The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Nov 4, 2013

Details, Details, Details.....


Last Friday APD’s interim chief Allen Banks was supposed to hold a press conference regarding the week’s “recent events” and the awarding of coffee cups to various officers involved in the 10/26/13 attack on Albuquerque law enforcement officers. As we know, the press conference was postponed and pushed to Saturday because of “investigative” reasons.

Of course, on Friday, we all found out that Berry’s CAO, Rob Perry, gave himself a $33,000 raise. An amount  that exceeds what an average New Mexican makes in a year! Your loveable Eye also posted an open memo to the DOJ requesting that they move forward with a preliminary report regarding their investigation into APD. Our Eyes also told us, not all the officers selected to attend the conference were going to attend. As we know, when Banks, Berry, Perry, etc are hit with any significant scrutiny they fold like wet towels.

Given that the Saturday conference really didn’t do much but distort an already distorted incident, and given Banks’ inability to sound professional during any public speaking occasion and no concern about looking professional, it’s all too obvious that the conference was moved to a day and time where few would be watching it or the stories reporting it.

So instead we got Banks fumbling around with a PowerPoint presentation, misidentifying guns, misrepresenting the facts of what occurred on the 26th, and generally representing APD in the worst possible way.  No pride in his appearance (we find this truly ironic given how Will Roseman makes such a big issue over people’s appearances. Especially when he is known to have taken pictures of other female officers in their civilian clothing). No command presence. No understanding of the issues facing the city and the department. No answering hard questions. No taking ownership of issues. And a constant avoidance of responsibility.

Notice Mr. Banks only included pictures of weapons recovered from Chase? Notice he did not play any of the dispatch recording. Notice he did not reveal elements of the dispatch report. Banks made the following conclusions that simply defy belief:

-It was the caller’s error which sent officers into the scene of a masked armed gunman waiting in public to shoot them.

-It was the media’s fault for not understanding by broadcasting to the public what was happening, even more people could have been endangered.

-It was not the public’s concern as to why the offender was allowed to run around Albuquerque’s North Valley for at least 11.5 miles over a period of 16 minutes.

Banks closed the conference with the following statement, “I want to make sure my officers have the best tools possible to perform their jobs safely.”

Well Mr. Banks, among those tools is respect. Respect by the department that employs them. By the leaders who appreciate their work and sacrifices by honoring contracts when it is not convenient to them. By empowering a department that has cascaded to 2/3 its size four years ago by acknowledging it has failed its personnel and the citizens.

But no, instead we have more hiding and misrepresentation. More personnel abuses. More ineptitude.
So, thanks to our continued Eyes, what happened on 10/26/12 is starting to unfold very clearly…as a pic of the above CAD reveals, there is much to discuss…especially given that once again Mr. Banks lied to the public about what happened. 

"INSIDE VOICE: UMMMM, Let me think of something that isn't true...."


Anonymous said...

Eye, How are officers and deputies doing. Is there anything we can do to help them now that the dust has settled and the hype is over.....

Why isnt the APOA, DSOA, or FOP holding a fundraiser for the troops. Bosque Farms and Isotops even put toghether a fundraiser.

Any information that you can distribute about helping these officers please POST

Anonymous said...

The CAD shows that 3 minutes after the call came in and 3 minutes before shots were fired, APD Dispatch updated the location to 613 Broadway se. Broadway/Hazeldine.

So was this information not voiced to the officers? Was this information kept secret by the dispatcher? It's on the call so I think the answer to both of those questions are NO.

I don't want to slam on the first officer for driving into the Kill Zone. I don't want to slam on the Sergeant for not clearly identifing the kill zone.

I don want to question Banks for not disclosing this to the press. I want to question the media for not asking questions and doing research to make sure they are being told the truth.

KOB is so far in the weird column for their love affair of S23 that I don't think they can actually review what happened and what they are being told by Banks. On the other hand KRQE, KOAT and the Journal should start asking some pretty hard questions about this incident. How many Valley officers were working that day? Why was there no LT working anywhere in the city? Why did S23 have to run everything including the chase? Where were the other sergeants and lt's? WHY DID THE OFFICER DRIVE INTO THE KILL ZONE WHEN DISPATCH CLEARLY KNEW WHERE IT WAS AT 3 MINUTES BEFORE HE DROVE INTO THE KILL ZONE? Why did the officer flee his vehicle instead of driving out of the kill zone? Will we ever know the truth? Why didn't Banks show the dispatch log or play the dispatch tapes? The DoJ is in town for a reason. Nobody trusts the command staff at APD.

Come on media ask some questions.

no more blue cool ade said...

From a 34 who Monahan posted:

"I was at  the scene of the shooting with Chase shortly after it happened. The media, as usual, are full of it. By the time the media arrived, any reporter on the job more than 5 minutes could tell the scene was secure. Yes, we had to move the media back at one point due to the possible threat of explosives, but there was no danger to anyone not wearing a badge.

Joe, the media in this city are spoiled. Spoiled by the previous Chief and his penchant for releasing stuff way to early. Scenes like those with the Chase call are extremely dynamic, fluid and chaotic. It takes time to sort through all the information we have, a great deal of which is flat wrong. Give us the time we need to control the scene, gather the facts, then we can present them. If it is an ongoing investigation we might not be releasing anything anytime soon. And by the way, if, in our rush to appease the media, we report something wrong, we get dragged over the coals by the same media. 

The media here has not been friendly to APD for years, albeit some of it was our own doing. Now that APD has decided to wait for all the facts, they want to scream foul. Does that seem fair to you? APD isn't withholding info just trying to get it right. And getting it right strikes me as way more important then the media frenzy to cut in with "Breaking News." If it had been an ongoing threat to public safety APD would have said so. And Chief Banks was there the entire time."

Fuck it, did your little badge keep 34 Martinez from doing exactly what ur not supposed to do? If he hadn't his car wdnt have been stolen and this fucken mess wdnt have gone south the way it did. Unfucken real, only in APD do we give cover to weak pussy officers and do hard working cops dirty.

Anonymous said...

Whoever is starting a petition for reopening Mary Han's investigation, Start another one at

Anonymous said...

Last night during city council Banks said:

"We currently, every single day, get requests from officers who want to carry the rifles, and those who feel like they don't."

Can comebody translate that for me? What the fuck is a request from somebody who doesn't want a rifle? Can I see the memo these officers wrote that says Chief, I feel like i don't want a rifle."

Somebody splain plz.

Anonymous said...

Media are afraid of APD. Only allowed to do PR or damage control. The Eye has long defined "fascism", and we are deep into it when the cops control all.
So many Americans used to shake their heads and ask "How could the Germans let it happen?" Good question to ask City Council !

Anonymous said...

The Chief and APOA president were lacking on the Sunday morning TV program. The facts of an incidenty are never going to change so just get them out there.

Is it true the City thinks by keeping the interim chief that the DOJ will be kind to us?

Good job by the guys on the street, too bad it did not end 15 minutes earlier.

Anonymous said...

Why are we being a Monday morning quarterback. The previous posts said Schultz spoiled the media by releasing statements early. Give me an example of when Schultz gave information out. That is one big hit against him is that he doesn't give any information out and the citizens are waiting days. Why do you think Berry separated himself with Schultz prior to the election.

Anonymous said...

Monday morning quarterback?

In police work it is called learning from actual experience. What did you do right, what did you do wrong, what can we do better.

Anonymous said...

Peck's shooting. Doyle and Woolever. Swat shooting in uptown. KOB4 cameraman incident. Tillman. Conner Rice. Russell Carter's shooting. Basically whenever there was something significant Schultz would give info out and always with a spin that made him look good. Here we have Banks who is to fucken "tremendously " stupid to do either. He doesn't know guns, his own records, his own procedures, and he sure as hell doesn't know how to speak in public. Fkn mumbles if there ever was one.

Anonymous said...

What Banks said at council pales in comparison to what your APOA President stood up and said! She was babbling about how each and every officer should carry AUTOMATIC RIFLES! especially the kind with three round bursts would be most beneficial. Ms President you should educate yourself on a topic before you go making yourself sound like a buffoon in front of your listening audience. I was about to change channels when she began talking but watching her talk about the need for ALL Officers to carry assault rifles made me perk up in my lazy-boy and I knew I was about to be thoroughly entertained for the night.

Anonymous said...

Banks needs to explain why dispatch had the correct location 3 minutes before the officers got shot at.

Did radio not voice this? Banks blames it all on the witness but that doesn't correspond with the dispatch log that the Eye has.

Anonymous said...

the administration is so busy making themselves look good, they are putting our lives in jeopardy while keeping a recruit employed who is no where near ready to be a cop. when an entire academy and fto staff recommend termination, the administration says to keep her and see how it works. well here is how it worked, she ran and hid while her t.o was getting blasted. she plays the victim game when we are in fact the victims. we have to work with her and she is a chicken shit. makes me want to quit the fto program. i can never in good conscious work with her or train her when she can't even have the balls and courage to act like a cop

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing, isn't it?!?!
What a fucked world we live in.
These assholes bend over for pussy ass little bitches who are afraid of their own shadows, and almost get someone killed every day they show up to work. Not only that, but they lie to build these pussys up while they fuck over hard working fearless cops who win all of their battles. I guess this administration is now in the market for dead cops. They tried malicious procecution and lies on officers. I guess now they figure when they get one killed, the sympathy will get their asses out of the DOJ sling. These officials truly are bags of scum.
Justice would be these punks on the 5th and 11th floors running into one of these armed maniacs on their way home some day when the area command has zero car availability. Now that would be priceless.

Anonymous said...

The comparison of Nazi Germany to the City is not farfetched. The more I think about how there is absolutely no pushback or accountability assigned to Perry/Berry from WITHIN the city, the more this correlation becomes apparent. We all vent here which helps, but there is no investigative body within the city where we can go to blow the whistle. An investigation of the bidding process needs to be done, the unions need to be more vocal and turn the heat up, or we are headed down a road called DETROIT..

S. Sgt. Paul J. Heh (Ret.) said...

I was not there so I can not Monday morning quarterback. I will make this statement which is true. You Officers will face bullets and put your lives on the line everyday in a hundred different ways. You show courage that very few others have. Show the courage to stand up for yourself and your fellow officers. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! Where are the leaders within the department ? Where are the Officers that will stand behind those leaders when they stand up to do the right thing ? On a different note did anyone see the front page of The Journal today Nov.6 ? The frog and the boiling water.9621

Anonymous said...


I agree with what you say, but my god would you speak to your mother that way? Show some professionalism and respect for your yourself, your family and your APD family.

Anonymous said...

ACLU please file three Title VI violations against the City!

The suits would be against the City Clerk for not providing polling locations that are accessible via public transport. Then one against the police Deparment. You cannot do a walkin report at the station downtown anymore. This means you must go to your area command. Only three area commands have bus stops.

Most importantly there is a long pattern of processing DNA and fingerprints by jumping the que if you are politically connected thus delaying justice for those who are not, aka the poor mostly minority population. The practice has gotten worse every single year

Anonymous said...

APOA, listen to what Perry is whining about as he cries about his pay: others in my position make more than me, I took a pay cut taking this job, I'm on duty 24/7. Gee, sound familiar? Could you imagine what this crybaby would do if somebody unilaterally cut his pay and violated his contract and gave him more responsibilities?

Totally a double standard if there ever was one. He cannot get away with this!!! Way to go Mrs. Beasley!

Anonymous said...

What about the dispatch log? Why does it show APD dispatch knowing the correct location of the Chase 3 minutes before the first unit arrived and got shot at?

Banks blames the caller for giving a bad location, but it appears Banks is lying because Dispatch had the correct location prior to offiers arrival. 3 minutes before. Why is Banks not explaining this? Why is no one asking this question? This call goes bad because the first officer drives right into the kill zone. But why? Did dispatch not notify officers of the correct location? Did the officer not hear dispatch? We deserve to know the truth.

Four officers were shot that day. We all deserve to know exactly what happened.

Anonymous said...
On Special Assignment reporter Matt Grubbs and Jeff Proctor...
WTF. Jeff couldn't keep his spin at the Journal now he's going to taint krqe
How's that lawsuit going to work. KRQE is using because APD failed to release IPRA data but they have now hired one of the key conspirators in keeping information buried claiming journalistic exclusive then never going to print
TJ, Jeff, and Jessica all at lunch together. I just lost mine

Anonymous said...

What's more obvious is how proctor and grubb are bottom feeding cowards who pick soft targets. All the shit going on with the upper ranks of APD and the corrupt mayor and city officials and they go after the county?!?!
Little pukes. Its even funnier that these small potato hack yellow journalists think they could wash the jock straps of real reporters in the larger cities. You can see them puff up like clowns when they say they are freelance investigative reporters on special assignment (did i get all the big words in that make them feel special?).
Nothing but pop tart eating dorks who blow hot air and think they are important. My dog pissing on the shrubs is more important than these fecal stains.

negative82 said...

It's official, we have an idiot as chief. "We take the best information that we have at the time. We take the statements, detectives put them together, and come up with probable cause and reasonable suspicion in that criminal complaint,” he said. “… I think it’s a matter of gathering the best facts. A lot happened that night".

Anonymous said...

The only hope any of us have a glimmer of a chance at raises, and new contracts is to vote on November 19th for Diane Shepherd. We missed the mark on the Mayor's race, but God help us this is our last chance for a pro-union anti-Perry/Berry Dem. to sit on the city council. THEY HAVE FUCKED US OVER AND LAUGH ABOUT IT..FLAUNTING IT IN OUR FACE ABOUT PERRY'S RAISE. THEY KNOW IT AND THEY LIKE THE FACT THAT THEY'VE GOT COP AND FIREFIGHTER AND LIBRARIAN HATERS IN CHARGE OF THIS PLACE. THEY HAVE ALL THE POWER AND THEY THINK WE'RE LAZY AND DON'T CARE SO WE WON'T VOTE ON THE 19TH!!




Anonymous said...

It's Diane Gibson....but rock on librarian!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You mean Diane Gibson?

Anonymous said...

@ 0756,

Do you truly believe Diane Gibson will do anything to improve your life or your job? If so, you're in for a rude awakening. Politicians say whatever they have to in order to be elected.

Even if she really did care about making a difference, she's up against the juggernaut of entrenched political nonsense that will turn ABQ into a Little Detroit.

I'm all for fighting to change something I love, but we all should just admit ABQ is done for.

And frankly, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving city.

Anonymous said...

Where the he'll did I get Shepherd...It's either autocorrect or I just woke up, SORRY IT's GIBSON..Apologies for sounding like a dumbass!!!!

Anonymous said...

Trying to rock here, but the haters wanna hate on voting for GIBSON (sorry about Shepherd..I'm blaming it on autocorrect). And yes I think she will make a difference.


Anonymous said...

You may have your reasons for hating the current interim chief but at least he took a stand with Albuquerque's shitty media and supported the officers. Have to give him credit for not following Schultz's ways. Time will tell if it was genuine.

Anonymous said...

Given the number of 34s Banks has fucked over the years I could care less what he does.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but he still threw Pitzer under the bus by saying there was no weapon in Ortega' s hand...Ortega had to be stopped. He was drving around slamming into cars, and did pull a gun on a woman and child. Banks can't terminate Pitzer on this one. If so, here comes another your wallets, taxpayers!! I'd like to see a list of all the settlement payouts the city has made to plaintiffs since Berry took over. I'd also like to see all the court costs incurred in defending the lawsuits, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY the costs incurred in APPEALING all these lawsuits.
Ain't nobody got that much money! Oh, sorry, Merry-Perry..


Anonymous said...

How bad must city government be that librarians are coming out and posting with names like Xena and Zena?

Anonymous said...

Haha...yeah I like to change it up. This (me) librarian used to work in records many moons ago...and I'm an alumn of the APD Citizen's Police Academy. I strongly support law enforcement and just because I work in a library doesn't mean that I am meek, mild, or passive aggressive. I am for sure not your typical librarian, I support my union and I do not hesitate to go to THEM when things like denying me my OT happen...gosh admin sure does cut that check fast when you dime them out! Stay safe and vote for Diane Gibson. All of us dissed low-life's need to stick together and stick it to Berry-Perry...

The Tremendous Regulator said...

Puppet Part 1

"Anonymous said...
You may have your reasons for hating the current interim chief but at least he took a stand with Albuquerque's shitty media and supported the officers. Have to give him credit for not following Schultz's ways. Time will tell if it was genuine.

November 8, 2013 at 11:32:00 PM MST"

Give him credit?
Not following Schultz's ways?
Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, this guy, or anyone else still with APD, who was promoted by Schultz does ANYTHING, without a motive to gain something for themselves, or hide damaging information that would hurt them. They all take orders from those above, to do the things they do for a reason. That reason is always to promote their filthy agenda. If you disagree, listen to the interview Zane Reeves gave recently. Rob Perry is a filthy liar. Zane was terminated when the city tried the legal route, and it failed. Perry then said fuck it, and fired the man illegally. This is called obstruction of justice. Follow the trail. They directly try to influence the outcomes of hearings on wrongful terminations to make the DOJ perceive that the APD is cleaning things up so they don't need to invade APD and burn it down. This was done to hide all the corruption and criminal acts done by these cowards over the years. Lying under oath is a crime. Tampering with witnesses, evidence and investigations is a crime. Intimidation of witnesses is a crime. Coincidentally, this happened just as the Woolever case was assigned to Reeves, and right after the Perea verdict that he handed down. Perry, this filthy mayor and the rest of these filthy bags of shit will do anything they can to hide the dirty shit they do to people in order to get themselves ahead, and out of the spotlight, INCLUDING TELLING FUTURE HEARING OFFICERS TO EITHER SIDE WITH THE CITY, OR BE TERMINATED LIKE ZANE REEVES. DO YOU THINK ANY OF THE FUTURE HEARING OFFICERS WOULD SIDE WITH WRONGFULLY TERMINATED EMPLOYEES AFTER SEEING HOW THEY DRAGGED A PRESTIGIOUS INDIVIDUAL LIKE MISTER REEVES THROUGH THE MUD? AS A MATTER OF FACT, I WOULD BET THE REMAINING HEARING OFFICERS WOULD FOLD LIKE DISPOSABLE DIAPERS, RENDERING EGREGIOUS DECISIONS IN FAVOR OF THE CITY FROM THAT POINT FORWARD. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE JUST HOW MANY HEARING OFFICERS HAVE SIDED WITH EMPLOYEES SINCE THIS REEVES WAS WRONGED. This administration would drag Jesus Christ through a mile of pig shit if it would make them look like saints. They are the most disgusting pieces of dangling fecal matter ever squoze out of an anal orifice.


The Tremendous Regulator said...

Puppet Part 2

And for that comment above; please don't be so malleable and easily led. If you don't think for one minute there is not a weekly meeting of the mindless somewhere on either the 11th or 5th floors conspiring as to how to psychologically mindfuck you and the rest of the city of Albuquerque into thinking this administration is a bunch of jolly good fellows, you are either a vegetable or a sheep.
These filthy weak little pukes are pure evil, and only know lies manipulation and BULLSHIT, to a magnitude that you could not possibly imagine or comprehend. This is a game to them, and insulting people's intelligence is the name of it.
See the new boss.... Same as the old boss. Whoever this mayor endorses is just like the anus endorsing it's own turds it drops.
You need to only look behind the scenes to see who is advising these idiots. The same filthy legal advisement that conspired with Schultz. Nothing different here but the lies.
As a matter of fact, this group of 5th floor malfeasants will probably have to up the daily does of their LIEAGRA now that people are getting fed up, seeing through their shit and not tolerating their lies anymore.
These idiots want to win all the time, and they are too stupid to realize that they can't, especially when they are wrong and dirty.

You can all bitch about and make arrogant predictions about the DOJ, but they can't possibly overlook the blatant trail of corruption outlined by the deeds, and timelines they were carried out. It's too much and playing stupid is going to result in obstruction charges.

Anonymous said...

Well said, TR. And the reason the DOJ is still here is not because they are dragging their feet...if you all recall, at the beginning of the investigation, the DOJ made an analogy of the investigation to that of peeling an onion.
We all know what happens when an onion is peeled..and the DOJ has found itself a really big onion and each time one layer is peeled, another layer is revealed.
FYI there is also a unit within the DOJ, called the Community Relations Service.(CRS). They are a discreet group of individuals but have helped communities organize and rally. They kept protesters safe during the Treyvon Martin protests.
The brass on the 5th and 11th floors are adding to the onion layers day by day. The raise to Perry, the statements in the media by Banks ref: the Ortega shooting, the 4 officers shot, these are layers, and the DOJ will stay as long as it takes!

Anonymous said...

LOLZ...Lieagra!! Lecherous creepers..yukkkk..eewwwweeee.nasty gross men.

Anonymous said...

"Lieagra"....oh my god. damn coffee shot out through my nose on that one. Lmmfao!!

Anonymous said...

The hits keep rolling... Banks' admin assistant is coincidentlly, the girlfriend of a good buddy of his. With a name like Misty, we can expect some ghetto appearances from her for sure. I wonder who will do her job that she definitely can't do. Coming from parking, where everyone couldn't stand her because she's an idiot.
Maybe Banks should've got his ole buddy Stephanie the jog, since they were very close at one time.

Anonymous said...

0746.... Good call bro. Even worse than when we had Schultz.

Anonymous said...

Berry making Banks Interim Chief,or Chief, or HNIC, was done by design. Actually,the DOJ tends to lean to the left, making sure the citizens and employees are not getting their rights trampled on due to their ethnicity. "Stupid is as Stupid does" Berry, thinks by promoting a minority, and ghetto-ing up the 5th floor a bit with a Misty or a LaQueesha or whoever, the DOJ will take this into consideration and be tricked. PS: The Mayor of Detroit is Black. Didn't help him. 48 yrs he got? For bid rigging?
(Berry was on the track team @ UNM so that skill set should help him out)..LOLZ...u hater!

Anonymous said...

8:04am - Is that "LaQueesha" or "LaQueefa"?