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Feb 2, 2009

On Another Plane

At a time when state employee travel is severely restricted, the State of New Mexico is in the process of purchasing another plane. The good news is that this plane is not another luxury jet, but a turbo-prop.
The State of New Mexico's General Services Department Aviation Services Bureau (the "Agency") requests proposals for the purchase of an aircraft. The aircraft's primary mission will involve the transportation of government officials within, but not limited to, the State of New Mexico. Secondarily, the aircraft will be available for use by State of New Mexico agencies, commissions, institutions and employees in the furtherance of state business as allowed by law. Appropriations totaling two million eight hundred thousand dollars ($2,800,000) for the proposed procurement were made to GSD during the Second Regular Session of the 48th Legislature.
The bad news is that we're spending $2.8 MILLION for a plane that will essentially replace the Beechcraft King Air C-90 that was sold in order for the Guv to get his jet. What's worse, we only got $500,000 for the Beechcraft.
The administration has sold the plane to make up the difference between $5 million provided by the Legislature to buy a state airplane and the $5.45 million purchase price negotiated for a new Cessna Citation Bravo.

The state is in the middle of a half-BILLION dollar budget crisis brought on by out of control spending. We bought a train at the expense of roads (ABQ Journal -Subscription). Now we're buying another plane to haul state employees around the state at a time when non-essential travel has been forbidden.

It's clear that the Governor and the Legislature exist on another plane - one where money grows on trees. Down here in the real world, the money they spend comes directly from us - a result of our creative genius and hard work. Perhaps it's time to sell a $5.5 MILLION lightly used jet to pay for a new Turbo Prop? We could lower maintenance costs, pay for the new plane, and maybe - just maybe - have some money left over.


ched macquigg said...

"Now we're buying another plane to haul state employees around the state at a time when non-essential travel has been forbidden."

Actually, we have no choice, the roads are too crappy to depend on anymore.

Anonymous said...

wonder who he sold it to? margaret chavez? his girlfriend?
bill's girlfriend is nasty. He parades her all over the Isotopes park. I have a pic of them on my cell phone!

Anonymous said...

What do you wanna bet that this plane makes more trips into Mexico than New Mexico. Since the government is failing there now, it's time for Big bill and president of Mexico, what ever the #$%^& his name is to rape and pilage the treasures down there. They'll be on 60 minutes soon sharing a cell with OJ

Anonymous said...

Hey, Big Bill! It's the ECONOMY, Stupid!