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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Feb 17, 2017

Pacifying the public Gorden Eden style.... A letter from a fed up community member

A few days ago Pumpkinhead Eden gave a stand up fleecing to the ABQ Northeast Community Policing Council. Watching this clown, and bonified liar bounce in with his clipboard and water bottle is funny. No longer does this phony wear his two foot long sleeve hashes, does he? He dodged this meeting twice, until he could get his screenplay together.

Many are frustrated at the constant shit they are being fed, and nothing quite sums it up like a dose of uncensored reality.

Over the course of this administration one person they consider "outspoken" is Silvio Dell'Angela. Silvio is a veteran, and citizen in our community who has a voice, and a right to be heard. He gives this administration the hard treatment they deserve. Why is he like this? Because he is fed up. He has been bullied by cowards who hide behind rank and title and they turn their backs on him. They do this because they have no honor, respect or dignity. They are cowards.

We have been sent the attached correspondence, which we posted with the permission of it's author. We appreciate the message it sends. Please take the time to read it.

See the posting below by Charles Arasim that shows liar/B.S. artist Gorden Eden at his very best addressing APD’s NE Area Command’s CPC. Some comments of it from me are below.

Watching it sickened my stomach to hear all of the lies told by Eden as if the CPC members and meeting attendees were naive morons. See my earlier 2-9-2017 comments on these toothless/impotent CPCs attached.

Let me start first by saying that Eden was a former low level US Marshal and later politician and one who never met the posted City qualifications for his job. Unlike our disgraceful Councilors Charles Arasim and I took the time to review the resumes of the over 40 people who applied for the Chief’s job after the corrupt Schultz and Banks fled town.

Berry passed over 40 other nation-wide applicants, many with eye-watering credentials/qualifications and picked this incompetent/Governor Martinez discard Eden and incredulously then paid him $166,700/year merely to follow Berry’s and Perry’s orders.

His first lie after taking the job was to try to justify the murder by cops Sandy and Boyd of homeless camper James Boyd. Afraid of putting these two on trial in a civil lawsuit, the City-we taxpayers paid the family $5 million.

To do Eden’s job for him, Berry would then bring Schultz’s thug/former SWAT-”death squad” Commander Bob Huntsman out of retirement to do Eden’s job and would pay him $134,900/year.

There in the back of the room was the disgraceful Huntsman and other overpaid thug members of Eden’s senior Command staff.

Eden began the CPC meeting by claiming a throat problem as an excuse for being MIA-actually hiding in Berry’s bunker. He would send out his $137,800/year police officer First Class Simon Drobik, his lying other PIO Celina Espinoza and others to B.S. for him. See attached how the Eye on Albuquerque depicts/damns liar Celina. Earlier Eye postings damn often not only Eden but Huntsman and other senior APD staff members.

Then Eden’s insulting B.S to the CPC and attendees as read from his notebook would continue to try to “stop rumors” about the APD Area Command’s eight CPC’s impotence while ignoring his APD’s refusal to really reform. Eden would lie claiming he and Huntsman were actually involved (“we crafted”) in negotiating the City’s APD reform agreement-CASA with the DOJ.

In fact it was Schultz’s Taser buddies-the disgraced former Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher (whose PD the DOJ also investigated) and Tom’s buddy Scott Greenwood who were hired to do the negotiations along with the Journal’s Kent Walz’s attorney brother Jerry Walz.

During the negotiations in 2014 DOJ’s Luis Saucedo revealed to me and attorney Alan Wagman that DOJ negotiators were threatened with a lawsuit by Berry’s mob attorneys if they didn’t water down the reform demands. The DOJ folded like a wet blanket to this threat. During the negotiations, Berry likely told the incompetent Eden to go in the corner and shut up.

During his talk, Eden ignored the fact that assigned DOJ Monitor James Ginger would damn APD in his reports to Judge Brack Eden’s for never intending to reform. Eden would further lie/claiming that just the lack of community involvement and changes in their mayors in other DOJ investigated US cities not their PD’s stonewalling were responsible for the lack of reform.

The fact is that APD has routinely ignored all of the NE Area Command CPC’s recommendations including two of which were made well over eight months ago. This CPC wanted the tinted windows on APD cars removed and have APD change the saying on APD vehicles back to “serve and protect.” APD did neither for that CPC.

The only “community” APD “is in step with” here is their own community-particularly their bad killer cops like Dear, Perez, Sandy, Carter, Sedler and others. None of the killer cops have been jailed yet.

Likely new DA Raul Perez will come up with some bogus excuse soon for not holding a new trial for Sandy and Perez. None in the media will dare ask Raul about this.

Eden would further claim that nobody in APD was ever involved in the selection of CPC members when in fact the Mayor’s Alan Armijo along with Eden’s lying Celina Espinoza kept speaker Ben Lovato-the only Hispanic applicant off the Valley Area Command’s CPC even after his required ride along.

Eden again lied claiming he didn’t know about that. Then it was Jen Rhea, another deemed threat would be then thrown off the VACCPC.
While APD boycotted last years’ September 25-29 National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE) meeting, held here in ABQ, Ben did attend to see what other cities were doing.

Huntsman and even Eden’s reform project manager Bill Slausen would even lie to the City Council claiming as an excuse for their minimal-almost non-existent APD reform that they were not allowed by the DOJ to adopt other good US police departments policies but had to start from scratch-essentially reinvent the wheel.

The cowards on the council never questioned that. The DOJ later said this claimed restriction was a lie.

Eden said after his and Huntsman’s retirement (AKA firing by the new Mayor-hopefully not Berry’s embarrassing clone Dan Lewis) that he wants taxpayers to continue to fund Celina’s and Nicole Chavez Lucero’s positions. Really? Will the new APD Chief be that stupid?

As discussed in my attached 2-9 e-mail all know that Mayor Berry likely at Guv Martinez’s urging wasted money creating a job for Nicole as a reward for her TV hit piece during the past election to defeat the then Democratic Senate leader ‘s Michael’s Sanchez’ bid for re-election.

In a nice pay to play arrangement, Veronica Garcia-Nicole’s partner in the TV hit piece on Sanchez would also be rewarded by APD by not charging her husband Alan Garcia for child endangerment, something that led to the road rage shooting of their daughter Lilly. The also endangered by Alan shooter of Lilly was forced to take a plea deal for murder rather than offered manslaughter.

Charles Arasim, who filmed the youtube video, is like me and others another deemed enemy of APD. We are not yet dead like Mary Han. Charles and I were specifically mentioned in the lawsuit filed by former (fired by Eden) APD Records Custodian Reynaldo Chavez after he revealed being directed to keep all NM IPRA requested videos and other incriminating documentation from us and others.

The control by APD is not limited to the eight CPCs, most of which have nominal membership. With the help of Ed Harness ex-cop/now Executive Director for the Civilian Police Oversight Agency (CPOA) and Amanda Bustos, they continue to also betray the trust of good volunteers on the Police Oversight Board.
See Charles’s e-mail attached Gmail to Harness’ Amanda Bustos discussing her and Harness’ deliberate violation of the NM Open Meetings Act.

Disgusted-as all should be




Anonymous said...

What a fucking joke, you poor souls are fucked, beyond fuck.

Sell your shit and get out of that State, you will be a better person for it.

Anonymous said...

So Eden reports a 400% increase of Cadets graduating from the Academy between 2015 to 2106, but the Department remains 150 officers short. And no one, no one, in this Northeast Heights 'upper middle-class' audience calls him on it. Lets see Eden try and pull this dog and pony show at the Valley Community Policing Council. FAT CHANCE!!!

Anonymous said...

The city hopes hiring new civilian investigators will change that. The new position, a different type of “police service aide,” will take reports, collect evidence and work to solve cases including burglaries and auto thefts. The city says they would like experienced personnel.

OMG, so it starts, I wonder if Akal or IPS will take over the safety of the city?????

Flipping joke the department has become, congrats Martinez, pizza anyone??

Anonymous said...

So if I'm understanding correctly, the City want's retired, experienced, officers to take property crimes calls as civilians. Didn't they already have a full staff of experienced sworn officers and a hundred different little special units to handle stuff like that?? It's like closing the gate after the cows ran out.

Anonymous said...

Yes it will be some security wanna be cop. Retiree's aren't eligible due to PERA. PS I don't know how to spell eligible cuz I am retired!!!!

Anonymous said...

So besides the taking pics of a woman's chest what else has roseman done? Sounds like not many like him

Anonymous said...

This dumpster fire of a Department is getting worse by the day. But the City is one of the nicest in the country according to recent surveys.

Anonymous said...

"It is disturbing the union would exploit this incredibly heartbreaking case and place fault with anyone other than the horrific predators who attacked Victoria. A complete, thorough review of both CYFD and APD's involvement has provided no evidence that could have helped prevent or alerted investigators to such an appalling tragedy."

This stupid bitch is a fucking puppet, that's it!!!! Someone please hit the flush valve on the whole city.

Anonymous said...

You bitches thought I would go to jail, I'll get my job back with bennies and shoot some more fuckers in the balls!!!


Anonymous said...

@ 5:04 is that you Perez or Sandy? You got lucky, the next time you won't. And we all know there will be a next time. Do what everyone else does, sue the city get a shit load of money and move on. Asshats...................

Anonymous said...

If you think Silvio Dell'Angela is an upstanding sampling of the citizens of this city, you have never worked the Foothills Area Command and dealt with him, you have never had to stop and listen to him ramble on, you have never seen the emails he sends to everyone he thinks is important in City Hall(They border on criminal conduct based on the threats he puts in them). I thank him for his service to this country, but beyond that, he is just a nut.

Anonymous said...

Is that you Perez? You will probably get your job being that APD (another man dead) is already so corrupted it needs more murderers like you,and golden boy (eden) needs someone to suck his prick. You should take your purple heart and stick it up your rectum,you damm mommy's little pussy.

Anonymous said...

He's a frkn loud mouth whack job Trump lover also.

Anonymous said...

Sandy and Perez got lucky that's all.

Anonymous said...

@1001 hours is that comment really needed? Do you really think that? I thought this blog was for 34s to come together not to degrade people. And I bet you know nothing about Perez.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Perez. He was a dick sucking golden boy who went to swat as soon as he was off probation. He ran around like a little tackleberry, tommy tactical fagot. He was spoiled, and taken care of, and that outcome was the result of an asshole being GIVEN the world for kissing the ring, and sucking the SWAT cult dick. ANYONE who would subject themselves to that Huntsman SWAT fagot hazing, and dick sucking cult shit is a pathetic pussy that needs to be a part of something, because they lack something as a man. Shooting a homeless mental patent who agreed to walk down the hill from 25 yards away with a rifle is fucking cowardice. Any street cop worth his cup of coffee could have had Boyd walk down that hill. Those clowns wanted to play Navy Fucking Seals because they could. If the shoe were on the other foot, and punks like Sandy and Perez (Pedez as the asshole pronounces it) came up against someone equally trained and equipped as they were they would have their asses shredded, and they know it. It is always a safety in numbers thing with those gutless punks. Perez wasn't even a cop. There you have it. This department created that little motherfucker. The sad thing is that he will get all his shit back and go on to be an even bigger piece of shit. Watch the scum bags of APD hand him everything back. If they do, I hope it opens the door for every other cop to sue the living shit out of the city. Perez was indicted, and that is more than the 51% of preponderance of the evidence standard that the city uses to fire everyone else and uphold their bullshit, more so, because he was not cleared. It was a hung jury. That is worse than never being charged. Watch the command idiots open that door. It is funny how the city never took action on his certification when they bulldozed officers who were never fired for revocable issues.

And really?!? Cops in Albuquerque coming together? That is hilarious. Cops here can't stick up for themselves, let alone stick up for anyone else. They are so afraid of this administration, it's embarrassing. Everyone here looks out for themselves. You will never see a cop stand up to this administration in daylight.

Anonymous said...

I know he is a MURDERER and his mommy's biggest pussy hito.

Anonymous said...

I want to wish Perez a happy birthday,but please no murders this year you pussy sucking murderer,may be your wife will give you a piece of ass this year.