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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

May 17, 2010

When You Can’t Attack the Content

The Chavez administration - according to our Eyes - was obsessed with finding "The Eye." Now it seems new (and a few of the old) power brokers have launched a campaign against an individual they think is the Eye. While the attention may be flattering, the question is why does it matter?

“Thus, an ingenious attacker makes the defender at a loss how to defend; an ingenious defender makes the attacker at a loss how to attack.” Zhang Huimin

The individual formerly known as the Almighty Alcade died a slow political death of a thousand cuts. Eye on Albuquerque along with a number of other sites and media outlets, simply presented the issues and information as they were occurring. In truth, most of the cuts were administered by the Almighty Alcade and his minions themselves. Painful for a man with an Ivy League Education I know, but he must have missed the history class about Marcus Junius Brutus. (More on this later.)

As you watch politicians on the news, they will often use a common device. When they cannot answer a question they employ a distraction or avoidance technique. If they cannot evade, they attack the messenger. Again this is a normal political tactic.

One would hope they would be smarter than that. Recently our sources tell us that some city power brokers have become “concerned” and have tried to entice reporters to write articles about The Eye on Albuquerque. Yet, there are new posts and even new contributors. Priceless!

In my opinion it was more entertaining watching the chess games being played with the Almighty Alcade. When some of the new members stepped in, the games turned from chess to checkers. A good quote or sound bite is rarely a substitute for a sound strategy and never a substitute for honesty and integrity.

A bombastic nature is truly one of the greatest assets that can be developed in the media and provides for great entertainment. It can also be utilized to effectively distract the public.

You (as citizens) should ask some serious questions. We have a new administration that ran on a platform of lean government, transparency, and fighting crime. If this is true why do we have almost the same APD leadership? Why do we have a new public safety Czar? What does the position truly bring to the City of Albuquerque? What are the citizens getting for the salary? Why was this position kept when there are so many budget shortfalls? Was this a political payback, and if so for what?

Eye on Albuquerque was and is intended to be anonymous. Not to hide, but to allow a river of communication to emerge. It has emerged; in fact there are now thousands of posts and comments. This provides for something called content. It would appear the administration (past and present) has been unable to find a way to stop citizens from reading and posting about the issues that concern them.

Now some power brokers think they know who they should attack. Again, with vigor and zeal they march forward not knowing or understanding who or how to attack. Worse they have no concept of the stage on which they will be forced to perform.

Is the content so disconcerting? Is the message so dangerous?

Who am I? Who we are we? I am a shadow, one that is always there, one you will never see. Nice try, but you‘re not even close. As far as the content, Eye on Albuquerque will continue to post what we see, and let the readers decide. Remember you will always have a Shadow.


Anonymous said...

Shadow, the reason that the information that is posted and commented on is so concerning to those at City Hall is because they are scared that the truth about them will get out or get back to 'prayer mayor'.
See they think they are so smart in shutting down the Journal by hiring TJ Wilhelm ($75K) and Chris Ramierez from Channel 7 ($??K)that the 'Eye' makes them uncomfortable.
It's Albuquerque's "Radio Free Europe"
Keep exposing these people for who they really are; especially the two biggest fakes of all, Darren White & RJ Berry.

Derek Bill said...

Your post fails - a common mistake these days - to point out that the reason Richard Berry is mayor now is because Chavez and Romero split the un-Republican vote. And so, our new immigration policy is in place for no reason greater than the fact that chance - not design or skill or the even will of the people - brought us a change in policy.

And that new policy is more symbolic than substantive... the vast majority of aliens go undetected because they have no contact with the police: they work and live here without picking any pockets or breaking any legs. And for the tiny percentage detained and re-exported, it's not long before they're back here trying to feed their families like the rest of us. And just like the wars on drugs, prostitution, cockfighting, etc., white people feel more secure with this merry-go-round operating at full speed. It's the usual mistaking of motion for progress.

I was amused to see a comment on TV last night from a man voicing his opinion at the council meeting that we are now in danger of having more illegal aliens come to NM as a result of the Arizona law. Whether or not this is a fear based on fact, it's always amusing to see the law of unintended consequences take its course.

For those Anglos still unable to see that their lot in life is more likely an accident of birth rather than anything they've done to climb nearer the top of the human hill, go right ahead and take satisfaction in these small victories. The Confederates - likewise lucky to have been born white - won a few battles of their own, too.

Anonymous said...

Before you retire Shadow try and find out what favor Berry owes Darren. Please tell us why we have to take a paycut and why Berry keeps hiring new people at higher salaries.

New city clerk. One of the RNC players. Was this a payback also?

Peaches just Peaches. Wonder if shes ever been to Las Vegas.

Wait does she work for Berry, Darren or Dave "I want to be Mayor" Campbell?

Its time to pray boys.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who this Derek Bill is, but I don't like him. FYI: Not all whites are Anglos, Mr. Smarty Pants.

Anonymous said...

Power to the Eye. Keep watching City Hall. Someone has to do it. Are local media is a joke. They are more like grocey store trash magazines. When I watch the news in other cities, it amazing how professional they present the news compared to Albuquerque.

Anonymous said...

What favor does Berry owe Darren WTF!!
You're kidding right?
Darren read the poll numbers.The Republican strategist and pollster summoned Darren to the 'war room' and told him to jump on board with Berry at the last minute and gave 'Prayer mayor' his endorsement.
( Marty was left at the alter) (kinda like he did to Gary Johnson)
He needed it to win and get advice from Darren on how to run the city. Likewise with Campbell who slid around the trough as well with his vast knowledge on what to do as 'Prayer mayor' didn't have a clue. The two appointments
(White/ Campbell came with great hast as Campbell had his bags packed and on was on his way to some hell hole as a token job for Obama for a mere $45k per year.
So Berry owes Darren and Campbell both to make up for his lack of experience.
He so NOT 'Mayoral Timber'
As for Peaches, well let's just say she works for Darren.

Anonymous said...

dear eye, it would be easy to find out who you are. a little tech savy and use of common resources could make that happen. however, it is not eye that is the problem. what really bugs those who are being talked about are those who are talking about them. the eye does seem a little biased in its reporting, that's not a good thing.the gossip and spewing on this site would go on without you, just like in the "old" days, people will gossip in person, via email and text, and another blog would start up if you left. so to the eye haters, the eye is not your problem. there will always be gossipers and haters. so if you are a target on this site, you should clean up your act and show your peers the person you really can be or are. alot of truth has come out on this site and the truth hurts. and if you are someone who has been talked about unjustly, then it will be even more important you keep it clean and show your ethics, the eye will see. and so will others. so eye do what you do, if only a little more journalisticly ethical. meaning, leave your opinions out of your reporting.

Anonymous said...

Two comments up; you're right. Many in the Rep circles are seeing 'D' for what he really is.
He was termed out as Sheriff, couldn't get elected to anything, so he needed a new job soon.
Berry was the perfect pigeon to latch on to.
"Keep your powder dry" White, shot his last political capital wad on this one. Only hope at any future, is riding on Suzanna Marinez' coattails to the State House.
Not sure they want him up there any more than Allen Weh wants him in his campaign.
Many are saying Darren's involvement with the Martinez campaign is an automatic vote for Allen Weh.
She will suffer the lose of many votes because of it.
The Denish camp wants Suzanna Martinez to win. What does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

Just keep in mind Darren all the people you screwed over!!!!!

Anonymous said...

People are trying to make ends meet and pay everyday bill and our MAYOR thinks we need a Public Safety Czar dont we have a chief? Please people are hurting out here and you want our pay cut and I make it pay check to pay check. Really WHY DO WE NEED THE SAFETY CZAR AND A CHIEF?

Paul J Heh said...

I agree with the posters about the local media. As a perfect example of this read the artical about me in the journal April 10 2010. I dont always agree with THE EYE however that said , in my opinion THE EYE is the only honest media outlet in the city. Keep up the good work EYE. As for the power brokers, THE POWERFUL ONLY RETAIN POWER AS LONG AS WE THE PEOPLE ALLOW THEM TO RETAIN IT.

Anonymous said...

The Journal would not know the news if it jumped up and bit them in the ASS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to The Eye. Also dont forget about the backstabbing a_holes on the 5th floor.