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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Apr 16, 2017


Our city has some of the best people. The problem is that they have to overcome obstacles that they shouldn't out of the greed and perversions unleashed upon them by the vermin in charge of this city; namely Mayor Richard J Berry, his coward administrative officer in hiding Robert Perry, the lying city attorney Jessica Hernandez, and this fool of a police chief Gorden Eden. They do this day in and day out, while an administration abandons them, and lies to them. 

Ramond D. Schultz, along with a cadre of cronies over the years have pushed this city into a downward slope, over their own greed, selfishness, and criminal activity, to the point that it may never fully recover. Mountains of evidence of this has been uncovered, and forwarded to the pertinent investigators, and prosecutors, both state and federal. We are waiting. 

While we wait, and continue to push for action, uncover intel, and leak wrongdoings within the city and state, we would like to take a moment to wish everyone dealing with this, and the fallout from these malfeasants a happy Easter. We hope your day is without stress or drama, and you can forget about these idiots for a while. For those who have lost loved ones, we are sorry for your loss. 

We hope as the spring arrives, the shit will depart. We are due for a well needed spring cleaning. Those with the cleaning equipment know just the kind of cleaning we are talking about. 

The "STAINS ON THE CITY" need to be removed, and replaced with ethical, truthful, functioning, heads of a city and police department. Nothing less will suffice.

We would like to remind you to not give Brian Colon any consideration whatsoever in this election, due to his connections with those self servers vying for a spot when their time is long over. Remember, Colon is working with attorney Luis Robles, who is representing the person who brought this city to the point it is... Raymond D. Schultz. Schultz is under a grand jury investigation, and thinks it is smugly okay to act like nothing is wrong at all in his little paradise, the paradise he treats exponentially different than he did here. 

Good luck to the liars within this administration, who have never learned that when you lay with dogs, you get fleas, and when you tango with a scorpion, you get stung, as the only loyalties this administration has are to themselves, as they turn on those who expose them to the truth, scrutiny and getting caught..... no matter who you are.  You are only as good as the day you put in, and a few water carriers are finding this out as their handlers turn on them, as they screw up,and can not keep track of their lies. 

We hear the unemployment line is a bitch. 
Here is to colorful Easter MOABs, and may the feds drop a few on these criminals very soon. 


Anonymous said...

It is amusing how slobs like Sanders and Schultz view themselves as police executives. It screams of inadequacy issues as a person. Most people in law enforcement call thenselves a cop. Ironically, Schultz nor Sanders were never cops, or wanted to be cops. They were worthless pieces of shit who wore uniforms, while doing the least amount of police work on the street as possible, while looking for people and opportunities to take advantage of. These were the punks out there fucking with people, and off fucking around, while they were supposed to be protecting the public. Schultz was a shitty cop. Shitty cops seem to always get promoted, because they spend all the time they are supposed to be doing police work looking for ways to not do police work. Hopefully the feds DO put Shultz, and everyone who helped him in a very bad way. on


Oh my... It never ceases to amaze one here how the cronyism, and recycling of these retards always takes place. These punks always feather their nests for a soft landing.

Coward DCOP Rosebud Roseman aka Shutterbug, aka Freezeframe, aka his sister's husband the worthless pile of hillbilly shit pulled the ripcord and ran away. He has been looking for a while, but his buddy Candelaria hooked him up. He's now working as a civilian "clerk" (AHAHAHHAAHHAHAHHA....) in the US Marshall's office forfeiture unit.

You are right Eye, the cronyism and taking care of these malfeasant assholes will not end until an unrelated mayor is elected and these roaches have their access cards revoked for life. They are all buddies and a vote for Colon is a vote to bring back all of the Schultz cronies.

None of these clowns can get a job on their own. They are all frantically relying on friends like Schultz did to give them a place to land. Their place to land should be in a prison cell, trash heap or bonfire.

The Department of Justice should look into this hire. Just sayin!

Anonymous said...

The Eye may hate Colon, but it needs to step up its game regarding the Mayor's race, especially when it comes to "following the money" with the other candidates.

Dan Lewis has raised over $200,000 in private contributions. Dan Lewis fundraiser is Terry Baird the wife of Scott Baird who ran for Bernalillo County Sheriff in 2014, with both Baird's involved with Legacy Church. Will Scott Baird be in line to be appointed Chief of Police or some other high ranking position at APD if Lewis is elected?

Wayne Johnson has raised close to $100,000 for his campaign. Marble mouth and slurring Sherman McCorkle was the Chairman of Beryy's transition team in 2009 and pushed to have Darren White appointed Chief public Safety Officer and latter Gordon Eden appointed Chief of Police. McCorkle has already maxed out and donated $5,190 to Wayne Jonhson and is helping Johnson raise money. McCorkle does nothing for free and will want to convince Wayne Johnson to keep Eden as Chief.

Tim Keller is still rumored to be wanting to appoint Pat Davis to some high paying position (if he is not successful running for congress) such as Chief Public Safety Officer all the while Davis helped Keller get his public financing with the assistance of his "progress now" contacts.

Anonymous said...

If the Hawkes family want to know what really happened they need to depose Eric Garcia before he retires and flees....he supervised the shooting investigation.

Anonymous said...

Who is that piece shit sister's husband trying to bang over there ? Or is he still with the same one?

Anonymous said...

April 18, 2017 at 6:09:00 PM MDT:

Are you implying that there's something wrong with Pat Davis helping Tim Keller get public campaign financing? If so, what? It exists to try to prevent the pay for play that we see in the privately financed candidates.

Yahweh said...

Hey Peck,
You read this blog, and you know it.
You know what you have done.
You better think long and hard and quick about calling the US Attorney's office, and stepping up with what you did, what you were told to do by Schultz, Feist, Eden and Levy, and asking for a deal instead of what is coming. The wheels are spinning buddy. Losing everything you have to criminal charges of conspiracy and having your kids starve sucks really bad. You are not built for prison, federal or not. If you decide to clam up the book is going to get rammed up your ass and there will be no deals. Taking the 5th is not an option for someone in your shoes. Hiding in a police department is cowardice, but you weren't a cop anyway. After prison, surely Jesus Christ your savior will shove it up your ass too. You know all the things the bible says about corruption and liars. The clock is ticking. You know the department of justice will make a hero out of you for stepping forward, and telling them everything. They will understand that you were afraid to say no. They will probably give you amnesty, and grant you immunity in exchange for your full cooperation and testimony. You have nothing to lose because the shit's coming. Either stateside or federally the gang is going to be indicted and you know shit rolls down hill. You are the only one left and the next administration will be weeding you out when they get in.
Good luck with everything little man.

Anonymous said...

There is a major problem with Davis helping Keller get public financing. Davis is the head of Progress Now New Mexico. Progress Now is prohibited from promoting or coordinating activities with candidates for office to keep its nonprofit status. According to their web site "ProgressNow New Mexico is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots communications and advocacy organization working to unite, empower, and enhance the progressive voice in the Land of Enchantment. We function as a progressive communications hub and our mission centers on the promotion of progressive issues and policies, correcting conservative misinformation, and holding elected officials and corporations accountable." ProgressNow to keep its non-profit status, it must remain non-partisan and advocate on issues and not be involved with and coordinate with candidates running for office.

Davis is an elected city councilor now running for Congress as a Democrat and Keller is Democrat State Auditor running for Mayor. Davis has publicly endorsed Keller and promoting his candidacy by going to Keller functions,

Anonymous said...

There is a major problem with Davis helping Keller get public financing. Davis is the head of Progress Now New Mexico.

I don't see how anything you wrote is illegal or even unethical. Public funding is available for any candidate that eschews private fundraising. I went ahead and googled around to try to figure out what you're actually talking about here and found an entry in the right wing New Mexico political journal (run by Republican hack Rod Adair) which mirrors or is the source of your information.

This entry is very accusatory but it makes no mention of what laws or rules Davis and/or Keller are actually violating here. Progress now is a non-partisan non-profit organization but that does not preclude them from independently promoting and/or campaigning for Keller or any other politician. You might want to read SCOTUS's ruling in Citizens United. 501(c) non-profits are free to campaign (financially or not) for candidates as long as they do not directly coordinate with the candidate, which this post accuses Keller and Progress now of doing, but provides no evidence.

In short, fuck off Rod. Anybody can go to your hack website and see you defending indefensible scum like Susanna Martinez and Donald Trump and know immediately what your pathetic attack on Keller and Davis here is really about. Your party has destroyed this city and state for the last seven years. Please retreat back into your hole.

Anonymous said...

Peck is a pussy, he won't say a thing, or he'll end up like Han!

Anonymous said...

Yes he is. That little coward is only out for himself. After he rushed in like an idiot on that drug buy and precipitated shooting that kid who didn't have a gun in his hand, it was all swept under the rug. Peck fucked good cops who dealt with a real threat, then turned around and not only committed an act of cowardice but fucked up a narcotics investigation and almost got an officer shot. The reason that kid reached for a gun was because he saw Peck running at him and thought he was being set up for a robbery. Peck's statement was that he never saw a weapon. I would like to see a regular officer get away with that shit. Peck will do ANYTHING for them in order to stay their protected lap dog. He replaced Buckner who was another coward piece of shit and he was a perfect fit. It is ok though, because every cop out there knows what he is about and his kids have to live with the fact that their father is a spineless dishonorable coward.

Anonymous said...

4/20 at 1:32.....Hahahahahahhahahah Boom Roasted as my kid would say!!!!

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of folks that will end up like Han if they say anything. Peck is just the tip of the iceberg. Peck will be allowed to hide until he retires like SO MANY others have done. No one has the SET to do anything to anyone.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Your kids are fucking retards.

Anonymous said...

I just had a little mouthwash officer. It was for the date at my house...... aahhahahahahahahahah. Oh boy! BOOOOM!

Anonymous said...

Pat Davis went to the Susana Martinez school of pizzah and coke speech. Was that the NM school of the performing arts?

Anonymous said...

The NM school for performing BLOW JOBS.

Anonymous said...

You missed the point when you say there is nothing illegal or unethical about Davis supporting Keller. The point is both of them want somelthing in return. Davis wants a high paying job like Chief or Public Saferty Offcer if he does not win congress and Keller wants Davis help with his Progress Now contacts and fundraising potential. This association is I will scratch your back if you will scratch mine and Is political pay to play