The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jul 12, 2017


Mister Lewis,

First, we are going to address your accusation that you have somehow connected some dots. Albuquerque is a small place by big city standards. Word gets around fast here. Your accusation that some candidate that entered the mayor's race is behind this is juvenile, and amounts to what we consider crybaby behavior. The Eye is an independent entity beholden to nobody. We have backed up our statements with what we have as evidence. You have used hearsay. This is the type of crap we are tired of.

You, and a few other crybabies need to know that this blog is run by nobody that you think you know. We are provided mounds of information from every conceivable corner of this corrupted environment. Our contributors are from all walks. Those like you who have had the light shined on them think you know, because you only hear from the few that may be vocal. Believe us, everyone knows the truths. Everyone is sick and tired. They are more weary of the constant playing of victim by those being called out on their horse shit, now than anything else.

You have responded, and stated your case in response to our posting, shedding light on your definite conflict concerning your business dealings with Desert Fuels LLC, while being a city of Albuquerque City Councilor. While stating your case, you left out a very large amount of pertinent information, dates, and details. As we all know the devil is in the details.

Observe the devil Dan.

The fact is J.J. Mancini is the president and founder of Desert Fuels LLC, and Sara (Westbrook) Mancini is married to J.J. Mancini. We will start here.

Your position with Desert fuels began on June 1, 2012. Since 2/17/2012, the City of Albuquerque (note only according to its online vendor checkbook) has paid Desert Fuels $3.2 million. On 9/25/15 three years after taking your job with Desert Fuels, you requested that the Inspector General, for the city of Albuquerque review what you did. In that request you stated that "Neither have I had any conversations with any member of the city administration, nor any other City Councilors regarding the city's contract with Desert Fuels."

Yes Dan you did request an investigation into the above matter. You also primed the pump for the IG to look in a certain other directions. The IG failed to look at many issues here Mr. Lewis. All other potential conflicts were ignored, or intentionally overlooked. Like the fact that Mr. Mancini's wife Sara Westbrook was your policy analyst. Mrs. Westbrook was employed by the city of Albuquerque city Council. Is that not a very close relationship that was overlooked by the COA IG in his investigation?

Isn't it true Mrs. Westbrook started working at the City of Albuquerque with you in December of 2009? At that time, Mrs. Westbrook was with J.J. Mancini for over a year. In 2010 Desert Fuels was founded by J.J. Mancini who's background was reportedly in computer programming and web design.

2/17/12 Desert Fuels is awarded a vendor contract to provide fuel to the city of Albuquerque, despite reports that there were concerns the infant company would be unable to provide "all" of the necessary fuel. There were also some indications that Desert Fuels subcontracts with other providers of fuels for fuel that it is unable to provide. So, the company you are Vice President of got a contract to supply fuel, when you can't always get it? How does a new company get a contract to provide something they can't? Are not companies vetted by who is the best for the job? Not here, we guess? Just how many times has your company had to subcontract fuel supply?

6/1/2012 You took a job as Director of Supply for Desert Fuels with absolutely no experience at all in the fuel business. Curiously, Suspiciously, and Ironically the Inspector General's report mimics your review request that since you took the job with Desert Fuels "after" the company was awarded the City of Albuquerque contract, there couldn't be a conflict. Getting a job "after" the granting of a very lucrative contract would seem to be the very definition of quid pro quo, particularly in light of your policy analyst's close relationship to the owner of Desert Fuels... Right?!? Did the Inspector General's Report mention this. No... the defective, incompetent, and incomplete IG report failed to address this at all!

On or around 8/28/2012 J.J. Mancini proposes to Miss Sara Westbrook in a very public and scripted proposal that was posted on youtube, and included you, and your wife as players in the event. Participation in someone's marriage proposal clearly indicates a relationship that extends beyond business or work, wouldn't you say? We will. Yes it does.

10/20/12, two months later! Sara Westbrook and J.J. Mancini were married at Los Poblanos, with you presiding over part of the wedding... another indicator of a close relationship between these two and you. Less than a year later, you were made Executive Vice President of Desert Fuels Inc. according to the letter you provided the IG. That same letter names you Acting President of Desert Fuels beginning 1/1/15!

On 2/16/15 Sara and J.J. Mancini depart on a mission tour of Capetown South Africa. They returned 3/16/16, and internet social media states that Sara is not working. Note that your request for review of the city contract with Desert Fuels is dated 9/25/15. Mrs. Mancini would not be returning until 2016, and would not be available to answer questions posed by the IG even if Mr. Pacheco chose to investigate her potential involvement.


By August 2016, documents show that Mrs. Mancini is back working at the City of Albuquerque as a Council Neighborhood Services Manager. She is later placed in charge of the Office of Neighborhood Coordination, with a salary of over $76,000 per year, after the Office of Neighborhood Coordination is moved from the planning Department to Council Services.

All of the above clearly shows a long, and close relationship between Sara (Westbrook) Mancini, J.J. Mancini and you. That relationship pre-dates the Desert Fuels Contract. It shows a potential quid pro quo job for contract exchange. This relationship between Sara (Westbrook) Mancini, her future husband, and you, provides both the access to information, and the opportunity to influence decision makers with, or without your knowledge.

While you dispute evidence linking you to influencing the Desert Fuels / COA contract, there is hard evidence that there was no disclosure of the close relationship you had, have, and continue to have with both your employer and his employee who also worked for you. This is dishonesty by omission.

What is more suspect in this, is the timing of your request for an investigation to clear you by the IG, prior to running for Mayor of Albuquerque. The timing of this request places two of the three out of the country, and out of the reach of the Inspector General for interview, and investigation. Coincidentally the IG rapidly concluded this investigation within this frame.

We believe there is plenty of evidence to show that at best, a piss poor investigation was conducted into this matter, and at worse there was possible collusion, intentional omissions, and avoidance of discovering what we have found by the IG you and others. We believe a complete investigation into this matter needs to be conducted by the Federal Department of Justice, where lying, omitting, and bullshitting federal agents, by playing the shell and word game, results in a six year federal prison sentence for false statements to a federal agent.


Mister Lewis, you mentioned "legitimate journalists" and this city in the same correspondence. Please give us all a break. Legitimate journalists do not write commendatory articles, like the trash that the Albuquerque Journal's perverted editorial board does. Notice how the cabin boys and whores over there never commented on the mayor's horse shit crime award, but were sure to pressurize the propaganda flow the other way for a homicide detective that is under investigation for framing a young man for a murder he did not do. We all know about a majority of journalism here. The good ones have their work edited into benign articles, that never ask the hard questions, and when the heat does come down, the network executives call off the dogs when the city administration cries their asses off. One of the only games in town that holds feet to the fire is the Albuquerque Free Press. The Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board is just as complicit in the precipitation of the condition of this city as the rapists, pedophiles, robbers, the city administration and Mayor, is because they all lie to everyone for their own personal greed and benefit, by filling their pockets.

Those making a difference are the officers out there doing their jobs every day, while tolerating the usual home-wrecking, whore colleagues fucking in department stairwells, while they are shagging calls, fucking their wives, and husbands at Foothills Substations, when it is zero car availability out there, and the response times for auto theft calls is hours... the same married whore officer fucking dozens of married officers over only a few years, causing the wives of these officers to file complaints, with hard evidence of texts videos, and dick pictures, only to have nothing done by an administration of liars, and cover up artists. Those making a difference are those officers out there picking up the slack for pieces of shit, who see this place as a whore house, and money tree. Those making a difference are those officers, who despite an administration who hangs them out to dry to provide cover for themselves, continue to go after the criminals and uphold their oath...Our Eyes. Those making a difference are the citizens who are not having this horse shit. Those who are shining the light on this filthy administration... Our Eyes. Those making a difference are the reporters, and news casters who can not stand this corrupt criminal enterprise of an administration... the ones who are working hard to expose it, and have the balls to ask the hard questions, press for answers, push back, and give these assholes a taste of their own medicine, but get paid little for it.

Please Mister Lewis... please do not tell us about making a difference, because anyone who wants to make a difference does not do it for the money, power or influence. What you and those responsible here do not understand about making a difference is what is required to do so. Those who want to make a difference do it before looking like you are doing it is popular or beneficial to their campaign.

In the next 90 days we will see just what's required to make a difference here, and we will be torpedoing those who are not in this for the right reason.

Yes, Mister Lewis, the Eye may have commended you. We do call it like it is, but when we see something questionable, we address it. This election is going to change the city. We are going to make sure of this.

Please abstain from taking the moral high ground about helping us. Nobody has helped anyone here. We have been fighting this corruption for years, and nobody has done anything. The Eye is a dirty word around here. All of you armchair chest thumpers read this blog, and nobody has called for a corruption commission to be convened, in order to deal with the out of control criminal enterprise of an administration that has crippled this city. No, none of you want to walk into the room with a baseball bat, because you are all pussies, worried about who's feelings you may hurt, when some asshole gets taken out with a sweeping political corruption dragnet, and how it may effect your bottom line down the road. All you have helped us with was having your people cry to Facebook in order to shut our page down. The same way you tried to shut down an old patriot when you kicked him out of a city council meeting for holding a flag.

When you wonder why this is happening, think about the elderly gentleman Sylvio Dell'Angela...The Vietnam veteran you, and others within city council, and this coward administration have kicked out of your meetings, like a bunch of punks. He is the older gentleman, who holds the upside down American flag. He is the guy who shows up, regardless of his physical condition, relentlessly holding the filth responsible, and calling them out. He is the man who served this country, shows up to city hall, when nobody else does, and consistently pushes on a daily basis for change. That man has more balls than any of you, and you all snub him, and label him a pest. He was bullied, and threatened by Schultz, and the disrespect and mistreatment continues. Why is this a problem? Because it is a prime example off what is wrong. Thin skinned punks are running things. Criminals, and self promoters are running things, and they are all doing the same to those that oppose them. They are trying to silence them. They are lying to them, and when that fails, they ultimately cry and portray themselves the victim. Citizens like Mr. Dell'Angelo, who have shown more balls serving for us in foreign countries than you, or anyone responsible for this mess have, or ever will, do more for this city than any of you political jokers ever will. What do you do? You call him a threat. Not once has any of you just walked up to the guy like a man, and asked to talk to him. No, you kick him out like trash. How would you like that?

This blog, and this October is for everyone walked on or bullied by the likes of this administration, their investors, political contacts, their cronies, bought judges, failed judicial system, coconspirators, abusers of power, the politically corrupt, liars, whores, perverts, lying journalists, editorial boards who collude with this corrupt administration, nature at players, fake awardees, filth bag, lying, coward mayors, drunken punk CAO's, lying APD public information officers, lying, and court defrauding city attorneys, IPRA avoiding, and law breaking city officials, corrupt lying detectives, scum bag, lying police brass, a failed Governor, repeat offenders, impotent labor backing, and an overall failure of an honorable righteous government.

This coward administration should get up every morning, and thank God they are administrators, and politicians in the United States of America, because anywhere else this shit would have been dealt with swiftly, and in a drastically different manner. But we all know the truth when it comes to them. The only time they want everyone to see them praying, or portraying themselves the pillars of "Gods Plan" is when they need political contributions from the rich white mega churches responsible for getting Berry elected like Legacy Church.

Next time you see Mr. Dell'Angela, thank him for providing you an environment where we don't throw people off of roofs for destroying a city, and hiding behind an elected political position to do so, while gaining monetarily from it, and getting money from a religious organization to do it.

Were are done with bullies.

The Eye.


Paul J. Heh ( S. Sgt. Ret. ) said...

Eye please shine this kind of light on all the candidates. It is time for us all to pay close attention to save our city . My advice is very simple, vote person not party .

Anonymous said...

Sara used to follow Lewis around everywhere and was his representative at the Westside Coalition of Neighborhoods meetings. She always spoke as if she was either high or had a very low IQ, spaced out was her normal appearance. I asked her, soon after Lewis was elected, how she met the councilor, she replied that she attended his church and that in every way he was a perfect as a person could be. Thought that was really odd, she always acted like she was a follower of his personal cult. Always thought they had something going, they would "pray" in the hall before meetings, holding hands with their heads bent together touching, lots of long hugs too.

Anonymous said...

Chris Mancini age: ~67

Known as: Chris Manlini, Lchris Mancini, Laura C Mancini ...
Related to: Jessica Kennedy, 39Joseph Kennedy, 38Jj Mancini, 35 ...
Has lived in: Albuquerque, NMNew Braunfels, TX Joseph's family was in the
"Oil Business"

The following post is an interview with North Church's new Executive Director, Jay Kennedy

To get things started, please tell us a little bit about yourself
“My name is Joseph Michael Kennedy but I go by Jay. My extended family lives in the Houston, TX area, but I was born in Chicago, IL and moved all over the US. Growing up, my dad was in the oil business so we moved like a military family. As a kid I was fortunate enough to live in Holland, Trinidad and Russia. I have a B.S. degree from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX in economics, finance and Russian. I have spent my entire sixteen-year working life in the wholesale fuel and retail gas station business. Additionally, I have ventured into a few entrepreneurial start ups along the way (Lumpy’s Burgers, Anthem Development, Antioch Land)”

As some of us saw a couple Sundays back, you have quite a large family. Can you tell us about your wife and children?
“I do have a large family—and no we are not Catholic or Mormon! I met my lovely wife Jessica (Mancini) at Trinity. She was a collegiate softball player and earned her masters in education. She taught third grade in APS and 8th grade for RRPS before becoming the children’s director for Sagebrush (back when it was Hoffmantown West). During our fifteen plus years of marriage, we have been blessed with five biological children, Avery (12f), Payton (11f), Reese (9f), Austin (7m), Campbell (5f) and our adopted son from Haiti, Deacon (4m).”

Anonymous said...

I cant believe the lairs that are associated with churches in this town.

White Lair:

A person who can tell a lie, with a straight face & convince anybody that they are telling the truth, when actually they are lying.
White Liars can lie without thinking twice, they don't even blink while doing so.

They are literally artists at 'lying'.

The perfect example for white liars would be politicians.

Anonymous said...

There isn't one person running for mayor that is worth a shit. They are all bottom feeding scumbags that can't make it in the real world unless someone else picks up the tab. They have been taken care of their entire lives and figure that mayor is just the next step up. This city is in for another rude awakening if we can't find someone that has morals and ethics to right the Titanic that is APD.

Anonymous said...

Told you early on eye to connect the dots. This is the way Terri and Scotty want the campaign run and Dan is just the puppet

Anonymous said...

Eye such a great job! We would NEVER see this expose in the likes of the AbqUrinal. Please get this in front of DOJ!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome work. When are you guys gonna do an "Eye on RIo Rancho"?

Anonymous said...

Nice try Eye!

I am still voting for Dan Lewis for Mayor.

Anonymous said...


I hope Lewis gives you a high paying city job that you aren't qualified for in exchange for you vote. It's how he rolls. lol

Stealth said...

July 14, 2017 at 3:34:00 PM,

Good luck with that. You are entitled to vote for whomever you want. It doesn't mean you are right, or your candidate will win.
Just look at the last eight years. Drink some more Kool Aide.

Anonymous said...


When will you people get it through your thick skulls that the DOJ doesn't give a shit about fixing problems in Albuquerque. They are simply here to suck millions out of us and the hold a press conference and move on.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:34 of course your going to vote for yourself Dan. Every person running will vote for themselves, they are stupid but not that stupid. ABQ is DOOMED.

Anonymous said...

At 3:34, you really shdnt talk when you have tiny rice lewis Dick in your mouth.

Anonymous said...

At all the Dan Lewis haters including the Eye:

You can ride your Golden Pony nuts all you want. He ain't kidding anybody with his fake smile and his trove of young sycophantic follower's he has at his beckon call. He's a liar, he's been quietly raising money for almost 2 years now under the auspices of running for re-election as State Auditor. Is he comingleing his slush funds, will he return the money to those that donated to his State Auditor re-election? No, he will keep that money. Not very honest, Tim. He wants to convince us all that he is this squeaky clean candidate because he is using public monies and all other candidates are bad for raising money? Tell your story walking, Tim! All of you love sponge fanboy dick riders of Tim should dump more money into one of the many of his multiple MFC's he has working behind the scenes on his behalf, he's going to need it. Brian Colón is going to do all the heavy lifting for Dan and take out your man crush Tim Keller.

Please, save us all from your misinformed regurgitated Joe Monohan/ABQ Free/Pete Dinilli talking point's. It's apparent you're all in bed together fighting over who get's Tim's nut in their Eye next. Settle down boys the election is month's away the Golden Boy will make sure all of you get your daily dose of Vitamin D!

Stealth said...

July 15, 2017 at 7:00:00 AM MDT,
We here at the Eye always know we are doing our job, and striking nerves when we receive colorful, sexually perverted innuendo laced tirades like your's . Whatsmore, it is no suprise that a bible thumping backer of another bible thumping hypocrite is nothing but another bigmouthed pervert, and no better than the pedophiles registered in our jurisdiction. Good luck with that pal. One thing will remain consistent...
No matter what the outcome, we will still be here doing our thing.

You should take your own advice, and pick up a rag to wipe your face. Sunday is tomorrow. We bet you think if you repent, it didn't happen, huh? Well we know better... way better. We actually see things a very different way, but will refrain from giving up anyone's hand like you just did. Go back to your handlers, and advise them to no longer hire idiots, who have no self control. You just broke it off in your candidate's ass, and you have no clue how you did it.

Please respond again, so we can shove it in deeper before we break it off.


The Eye

Fed up wife said...

I heard the commander of the foothills is doing an IA on the officer who was screwing around with Sedler, in order to keep it inhouse so nobody finds out. An officer walked in on two cops naked and screwing in the Substation. Apparently this little pig whore
has slept with over 15 married officers, and just a couple weeks ago got caught screwing Ron Clip in the Foothills Substation. This same officer was brought up on the same shit at the NMLEA board for fabricating calls in order to meet with married officers and screw them on city time and nothing was done. Please do a story on this before they sweep it under the rug like they did the last time. Officers are leaving in droves and we can't get to calls in time, but the brass covers for officers like this, who find the time to pull their pants down, and screw while 30 calls for service are holding. This is disgusting on so many levels. Ron Clip has a history of sending dick pictures to females. IPRA his IA files. Repeat sexual offenders are ruining the place. This and that other one from the RTCC are only .01% of it. Put it all out there before they make it go away again. Because you know they will. The feds are full of shit. The CPOA has no teeth. They wont be happy until this. culture pushes someone over the edge and someone gets hurt.

Anonymous said...

To 07:00am, did you get to church early to write that or were you just leaving? I bet Dan gives great head to your confessions doesn't he? He's one of those Jesus freaks with a weird side. Kinda like Berry who gets off of dirty whores and wearing woman's underwear. Except in Dan's case we know how he blesses the bride right. It isn't all about padding his bank account with funny money but it's about padding his bed too isn't it Dan? Like that nice white sedan driven by a dark Hispanic woman in the wee hours of the morning. Ooops, didn't think people have seen that or. Or me for that matter did you. And seriously, the special underwater is for Mormons dumbass, not hybrid Jesus freaks like you. Not get back on your knees and clean my sin.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You are all some real low lives to have investigated the Mancini family this thoroughly. Grow up. Be real men. Your wording is disgusting. Go run for public office yourselves if you're gonna whine about every single thing.

Anonymous said...

YOU ALL are the low life bullies. Grow up and be real men! Quit hiding your nasty selves behind this disgusting blog ripping apart GOOD people.

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Ron Clip? And name the female officer screwing all the married ones. Put it out there so we all know who she is. And don't just name the females doing wrong name the male officers out there as well.

Anonymous said...

7/15 5:43
Good people?!?
You cunted piece of shit. Liars bullshit artists frauds fakes and greedy little bitches is what you and your band of cult Jesus freaky are. You get exposed and you have a tantrum. You entitled weak pathetic soft white bible thumping hypocrites are all alike. I don't see your fucking messiah responding so indignatiously self righteous so quick now. Go back to looking at internet porn behind closed doors and acting like you are the pillar of sanctimonious bullshit. Fuck you Dan and the Mancini clowns. It's great that you lose your shit over the truth getting out. You prove that your boy is not the right candidate. You fucking nazis.

Anonymous said...

@5:43,,,,who are the "good" people you are talking about? Lewis? He's a filthy snake oil carpet bagging David Koresh wannabe. Who else are you talking about? C'mon, stand up for these "good" people.

Anonymous said...

Hey Schultz, you cunted piece of dog shit...
You enjoying your vacation the last two weeks?
You belong in prison you worm, but that is okay,
because it looks like you have cancer.
Your asshole rot out yet with all those polyps.
You have had alot of hands up your ass over the years boy.
You probably like that though you fat old lady.
Please come back to visit soon.
Sure would love to see you.
Keep reading this blog you gimp.

Anonymous said...

To fed up wife. It's beyond sad but it's true what you said about sexual offenders running APD. Over the years I have heard it all, beginning in 2000 about "love in the elevators" at the Main and the recent "nature at play" fiasco between just about everyone. I started off shocked and disappointed in certain people but now as a retiree, nothing surprises or shocks me and I'm terminally disappointed in everyone from the git-go so I'm never let down. Of course I am not married and have perpetual trust issues stemming from incidents such as you describe. I was not an officer. Just a regular city employee civilian observing the circus around me. You're in a position to do some good by letting the DOJ in on this person(s) involved. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey schultz, you deteriorating piece of trash, you hear that fucking bell motherfucker?

Anonymous said...

OMG, people are dying in our streets every night and the Mayor is no where to be seen. What does he do? He holds a press conference so senior citizens have a right to choose which condiments they want. UnFUCKing believable. No one will hold this guy accountable. ABQ free press is trying, but to no avail. How the public has not done anything is atrocious. And better yet, not one mayoral candidate has grasped the holy grail on this asshat. Me thinks it will be more of the same come election time. Enough of the rhetoric of "I will do a national search for a police chief" from the candidates. They already have promised someone the position, call them on it.

Anonymous said...

Minneapolis Police Chief resigns for the betterment of her community. She got more balls then this current administration. Nuff said

Anonymous said...

Why is Ronald Clipp being protected and who is protecting him? He is married but has been hooking up with female officers for years!!! Is the Chief going to send him to some special training class???

Fed up wife said...

Catherine Offret McGuffin is the female officer being investigated for sexual misconduct in the foothills substation with Ronald Clip. Both have lewd histories and Offret had one of her other IAs swept when she was lying about where she was while meeting yet another officer. There are approximately 12 to 15 other officers she has done this with. There, you have it now. Fuck it. That shit needs to be out there. Many of these male officers had wives at home who were pregnant. Thanks for being our voice Eye. Babies can die when born with Herpes. That is how much these pigs think of their families.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Last I heard Cathy was married to a Rio Rancho PD guy. Oh well. I guess one cop wasn't enough for her. She even has a young child. I guess Ronald and Cathy are good friends with Whitten and Quintana. Where is Jerry Springer when you need him!!! Is A&E working on the Sitcom yet. Ronald and Cathy should resign. Are they on Administrative leave????

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Fed up Wife. I'm assuming you are Clipp's wife. I hope they are at least using condoms.......

Anonymous said...

The most interesting part of this is how these wives act like this is some new thing at APD. Social media has merely allowed wives to have more access to what their husbands are up to. Following calls, posting about car stops, etc. It makes for pretty unsafe situations actually. I'm not the one to judge anyone over there who is having out of control affairs and sex. But this is what happens over there and has always happened. It's absolutely not cool for you to publish these names and make these accusations. I'm sorry your hubby cheated. It's devastating to families. These men and women work around death and adrenaline every day. Sex is part of the drug that enhances the excitement and danger. So, can social media help eradicate nature at play at Apd? Who knows. The toilet needs to be flushed with the leadership in it.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit McGuffin is still at it? WTF why is she still on APD she is just another worthless one out there. Surprised she is still standing upright with the dick she has taken in she has to have a disease of some kind. She must be servicing the entire command staff minus Bret White he is the only one out there that has any common sense. And it appears to be a conflict of interest regarding Aragon investigating since he's hit McGuffin too.

Anonymous said...

Of Course Berry is going to come to the aide of the Senior Citizens of this City he owes them for being elected twice. He comes in on his white horse and saves the day. Don't get me wrong I am all for giving Seniors all they want but front page news two days in a row C'mon. It's the Urinals way of the shell game in print. Let's take focus off of the horrendous crime each night and day and do a fluff piece. Anyone notice how each violent crime that even makes the paper appears to be getting smaller in print? Next week there will be a front page picture of that asshole giving out free lunches to the homeless that he suddenly has a soft spot for. He's got a soft spot alright or should I say two and there between his shoulders and between his legs.. Can't make this shit up.

Anonymous said...

What makes this beyond disgusting is that this "serial" nymphomaniac probably became a police officer so she could have hookups with cops. Psychopath. It's cops like her that are responsible for the lack of respect from the public.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually comment on here being I am still an APD officer and worried about retaliation but thought this was appropriate.

We have so many friends that have experienced affairs and it is possible to recover if both spouse's are willing to put in the hard work.

Good luck and prayers for all of you!

Anonymous said...

I found an online photo of this person accused of having sex with numerous married APD officers. IF this accusation is true, these male officers have got to be the most desperate, hard up losers on the face of this plant. Never been that lonely a single day in my life. However, IF this accusation is true, the wives of these officers need to ask themselves why their husbands were so eager to join the line to ride this skank.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:56 because IT'S THERE. Just put a bag over her head a pussy is a pussy

Anonymous said...

8-1; 6:25 PM: Cows have pussies. Sheep have pussies. I've never seen a cow or a sheep that could out-ugly this one. Are you APD? That's my first impression.

Anonymous said...

Will someone please post a list of every officer that mcguffin has slept with! I'm praying my husband's name is not on that list.