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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Dec 16, 2014

APD Staffing to Fall Below 700 in 2015!!!

Recently, the great alcalde stated that it was all Santa Fe's fault that APD officers were leaving the department in droves. Nevermind what's been reported that there are more cops retiring from APD than all cops retiring statewide, once again Berry-Alcalde has failed to take any responsibility for his mess. We are not alone in this observation, and as the email written by retired APD sergeant Dan Klein forwarded to us from one of our Eyes shows, we are in the company of well respected retired members of APD:

"Dan McCay of the Journal wrote an excellent article on December 14, 2014 detailing the manpower crisis within the Albuquerque Police Department.  Mr. McCay's article unfortunately did not answer one very important question; Why did APD go from 1,100 officers in 2010 to 884 officers in December 2014?  Answer this question and Albuquerque can start to fix their police staffing problems, without getting PERA and the State of New Mexico involved.  But does Mayor Berry want to know this answer?

Here is what happened, in early 2010 newly elected Mayor Berry got rid of the Senior Police Officer Retention Bonus program.  This program did not involve PERA and was run in-house by the APD.  An audit of this program in 2012 showed that 129 APD officers delayed their retirements to take advantage of this program.  Once Mayor Berry ended it, those 129 officers retired.  In 2010 Mayor Berry set aside the labor agreement that had been agreed to between Albuquerque and the APOA.  APD officers subsequently went five years without any pay raises, and the raises that were promised were taken away by Mayor Berry.  More APD officers then retired because who wants to stay working for a city that won't honor it's own contract?  In 2010 Mayor Berry changed APD hiring standards to require sixty college credit hours to become an APD officer.  Immediately, the hiring pool for APD shrank, just like it did in 2001 when past Mayor Jim Baca tried the same requirement.  APD, which under the old standards, would have Academy classes of over fifty cadets, saw this number shrink to less than twenty.  Several times since 2010 APD would graduate only ten new officers. With cadet classes lasting six months it was easy to see that APD Recruiting was not keeping pace with retirements.  If Mayor Berry thought this college requirement would bring in more actual cadets he needed to raise the pay accordingly (college graduates), but instead he took away pay and for five years refused to sign a labor contract with the APOA.  The college requirement excluded candidates who, instead of going to college, went to work. These non-college applicants showed they could keep a job, support a home and family.  Under the college requirement at APD, proving you were a mature worker and a stable part of the community didn't matter, all Mayor Berry wanted was sixty college credit hours, this even includes degrees in Liberal Arts and Culinary Arts! 

Now you have your answer as to why APD has lost over twenty five percent of its’ police officers since 2010.  Poor policies by Mayor Berry at the beginning of his tenure as mayor has come back to haunt us now.  And what is the biggest problem with APD?  Mayor Berry's refusal to accept responsibility for his actions and his refusal to change direction.  Mayor Berry finds it easier to blame PERA and others instead of looking in the mirror and seeing that he created this mess."

Thank you for your service Sergeant Klein. And our Eyes inside APD tell us that the exodus within APD is not stopping with the mere offering of cash to those who are eligible to retire. One would think by now Berry-Alcalde would know that you can't pay somebody enough to risk their life everyday while at work. So what's causing these retirements must be something other than money.......

Dec 10, 2014

Shake Ups and Break Ups Oh My!!

This has been an interesting week in Albuquerque and we don't really know where to begin. First we had the bizarre story of APD's kinda-of-investigation-but-not-really of District Attorney Brandenburg.  Our Eyes are telling us things inside APD, that is the high command, are scrambling to explain how exactly a detective on his own refers a case to the Attorney General's office without there being any statement by APD brass nevermind the detective's sergeant? Are we really to believe this Detective took it upon himself to send the case across the street on his own? Like her or not, Ms. Brandbenburg is the top cop in the county and this whole matter smells much like the Judge Murdoch affair. Except this time instead of sex we've got guns and money in play. Weird.

Then we saw this little article:

No sooner is David Tourek out the door then are the replacements lining up. One name however jumped out at us: Erica Anderson. You see, Ms. Anderson has been busy defending Perry/Berry/Schultz in the lawsuit brought against them by the family of the "departed" civil rights attorney Mary Han. (It's been a while since we reported on that case but you do remember that one right? You know, the suspicious death scene where virtually all of APD and City's brass arrived at a crime scene and said "nothing suspicious" and left possibly with diamond rings, computers, cellphones, pictures, and files.)  Funny, Ms. Anderson has been very busy over the past year outside of her representing the squad of crime scene contamination experts:

First she tried to run for a judgeship last summer:

And when she failed at that (it seems that even though she has been carrying water for the Republicans, she is in fact a Democrat, and we know Martinez doesn't like such creatures) she started her own law firm:

But what's even weirder is that apparently she's also working for Tourek's brother in law, attorney Stephen French still:

So we're not sure what's going on there but, either way it stinks.

Looks folks, it seems doing business at the speed of Albuquerque means..."kinda." Get in or get out. If you're gonna charge the DA with a crime then step up with department leaders leading the way, not some poor detective that is going to get left holding the bag to explain why the department fully complied with a IPRA request (when it rarely does) and did so when there was a clear exemption to the request (how often have we heard APD use the "on-going investigation" excuse?)

Add to that a clear scheme where an attorney who appears to have the inside track for the city's top legal position is working for the the retiring city's attorney's brother-in-law but also has her own practice on the side? And really, chasing after the Han family for legal fees. How 'bout you produce the cell phones and articles that were taken from the scene first? And Ms. Anderson, don't think for a minute we aren't aware of your interaction with Ms. Han....

We don't like the look of things to come and the year is all but over yet this mess keeps moving forward....

Dec 4, 2014

Survey Says!

In case you missed it, now our brilliant occupants of the 5th Floor Brain Trust have come up with a feel good way to assess performance of the hard working front line officers of APD. As the memo of Assistant Chief Huntsman show below, now whenever a person receives some good ole APD service, they might be lucky enough to get a follow up call from a APD lieutenant!

Kinda like when you buy something at Home Depot or Walgreens, after you pay for your item, you get a three foot long receipt with instructions on how you can call in and rate the performance of the store and the employee. But not to be outdone, under the leadership of super business man RJ Berry, now patrol lieutenants will be calling citizens who had encounters with patrol officers to evaluate how their service experience was.  We can hear it now:

1. Were you given water after the officer pepper sprayed you because you resisted and swung at my officer?

2. Was he polite to you when you were release from your leg shackles and booked?

3. Was the criminal complaint written well and accurate?

4. Was your seat in the patrol car comfortable?

5. You have a nice voice, would you like to continue this conversation over drinks?

Because let's admit it folks, there are lots of problems with this idea. In fact, isn't the department now just looking for issues to investigate when a citizen says they had a miserable experience because the officer was unable to help them because they had thirty calls holding? And how exactly will these random citizen calls exactly be generated.

Sorry, just when you thought things couldn't get worse, they just do and get more.....weird. Here's an idea, perhaps the 5th Floor should issue another survey amongst officers and ask them how their morale is doing and whether they feel the department is being run well....we're sure that would lead for some...interesting comments....

Dec 1, 2014

Bottoms out....

If the above picture looks familiar, that's because it should be. Over four years ago when the city's mayor was "transitioning" in with his take over, the above article was presented to him about what to do with APD.

As we see with the recent Consent Decree signed by the city, the chickens have come home to roost. Except now it's the people who caused this mess now running the show! When Neal Trautman talks about scandals growing from the individual acts of a few individuals where things are now in the city is virtually every department tainted.

From the library, to the zoo, to solid waste, to yes APD, the major department's have all but imploded and the proof is the endless increase in costs to run the city, morale at basement levels, and a flood of retirements.

One of our Eyes informed us that there are more officers retiring from APD this year than from across the state combined. Funny, that doesn't sound like a PERA issue but a Berry issue. But hey, since APD is now required to provide at least 120 hours of training each year for each officer, instead of what was 16 hours, we're sure our favorite academy director will find some more "distractions" with spending so much quality time with department personnel......

Nov 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

In this time of extra PC awareness, the Eye remains wishing all a most Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Nov 23, 2014

Where We Are...

As we head into the holiday season, your loveable Eye thinks it's time we take a quick look around and survey the scene, if you will; you know, the scene of the crime.

1. Almost two years ago, in November 2012, the United States Department of Justice announced an investigation into APD's use of force. Then Chief Ray Schultz said to the department and to his inner circle that this investigation would more than likely find that APD was a good department and had "it's house in order."

2. Just after the jury comes back with a staggering $10 Million judgment against the city for APD officer Brett Lampiris Tremba's shooting and killing of Ken Ellis, APD chief Ray Schultz reveals he's been planning on retiring since January 2013, just two months after DOJ announces their investigation.

3. Just as Albuquerque's mayoral race enters into full gear, APD chief Ray Schultz takes early retirement but not before he inks a multi-million dollar deal for body cameras and storage services by Taser International, the very company he goes on to work for.

4. Upon Ray Schultz's departure, ABQ mayor Berry announces the search for a new chief and names Allen Banks, one of only a few African-Americans in the entire city's personnel roster, to be chief of police.

5. While on the campaign trail, Berry continually praises APD as one of the best department's in the country, and a model agency that others come to to learn from.

6. In early 2014, Allen Banks announces he's not interested in being the chief of APD and leaves for chief's job in Texas...even after a glowing endorsement by the Albuquerque Journal for him as chief.

7. In comes former United States Marshal of New Mexico, former MVD Director, and current New Mexico DPS Secretary Gordon Eden as Chief of Police.

8. Shortly after James Boyd is killed by APD Officers Keith Sandy and Dominque Perez, DOJ announces the findings of their investigation of APD. In response to the Boyd shooting, Eden holds a disasterous press conference resulting in calling in for backup in the form as former APD commander and tactical supervisor Bob Huntsman.

11. One of Huntsman's first orders of business is to relieve the department's deputy chiefs of some responsibilities by creating a new rank: the APD Major. In a true act of fiscal conservatism, Huntsman promotes not one but two officers to the position, both of whom have...controversial histories with the department.

10. As the summer and fall of 2014 progress, APD officers who are eligible for retirement, file required paperwork in such numbers it is reported that there are more police officers retiring from APD than all other departments state wide combined.

11. Berry and Perry hire two outsiders to "negotiate" the DOJ-Albuquerque agreement. Such outsiders include Scott Greenwood, a Taser contractor like Ray Schultz who promotes the use of Taser products, and Tom Streicher, former chief of the Cincinnati Police Department who led the department during what are considered the worst police sparked riots since the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles.

12. Via the work of Greenwood & Streicher, DOJ-Albuquerque finalize an agreement where virtually every aspect of a department whose house was supposed to be in order is now subject to scrutiny. From APD's academy (don't think we've forgotten about you Wolf, we've just been busy), to internal investigations, to reporting, to annual training, special units, and nevermind investigations and use of force EVERYTHING is now to be reviewed and subject to reformation.

The sad thing is, this is not the twelve days of Christmas, but like the never ending gobstopper from the Chocolate Factory: it never ends. And why our Eyes and readers wonder? Because the very same people that created this disaster are still in place. Our Eyes tell us, good ole Ray Schultz is very much in the middle of things and very much in communication with our friends running the department. And what of those investigations into the former chief and his questionable activities....?

While your loveable Eye likes to report and analyze the facts of things going on, we're gonna step out this one time and predict that little if anything will happen with Schultz and any APD brass. We've not seen anything happen yet, and since it seems only front-line officers are held responsible for anything, why would we expect anything new to happen....  Enjoy your Scotch Rob, you earned it.

Nov 16, 2014

Meanwhile, the Greasing of ABQ Continues....

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Greenwood & Streicher LLC
Citizens of Albuquerque, how does it feel to be greased?  Scott Greenwood and Tom Streicher, the two out of state people (Greenwood & Streicher LLC) Berry hired to represent you with the Department of Justice have been “working” for nine months and the tab is going to be $500,000 plus expenses!  Expenses like first class travel, booze, hotel room for their dog, travel time from Scottsdale, steak dinners at the end of their driving day, etc.  The Eye does not see anything in the consent decree that required this type of “outside” consulting.  Tourek and Berry should be ashamed of themselves for being lazy, incompetent and poor stewards of our money. Imagine if these were transit employees enjoying lunch at the Library while on the job?!?  We only hope that the city council puts an end to the Greenwood & Streicher LLC grease job.
This picture might help the City Council end the Greenwood & Streicher LLC contract.  Remember when Scott Greenwood denied that he and Streicher accepted any pay from Taser International, when he appeared before the city council earlier this year.  Several councilors stated that if this was shown to be a lie they would move to end the Greenwood & Streicher LLC contract with Albuquerque.  Even though Taser has attempted to remove all traces of their connections with Greenwood & Streicher LLC your Eye found this from March 3, 2014:

Tom Streicher is making a presentation for Taser on March 3 2014, weeks before Scott Greenwood tells the Albuquerque City Council that Greenwood & Streicher never have received pay from Taser.  I guess they do it for free, sic.  Notice the picture says “GREENWOOD & STREICHER LLC”  TASER TECH SUMMIT.  Notice the audience members have TASER around their necks, kind of like the citizens of Albuquerque and the Taser contract that is around their neck. The Eye wonders if Taser paid any expenses for Greenwood & Streicher LLC, or is that something only the citizens of Albuquerque are charged for?
Will the city council bring Scott Greenwood and Tom Streicher back before them and ask them to explain this picture? If Greenwood & Streicher LLC are doing work for Taser for free, how about extending the same “free” contract to the citizens of Albuquerque for their consent decree work?  Greenwood & Streicher LLC may claim that Taser did not pay them directly, but how about if they paid a third party who then paid Greenwood & Streicher LLC?  Greenwood & Streicher LLC are not appearing at Taser summits for free, that is common sense.  The city council needs to hold Greenwood & Streicher LLC accountable for not being truthful with them about their Taser employment.  You learn this in law school, you have to disclose to your client any conflict of interest.  Has Scott Greenwood forgotten this?  Therefore the city council should help him remember and hold to their promise.
A picture is worth a thousand words, end the Greenwood & Streicher LLC contract now!
One of our Eyes forwarded us this little gem:
That's a nice little niche market our friends from Cincinatti have, first they say "hey PD, you need to become a Constitutional police department by videoing every encounter. And by the way, have we got the product for you!!"