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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jun 16, 2020

The truth about the shooting in Old Town Albuquerque. Keller’s propaganda and image manipulation and the arrest of an innocent man, who defended himself against armed, violent protestors. All of American culture is under attack. Politicians are disregarding the law and arresting innocent citizens because of optics.

Our eyes have reached out to us this morning with the truth about a shooting that took place in Old Town Albuquerque last night, at the Juan De Oñate sculpture, outside of the Albuquerque Museum.

If you haven’t been witness to the current events going on for the last few weeks, you have been living in a hole. Violent protestors have been rioting, and destroying public property deemed by them to be offending. They have taken over cities and police stations. The destruction of statues across the country has been allowed to take place by politicians citing frustration and outrage of injustices, but it has gone too far. Nobody has the right to vandalize property, and nobody has the right to use violence to do so. This is no longer about a man who was murdered by an idiot cop. It’s about a political insurgency against our country. 

What we are about to tell you is the epitome of evil and injustice. It is proof that our country is under attack by an organized insurgency, and certain politicians are actively assisting them, by either lying for them, looking the other way, or concealing the truth. This time it has gone too far, and Keller and his administration are behind it. 

The man who shot a violent protestor last night, did so in self defense, after he was attacked by two ANTIFA looking individuals with skateboards, and what appears to be another suspect with two weapons in his hands. 

Let’s make it clear that if the victim, Mr. Baca thought those were weapons in that protestor’s hands, that is just one justifying factor for his response of deadly force. You defenders of creeps like this can make up anything you want to attempt to justify the attacker but it just isn’t going to work.

In Mayor Keller’s rush to make himself the political hero, ala Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, he fanned the flames, calling an innocent citizen, who protected himself by exercising his Second Amendment Rights a vigilante, before an investigation has concluded. This has been the trend across the country, when anyone dare defend themselves against violent protestors. He took the self righteous, virtue signaling posture, by condemning the shooting, but not condemning the woman who attacked the man, which resulted in two violent protestors immediately attacking the man with what appeared to be two edged weapons, and a skateboard, as others assisted him. Anyone with a small percentage of common sense knows this would have lead to serious bodily injury, or death had this man not defended himself.  Not only that, but The THREE people attacking this man were an angry mob.

Look at what Mayor Keller had to say...

“The shooting tonight was a tragic, outrageous and unacceptable act of violence, and it has no place in our city. Our diverse community will not be deterred by acts meant to divide or silence us. Our hearts go out the victim, his family and witnesses whose lives were needlessly threatened tonight. This sculpture has now become an urgent matter of public safety. In order to contain the public safety risk, the City will be removing the statue until the appropriate civic institutions can determine next steps.”

Keller says he will not be be deterred by outrageous, unacceptable acts of violence, meant to divide or silence, which was exactly what was done to the man who defended himself against a mob of angry, violent, armed protestors, who tried to seriously injured or kill him, because he didn’t agree with their violence, or acts of vandalizing city property. 

Keller is an opportunistic, two faced, artificial fraud. He has been trying to take advantage of the current tragic chain of events surrounding the George Floyd killing, since the protests started, by acting as if he is taking a proactive approach to applying change, when he has been doing no such thing. He has actually been doing the opposite, as this administration continues to conceal atrocities, while continuing to make up lies about people, and using others to make themselves look good. This is just another act of political hypocrisy.  A Hispanic man was attacked by white protestors, while defending a sculpture of Hispanic historical value. You can’t have it both ways. 

We are done with the politicians in this state lying to the public, and propagating a false narrative to paint themselves the jolly good fellas, when they are actually the trash who deceive, misrepresent the constitution of the United States, and violate the law, civil liberties, and due process, every chance they get in order to stay in power, and continue their influence. 

Enough is enough. Here is the truth about the shooting that happened last night. You be the judge. We are just going to put this right here.....

Here are the news stories released about the violent protestors who attacked a man who defended himself. 

Notice how the politicians comment before an investigation is completed, in order to pacify the public, because they are terrified by violent criminal protestors, and notice how they take the side of people who were committing crimes in the first place. Notice how they call the protest “peaceful” when it was not. 

Folks, the Albuquerque Journal did a story today and reported that a Sun Van used by the Albuquerque Police Department to shuttle officers to the scene had it’s tires flattened. Yea, that bus had its tires flattened, windows broken, and was smashed to a total loss. Below is Mayor Keller’s premature, and stupid statement calling the man shot a victim. We say this, because when you see the photos, you tell us if this guy is a victim. He is white. He is carrying a skateboard, and in his hand looks to be an edged weapon.

“The shooting tonight was a tragic, outrageous and unacceptable act of violence and it has no place in our city,” the mayor wrote in a statement. “Our diverse community will not be deterred by acts meant to divide or silence us. Our hearts go out the victim, his family and witnesses whose lives were needlessly threatened tonight.”

Placating propagandist police chief Geier, who has fallen in line with Keller also prematurely, with indignation and self righteousness, stated the below. Of course, his statement is based on speculation hearsay, and rumor before an investigation was completed. Read it. 

“Police Chief Michael Geier said in a statement that APD is “receiving reports about vigilante groups possibly instigating this violence.”
“If this is true, (we) will be holding them accountable to the fullest extent of the law, including federal hate group designation and prosecution,” he added.”

The above statements were said because a group called The New Mexico Civil Guard” was present, and interviewed to keep a pick axe wielding protestor from attacking a sculpture. 
Our Eyes have told us that the Guard actually stepped in to attempt to de escalate the situation, and everyone was lucky they were there to intervene. Of course they are being blanket attacked by our ivory tower politicians because of the optics, but here is the truth. 

Below is the KOB story regarding the Guard, and the person the media wants to call the shooter. Notice how the media states the Guard is distancing themselves from the shooter. That is not distancing. It is just stating he wasn’t a member of their organization. If he was a member, and they said they didn’t support his actions, now that would be distancing. But notice how the Guard said they were protecting the man. Protecting him from what!?! An armed, and violent insurgency within the protest that attacked him. That’s what! 

The New Mexico Civil Guard did a great job of protecting everyone’s rights. They stepped up, and we here at the Eye On Albuquerque commend them. They are not vigilantes. They are Heroes. 

APD failed to show up in a timely manner to do what the Guard did, and that is an administrative and command level failure. However, our eyes told us that there may have been undercover APD officers within the crowd as this unfolded that may not have taken action to prevent it. We hope this is not the case. 

Below is a photo of a woman running away screaming, in what appears to be horror after her involvement in what appeared to be the spark of what started things last night. Remember this woman, because in the string of still photos you are going to see her wind up to strike the real victim in this travesty; the man they term “the shooter.”

The man they call the “shooter” in this case is former city council candidate Steven Baca. The newspaper will have you believe that video evidence shows Baca throwing this poor woman victim to the ground, but as we here at the Eye know all too well... there are many sides to a story, and more then one piece of edited video, because our eyes are telling us that Mr. Baca was hit with a handbag. A handbag you say? Yes!

We all know that certain protestors are setting up citizens, and police who disagree with them. They are using appearance to make themselves look innocent and benign, when they are anything but, and what better than a woman in a sundress, with a large handbag loaded with a heavy item like a brick in it? Look at the below photo, and look closely at the handbag to see how heavy it is. There is a large angular item inside of it pulling it down, and in the windup photo, you can see it takes the woman some effort to swing it. There is no doubt that something heavy is in there, and that makes her actions an aggravated battery,  just like a Q-ball in a tube sock or beer cans in a pillow case would be. But the politicians and media would have you believe this woman was just an innocent victim. More optics!

We want you to look at the photos below, and the Subject in all black on the left. He strikes Mr. Baca over the head with a skateboard while the other assailant tries to pull Mr. Barca’s shirt over his head. This happens as the woman batters Mr. Baca. The two male suspects are dressed in all black, just like ANTIFA, and we would like to know how many of them are even from this state. We would like Keller to tell us how many of the protestors caught with ammunition and guns last night, who were associated with these attackers were from this state or city too!

Now here comes the closer! Look at the last two images, and you tell us what you think. The masked protestor / assailant to the right of Mr. Baca is holding what appears to be an edged weapon in his left hand in a threatening manner as he advances. He also has another unknown object in his right hand. The second Assailant is battering Mr. Baca, and the woman in the sun dress in continuing to batter Mr. Baca with her bag. You have three assailants, two of which are masked and armed, attacking a man. We do not know about you, but in our world this is a deadly force situation, that could have resulted in the real victim, MR. BACA, being killed or seriously injured.

The Mayor, Police Chief, Governor and Senator Heinrich are politically placating the citizens with their ivory tower speech of how they won’t tolerate this, or the attack on our diversity, but two white males, and a white woman just beat a Hispanic man for his opinion, his disagreement with theirs, and his disagreement with violent protestors attacking his city, and committing crimes. But that’s ok, because it doesn’t fit their narrative. What is more ironic is watching these politicians prematurely condemning this man when these white protestors were attacking a sculpture representing Hispanic history. When does the Marxist book burning stop?  We think the protestors were the ones committing the crimes here.

These politicians and the police chief are feeding the public pacifying horse manure to keep the unpopular truth from getting out, and to make it appear as if they are the champions of justice, when they are all anything but. They are opportunistic cowards, who will use anything to advance their careers.

APD Police Chief Geier and Senator Heinrich want to tell the public through the media that they are calling for a DOJ investigation into the matter, and that Geier wants to find out if Mr. Baca even has a concealed carry permit. Well, that is all a line of crap too, because when you run someone through NCIC that is the first thing you will see along with their driver’s license information. That is the first thing even a rookie officer would do upon taking Mr. Baca into custody. You see, these clowns all want to play the political hero game as they ruin people’s lives and treat the public like you are stupid. 

Situations like this are their fault. It’s their fault for not squashing violent protests and it is their fault when violent protestors are released within hours of an arrest to go right back out there and start their terrorism over again.  The media reported that while this escalated, officers stayed out of sight behind the museum. If that was the case, that is failed leadership and Keller owns this with his image and optics driven artificial leadership. 

Even if we were to play Devil’s advocate, and say that Mr. Baca pushed this woman, there are proper ways to handle it like by reporting it, or calling authorities. The improper way is to mob attack a person, in retaliation with deadly weapons. No amount of placating justification can justify the vengeance mentality of “he deserved it.” That is not what our country is based on, and that is not what our laws allow. It is purely feeding and pandering to the emotion that fueled the belief that “we’ll... the protestors are angry, and deserve to vent.” Sorry, but they do not get to vent, or get to riot destroy property or loot. They get to peacefully assemble to voice their protest. That is what they get to do. This has been let go way too far. It is not the police officer’s fault. It is the fault of poor leadership nationwide.

From now on. Everyone needs to know in this environment of no leadership, and spineless self serving politicians, that regardless of your actions being 100% justified, if they do not fall on the desired side of the current political narrative being promoted by these politicians, they will disregard the law. They will unlawfully treat you as the bad guy. They will adjust the optics to fit their narrative, as the story advances, and never let the truth get in the way of their preconceived outcome.  As things are going these days, you may not even get justice after they unjustifiably throw you under the bus, because many judges are an embarrassment on the judicial system, and will make decisions on a political basis, or kick the can down the road, because they do not have the guts to make the unpopular but right decision.
We are in a time of self serving, opportunistic politics with agenda. That folks, is horrifying when you consider the ramifications. We have politicians and police leadership who will contrive to use a situation to advance their political careers and agenda. The last administration did and this one is still doing it. This is what is going on, and that is even more terrifying. 

The leadership of this city wants to arrest Mr. Baca, but they want to hand it off to the Feds and State Police. That is pure cowardice. They know the truth will come out, and their case will crumble, but by then everyone will have forgot, the hysteria will dissipate, but again someone’s life gets ruined as a tool to be used by them to avoid doing their jobs with dignity and integrity. It’s a true disgrace. Sure, claim you arrested the shooter, but blame it on someone else when your actions result in a legal mess. That’s Albuquerque leadership for you. 

To our readers....

Hang in there, and question everything. Nothing is as it may appear these days. There are snakes in the grass. Wear your boots and hip waders. The shit filled swamp is getting lethal. 

We are hearing from our eyes that police department supervisors on the scene disagreed with the arrest of Mr. Baca. They need to come forward. Our eyes have told us that orders to arrest Mr.Baca came politically from the top. This needs to come to light and anyone who put undue political pressure on officers to make an illegal arrest of a man defending his life need to be exposed. 

Before we go... You have seen hundreds of videos of skateboarders and protestors using skateboards as weapons. There is no doubt this is a culture, and in all cultures there are traits, behaviors, and things they all have in common. Hitting people with skateboards is one in this skateboarding culture. There are thousands of videos on YouTube of them. This little gem below is just one of them and it shows skateboarders training to use them as weapons. Watch it, and pay attention to the preface and disclaimer that states the actions contained in this training could result in death.  Have at it.

To all the innocent people getting screwed out there... We have, and will always have your back.
Thank You.


Anonymous said...

Victim hood belongs to the APD. You are tone deaf to the militarization of your jobs and this post proves APD should be disbanded and reformed to serve and protect.

Anonymous said...

And now "mayor" Timmy wants to send social workers to handle calls? Can't wait for a DV call to go really bad with the fancy pants social worker getting the shit beat out of them, or worse.

The tiny tyrant in Santa Fe is just a box of rocks, and Timmy wants to follow her... the blind leading the lame.

Anonymous said...

The "victim" Scott Williams has a violent past, in 2015 he was charged with Battery on a Police Officer. Bunch of ass clowns all around at that riot.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of bullshit you have written. YOU are making accusations before the investigations are even partly done and complaining hypocritically that that is what our leaders are doing! Also conveniently kinda forgot to mention in any detail that Mr Baca had a concealed weapon on him. Not to mention all the white guys looking like domestic terrorists carrying assault style weapons (almost as scary as the skateboards)! Maybe we should pass laws regulating skateboards. Oh sorry it's not the skateboards fault its the fault of the person carrying it. Can you imagine what would have happened if the protestors had shown up armed to the teeth like the NM Civil Guard was? But they get a pass by you. Your statement that the NMCG are heros? All I can say to that is HeHeHe. As for undercover APD officers on scene, when you state that your eyes reported that there MAY have been undercovers on scene is pure conjecture on your part.

Anonymous said...

So I guess the vandalizing of and then removing all of the statues and monuments is going to solve all the problems in the world? Typical it's always someone else's fault.

Anonymous said...

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped” George Orwell

Stealth said...

Look. Here comes the butthurt parade. We will say this. A day after this information hit social media the charges were dropped. Please refute the photos you punk. You violently attack someone and you get what fate deals you. Get over it, because more of the truth is coming regardless if it hurts your tender feelings. WE are putting the facts out there that the media and clowns like you enjoy hiding in order to push your agendas. Not happening asshat. All any clowns like you can say is he he he or whaaaa whaaaa whaaa coupled with lies, blaming others for your actions and other indefensible ramblings when you don’t get your way. Pure conjecture and assuming is the definition of your post clown. Go back to your circus tent.

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:11 go call a crackhead you little beta bitch.

Fuck Antifa said...

All the white guys with guns didn’t vandalize public property, threaten people, shove people. pull knives on people and bash people over their heads with skateboards. No, the white red headed patchouli and body odor smelling hippie pieces of shit where the ones doing that. It was them and some loud mouth pig in a blue dress who thinks it’s ok to body block people and bully them from expressing their political beliefs equally. You antifa dick heads are the biggest hypocrites around. You stupid assholes want socialism but fail to realize that under socialism you wouldn’t have a fraction of the rights you have to act like the wastes of air trash you are. As a matter of fact if you idiots acted like you do here in Venezuela or any other socialist country you would be taken away to have broom sticks broken off in your àss by the government police then watching them do the same to your families. But that is ok, keep going “he he he” until the silent majority has had enough of your ass and it’s going to be funny when the fed up citizens make it so you’re terrified to go out there and act like that anymore. I’ll have fun watching it. I hope you get your wish of no more police so you are left twisting in the wind when the fed up hard working American citizen who loves their country decides they have had enough of your so-called peaceful protests. Like the old saying goes... be careful what you wish for because so far I haven’t seen one of you that could handle the unchained rage that would be brought to you when you hurt someone’s children or family. He he he all you want until it turns into tears.

Anonymous said...

It looks like he has a karambit in each hand to me

Anonymous said...

Stealth, are you white? The reason I ask because your response reeks of white privilege! I refute the photos with other photos that you conveniently did not show. The ones where Mr Baca violently threw a woman to the ground injuring her. THe "truth" you say? Again reeks of white privilege. FACTs do not have the words "may have" in the explanations. That is called "rationalization" pal. Also your school boy "put downs" are immature and hurt your arguments. Grow up.

Anonymous said...


Stealth said...

June 29, 2020 at 9:49:00 AM MDT

Hey soy boy beta male from Antifastan, we are all colors, and there is no White Privilege ya cuckold, self sacrificing, self loathing, anti American Maggot. How’s that? Go climb back up into your mothers warm armpit hair. The facts are Baca Is Hispanic and was attacked by white asshole punk ass protestors who were violent. The facts will come out in court. You would refute any facts that do not align with your agenda. Refute the police reports that show violent tendencies of the guy who was shot. Dispute that. That’s a factual statement. Take your fucking ball and go home because you have no argument. You’re a punk with a mob mentality and no balls between your weak ass legs alone. White privilege.. hahahahaha hahahahaha. If you feel like selling your ass, take a trip over to the Vegas strip. We do not need anymore prostitution here. Don’t let us get your man bun too out of whack. Look up racist in our database and see how much we have addressed if you Monday morning warrior social justice soldier. We guarantee we have addressed more than you have from your armchair.

Anonymous said...

Fact #1 The woman blocked this guy and battered him to keep him from attending the protest first.
Fact #2 Pick Axes, vandalism, saying “kill him” battery with a skateboard and blocking people with your body to keep them out is not 1st amendment peaceful protest. Fuck your need to lash out and violate other’s rights.
Fact #3 Baca was retreating and was chased down and beaten by no less than three people. That is force disparity which allows for the use of deadly force.
Fact #3 The photo of the violent assailant who hit Baca with a skateboard is using deadly force with the skateboard. The photo of the same guy holding two knives regardless of what narrative you want to put forth still looks like a knife attack and still justifies a deadly force response.
Fact #4 Knives were recovered near the violent skateboard attempted murder suspect who said he was going to kill Baca. There will be touch DNA on them and then fact number 5 will go right up your ass.
Sorry, but you don’t get to make shit up and you don’t get to jump the gun with your self promoting opportunistic mouth like Heinrich Lujan Keller and Torrez did without all the facts then you certainly don’t get to dictate the further narrative to direct the investigation and prosecution in order to protect your prematurely reacting big mouth ass from looking like a fool.
I hope Baca is cleared then civilly goes after all of these parasites for malicious prosecution, tampering, obstruction, malfeasance, and anything else he can crush out of all of them.

Does this analysis hurt your tender loin feelings or show my privilege? I bet you had your schooling paid for by your parents and you never served your country.

Anonymous said...

One more thing! Regardless of whatever those two things in that assholes hands were, logical reasoning says due to the severity of what was transpiring, the fact that the attacker hit Baca over the head with a deadly weapon and said he was going to kill Baca, and that the attacker was still attacking, it is pure stupidity to even try to pull some shit out of your ass that this violent attacker was stopping to have a little toke on a vape between strikes on mister Baca and anyone who suggests that is what he was doing is more of a stupid asshole than the people they think are more stupid than they are that would believe that bullshit. Take that shit and go take a walk with it. Those images, if viewed through the eyes of someone in Baca’s shoes looks like a man attacking with two knives, and if the victim articulates it that way it is over. No reasonable person in the world would not clear Baca for that. You children out there in a mans world need to know that your tantrums can and will sometimes result in you getting hurt when you do the wrong things to the wrong people. Don’t try to hurt people and you probably won’t get hurt or killed. If protesters held signs and chanted while standing on the sidewalk peacefully and not infringing on anyone in any other way than by being heard, nobody would get hurt. You do not have the right to block people, chase people, taunt people, throw shit at people, stop traffic or intimidate others. Don’t cry when you do any of that shit and you the fuck beaten out of you by someone defending themselves. That is the pure definition of punk ass maggot who wants to start shit then hide behind the same system they want too condemn. You look like a fool even defending this.