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Jun 29, 2009

Poor Resolution

Nationalized Health Care... the apple of Obama's eye and the last element required to give the government control over just about every aspect of our lives - from the food we eat to the medications we take. There are a lot of good arguments against this bad idea not the least of which being that it will bankrupt the country while simultaneously endangering lives.

Last Tuesday, the Bernalillo County Commission passed a resolution urging the "immediate passage of comprehensive federal health Care reform legislation." The issue came to our attention because of several posts made by readers claiming that Commissioner Brasher had voted in favor of nationalized health care.

Brasher a fiscal hawk, has consistently voted to hold the line on spending often ending up on the lonely end of 4-1 votes. The whole thing sounded a little strange to us so we had our Eyes do a little digging.

Sure enough, the posters claiming that Brasher had voted for the health care resolution were wrong. But, we can't really blame it on them. The county's Public Information Officer Liz Hamm issued a press release stating that the vote on AR 44-2009 was unanimous when in actuality it was 2-1 with Commissioners Hart-Stebbins and De La Cruz voting for the misguided policy and Commissioner Brasher voting against (read the corrected press release here).

Oddly enough, Commissioner Armijo was nowhere to be found despite chairing the meeting. We wouldn't be surprised if too much tea or perhaps currently running for city council had something to do with missing what could be considered a controversial vote.

Health care may be a problem that we have to tackle, but it won't be made better by forcing everyone onto a Medicare style government run program. If you think private insurance companies are hard to deal with, just wait until you are forced to deal with some D.C. bureaucrat whose bosses have the power to make law.


Anonymous said...

The Community Centers in Albuquerque are an untapped resource for healthcare improvement. I don't believe that Nationalized healthcare is going to happen. I believe piecemeal legislation might appease both sides- those in favor and those not in favor. A new Community Center that allows a Doctor's Office free rent, free plumbing, free electricity, free heat/air-conditioning etc... in exchange for lowering Doctor's fees's and office visits would be a piecemeal legislation that would focus on instead of getting healthcare for free, getting healthcare that is more affordable. The Community Center that offers lowered dental office visits for the poor and uninsured works well, but how about lowering the costs of healthcare for those that are insured and have a higher income bracket, too. That would be a way to help out those that make a little more than end's meat or are just making end's meat with a savings.

Anonymous said...

Once again Don Harris and the suppose puppet mater mind behind him, Doug Anton (Anton while on the Republican County party gave money to Darren Whites Democrat challenger, what a great Republican) can’t get their facts together. You can’t tell lies and except the public to believe both of you when you get the basic facts wrong over and over again, I can’t wait until October.

Anonymous said...

Harris why don’t you have you public funded staff person keep on posting messages for you during work hours. Maybe Larry Barker could investigate the waste of our money. I worked for the city on the 9th floor and I remember the first two bills Harris introduced to the city council. One, to get paid more money and two, to get a full paid staff for himself. I guess he did ok he got one of the two and he is working behind the scene on the charter review to make sure he gets paid more money. Thanks for thinking of yourself before others. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

How could anyone who has followed Michael Brasher not know he would never vote for such a waste of our money, for almost twenty years, 12 on the city council and six and a half years on the County Commission he has NEVER voted for ANY tax increase or ANY fee increase. Can any other elected official say that? No they all want to get rich off our backs and raise taxes and fees any time they can. No wonder we are such a poor state behind almost every other state in all major categories.

Anonymous said...

Last's nights news mentioned that Obama is giving a block grant of 12.8 million to New Mexico's Community Centers to buy updated medical equipment, etc.... This would be the perfect time for the State to add a portion to allow insured patients, too. For example, a family with health insurance would have more to spend
at a Doctor's office with lowered rates and fees. That would be giving the middle class people a lift up.

Anonymous said...

The County Commissioners needs to find solutions to problems on the tenth loor before they quit and look for new jobs. They can't run a jail, they try to buy buildings that we don't need and they cannot even count votes.

The County needs to demonstrate they can run an organization before they destroy Albuquerque

Anonymous said...

What county relative will get the contract with the Federal money.

Anonymous said...

According to the county, they know how to run the jail. Why join the rest, when you can join the best. Thats what their commerical says. Does the county jail have insurance to cover all the misdeeds that are going on? Or will the taxpayer foot the bill? Or do any of those numb offical care? Maybe they can build a new jail further west.