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May 16, 2010

Down to the Wire

The traditional Albuquerque Journal Brian Sanderoff poll hit doorsteps all over town Sunday. (We won't dwell on the diminishing number of doorsteps being hit by rolled up paper and ink.) Sanderoff's poll usually comes out a few weeks before an election and some believe it may have an impact on the election itself.

The Sanderoff poll places Allen Weh and Susana Martinez in a statistical tie with 31% and 30% respectively. Pete Domenici, Jr. came in next with 10%, Doug Turner with 6%, Janice Arnold-Jones came in with 3%, and there were 20% undecided (ABQ Journal - Subscription).

Needless to say, the leaders are busy trumpeting that they're "in the lead" in speeches, mailers, websites, and via email, while the trailing candidates start talking about election day surprises. The simple fact is that barring a miracle, it's a two-way race as we come to the wire.

So... What better time to bring back The Eye Poll? This week we're asking who you think will prevail in the Republican gubernatorial primary. Don't forget to vote!


dWhite themessiah said...

I see the "Eye" is doing an unscientific poll on the Governors race.

Don't waste your time. Everyone knows this blog site is an APD whine,and cry bash fest of anything they don't like.

The APOA Union has gone on record with their endorsement for Martinez.... SHOCKER... NOT!

Glad to see APOA put their ball gag back in their mouth like big boy Daren White told them too!

Congrats on your endorsement of Martinez. Berry, and White will still be puttin it balls deep in APD, and your contract.

Susana Martinez for Governor 2010... The same JOKE as the last JOKE!

Now let's see what the Fire Union does on the 20th of May. Will they have the politcal guts to go all in for Martinez/Weh or keep holding on to EMPTY, and failed promises from the DEM Denish.

For the record Allen Weh gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

A vote for Suzanna Martinez is a vote for Darren White & Ray Schultz;
Should she win in November, you are promoting Darren and Ray to hire appointed positions, hence leaving RJ to fend for himself.
Perhaps the phony endorsement of Sarah Palin for Suzanna will backfire in this overwhelming Democratic state.
Darren can never win an ELECTED position.
The 'Peter Principle' is alive and well.

Mr. Wolf said...

You might want to check out what constitutes the majority of Weh's business...he'd have nothing if it weren't for the government he so despises....just like RJ. Except of course Weh has the nuts to run the company in his own name and not under his minority wife like RJ.

Anonymous said...

What was Darren promised! Sorry Susana you lost my vote!

Anonymous said...

One doesn't mind being called names, but WHORE? Sell out?
Suzanna needs Darren to convince the blind 'ole guard' of the Grand Old Party, that she is what they need. Wake up old farts to this insincere crap of Darren White's. He's a fraud like Berry.
Gary Johnson fell for his shit years ago and now despises him.
Judas,back stabber.

Anonymous said...

go Susana! win this battle!

Anonymous said...

none of these canidates are worthy. were in the hell is the common person, with common values and a common life? i'm a mother and a wife, i live life to be a productive member of society. i don't have alot of money, live on a tight budget and love NM! i would love to run for gov. will you vote for me?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who need Sara Palin to endorse them is a LOSER!!! One idiot to another idiot.

Anonymous said...

The question concerns 'Fulfillment of the Law' and what is legal procedure to enter New Mexico. What Marty Chavez did in giving special contracts to Ed Adams, the President of City Workers Union, awarding his political supporters city contracts, and HUGE cronyism in his hires in City Hall some of you complainers would SHUT UP!!!!!