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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Oct 28, 2015

When Does It End?

The recent murder of innocent four year old girl Lilly Garcia and the shooting of Officer Daniel Webster  has left our community in a state of shock, and once again put Albuquerque in the national lime light.  

We at the EYE were disgusted  by the quick reaction of the politicians. Chief Eden asking on local news, what is going on in New Mexico?  Mayor Berry asking state lawmakers to make changes to grow the Police Department and keep violent felons in jail (reported in Journal ).  Let’s looks at these two politicians. As reported in ABQ Free Press, Mayor Berry was asked why  The Albuquerque Police Department is having problems retaining Officers.  Berry responded that Officer retention is a problem across the state.  The Free Press investigated and found that most Police Departments in New Mexico are staffed at 95% or better (a Berry lie). When the ABQ Free Press asked for an explanation from Berry he and his staff refused to answer.  

We at The Eye want everyone to understand that before Berry became Mayor he was one of those State Lawmakers making the laws we have now. No change in the laws is going to bring cops back to  The Albuquerque Police Department for the simple reason they don't  trust Berry or Eden and want no part of  your failure and non leadership.  You Mayor,  you Chief , and  past Chief have  been responsible for the termination of good officers just in an attempt to make you politicians look good in the media.  The Officers can’t know if they are going to be the next victim of your politics, not to mention they have cameras that do not work, can’t count on their pay check being the same from week to week , or if their money is going to be stolen by the top brass for bonuses for their already fat salary ( ALIBI). 

Chief Eden it is not a problem with New Mexico, it is a problem with Albuquerque. 

We at the EYE would like you to know where was Officer Webster’s back up?  Oh that's right you have no cops, and no way of getting anymore. Chief you are a politician and all you want to do is shift the blame to someone else. The Officers both past and present look at an empty suit and empty uniform with Disgust! 

We at The EYE are proud of The Citizens Of Albuquerque how they have come together to help the families of these tragedies. We have good people in a good city run by incompetent politicians that all they can offer is lies and alibi and unfortunately these tragedies will continue. God bless and keep Lilly Garcia and Officer Daniel Webster in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

This is Pete Dinelli. Following is a guest editorial column I wrote for the Albuquerque Journal and which was released to the news media. The Albuquerque Journal declined to publish the guest column.

October 26, 2015


Both Mayor Berry and Chief Gordon Eden’s press conferences last week on the tragic killing of a 4 year Lilly Garcia old during a road rage and the horrifying shooting of APD officer Daniel Webster while he fought for his life were nothing more than pure political gamesmanship and finger pointing with a condemnation of our criminal justice system. According to FBI statistics, in 2010 there were 30,663 violent and property crimes in Albuquerque and in 2014, 35,371 violent and property crimes in Albuquerque. Albuquerque’s crime rates are clearly out of control. What have Eden and the Mayor done to address crime in Albuquerque and to reduce gun violence? Nothing!

Berry and Eden must be held accountable and not be allowed to just blame our criminal justice system and other elected officials when they have not taken action themselves. Mayor Berry and his appointed Chiefs are responsible for the destruction of a once great police department. Berry and Eden know it is easier to condemn our criminal justice system instead of taking any responsibility for what is happening. Berry and Eden broke it, they own it and should not expect the New Mexico legislature to fix it for them.

APD is seriously understaffed, morale is extremely low, and APD is having serious problems patrolling our streets in an effective manner. Only 404 sworn police officers, out of a department of 860, are patrolling our streets, handling 69,000, 911 priority 1 calls for service, with response times going from 8 minutes 56 seconds to 11 minutes endangering public safety. APD is so short staffed, patrolling our freeways for road rage like that which resulted in a child’s murder cannot be accomplished. APD is so short staffed, police officers are not getting the backup they need for arrests, increasing the risk of gun violence at traffic stops and endangering police officer safety. Chief Eden himself has suggested to the City Council that Albuquerque needs at least 1,300 sworn police officers, but yet Eden does not take more aggressive action to hire and recruit police officers.

Mayor Berry and Chief Eden need to stop condemning our criminal justice system for these recent tragedies and take aggressive action to turn APD around and to get a handle on our law enforcement crisis. Mayor Berry is at odds with the Police Union and refuses to settle the pending salary dispute, yet he calls for “double dipping” for retired police officers to return to work thinking somehow it is a magic bullet to solve the personnel crisis he has created.

APD is top heavy with overpaid management, it needs to be reorganized, restructured and streamlined to get more police officers patrolling our streets, return to community based policing, double down on recruitments, increase the number of police academy classes and increase police officer salaries across the board for rank and file officers, not management.

Until aggressive action is taken, APD will only continue to spin out of control and crime will continue to increase.

Respectfully submited,

Anonymous said...

First off eye, using the alibi and abq free press interviews isn't exactly unbiased reporting. Both are radical leftist rags that are best used as outhouse toilet paper. It's my humble opinion that police are under attack nationwide by a left leaning media and politicians who have a political axe to grind; when the top elected officials in your country come from the corrupt democrat political machine in Chicago this has to be the outcome. When your white house clown is tied to radical leftists like Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn it's doubtful a positive police influence will exist anywhere.
It is easy to see how national news events are politicized by local media outlets to make police out to be villains. When you have a largely ignorant populace their views can be easily manipulated and it happens constantly. To me, that is what our city officials must overcome every day but don't. They must find a way to present our local police force in a positive way; the cops do a dirty, dangerous, hard and thankless job that is much harder with negative media attention. I've known a lot of cops here in town and they're all good people; I hate seeing them raked over the coals constantly. Maybe that's why our numbers are down. By the way, didn't Bill Clinton tell us he put 100,000 more cops on the street? Or was that just another Clinton lie?
I just got back from a trip to New York City and New Jersey; here's what stood out to me. From midtown to the financial district I didn't see a single panhandler! A cop was killed by a repeat offender who should've been in prison (or executed). People were much friendlier than I anticipated them to be. A cab ride is a wild experience. The 9-11 exhibit is fantastic! People drive very aggressively. Taxes are very high. St. Patricks Cathedral is beautiful. And the pizza is way over rated.
Now assuming that Berry, Perry, Eden et al are all as corrupt and villainous as writers to the eye insist they are, what can we do? Write about it, bitch about it, call them every name imaginable and what good does it do? Let's look for solutions. They're going to serve out their terms in office just like Obummer is so just make the best of a bad situation. Don't give money to panhandlers. Don't buy drugs. Keep an eye out for your neighbors and your local community. Help the police any way you can. Don't litter or jaywalk. In other words DO WHAT'S RIGHT.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the APOA pay to post a couple billboards with this type of message along the Interstate(s),I25 & I40, especially in and around the on and off ramps to the Albuquerque International Sunport?

Anonymous said...

OMG, its your fault if you get shot by one of your own????

WTF is that, so if the Lt. opens his door at midnight and takes a blast from a G-41, its going to be his fault for opening the front door???


Anonymous said...

I hope Davon Lymon dies with a broom stick in his ass and a dick in his mouth!!! Officer Webster served his country and community with dignity. He deserved to grow old. Lymon does not.

Anonymous said...

This state is a shithole and embarrassment because of scum bag politicians who all support eachother's parasitic behavior and criminal actions. As of January 10, 2016, your NM drivers license is as useless as Mayor Berry because the Governor has her head up her fat smelly ass. Every do nothing and criminal politician should be round up and put in jail cells for what they have exposed their tax paying citizens to.
Suzana, you are a piece of dog shit.

Anonymous said...


Weird post. You loved NYC and it is run by those democrats that you hate! You demonize anyone who tells you the truth about Albuquerque. You are a very odd person. Keep posting though, I like to read the bi-polar argument that is going on in your head.

Anonymous said...

Be careful mister Dinelli. You know the cunt mayor and cunt chief will now just resort to calling you a sore loser, and attacking you like they do everyone else who calls them on their shit. No shit the Journal didn't print your article. It is because Kent Walz is a ball washing cunt too. He is Berry's whore, and is still paying Schultz. The Brass of APD are nothing but opportinistic whores too. For Christ sake... Nick Wheeler as your fucking poster boy for pizza sales on the APD Facebook page!?! Stick wheeler up your asses. The guy was a pathetic disgrace on the stand in the Chavez murder case, admitting to, like a whipped puppy dog, the moral turpitude that is the basic thread pattern for why APD is what it is today. You advertise the guy like what he was involved in was ok? This is why APD is not respected. You promote people like this to Sargent, and forget all about the shit they have done.
You protect liars like Sanchez who's reputation is known through the department and you fuck over good honest cops. It is going to be refreshing when the chickens come home to roost and the indictments drop you worthless coward pieces of shit. You value people who fail as human beings while trashing the good. There is a special place in hell for all those responsible here?

Anonymous said...

Berry, Eden, Perry, Waltz, and the rest of you filth should be proud of yourselves. You are cowards. This is what you all connive while a little girl is buried and a cop lays shot in a hospital? What a bunch of pathetic pantywaists you all are. This petty behavior only happens here. No wonder why everyone is leaving Albuquerque.We have a bunch of fucking high school valley girls running the city and police department.

Hey Suzana, Tesla is taking a shit in the stock market. It would have been great seeing that many people lose their job because you thought it was a great gamble. Every politician connected to Berry is garbage just like him.

Anonymous said...


Paul J.Heh ( S. Sgt. Ret. said...


Anonymous said...

So Brandenburg was away, probably on her own dime. BUT Susana Martinez was in Hawaiil, on our dime partying it up. Fuck you McCleskey, you shit stirring little bitch. You are another bottom feeding worm.

Anonymous said...

There should be a Justice for Jacob movement. Get it out there that Officers are tired of the bull shit. Go National with this. Damn fast food employees and Department store employees get more media attention when something happens to them. It's bad enough violent offenders are roaming the streets with no regard for authority or human life, we got a supervisor who is no different. We have let the media control what matters to people. The media has also become an accomplice to the corruption in the City of Albuquerque. Union pussies, where are you?? Does this not anger you?? Get off your fat asses and do something. Stop crying about attendance at meetings. You were elected and get paid to do something for cops. Do you need everyone there to hold your hands?? DOJ, where are you?? The Mayor, city council, and the few pussy loud mouths in the public begged you here to "save" our city from the mean cops. Meanwhile you sit on your hands writing new policy to further cripple the Department. New Mexico has turned into a spineless, blob of filth and stench. The criminals run the show here. No one else.

Focker out!!!

Anonymous said...

You crossed that line Berry, the blood of Mr. Webster is on you, you let this whole thing fester with Ray-ray, Banks, and now the puppet Eden....

Your whole city is a shit hole, 47th for new business, your scraping it just a bit......

Anonymous said...


Gonterman, Roseman, Garcia, Camacho, and the resst of the hypocrites with miles of shit in their backround and absolutely no leadership ability that if you only knew, you would be sick.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for calling these frauds out and validating the fact that they are pulling this bullshit.
Someone here said these cruds would pull this exact same shit if an officer were killed and they must not have read that post because they are doing exactly that. This mayor suddenly honors the officers he has shit on his whole two terms? This group of apd brass took the officer's bonus money and gave it to themselves. The public should know that the money given to the bosses is nothing but hush money meant to keep them content, and away from flipping and providing information about the corruption going on. Berry buys his way out of everything.

Anonymous said...

The last thing the cowards at the APOA want is anyone asking questions about Grant. We have not forgotten about you Grant don't worry the real 34's are behind you. You won't see Shaun or Stephanie raise one finger or dollar to help Jacob with anything because the Mayor won't allow it. You sit up there asking the city to take back while you sit and watch an officer nearly killed, lose his career. harm his family, and get slammed in the press while you sit back whoring for media attention over this terrible tragedy that has occurred again for us. COWARDS. Just know every time you point your finger, talk tough, try and act like a cop, we will be here to remind you that you're just puppets for the Mayor and you have sold us out.

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace, Officer Dan Webster, you did not deserve this, you were a fine police officer! There is a special place in hell for Davon Lymon, and Governor Martinez, Mayor Berry, Chief Eden, Mr.(?) McCleskey, and the officers of the APOA will be your room mates there!

Anonymous said...

In response, I didn't say I loved nyc- I couldn't stand to live in a sea of ignorant dumbocrats like you. In the usual rush to judgement of masturbating liberal pigfuckers you totally neglect the fact that nyc police officers have been murdered due to the actions of their libtard mayor! And how many citizens across America have died due to the cops backing off because they don't want to be smeared or charged criminally for doing their jobs? I didn't demonize anyone talking about apd- in fact I supported the police and called for solutions from writers. And lastly I at least offered some solutions and didn't join the bitch fest name calling juvenile writers who put their drivel out in the eye. So who is really weird here? I can always tell when I'm right when the libtards ignore or misrepresent the facts and start the name calling-that strategy is right out of 'rules for radicals' by Saul Alinsky.
What's more interesting to the brighter minds who read the eye is the timing of what I wrote. It was written 8 hrs BEFORE the media did exactly what I say they do; in the republican debate they were so obviously biased they were booed and heckled!
And to Pete Dinelli-I don't know who you are but could you offer some specifics about fixing apd and what exactly the mayor should do? How do you hire people who don't want to work for your city? Isn't it the individuals fault for committing a crime? Why is it the mayor or police chiefs fault when someone robs a bank? One thing I believe is that when jaywalking, panhandling and bums laying about on the streets are ignored it creates an environment of lawlessness; clean up the small stuff and the bigger stuff goes away. But you need more cops to accomplish that. Maybe Hillary will create another 100,000 fantasy cops like Bill did.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:09, Did you catch the Wall Street Journal's article on Albuquerque? Conservitave group, same opinion as the liberals.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. ABQ admin does not back up its officers, takes their pay raises, makes them pay their legal fees, pays low salaries, and does not support their health benefits when injured on the jobs. Chief Eden is out of sorts and Mayor Berry is lost in La La Land.