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Jan 16, 2007

Speaking of Breaks...

The Albuquerque Journal led today with yet another story about developer Jason Daskalos. Apparently Mr. Daskalos, after using his Prosche in his own version of the Albuquerque 500 and evading (temporarily) Albuquerque Police officer Josh Otzenberger, tried to use his political connections to get himself a "break." This particular connection is with none other than Mayor Martin Chavez.
"He was just asking for breaks, to let him go, he was already home, he won't drive anymore, things like that. I said 'no man, you got to go to jail,' '' Otzenberger said in the deposition.
"And he said, 'Come on man, give me a break. I just gave a ... building to and ate dinner with the mayor' or something like that." - Albuquerque Journal (Subscription Required)

Seems the amateur race car driver and speeding ticket collector, believed that giving the Chavez Campaign what amounts to $7,500 entitled him to some special treatment when it came to reckless driving and DWI.
According to campaign finance reports, Chávez used a Daskalos building in Nob Hill as his campaign headquarters in 2005.

The campaign paid $4,500 in rent for the building, and, shortly afterward, Jason Daskalos Properties gave the campaign a check for $4,500. An additional $3,000 in rent was forgiven by a Daskalos company, La Sierra Construction. That was listed as an "in-kind contribution" on campaign finance reports. - Albuquerque Journal (Subcription Required)

Mayor Chaves' only response was to admit he may have had dinner with Daskalos that night and to claim that not even his mother gets a break.
Mayor Chavez has a full-time APD body guard and driver paid for by (you guessed it) the citizens of Albuquerque. Determining whether the mayor had dinner with Jason Daskalos should be a simple task. If he did, what role did Mayor Chavez play in this whole affair? Was Mr. Daskalos intoxicated when he left dinner?
Let's see if I understand this, a prominent developer, from a prominent family, with connections in the City Attorney's Office and a history of getting breaks, who donates at least $7,500 to the Chavez campaign, isn't treated any differently than the rest of us? Why would anyone believe that?! Remember, this is the Mayor that brought us the Sunport Observation Deck debacle and the ABQ PAC scandal.

Give US a break!!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of bodyguards, Marty's ex-bodyguard is now holding a position in the DMD pulling down a small fortune, although a complaint investigated by the City's eeoc office found that he is not qualified for the job, did not have the experience he listed on his application, (in other words, he lied on his application), one of his references (Nick Bakas sp?) also sat on the board that hired him and when found out, the city paid out over 50k on that complaint, but he was not removed from the position........although it was PROVEN that he lied on his application.
Wonder what he knows about the mayor that is keeping him in that position? Only in the city can you lie and keep your job, well, I guess it depends on who you know huh?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I know all about the ex body guard turned Director for the DMD Security department. He is very arrogant and confident in his position, which seems to be under Mayor Chavez's nuts. From what I understand if you dont kiss his butt then he will make sure your job is not secure. He has a bad habbit sending his paid city spy to gather information about his employees and if he dont like you then you know what happens. His department continually violates the law (FMLA and the American's with Diasabilities Act) and they get away with it...I guess as long as the wonderful DMD Security Director sucks Marty's you know what... all the good employees suffer. BTW this director must also be sucking someone in the local 1888 union because the employees are getting nothing and the Director gets what he wants. Nothing like being screwed and never feeling it. It is the officers who are the heart of this department and the rest of them, the Sergants, Lt,captians, and the director are all banging each other. It would make more sense to me that they should put it back in their pants and learn how to train their officers...they might even learn how to do the job in the process. But for now they will bang each other and harrass the good employees of this department.

Anonymous said...

Local 1888 Union Steward verbally assults Officer.

Today I recieved information that a local 1888 union steward verbally attacked a DMD Security Officer. This union steward also advised this officer that he should get out of the union (the officer is a paid member of the union) and quit his job, and quit complaining. Well Mr. Union Steward they will quit complaining when you all start to do your jobs or are fired because of the illegal activities that you all participate in. Yes Mr. Union Steward they can do something about it, and when they do whos job will be up for grabs!!

Anonymous said...

Fair pay? Or is it corruption?

It has come to my attention that the DMD Seciruty Department's Director is feeling generous these days. He apparently knows magic and poof increses pay to those who have been in the department for only a short time, while those who have been there 15 years or more are not being paid what they should be paid due to longevity. Is that fair? I dont think so but if you complain well it wouldnt matter anyways because the director can do what he wants because Marty has his back! I wonder what this has to do with the recent class action lawsuit against the city for failing to pay employees that work swing and grave shifts that extra $1 per hour for their time.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to the City and the Mayor for finally getting a respectable Division Manager to take over the Security Department. For years corrupt,lazy employees have been allowed to flash their tits and scream harrassment any time they did not get their way. Someone finally holds the department accountable and offers taxpayers something not seen in the past, integrity. Yep the word is out. If you are looking for a department to hide and waste taxpayor dollars Security is not the place to be. What is the old saying, if you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen. Just don't come to where I work. I wish we had a Director like Mark Shepherd at UNM where I am employed.

Anonymous said...

Anybody that claims to have a Master's Degree because they bought one off the internet should be embarrassed. Get Real.....quit crying.....Mark has more experience and has done more in a year than anyone else in the state.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe all the whining going on about Mark Shepherd, oops yes I can! I remember all the whining going on with all the other Managers that just wanted you do do your jobs. The ones that let you get away with murder were the ones that you liked! I think Mark has backbone. He just wants you to come to work and do your job which is a very easy job, if I must say so myself. The pay is not bad for what you do. For the Security Officers that come in, do their job, and do what is asked of you, KUDOS to you!! There are many of them! To the ones that cry for everything, call in sick when your nail hurts, complains about an easy job, and spends sooo much of the City's time writing grievances, you tell me WHERE MY TAXPAYER MONEY IS GOING???

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. Looks like Mark's OWN little minions have shown up. (Better known as his sgts) Aside from being stupid enough to blindly follow this idiot, a quick fact check would seem to be in order. First, taxpayer dollars went out to pay for the settlement given to not one but two people who were better qualified for the job held by the little man. Second, I'm not hearing any women screaming harassment by Shepherd, so why would you even say that someone is flashing their tits? Wishful thinking? Or just jealousy?
Three, the master degree that one of the minions claimed was bought off the internet was not said to have been bought by Shepherd, which just goes to show that the poster has just defended the wrong person, "but Mark has done so much for the city", lol, not even Shepherd claimed to have a masters degree, but the person passed up for the job did. One that is legit.
Forth, just what is it that Sheppie has done for his employees and the city? New equipment? No. Training? No. Salary increases? No. Better working conditions? No. New offices, furniture, computers, cameras, alarm systems or any of the tools needed to do the job? No. (Oh, I forgot, he did have ONE camera installed - at city hall to watch the officers. Why? "To protect the officers from false accusations" Puhleeze)
What he has given the officers is sgts that have free rein to carry out their little vendetta's, a take home vehicle for the sgts, new furniture for them as well as 5k (at least) in furniture for himself, new equipment, computers etc for the supervisors, and the officers are once again kicked in the teeth. Yeah, it's a great place to work. Working conditions have gotten sooo much better for the troops. Not only do they have shit holes to work in, they have shitty equipment, shitty supervisors that have not a clue what a real manager is, either to pattern themselves after, or to look to as an example. Mark Shepherd lied to get his job, and the only people that believe in him are the ones directly benefitting from him, his worthless sgts.
Absenteeism is surely a big problem in that department, is it ANY wonder why? Why would anyone want to work there, depressing, dirty environments, negative supervisors that go from post to post talking about everyone else, and expecting all the officers to kiss their ass. Not to mention that there is no incentive to do a good job, no raises, no perks, no sense of being able to go home proud at the end of the day. How could you feel good about your job when you know what a liar you work for, what has he done for the officers lately? Threaten them? Reprimand them? It's all negative all the time.