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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jul 24, 2014


Ever since the DOJ announced their formal investigation into the City of Albuquerque and their police department in November 2012, and even before, we've been told over and over how fantastic all things are with the city. We've heard from Richard "RJ" Berry how great the city's operations are. He told us how great the city's economy is and that we've "turned the corner." He told us that APD is one of the best departments in the country. Richard "RJ" Berry told us he has some of the best advisers money can buy. He told us how crime is at an all time low. He told us how persons responsible for crimes and waster in APD will be held responsible.

But we know these are all lies. And now, in the days following the disgusting "wilding" murder of two transients by three of the city's teenagers, the DOJ released a "Statement of Principles" report summarizing some agreements between DOJ and the city of Albuquerque.

See it here:

What is so stunning in this report is how, so much is now agreed upon by the city and their confirming of lies by Richard "RJ" Berry.  Among the statement's highlights:

1. APD has systemic issues and problems.
2. APD's problems require systemic reform.
3. APD's problems include: use of force policies, interaction with persons with mental disabilities policies, tactical unit policies, IA policies, managements and supervision policies, recruitment policies, and community engagement policies.
4. APD's problems require urgent attention.
5. The agreement requires filing it in court and having it entered as a court order.

Clearly if Richard "RJ" Berry and company will lie about what is obviously a failed police department, isn't it likely he'll lie about anything? Is it not time to fully review both the record of Berry and of course Susana Martinez's record. In fact, it seems like everything either of these two politicos have said is just a lie.  You know, like Richard "RJ" Berry keeping Ray Schultz as chief and praising him as a great chief.

We at the Eye ask.....Why?


Anonymous said...

Why? To keep the status quo.

Anonymous said...

The Record of Republican Governor Martinez and Republican Mayor Berry, is an absolute failure of leadership, not to mention the worst job creation in the United States!

Anonymous said...

Give Berry a chance, he had held himself down for the last for years by Schultz, now he can make his own decisions. Schultz can rot in hell. I know he reads this site all the time too.

Anonymous said...

Why is it Roseman making excuses for no lapel camera on latest shooting saying it happened so quickly Officers didn't have time to turn it on and Deere they throw under the bus???
That's going to be my excuse next time I don't have time to turn on my lapel camera that it evolve very quickly. You listening apoa?

Anonymous said...

What exactly does Mayor Berry think will happen by talking with members of the Navajo Nations? The transient population has plagued this city for YEARS and it will continue to. You can have all the meetings and touchy feely articles in he paper, all the wasted outreach programs, but the bottom line is that the homeless act the way they want when they want.

Anonymous said...

Are you fucking kidding me!?!?
Have you had your head up your ass for the last 4 years?
Berry is a liar. He and Schultz did their dirt together. They are BOTH responsible for this place falling apart and everyone they have fucked. You better do some research and reading before you think this shit stain of a mayor is any good. You don't become a good guy after acting like a cowardly conniving bitch for so long. He made his bed. Fuck that egghead.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for their involvement with human trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, stealing money from drug traffickers, auto theft, prostitution, mass murder, and most likely child rape...I can't think of a reason why...

Anonymous said...

9:43 - Yes I was fuc*ing kidding you. Don't you remember Schultz also saying he was held down and couldn't make decision and to give him a chance?????

Anonymous said...

The answer to your question Eye rests with Mary Han. Too bad most of these losers that show up at police shootings etc can't see the forest for their nose hairs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Smallfruit,
Do you agree or disagree, you coward?
It is a yes or no question.
This coward mayor can't answer a simple question.
You can see the pain in this coward's face when he is put on the spot. Kudos again to whoever the KRQE reporter was that called him out on that. It was epic to see Berry Smallfruit's beady eye twitch on the close up shot on that one. Nice bags under your beady little eyes coward.
This lying coward mayor proved again that he is not ready to do the right thing by owning the problem and dodging questions because it can be used down the road against the city in lawsuits. This is all these liars are worried about... Lawsuits, because they know they are wrong. It takes a man to stand up and own a problem. This mayor doesn't have the spine or huevos for either. I bet his wife has to help him stand up in the morning he is such a pussy. It must really suck to know that your children can't watch you on television at least setting the elementary example of doing the right thing and being a man. This failure has the rest of his life to live knowing that he is a liar, coward and a failure, and his family knows it too. That is a little justice.

Anonymous said...

The police department is not broken, not to the mayor, the courts, the jail, Kari, the Guv.
Look, all these entities take your money to use for the public good.
They build roads, put in sidewalks, build big statues, blah, blah, blah...
The thing is, they suck.
They're terrible managers.
And somewhere in all that awarding of jobs to their buddies, letting their buddies projects quietly go over budget and paying out extra millions of dollars, excusing their campaign buddies from paying taxes, giving away hundreds of millions of cheap gallons of water to their golf course owning, running and maintaining buddies..well, they can't have you know they can't stick anywhere CLOSE to an actual budget.
To mask that, they've hired and cultivated a crew of assholes to create unscheduled revenue. The APD.
"Hire 'em stupid, give 'em guns, 'excuse 'em for killing guys. That'll keep them happy,! And they'll lie and write ticket after ticket every day, drag jaywalkers in to jail so we can get paid for those. There is nothing so useful to us as a bunch of stupid guys who loooooove that their badge means they don't have to be quite so scared, because those guys will do whatever we want, so they don't lose the safety net we give them!!!"
The cops are too dumb to know they're pawns, and wouldn't care anyway.
Like all good chickenshits, they do what they're told, knowing it will keep them safe. they whine about how dangerous their jobs are, although they have guns, bages, radio connections to nearly a thousand other heavily armed chickenshits....They call us mere men scared, although we face the city alone, bare fists AND the cops to worry about, on top of all those thugs the poor chickenshits whine about having to face every day...
The thing is, Berry, Perry, Tourek, Brandenburg, the courts, the city council, they asked for thug criminals who would find them as much unscheduled income as possible, and they got them. And now the stupid bastards are getting away from them(no criminal can be kept "only so criminal and no more") and all these venerable city leaders can do is keep denying there's an issue and hope against any realistic scenario that everything goes away.
The cops? We can catch them whenever we want, they're too dumb to commit a good crime(and I'll guarantee you the good criminals are not even being detected by this bunch of coppers!)
The politicians will keep excusing them, and coming to this site to bitch about those criminal idiots ain't gonna change their course of action.
When you find a brown spot on your peach, you don't throw the peach away. You cut around the nasty spot and eat the good parts. And Berry is our brown spot, with his APD, his Perryboat ride, their Brandenburg and Tourek...and all those super-successful lawyers(and what is a lawyer but someone willing to commit perjury on a full-time basis for the good of their career?)who've done their lawyering jobs so well that they ascended to judgeships.....
We'll do better when we stop letting them tell us how they're gonna reform themselves. We'll do better when we vote them out and have them prosecuted.
We'll do great when some real cops get back to work, honest guys who don't whine about recording themselves because they're not doing anything wrong, and when the guys who run for office do so knowing that fucking up will mean prosecution, and don't care because they're also honest.
Fuck all these clowns who think nothing can every change they little joyride with our city.
Cowardly little nothings.

Anonymous said...

Every crime committed is a HATE CRIME. Doesn't matter what color, nationality a person is. Some individuals just choose to HATE more.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ok. I was beginning to think you lost your mind there for a minute.

Anonymous said...

The only real news with yesterday's announcement that the City and the DoJ reached an agreement on issues is the fact that the City agreed to a federal monitor. As if the City really had a choice!! Both US Attorney Damon Martinez and Berry sitting together singing "kumbaya" and NOW expressing urgency was pathetic.

The eight points of negotiation are nothing but a repeat of the identical issues identified in the original report. DoJ in Washington is calling the shots and US Attorney Damon Martinez has very little say in what will really happen, but he sure took a nice photo op with Berry.

What is the most disturbing point is that there will be secret and confidential negotiations, a Consent Decree will be hammered out, and once agreed to, the Consent Decree will be filed and approved by a Federal Judge without the public and the news media ever being told what has been negotiated and agreed to only until it becomes a binding Court Order.

Taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the two city negotiators and Berry can only say "trust me" they know what they are doing but we can not tell you what they are agreeing to and we can not tell you what we have negotiated until it is filed and binding. So much for transparency.

New Orleans had the same process and agreed to a Consent Decree that they cannot now afford and the New Orleans Mayor is going to court to set it aside. It is costing New Orleans $10 million a year for 5 years or more.

Who is going to be the Federal Monitor? Will the DoJ decide, will the Federal Judge assigned the case make the selection, will the City have any say? Can the City say no to whoever will be appointed? Will that person be from Albuquerque with ties to the community and a background in law enforcement? All we need now is for Berry to agree to Paul Kennedy or Darren White as the Federal monitor to complete the screw job?

Anonymous said...


Very well put. And if you want to see what the state would do to a little, old lady who is sweet and fragile, watch this:

Do they have any values?

Anonymous said...

All the specialized units have always been protected by the 5th floor. They are so "well trained" but they can't seem to be able push a button or switch to activate a camera. And hey Roseman how bout letting someone else do the interviews until the Herpes is gone from your lip.

Anonymous said...

I could not believe what I heard and saw on KOB 10pm news last night. Chris Huffman actually did an investigative report on Taser & the no -bid contract with the City.- I don't know if the part where he asks the Mayor the "tough question " about the no -bid contract was rehearsed or not but I thank and give credit to the Eye and all the commentors on this blog for spreading this issue into the mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... Contact the Governor NOW!!!!!!

URGENT Request for NMSP Protection

Dear Governor Martinez,

I fear that I, and my guests to the state, are being used as guinea pigs by the ABQ police department who apparently are beta testing Taser International products, that even in full production form have been proven to be deadly, on an unsuspecting public.

I formally request a NMSP escort be at my disposal beginning at 6AM on 7-26-14, as members of the ABQ police department currently have cross jurisdiction law enforcement powers in my city.

An eighteen month long investigation by the Department of Justice revealed that the ABQ police department uses less than deadly force (Tasers) in an unconstitutional manner:
""Albuquerque police officers also often use less lethal force in (1) an unconstitutional manner. We reviewed a random sample of the department’s use of force reports completed by officers and supervisors between 2009 and early 2013. Our sample consisted of over 200 force reports. We find that officers frequently misused electronic control weapons (commonly referred to by the brand name “Tasers”) and (2) resorting to use of the weapon on people who are passively resisting, observably non­ threatening but unable to comply with orders due to their mental state, or posed only a minimal threat to the officers. Officers also often used Tasers in dangerous situations. For example, officers fired Tasers numerous times at a man who had poured gasoline on himself. The Taser discharges set the man on fire, requiring another officer to extinguish the flames. This endangered all present."

EYE ONE said...

Disband APD and let someone else worry about the enforcement issues. Until then we will have the "Days of the Purge"

Anonymous said...

If you think pleaing to Governor Martinez is going to do anything other than make her back her boy smallfruit berry, you are intoxicated. Her little bitch McCleskey ran Berry's campaign. They are all in this together. They will turn on Schultz when it benefits them.

Anonymous said...

Saw Channel 4 Report. Chris Ramirez did not ask the hard questions and again covered Berry's ass. Ramirez did not ask Berry if he knew or cared at all that Ray Schultz gave the contract to Tazer, retired and was employed by Tazer. Ramirez did not ask Berry if he had a problem with Ray Schultz "greasing" the award of the contract as he admitted to doing and having the ear of the Berry. Your not dealing with just defective products. You are dealing with "pay to play" that Berry had no problem with. And Gentleman City Councilor Ken "I am running for Mayor for Sure This Time Sanchez" and Counclor Dan "me too" Lewis, said nothing and did nothing during the budget process and could have demanded the termination of the Tazer contract. Why does Ken Sanchez always look like a mortician? But then again our City is dying and he may be what we need as Mayor after Berry completes the killing.

Anonymous said...

Same shit, different day......

Anonymous said...

Ramirez did only did that story to save face because he was ripped apart here and elsewhere over his bias, and picking and choosing of stories in order to provide the Mayor, his former boss cover. He had his pants pulled down here over it, and it is obvious. He probably called the Mayor to get his approval first. It probably sounded a little like this:

HuffmanRamirez El Pajero: Mister Mayor!

Smallfruit: What Puto?!

HuffmanRamirez El Pajero: Why do you always call me that?

Smallfruit: Because, my little nalga, you know I like to be called Jefe.

HuffmanRamirez El Pajero: Ok jefe, I will be sure to get it right next time, but I have something to ask of you.

Smallfruit: What is it, my little comemierda?

HuffmanRamirez El Pajero: Please sir! I mean Jefe...
Be nice to me. You know I love you so much, and would do anything for you. Look. I even changed my name for my career. Just imagine the things I would do for you.

Smallfruit: Ok Ok.... My little Pollo, what is it?

HuffmanRamirez El Pajero: They have been teasing me Jefe!

Smallfruit: Who has been teasing my little Chocha?!?

HuffmanRamirez El Pajero: All of those who know what we are doing. The ones who know our plan. You know... That Eye Blog thingie on the internet!

Smallfruit: Demonios! So, what do you want?

HuffmanRamirez El Pajero: Well Jefe, I want you to let me write a story about all the corruption and how Schultz pulled off a kickback scheme with Tazer. You see, Schultz is not here anymore, so it doesn't matter, and I promise I won't put you on the spot. I need this Buzzarino! Please?

Smallfruit: A la chingada! Ok. But don't fuck this up, and run it by Janet Blair Witch Project first. I don't want to look stupid like when those hardasses down at KRQE caught me lying and dodging questions about the DOJ then zoomed in on my fucking Eye twitch. They made me look like a bicho. Got it culo?

HuffmanRamirez El Pajero: Si Jefe. We'll start pointing the finger at Schultz. He is in hiding anyway, like a chocha jefe, like a chocha. That is what he is. That is a chocha jefe. Not lo mas chingon such as yourself my Buzzarino jefe.

Smallfruit: Ahhhhhh. Well then, get on it my little mariposa. You will always be my little mariposa. Do it right! I am running out of second, third and fourth string faces to stick in front of the media. We wore out Eden. The DCOPS are making fools out of themselves now. Perry is muzzled now. Blair got caught manipulating the media. I had to come out now, so don't make me have to crawl back under some rock again. We won't have the money to hire more paid liars after the next batch of lawsuits and The DOJ bankrupts us.

Anonymous said...

@ 7-26 3:04
This was posted on FaceBook

We would like to thank KOB for informing the public that they are considered to be lab rats by Mayor Berry/APD, a clueless city council, and Taser intentional and that ABQ taxpayers have shelled out $1.5M for the privilege...

But what KOB has not told you is that former APD Chief Ray Schultz secured a job with Taser before retiring from the city while he was "greasing" (Mr. Schultz's word) the city council to secure Taser another $2M no-bid contract for known substandard equipment.

We are concerned that KOB's reporter, Chris Ramirez, aka Chris Huffman, lead this poorly done investigative story into Berry's, Schultz's, Sanchez's, Lewis', Blair's and Taser International's relationships, as he himself served as the Director of Communications for the city of ABQ where he was the spokesman for the Mayor's office.

Retired APD Sergeant and Mayoral Candidate, Paul Heh, called on the NMAG to look into these relationships months ago...

What kind of a shell game is being played here???

We report, you decide...lab rats...

Anonymous said...

APD has an overabundance of sociopaths who woul jump at the chance to beta-test Tazer's latest tool of torture. I bet they use it on each other, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, hey, there now. That's called nature at play.
I wonder if Berry Ray and Perry greased eachother's taints. Maybe they shocked eachother's patches. Ray said he had the Mayor's ear. I wonder if he had Gonterman get it for him. Or maybe they all caught chicken pox from the Dcop's lip. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
The fucking scum bags. All of them. When this is over they are going to have to radiate the 5th floor.

Anonymous said...

Fucking clowns the whole bunch. Ramirez Huffman doing a breaking story is a joke. Maybe Chris will shed some light why he left his job with Berry and TJ. It's not like he doesn't go down with discretion. Step the fuck up RamiroHuffy!