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Feb 28, 2009

Serial Spin

Body Count: 13 - There's No Serial Killer on the Loose, APD Chief Says

That's the above the fold headline in today's Albuquerque Journal (subscription). The bodies are quite literally stacking up in a field on Albuquerque's West Side. According to the Journal and Chief Schultz, the remains appear to have been interred from 2000 to 2005.
On Friday, the chief sought to put Albuquerque residents' minds at ease, saying detectives don't believe whoever is responsible for the deaths is still killing. He said the "best investigative team in New Mexico history" is looking into numerous leads.

"The remains are all old; they've been there a number of years," he said. "Had we been finding fresh bodies, I'd be much more concerned. Everybody can be reassured that there's not an active serial killer in Albuquerque actively killing and preying on people."
Sorry Chief... the fact that the remains appear to be from the 2000 to 2005 time period does not indicate that whoever was responsible isn't still killing. It only indicates that the person or persons responsible haven't been dumping bodies in a field at 118th and Dennis Chavez SW since around 2005.

We're not trying to alarm anyone but we're getting tired of the Chief of Police spinning everything from crime stats to scam-era stats to serial killers. There is no evidence - none - that there's not an active serial killer operating in Albuquerque. If there was, the Chief would and should indicate that such evidence exists.

As it stands we do know is that there was a serial killer on the loose between 2000 and 2005. We do know that they dumped at least 13 of their victims in a field at 118th and Dennis Chavez SW. What we do not know is why or if they stopped and we do not know for sure that there aren't more recent victims that either haven't been found or who ended up under a house or road somewhere in the nearby developments.

In fact, our Eyes tell us that there are indications that there may be as many as 12 bodies that have yet to be found bringing the body count to as high as 25. The facts are they don't know who killed these people, as yet they don't know who many of them are, and they don't know whether or not the killer or killers are still out there plying their sick trade.
Police have not identified any suspects in the deaths but have said they are looking into two cases in particular: one involving a prostitute who was slain in late 2006 in a southwest Albuquerque trailer a few miles from where the remains have been found. The suspected killer was fatally shot as he was moving the woman's body. They are also looking into the case of a well-known pimp who died of natural causes in January and who had pictures of missing prostitutes in his home.
The Almighty Alcalde and Chief Schultz would like you to believe that the danger has passed. Throwing out the names of two non-suspects who pose no threat to the community due to their previous demise is simply meant to reassure the public. Unfortunately, there's no foundation for reassurance and plenty of reasons - 13 and counting - to be concerned.


Anonymous said...

So back when these women were being reported as missing Chief Schultz did not raise the alarm. Now that their bodies are being found, years later, he says don't worry. A day late as far as I am concerned.

I would like to know how many women have been reported missing in the last year, that have not been found. If there are any Schultz should admit that Albuquerque has a serial killer and warn the public, instead of trying to minimize it.

Anonymous said...

This past week national news reported the body count was at least 16. I wonder if another agency, who’s more in charge, actually gave the media some true facts.

This city administration is known for covering up the truth, it might hurt tourism. I saw a program called “City Confidential”, which recreated a death (possible a murder) in ABQ. The city was painted as a quaint town, nestled in the beautiful southwest with a very low crime rate. A possible murder shocked the citizens! I laughed so hard I cried.

Why do you think Marty doesn’t allow the show “Cop’s” to be filmed here anymore?

Anonymous said...

In most cities, the Mayor would be on TV assuring the public that the situation is in hand and that he is committing to find the killer(s). Marty is nowhere to be seen. What kind of leadership is this? Is Marty the Mayor or is Schultz? Also, will Marty take back all the press conference announcements that our murder rate has dropped?

Anonymous said...

Setting aside for a moment this site's usual bush-league rhetoric (the almighty alcalde . . . is that the best you can do?), this post is actually correct. For a police chief to claim that a serial killer is not on the loose without explaining WHY he believes that is unacceptable.

Did a dead guy do this, Chief? If so, tell us, the unwashed masses, how and why you have established this. Your refrain of "we've got the best guys on the job" is not comforting. What would be reassuring is actual evidence that the killer is either dead or, at least, no longer stalking his prey.

Anonymous said...

Chief Schultz was warned by Detectives years ago that there was a serial killer on the loose, but he chose to not pay it any attention...Now there are at least 13 dead girls. What do you have to say now chief.

You dumb ass, you should have listened when we told you years ago....... about this serial killer. Maybe next time you won't blow it off.

Anonymous said...

A very important definition.

A serial killer is a person who murders usually three or more people[1] over a period of more than 30 days with a "cooling off" period between each murder, whose motivation for killing is largely based on psychological gratification.[2][3] There is often a sexual element to the murders. The murders may have been attempted or completed in a similar fashion and the victims may have had something in common, for example occupation, race or gender.

Citizens expect public employees to act as professionals. This means treating every person the same regardless of their status in the community. Any investigation done when these girls were reported missing should of had the same equal priority as any other investigation. It appears in the case of these missing persons, it actually meant murdered persons. There are many questions that need to be answered; however, if a pattern is obvious, and they can predict that there are more bodies. Why it is the pattern was not evident at the time the number of victims was climbing?

Today we have a president who is out to create equality for everyone, have honesty in government and hold government responsible.

I hope that politics can take a back seat and honesty and openness will prevail, the victims, the families, and the citizens of Albuquerque deserve it.

I pray for the families who have missing children and are waiting to find out if one of the victims is their loved one.

Anonymous said...

Before Schultz can say don't worry, I want him to prove the serial killer is dead. If he can't prove it then he shouldn't say it.

He is spinning for his career. And where is our good mayor? Bad news will never find Marty at its announcement. He only takes responsibility for good things.

Anonymous said...

All right everyone, give the Chief some credit, he knows better than the rest of us if we have a serial killer amongst us. I for one tend to agree with him.... the area where the bodies were located is simple to explain. It is the Bermuda Triangle of Albuquerque, where people go to commit suicide. Originally they were not buried, but after a few good sand storms.... Baam, you got a buried body. What?? yea, I didn't think you would fall for it. Hey Ray, I can point your "Best Ever Team of Investigators" in the right direction.... Your killer is a trucker and more than likely he picked them up at the Flying J truck stop. And since houses are going up in that area now, maybe you should check the nine mile hill area for more.

Anonymous said...

How about Open Space actually patrolling in Open Space!

Anonymous said...

In most cities the Mayor would be explaining what’s going on…. so true, but Marty prefers human interest stories. OH, everyone loves Marty because he’s gotten rid of graffiti, loves animal’s, yuk, yuk, yuk. What about people? Burque is a big city he needs to confront the bad also.

Schultz’ splaination of the 2 bodies ID’d is they were involved with drugs and prostitution. The other’s (11- infinity) haven’t been ID, but from what he’s implied all the interned were of the same type. They were people no matter what their choices may have been. And there were only 2 suspects, who are now dead, that would have been responsible!? How the F*** does he know, a crystal ball or is it another feeble attempt at trying to appease the public.

Also how does this affect the homicide rate for the year? Or will that be swept under another mouse mat? New campaign slogan: When the heat is on Marty’s gone!

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this Chief, but we told you so! Years ago we told you that someone in this city was possibly killer women. However you chose not to do anything. I hope you can look those families of the dead women in the eyes and tell them the truth. Sad psrt is thst you will look themin the eye and lie.

P.S. Chief, we never had posters of these missing girls at the State Fair. Can't you just stop lying and tell the truth for once.

Anonymous said...

Chief Schultz is trying to keep this case as secret as possible. He does not want any bad press. They have threaten us, if we say anything, it's our job. The Chief would love to sweep this whole serial killing under the rug and hide it, if he could.

Anonymous said...

My family has lived here for generations. What the hell is a Burque? Give me a break vato!

Anonymous said...

Burque is Marty's coined term, which, yes is vato!

I used it just for that reason.

Anonymous said...

If your from Burque vato, you should have a tatoo and ride a harley.

Anonymous said...

I wish all the would-be Serpicos who posted above could do simple things like think and write in literate, coherent sentences.

It would make me feel better about Albuquerque's finest, if that is what we are supposed to believe some of these (im)posters are.

Anonymous said...

I thought Marty coined the city the "Q"

Anonymous said...

Mary did coin the "Q". He and Margaret coined "Burque". Also at one time, I believe his 1st term, he was trying to get the spelling of Albuquerque changed. He wanted it spelled the way it was when his Spainard relatives came in and slaughtered the natives.

Anonymous said...

The "best investigative team in NM History." WTF isnt that the same team that was there when some of the killings happened. Guess the best NM team didn't fix the problem. lol lol lol. The best team OMG OMG

Anonymous said...

At least the local media have something to report. Since the weather is so nice, their bored. Usaully this time of year they drive out to Tijeras Canyon to show us "BREAKING NEWS" snow.

Anonymous said...

APD's whole violent crime division needs to be replaced with Detectives that know what they are doing and how to do investigations. Our Detectives sit there and wait for everyone else to solve their crimes or close it our and pass on to cold case. The chief has the power you need to JUST DO IT.

Anonymous said...

Those lazy ass homicide cops are lead by a lazy ass sergeant! They all have 20 years or more to leave but yet they stay because where else can u get paid to sit on your butts all day and do nothing!

Anonymous said...

Fire Carlos and all his GOONS! theyre all lying cheating scum!

Anonymous said...

Then you have the homicide cops blaiming the DA's Office for lack of prosecution when they give a crappy case to present. Did they forget they did the investigation not the ADA? Oh but they don't do any investigations, everyone else does it for them. Or they just wait for two years and turn it over to the cold case. They do no follow up on any cases and expect miracles. You will see with all the murder trials comming up and some are going on now. Keep a watch.

BXA said...

Man in a white truck??

Two West Mesa Blog entries eyewitness a man in a white truck. Where did the best investigative team in MN history learn how to read.

REPORT 1:;topic=4601.0
"We're hoping of course that she's not out here," Desiree Gonzalez said at the site. "But in a sense, the closure. We've been waiting five years."

Looking over the search site, Gonzales wondered if her cousin is among the bones found.

She said that witnesses in 2004 claim Romero got into a white pickup truck late one night and never checked back in with family.


One night he was walking up Central some man picked him up to give him a ride this man was driving a white pick up truck and my boyfriend said he was real wierd. He asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go to the Mesas with him and have sex with his wife and he was whispering like he didn't want anyone to hear him. While my boyfrined was in the truck he noticed this woman lying on the mans lap with a towel over her head and my boyfriend nudged her legs to scoot her over and she was I'm not sure if he said stiff or just wouldn't move.

SUGGESTION: Our crack team should get off their bottoms and go find the man in the white truck. One of them was confirmed as a victim in the 11 identified.