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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Oct 31, 2017

Another Santolina Turd Surfaces Under Yet Another Name. The Art of Aliases, and Defrauding the Public, While Abusing the System With Frivolity. A Call to the DOJ for Election Tampering, and Racketeering.

Yesterday, the Albuquerque Urinal put out a story on a complaint lodged by yet another Santolina Gang Agent. You can see it here... 

Read it, because we are going to step out why it is garbage, and how it appears that Santolina is hiring professional complaint filers to do their dirty work and how amusing their choice of characters are. 

For some reason, these Santolinaers just are not getting the fact that they are caught. 

When we initially did a story on 9/20/17, exposing those behind frivolous, unfounded Santolina’s attacks on Mayoral Candidate Tim Keller, we pointed out the ground zero for our reference point, Donna Taylor, Donna Madrid, Donna Madrid Taylor, who went through three combinations of her name aliases, securing Political Action Committees for the Santolina Plan, involving out of state profiteers, and cowards, along with out of country financier Barclay Bank. 

The same individuals were also behind the same attacks on District 1 city council candidate Javier Benevidez, during his bid for election. 

As the Albuquerque Mayoral election is getting ready to wind down to the main event, on the November 14 runoff date between Tim Keller and Dan Lewis, we are seeing exactly what we expected; cornered rats desperately grasping for straws, for a scheme that started years ago. 
This grasping at straws has tampered with elections, and is now possibly bordering on racketeering, because in some jurisdictions filing frivolous actions for the reasons these are being filed, along with other criteria, can be criminal, especially when there’s coconspirators involved in abusing the courts, in conjunction with candidates, or organizations,  to defraud an election. All of that aside, below we will take the wind, and credibility out of the latest (shady to say the least) character to snipe at Tim Keller. 

Back in 2012 a guy named Carlos Villanueva, ran for State Senate, covering District 26.
Below is a map of where that district covers, and you can see it’s right near the tiny, crucial little area, touching our city, that these cretins need to get approval for. Looking at this, our previous articles, and what we all know is going on, you can see that a few select individuals had the inside track a few years back, and were already operating or trying to position themselves as shills for this development plan, which frankly speaking is the victimization of an entire city by a parasitic organization, posing as a job bringer, which is nothing but a lie. It’s a lie, because the ecology and infrastructure can not support that type of opportunistic sprawl. 

See the map of District 26 that Villanueva tried to get his hooks into. What is more interesting about Villanueva is that he too ran as a Democrat. Again certain democrats are attacking a Democrat for personal interest agendas, but now they are joining with Republicans in a smear campaign of underhanded lies, that benefit their common cause; SANTOLINA. These punks would undermine the primary goal of cleaning up corruption, fixing the police department, and protecting our citizens, so they can financially benefit from their antics. We think it is time for a federal investigation into the moving of even darker monies that are possibly flowing to people illegally, under the table, in order to fund this type of motivation. 


On 5/2/17, Carlos Villanueva filed to change his name to Carlos McMahon. We ask why? Why are all of these ivory tower, stone throwers, changing their names every time they attack a new candidate that is against the Santolina project? Is it to throw people off of thinking it is coming from the same entity, or is it to feign credibility, because they have been arrested for several warrants, charged with election fraud, possessing illegal ballots, forgery, perjury and conspiracy with others to do these things, that nobody would take anything they have to say seriously? Is it because knowing the back story, you all will see right through the scam? We think so. Look it all up below at the NM COURT CASE LOOKUP LINK:


Below is just one document showing the types of things that those behind frivolous complaints against Tim Keller have been charged with, and are involved in.

Looking at these court dockets, you can see that the same Pat Rogers, the lawyer that had to resign from a law firm over racist comments about a Native Americans is connected and at times representing Mr. Carlos McMahon, Carlos Villanueva, or whatever his name is today.

Carlos was also the defendant in a restraining order filed against him. Earlier this year, State Rep. Caballero filed a protection order against Villanueva for stalking her, but it was dismissed. In the article his name remains Villanueva even though he filed to change it to McMahon on 5/2/17. Below is the link to the story.


Dan Lewis wants to stand with these same questionable individuals who are all working together... one of which one is charged with multiple felonies for defrauding, and lying, yet out of the other side of his mouth Dan wants to say he is going to make criminals not want to live in Albuquerque. It is evident that Dan Lewis will work with people with records and felony charges to get what he wants and that is disgusting. Which is it Dan? Do you want to work with the criminals or oust them? Dan? Are you there Dan?

Dan, you know what? That is just plain disgusting! It is offensive Dan! You know that? How could you Dan? How can you back the play of a group all connected to someone charged with multiple felonies? We urge everyone not to take our word for it. Please go to the above link, and look this guy up for yourselves.

This the exact reason that the rank and file back Tim Keller for mayor, and so do the firemen. Nobody endorses a candidate that regurgitates rhetoric of a group using people who use aliases, or are charged with fraud felonies to promote a racket, and continue to destroy our city. This conduct is worse than Berry. Dan... you are just plain disgusting Dan!

Let’s not forget the Journal endorsed Lewis, and the Journal owners are big land owners here.
Not even Lewis’s own west side Chamber of Commerce endorsed him.

Vote Keller, and do away with disgusting politicians who are the problem.


Anonymous said...

Birds of feather. After runoff declaredEye ,look at the election night photo of Dan with non other than The star of Larry Barkers investigation called "Comp time Countryclub". Billy Gallegos. You know the one working a second job at Home Depot while charging Comp time to the Environmental Health Dept. can't invent this shit!!! Maybe Dan will put Billy in charge of the Finance Dept.?

Anonymous said...

How is this fraud a PI? And I hear Danny boy has got some sticky fingers when it comes with Desert Fuel money ....

Anonymous said...

I think it’s great that jerks like Kent Walz and the Lange family have endorsed a homophobic and ultrconservstive and total hypocrite like pastor Dan Lewis. Way to assholes. How any self respecting reporter could work there is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Only a little man with a huge bald head would be caught wearing a stupid hat like that.