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Nov 9, 2007

Veterans Day

Did you know today was Veterans Day? Much to our chagrin we forgot. Perhaps that's what happens when federal holidays don't align themselves with Hallmark holidays. In any case, we received a link to the following thank you video that's posted on YouTube and produced by the NRSC.

If you have a moment today, thank a veteran for their service, their sacrifice, and their willingness to protect our freedoms - freedoms that all too many take for granted.

Whew! Today is NOT Veterans Day - that would be Sunday the 11th! Since we've already screwed up twice today we'll just add a couple of days to the holiday. God knows that the veterans that have served and are serving this country deserve it.


Anonymous said...

Either there is something in the Eye's eye, or you forgot to get a calendar for this year (it's 2007). Veteran's Day is November 11, which falls on Sunday this year. There was an attempt several years back to make it a "Monday" holiday but it was reverted to the historical date. Maybe today is Phony Veterans Day in honor of all those phony Vietnam Vets.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in the military, lawenforcement, and EMS deserve a salute!! And that goes for the thousands of civilians that work in support of these agencies!

Anonymous said...

EXCUSE ME!!!"phony Viet nam Veterans"
Screw you!
People have served back then because they had to. Remember the Draft. Of course you wouldn't. Yopu either ran to Canada or your too young. You are living with the freedoms you have today due to those 'Phony Viet Nam' vets that provided the very same freedoms you take for granted.
You wouldn't understand that you panty waist.

Anonymous said...

This is great!! Veterans' Day can be celebrated for a few more days than usual this year!! Also the birthday of the USMC is tomorrow 11/10--So thank you so much to all Veterans for all you have done!
Anyone wanting to honor and/or help a veteran to go the or visit the Center at 1100 Louisiana Blvd. We should honor these people year round, not just on a "Hallmark Holiday."

It is so sad that there are so many homeless veterans and also members of our armed forces on welfare and food stamps! These people fought/fight and died/die for us.


Anonymous said...

Re: Phony Vets

That was not a reference to anyone who actually served, in-country or out. Google "phony viet vets" and you will be shocked and disappointed at the number of hits. The number of persons "claiming" to have served far outnumbers any documented numbers of actual enlistments/draftees. Particularly disturbing is the seemingly endless number of public officials and other civic "leaders" who inflated their resumes with phony claims of military service. And no, I did not go to Canada and I have the DD214 to back that up. Sorry if this comes as a shock to you but it is real.

Anonymous said...

My mistake. your post seemed as if you were talking about the real vets. Took it out of context.

Anonymous said...

Like I said they all deserve a salute!!

Anonymous said...

Bad writing on my part. Sorry for the mix up. Unfortunately, it seems to be getting worse. Saw a post or two that phony Iraq War vets are starting to pop up.