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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Apr 20, 2018

The big FATTT money grab, and sticking it to our military veterans

How many know of the police contract submissions to the Albuquerque Police Officer’s Association from the current administration that would give pay raises over few years, stepping up pay to $30 then $32 an hour? Was this presented to the officers by Shaun Willoughby and Justin Montgomery, after they received it for approval by those they are supposed to represent? Were any of you given a say? No, of course not. Our Eyes are tellin us that Keller actually had to hire a negotiator to deal with Willoughby’s attitude and antics, and he may have trashed what officers may have been able to get. Maybe he can negotiate Whataburger to cut Willoughby down to three hamburgers a day. It is evident that a few misguided, self serving people are screwing the masses to benefit themselves, and in doing so, are STILL collectively screwing Albuquerque. 

The current horse shit survey given on the approval rate by officers of the Albuquerque Police Department was just another attempt at a money grab by Shaun Willoughby, and his group of greedy little punks. Had the survey been intelligently thought out, and presented with a narrow focus on the real issues, without the greedy money agenda, it would be abundantly clear that the issues are people like Shaun, and those he pushes politically for. This is because Shaun does for Shaun and his pals. We have proof the union chooses who they want to represent, and for the 
most part, it is themselves. We have proof the union trashes it’s members, or anyone who speaks 
out, and calls them on their horse shit. Those who have run the APOA have conspired with the administration when it benefitted them, and they have sabotaged members to assist a corrupted police administration and city attorney’s office. The list is long on that, and we have proof of that too. You can see most of it here on this blog. As this continues you will see more. 

The survey we are speaking of is below, along with the media article reporting on it.

The problem with the Albuquerque Police Department is with piss poor leadership, and the promotion of clueless clowns. Little snakes woven in and interlaced throughout with personal agendas further complicates it. That is a fact. Another fact is that over the last few weeks, many seasoned veterans who were holding on as long as they could, hoping to help out, or waiting to see the changes through, are now retiring.  They are retiring, because they do not want to work for creeps. 

Over the years, we have seen the worst of the worst protected and promoted, as they were arrested for domestic violence, DUI, illegal wildlife poaching, shooting people in the back, who were unarmed, having sex in city buildings while on the clock, lying in investigations, tipping off domestic violence suspects about the location of complainants, by illegally accessing NCIC, and a trove of other infractions. Most recieved little discipline, and some were even promoted or assigned to special units like the cruiser task force. Nobody wants to work beside these clowns. Nobody wants to work FOR one of these assholes either. Frankly, nobody should have to. Desperation is no reason to keep shit around. The shit needs to be swept out, even if it means the work load may increase until it levels out,  because the ingrained mentality infecting APD needs to be flushed. 

During the election, we have observed many back stabbing slime bags position themselves for spots through their symbiotic relationships with others doing the same to get promoted. Many of these clowns are doing NOTHING for progress. It is all about them. That is a fact. 

Shaun, and a few of his pals can more than likely retire, or early out by the end of this administration’s first four years. Their actions show exactly what they are doing. There is no care about getting officers out there to be able to do their jobs to curb the out of control crime. No, it is all crying about money. If they are not crying about money, they are pushing to have their pals promoted. Both of these paint a clear picture of what is going on. It is all about getting their fucking money, and rolling. That is a fact. These frauds only care about themselves. It’s about attaining the highest rank, and highest last three years salary, so they can take the money and run. Does Shaun Willoughby even live in Albuquerque? 

As all of the above is going on,     word from our Eyes in the field is that morale is bad. It is badbecause the union does nothing to back its officers and the officers still have no trust in supervisors still in place who stem from the same Schultz clique, gang, group, cronies or whatever you want to call it. The rank and file know the same mentality of stepping on their backs to make themselves look good thrives in the upper ranks. They consider many of the command dishonorable back stabbers who lie or retaliate on good officers while protecting the useless ones. Many officers who should have been terminated, are continually held on a pedestal, after not one, but many infractions that are termination level, as many officers who were egregiously violated and wronged are still dealing with the aftermath that still has not been made right by this administration. Not one attempt to fix the wrong doings has been attempted as ruined lives are being treated as water under the bridge. Well, not on our watch. 

The culture that has grown over the last ten years has been one of we can do anything to you we want to, while using tax payer’s dollars to do it. We can steal and lie. We can rig contracts, and then we can fabricate elaborate cases against citizens and employees to distract from our actions, while we hide really illegal atrocities being committed by our cronies and protect them. 

The usual suspects have brought us to a level of containment only. All that can be done is to contain the epidemic, because the corruption is so embedded. Most of this stems from a city attorney’s office where many of the attorneys need to be fired because they still carry water from the previous administration and are still doing things in that administration’s interest. Keller and his administration will suffer horrible scrutiny because of the antics of city attorneys who really just need to be fired. 

If it is not corruption, it is incompetence. It is the incompetent moron supervisor who has no right being promoted, who is trying to make a name for themselves the wrong way, because they have not one clue of what it means to be, or how to be a leader. They have no life experience, and they are pathetic, narcissistic, shameless, self promoters. If any of them truly wanted to change the place for the better, they definitely wouldn’t be walking around mad dogging people in the work place, like they are tough, or telling past co-workers that they personally do not like them, like Harold Medina is doing. It is funny how a guy like Harold would most likely be seen holding a mop, but because of just how dysfunctional this place is he is, in the position of deputy chief, where he thinks he can do and say whatever he wants, to whomever he wants, especially if he had a beef with them years ago, but didn’t have the balls, or the rank to say something to them at that time. Pure cowardice, and the epitome of a punk. His lap dog Art Sanchez is no better. They know it, and we know more than they think anyone knows. We know all of it. For some, this is nothing but a chance to compensate for their inadequacies, and it will prove to be disastrous. Coming back to a police department to grind old axes like a punk, or bully when you are not put together to stand up something like a man, without a rank, title, or crowd to hide behind, is the quickest way to get us to notice and address you on a daily basis. 

The sad fact is that while the city is in a meltdown, the greedy are hard at work thinking only about themselves, because if that wasn’t the case these fat slobs wouldn’t be running side catering businesses, taking off for every party or sunny day, laying in lounge chairs in the union hall, or getting their asses beaten so bad at the Fox and Hound bar, that they are too embarrassed to go to work, because their face is purple. No... they would suck it up, suit up, and 
go work some doubles to help chip in out there. They would be working long hours to fix our crime problem. That’s too much like work and upholding an oath though. There isn’t enough “I” in the trenches for them. 

No, officers did not want to work for the past administration. Many do not want to work for many in this administration either, but they surely do not want to work under those conditions when their own union fucks them because they see them as irrelevant or politically expendable. They definitely don’t want to work in a place where the union consults with a criminal attorney, while denying officers competent representation, because they are immature, vindictive, cowards, who can’t take getting caught, and called out for their malfeasant actions.  

There is a huge reason why officers do not want to work here, and it boils down to creeps, and it is not the creeps out there committing crimes. Any cop worth their badge knows how to deal with them. No. It’s the ones next to them sticking the knives in their backs, smiling in their faces, fucking their wives and hiding behind whatever they can to avoid accountability for it. 

Pretty soon we will not have any officers who want to work here AND we will not have any military veterans, active duty military personnel or military reserve personnel who would even think about considering working for the Albuquerque Police Department because the last administration screwed our returning veterans and it is continuing today.

We were recently briefed by our Eyes in the field that our city leaders would like to make our city a sanctuary city, but do not give a rats ass about the military veterans who are returning from active duty in war zones who fought for their freedom to govern. 

You see, there is this little thing called USERRA. USERRA is the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. It is in place to protect the employment and position of an employee who has to leave their job to serve our country in the military. It is there  to protect our veterans and their families. You can read about it here:

When you work in a unit, or area of a police department, it becomes something you are accustomed to. Because of this familiarity, you become more proficient, and able to do your job better. When someone has to leave this position, in order to serve in the military, that position is to be protected, and held for that person. Our Eyes are telling us that this administration is ignoring this act, and throwing our returning vets back to wherever they feel they want to. This is not how it is done. Isn’t going to war stressful enough. Why should these vets have to deal with this assholism?

Our Eyes have brought to our attention the fact that many APD officers serving in the military, who have had police brass do this to them, had to actually seek out legal representation, in order to make certain individuals within city government, and police admin. do the right thing, but these so-called leaders continue to thumb their noses at these officers, violating their rights.

Our Eyes have also told us that APOA President Shaun Willoughby was contacted to help represent these APD officers, and he declined to help them. We were told he not only declined to do what he was elected to do (NO SURPRISE THERE) but in so many words, he dismissed the notion, by saying he had bigger things to deal with. (LIKE FILLING HIS POCKETS WITH MONEY OR HIS GUT WITH WHATABURGERS) This is unacceptable, and we will be keeping our EYE on this to see that it gets remedied most riky tik. The last thing this administration needs is to be tagged Anti-Veteran.

The contract is going to be interesting to watch, and we will keep you all advised. Stay tuned, because it is going to get very interesting.

Till the next time.
The Eye.


Kuck Feller said...

Four homicides in almost four days and we’re almost at 30 for the year. Don’t play that game of only counting homicides being investigated by APD, I saw that shit earlier this week and that’s bullshit. So instead of standing up for cops who are also service members we’ll get another press conference by a faggot wearing a tweed suit and vest standing in front of fat disgusting faggots like Medina, Gonzales, Sanchez, who nobody respects. This is gonna be an awesome year seeing this shit fall apart. Oh but wait Chris Bakas is being groomed to come back to because we all know he was a hard hitting cop and wasn’t lazy, his on duty, milked his lunch breaks to all day, and also is yet another member of the Marty Chavez/Pete Dinelli crony la familia.

Anonymous said...

To Kuck Feller: Chavez and Dinelli have bee gone for 8 years and in that time at least half of the rank and file are gone either by retirement or going elswhere. Keller brings back a Schultz clone and command staff despite Keller’s promise to do a national search. Grier will be made permanent. And if anyone is grooming Chris Backus to come back, it’s the old man Nick who could not pass the bar exami so became a cop.

Anonymous said...

Which lawyer is taking the military cases?

Anonymous said...

AFD IS NO BETTER! One must ask; Diego, did all that DICK SUCKING, bump you, back up to Comanders pay? A little something, Marty did for the AFD, UNION THUG! Hero's putting out dumpster fires!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bakas is coming back? When and in what capacity. He talked so poorly while on APD guess he is perfect for any high ranking slot. I see that his daddy still gets air time every so often.

Anonymous said...

There isn't anybody on the board who knows the first thing about Labor issues, or police labor and discipline issues. We need to find the few remaining people out there who can maybe help us rebuild the system the right way. Empower a real board. Hire a civilian leader. Willoughby and Montgomery are destroying our last stronghold. Or we quit. Everyone should begin pulling your dues immediately. They still have to represent us. I'm tired of paying for his meals at Fox and his catering business. Tax records? Timesheets? Pull the cell phone records! Long overdue.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the only thing a person can call another person is a racist if one doesn't agree with the other? Move on people.

Anonymous said...

This fat bitch hasn’t done anything but gotten fatter since getting elected. The APOA is trash and useless. The city is being overrun and fat boy wants to play like he is holding all the cards. Well... the fire union, the solid waste union and AFCSME are all anyone needs. Nobody, not even the officers need the APOA to get anything done. It is a money pit of slobs who only want to sit on their useless lying asses because they are useless lying cops. The officers should stand up and tell them to fuck off, pull their membership and go over to the FOP just to shove it up Willoughby’s fat ass. Bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro... that’s all you hear coming out of that assholes lying mouth and now he is lying about leaving the veterans out to dry and twist in the wind.

Someone lit the rail yard on fire. There is a murder a day and sometimes two shootings! It is over. This place is going to crumble. It was the perfect storm. You want to see it get fixed? Go to Texas and handcuff Schultz’s neck to his ankles, indict him on everything he has done, put him in prison for 20 years, and let the cops do their jobs. Real cops. Not little 155lb hairspray pussies like McDonald who kills kids then sues their mothers, but old school cops who don’t need their hands held. APD has covered for way too many little bitches who should have been fired but instead they protect and promote them. This is the problem.

Anonymous said...

If they bring that turd Chris Brokeass Bakas back I can name about 25 cops that will retire rather than work with that smelly turd. Nice job Tim. You are fucking everyone. Enjoy your one term.

Anonymous said...

That picture puts swine in a bad light! But it does do justice to the way Shaunito looks

Anonymous said...

Willoughby is denying to everyone that he left the military veterans twisting in the wind.

Anonymous said...

Can't invent this shit! But somehow the words of Pete Townsend are so true. "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss". Our only problem Is that we do keep getting fooled again and again and again>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Wiloughby is a former U.S. Marine ! He would not purposely screw other veterans ! You people need to get a life !

Anonymous said...

AFD's Union king Diego makes Wiloughby look like a choir boy! He has been scamming the tax paying people of Albuquerque for years and the worst is yet to come. He represents 2 barganing units yet the city txpayers pay his salary.He is not a fireman he is a con-man who has surrounded himself with a bunch of bottomfeeders who are as corrupt as him. He peddles votes under a union logo and if you oppose him he will have someone run against you to continue his reign. The people should be concerned because now he has an Admin who is afraid of him and will do as he says. He is not educated but talks like he is a scholar while tooting his own horn. The previous admin was so incompetant that the Chief just ignored him and let him run wild. Has not worked an hour in the field in years and probably only has current certifications because his cronnies have pencil whipped them. AFD just received an 8 million dollar settlement so the city could wash their hands of a no win case. Diego and his corrupt board decided how the money would be distributed and from what I'm hearing they are making anyone who is receiving money to sign a disclaimer so they can't comeback and have their shady accounting questioned. This is very interesting because this is taxpayer money and they have every right to know where their money goes! Word is the union kept 200k in case they missed someone how due you not know who is entitled to money? Why would Keller just pay 8 million and not be concerned about this coming back on the city? Well they either know AFD's union will their a## or they are buying future democratic votes!!