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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Nov 20, 2016

We told you so a long time ago

Those within APD have been tampering with evidence, intimidating witnesses, retaliating on whistle blowers, and suppressing detection of it all by destroying the evidence of it, and lying. Lying is the biggest tool of this administration, and they are all professionals in the art of it. Another thing they are professionals at is in putting people in places to direct things along the path they want them to go. This was the case with Schultz's good buddy Nate Korn, who had massive increases of funding, and business directed his way in return for manipulating the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy board into making decisions in favor of what Schultz wanted, or punishing those who stood up to Schultz's malicious administrative prosecutions used to snow job the DoJ. This was done with the Albuquerque Journal (Urinal) as the monies they received for libeling Schultz's targets, looking the other way as Schultz and this administration committed crimes, and as they reported purposefully misleading information, or outright lies favorably supporting this administration, while ignoring blatant acts of malfeasance and criminal activity within it.

At the forefront of all of it, was always the mother of all liars, Kathryn Levy. This bonafide liar, and parasite started all of this, and it is only befitting that it should end with federal charges against her for all she has done. Every strategic decision made by the City of Albuquerque, from the minute the DoJ eye was leveled on APD, and this administration arrived on their radar has had the hand of this evil little hag in it, along with that of that fat red faced bitch CAO Perry. She has been the linchpin of navigation through the minefield of detection, when it came to hiding what the corrupt have done. This one person was responsible for holding it all together through manipulation, delay tactics, lies, witness tampering, tipping off witnesses by violating rules of sequestration, purposefully responding late, in bad faith to court proceedings, in order to deny plaintiffs a proper response, or just not responding at all. We knew she was doing this all along. People have heard her say that she would rather pay penalties or settle with tax payer's money to protect her friends, than release information or evidence that would show their guilt. That is not the job of a government attorney. That is the job of a lowlife mob attorney. It was no surprise that this lowlife fled the minute she pushed the last high profile case she was involved in through. She knew attorneys were finally on to her, and she knew she was getting caught. She bailed just like the rest of the rats. From the Gil Vijil case, the Rice case, the wrongful shootings, the Blume case, the Dear case, the Taser incident, and anything else critical to misleading the Department of Justice, or covering for the mountains of public corruption. This one person was involved, and every one of those cases are full of bonafide evidence, and proof of the crimes she committed while doing so. Let her deny that. There is one thing about these liars. They forget the lie they told yesterday, and yesterday it was funny because they were not on the hot seat. These assholes walked around cocky and arrogant, from years of getting away with it, and they got sloppy. People that they fucked have long memories, and some recorded their interactions and documented what they did. Most leak it here. While Schultz was making bank on the rigged Taser deal, Levy, Wiggum and the rest of them were partying it up or at the California Stingaree club as payment. From our sources , Wiggum was nothing more than a uniform hanger in the field that worked hard at not being at work more than he did working. No wonder why he is a water carrier for those who gave him a spot to hide out at from the field. Worthless colluding fuck and oath betrayer.

Removing a cancer means getting to the point of origin, and cutting it out, cutting deep, and getting all of the tumor out. You then make sure you have clean margins. That means, you leave no bad cells behind, so that they do not spread to the lymph nodes or organs. Then you send poison in to kill any sneaky little cells that might have broken off, and gotten away before the surgeon started cutting. You then radiate the tumor site to be sure you killed it all. Some cancers start years before detection. Those are the advanced stage IV cancers. APD is a stage IV cancer with spread to all the major lymph nodes and every organ. The spread here is so bad that it has gotten to other states like Arizona, Texas, and Colorado, because it was not only ignored, it was fed and protected. The entire administration is in need of the most aggressive form of treatment there is, and until these individuals are ripped from their homes, placed in handcuffs, and interrogated like the criminals they are, it is going to keep on going on.

Within the next three days we will be posting proof that individuals within the civilian oversight committee and IA have discussed destroying lapel video evidence, and how it is done in a manner that borders conspiracy to destroy evidence. We are waiting on our sources within, and you will see this shortly.

While we were working on the above information, we were advised that Gordon Eden recently saw fit to put Major Jessica Tyler in position of being in charge of Internal Affairs also. Nothing like putting the Coyote in charge of the hen house. At least they are not deviating from their standard operating procedure of putting those with questionable integrity in charge of tasks that demand integrity, like putting that little adulterous punk Aragon in charge of the Valley Area Command's community relations. Beware Ladies and husbands of the neighborhood, mister stud muffin is gracing you with his sexiness. It is evident they are circling the wagons, and since Eden vouched for her, she is now in a place where she can cover for Eden. They are continuing the tradition of trying to control all factors by using loyalists to do so. Next, APD will put a convicted pedophile in charge of the family advocacy center.

KOB finally did a solid, and you can see it here. Good job Chris....... Finally.
Notice the involvement of all of the usual suspects, and those who were ordered by them.

As a side note, it was amusing how the Mayor's office didn't pimp the news of the last court CASA hearing. No. They never do want you to see the hammer drop when they know it is coming.

Stay tuned for what we will be posting shortly. Every dirty self serving SOB is in our sights.KOB STORY


Anonymous said...

Why hasn't KOB, KOAT, KRQE and the Journal done any reporting on Anthony Sedler and his domestic violence with his APD wife. My GOD he discharged a gun and yet the only people who reported it was the Albuquerque Free Press. Sedler has been Brachlized, meaning Eden and Huntsman, are hiding him for the next 12 months until he can retire. Tom Joles, Doug Fernandez, Dean Staley and all of you folks at the Journal, you say you care about this community and domestic violence victims, yet you turn your back on what this APD SWAT officer has done. Sham on all of you. Get off your lazy asses and start asking Berry and Eden about the Sedler domestic violence before he kills someone else.

Anonymous said...

How many people still read this blog religiously like they used to? Not many I suspect. The topic and conversation needs to refocus on the lack of manning for shifts, what is the 12 hour shift producing and WHAT is being done to protect officers.

Stealth said...
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Anonymous said...


You bring up a good point. The Feist brothers and that FBI connection might coincide with the Agent your referring to. Just a thought.

Stealth said...

November 21, 2016 at 4:55:00 PM MST,

Actually our readership has increased 40%. The topic of conversation needs to be what we decide it needs to be, based on the facts we have. We have addressed the lack of officers, and stated exactly what the reasons for the crime increase are. Not only have we done that, we have given proof of why there is an officer shortage. Nothing is being done to protect officers, because officers have gone to the US attorney's office, the DOJ, and the NMAG, and they do not care about the plight of officers. They are inundated with the corrption here, and as with the changes in everything in this generation, no one has the balls to undertake the mass cleansing this city needs, because at one point or another, someone they know will come out entangled in it. No one has the balls to make hard decisions and nobody wants to hurt feelings. An FBI field agent that was with the Albuquerque FBI field office was Schultz's back door inside guy for records releases, getting things done, and inside information so much so that FBI reports were falsified. Now the FBI is going to conduct an investigation into missing records and tampered with evidence?!? DO YOU GET THE PICTURE?

Anonymous said...

I read faithfully and am still waiting for something to be done.I was under the impression that the big guns would eventually be humiliated into making changes but it hasn't happened yet. Berry and Co. Will be rich off the ART kickbacks, and the taxpayers grab their ankles and grin.