri Olguin. She is a well-known, very progressive consultant who progressive candidate go to manage their campaigns."

Anonymous said...

Eye. Instead of waiting months between post then writing a Thesis why don’t you blog more often so we can keep up rather than forget what you said in the beginning of blog before we get to the end.

Anonymous said...

can any officer say what happened to mr floyd was ok???everyone knows the atlanta case is going to end in acquittal a change of venue is going to happen the fulton county DA is just worried about getting re elected he made stupid comments about the officers should have took him home he not that stupid

Anonymous said...

On June 29, 2020, your City Council approved $1 million to create the African American Community Program NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Sarita Nair and Tim Keller are buying off the same people who trashed downtown and small businesses. The same people who are raising gross receipts taxes for small businesses and demanding that more people sign up for police work. Its here - last page - file:///C:/Users/Owner.000/Desktop/R-73FSfinal.pdf

That's a million tax dollars to BLM without letting the people speak.

Anonymous said...

If our District attorney is really interested in doing the right thing, then why hasn't he gone after that POS Schultz ? It's been years, and nothing. Also, our Mayor is too busy pandering to the illegals, and making sure EVERYONE knows we're a sanctuary city and state! He swore to uphold the law and follow the law, and instead he is allowed to run it through his own personal agenda! Our city looks like a filthy, third world country and no one seems to care. Albuquerque used to be a nice small city, and then Pandora's box was opened, and all hell has broken loose. It's amazing how this administration is ok with the 'demonstrators not keeping 6 feet apart or wearing masks, but any other situation they're willing to hand out citations for not wearing masks. Unbelieveable. they will do whatever just to get their brownie points to further themselves