The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Nov 16, 2014

Meanwhile, the Greasing of ABQ Continues....

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Greenwood & Streicher LLC
Citizens of Albuquerque, how does it feel to be greased?  Scott Greenwood and Tom Streicher, the two out of state people (Greenwood & Streicher LLC) Berry hired to represent you with the Department of Justice have been “working” for nine months and the tab is going to be $500,000 plus expenses!  Expenses like first class travel, booze, hotel room for their dog, travel time from Scottsdale, steak dinners at the end of their driving day, etc.  The Eye does not see anything in the consent decree that required this type of “outside” consulting.  Tourek and Berry should be ashamed of themselves for being lazy, incompetent and poor stewards of our money. Imagine if these were transit employees enjoying lunch at the Library while on the job?!?  We only hope that the city council puts an end to the Greenwood & Streicher LLC grease job.
This picture might help the City Council end the Greenwood & Streicher LLC contract.  Remember when Scott Greenwood denied that he and Streicher accepted any pay from Taser International, when he appeared before the city council earlier this year.  Several councilors stated that if this was shown to be a lie they would move to end the Greenwood & Streicher LLC contract with Albuquerque.  Even though Taser has attempted to remove all traces of their connections with Greenwood & Streicher LLC your Eye found this from March 3, 2014:

Tom Streicher is making a presentation for Taser on March 3 2014, weeks before Scott Greenwood tells the Albuquerque City Council that Greenwood & Streicher never have received pay from Taser.  I guess they do it for free, sic.  Notice the picture says “GREENWOOD & STREICHER LLC”  TASER TECH SUMMIT.  Notice the audience members have TASER around their necks, kind of like the citizens of Albuquerque and the Taser contract that is around their neck. The Eye wonders if Taser paid any expenses for Greenwood & Streicher LLC, or is that something only the citizens of Albuquerque are charged for?
Will the city council bring Scott Greenwood and Tom Streicher back before them and ask them to explain this picture? If Greenwood & Streicher LLC are doing work for Taser for free, how about extending the same “free” contract to the citizens of Albuquerque for their consent decree work?  Greenwood & Streicher LLC may claim that Taser did not pay them directly, but how about if they paid a third party who then paid Greenwood & Streicher LLC?  Greenwood & Streicher LLC are not appearing at Taser summits for free, that is common sense.  The city council needs to hold Greenwood & Streicher LLC accountable for not being truthful with them about their Taser employment.  You learn this in law school, you have to disclose to your client any conflict of interest.  Has Scott Greenwood forgotten this?  Therefore the city council should help him remember and hold to their promise.
A picture is worth a thousand words, end the Greenwood & Streicher LLC contract now!
One of our Eyes forwarded us this little gem:
That's a nice little niche market our friends from Cincinatti have, first they say "hey PD, you need to become a Constitutional police department by videoing every encounter. And by the way, have we got the product for you!!"

Nov 10, 2014

Very Vanilla!

Innovate Albuquerque, Very Old Vanilla
Under Richard Berry’s absent minded leadership, Albuquerque has found itself in an economic Sargasso Sea.  Going nowhere and floundering.  Hot and stinky. Albuquerque is the only major American city that went back into recession, yes Albuquerque we are #1, we are the only city who has had a double dip recession! Thank you Richard Berry we couldn’t have dropped so low without your abysmal leadership.
To turn Albuquerque’s economy around Richard Berry decided to team up with business folks and UNM and create INNOVATE ALBUQUERQUE. 
In the financial world we are taught that past performance is a good indicator of future performance.  In history we learn that if we ignore the past we are doomed to repeat it.  Based upon the Board of Directors for Innovate Albuquerque we are doomed to fail.  These are the same people who got us into this mess.  So let’s look at who is on the Board of Directors of Innovate Albuquerque (look closely at the pictures there will be a test at the end):
Richard Berry
David Harris
Richard Larson
Terry Laudick
Sherman McCorkle
Charles Wellborn
Patricia Vincent-Collawn is being discussed as the final (7th) member, but she has not been confirmed yet.
OK Albuquerque, look at the pictures of the six men who are on the Board of Directors, notice anything?  If you guessed they are all old, white businessmen who have overseen the economic decline in Albuquerque over the last five years you would be right!  Now let’s look at the demographics of Albuquerque:
White 42%
Hispanic 46%
Everybody else 12%
Men 49%
Women 51%
Ignoring the fact that these six white guys have been in charge while Albuquerque has failed economically, why is this board of directors not a mirror of our community?  Does Richard Berry really not know any Hispanic business owners / community leaders?  Does Berry not know at least three other women who are business owners / community leaders?
Innovate Albuquerque is doomed to failure.  It is run by a group that does not represent Albuquerque and this same group are the old white guys who got us into this mess.  So please call Richard Berry (505 768 3000) and ask him, Do you only care about rich white men?  It seems like it.
                                                                                                                                   --Desert Hawk

Nov 6, 2014

"I Told You So" by APD Retired Sergeant Paul Heh

The Eye wants to once again thank retired APD Sergeant Paul Heh for stepping forward and calling it like it is. Below is a correspondence we recently received from him:

"Dear Eye,

Over a year ago I told the Albuquerque voters that APD was a wreck and the city's economy a disaster all thanks to nobody else but RJ Berry. I said that all of this was avoidable because during Mr. Berry's original transition he knew EXACTLY what the problems were with APD and how to fix them. But of course he did nothing. In an article I presented to City Council in 2010, I showed how they knew about what APD's problems were and what was going to happen if they didn't get a handle on it. Attached to this email is a copy of the report talking about corruption in police departments.

 But no, everybody said "Paul it's not that bad, go away." Well guess what, we had a chance to fix things ourselves but now that time has past. Now the DOJ is gonna make us fix things and boy is it gonna be expensive. In the report the author noted that corruption is only fixed by, guess what? Quality recruitment, quality FTO training, fighting political pressure, fair and consistent accountability, fair career survival training, positive leadership models, keeping officer morale high, high character role modeling, and leadership with integrity. APD hits 100% on this list of things and it's not a good list to be happy about.

Of course while these are all things built into DOJ's consent decree agreement, the fact is the lies continue and I suspect little will be done." 

Nov 2, 2014

A House NOT In Order

A little over two years ago, APD's then chief Ray Schultz held his usual Tuesday "Chief's Staff" meeting with all of the department's top brass. Included in this meeting were the department's current deputy chiefs, commanders, and lieutenants. This meeting was just a few days after the US Department of Justice announced they would be investigating APD for unlawful patterns and practices involving use of force and Constitutional rights violations. Below is a copy of part of a memo issued to all by Ray Schultz

Yet as we saw in DOJ's "trick or treat" present last Friday, APD does not exactly have its house in order. In fact it's pretty clear from DOJ's report that APD is the equivalent of a house wreck that's days away from being foreclosed upon.

From the dissolution of units to over 120 hours of mandated training per office per year, APD is going to managed in a way that defies belief. Our many Eyes are telling us there's a weird calm within the department as not only does it feel adrift but the brass can't provide any answers to anything. While Berry likes to say the process will only take an extra $4-6 Million per year he's concealing the fact that the work officers will be doing will be reduced by as much as 50% because of all the additional time required of them to abide by all of the new procedural and training requirements. So in essence we'll be getting half the service for the same cost. That's called inefficiency and thanks to Berry and his team he just double the cost of this department.

But in a true spirit of make believe, RJ Berry is trying to  position the department's failure as a marketing effort to show that when it comes to mismanaged departments nobody does it like the team of Berry and Eden. Really? A year ago we were told how the department's management has led it to be one of the best department's in the country. Now because of its utter disgrace we now can be models for disgrace. Maybe it's the whole "Nature at Play" thing that still rings in our ears. But isn't it time for some accountability? Where is the chief who predicted DOJ would find APD's house is in order? Where are the former deputy chiefs that stood by and let this happen? Where are the city attorney's that assisted in the failures of this department?

Berry talks a good game about accountability. To us it seems that's one thing that's missing in this department and in this city: there has been NO accountability for the situation where we in. And until there is, nothing will change.

Oct 30, 2014

Meanwhile in Sandoval County...


Periodically your loveable Eye receives rather interesting information that reminds us that the corruption that runs rampant in Albuquerque is not some special to Albuquerque. Take for instance, our friendly sheriff of Sandoval County, Mr. Doug Wood.  Below is a letter we received a few days ago. Thanks to some help we've verified the info. So as folks in Sandoval head to the polls, they might want to think again when it comes to voting for the incumbent sherrif...

Incumbent Sheriff Doug Wood, arrested....

The Eye on Albuquerque has been responsible for exposing corruption and malfeasance
extensively in the city of Albuquerque over the years. We have dealt mainly with issues in "Our
House." Some people see this site as a way to get the truth out about the unfairness,
discrimination, vindictiveness, retaliation, lies, harassment, nature at play, civil rights violations,
and outright criminal acts involving corruption. Some see it as a way to vent their anger in rowdy
lewd tirades that cut directly to the bone. And those who perpetrate the above acts thinking no
one is watching realize that they are wrong. These are the people that detest and despise this
forum. They hate it for what it does. Right, wrong or indifferent, you have to agree that attention
needs to be paid to things, or what you get is what we have here, a city out of control. Because
of the word getting out of the exposure we here at the Eye can provide to those seeking to put
out information, we have been receiving correspondence from people all over the state. Below
is one that we think relates to things close to the city and may show that the dirt runs deep.

Eye on Albuquerque,

I would like to commend you on your efforts to expose corruption and fight for what is right in

your city. It is obvious that it is making an impact due to the many followups on articles in the

media that stem from some of your blog entries and obvious inside contacts.

I know you have your own battles going on, but I ask of you to please print this if you see fit.

Back in August of this year, the 21st to be exact, the Sheriff of Sandoval county had an

altercation with the family members of a Deputy from the Sandoval county sheriff's office who is

running for sheriff in the election against him. The incident happened inside the Range Cafe in

Bernalillo. An elderly gentleman and woman voiced their displeasure to the Sandoval County

sheriff Doug Wood over his petty antics involving the up coming election. The woman was the

mother of the Democratic candidate Jesse Casaus. The elderly gentleman was her brother. The

argument was verbal, until this Sheriff showed his true colors and grabbed the man by the back

of the neck. This was totally uncalled for.

I have family and friends all over the county. I also have friends in Albuquerque and I follow

current events on the situation there too. Many of them have city jobs and hear things.

I am concerned. I am very concerned that if this Sheriff is not kept in check, we will have here

exactly what you have going on there; officials who think they can do whatever they want to

whoever they want by breaking the law any time they wish.

Over the last six months I have seen Doug Wood parking his Hummer in the County lot with his

posters and election signs all over it. I have seen him, his under sheriff, and a heavy set captain

with glasses campaigning while on duty and wearing uniforms. Sheriff wood goes around

digging post holes and putting huge signs on people's private property without their consent or

permission. Many of these residents are elderly and feel intimidated. They do not want the signs

there, but they are afraid if retaliation if they say something about it.

After hearing about this, I dug a little deeper and found out that Wood was arrested for felony

vin fraud and several other charges. This man was also accused of domestic violence and had

a restraining order put out on him. I do not understand how this person was elected to sheriff

with all of this in his past. I have friends who work in the labs and just one of these issues would

disqualify them from having a security clearance. If you listen to Wood everyone else is the

problem but him. This is disturbing to say the least. What I found more disturbing was the fact

that Albuquerque's chief administrative officer Robert Perry was Doug Wood's lawyer. This was apparently when he was a private attorney. If this is the same person I see on the news all of the time

bullying people, there is no doubt in my mind that we have a huge problem here in New Mexico,

and the corruption runs deep. If in any way this information can prevent the type of situation

going on in Albuquerque, please put it out there. Also, please take a look at the information I

sent with this e-mail.


(Name withheld due to fear of retaliation)

The Eye would like to commend the above citizen for their concern and for doing the right thing.
This is not the first time we are hearing about this. A few weeks ago one of our eyes reported to
us that Sheriff Wood likes to threaten the smaller police departments within his jurisdiction with
the revocation of their Sandoval County commission cards for not doing his bidding. We here at
the Eye wonder if this is the reason that Bernalillo PD has not charged Wood with the above
mentioned incident. Just last week one of our LE eyes reported to us that the huge pot grow
bust up in the Jemez mountains that Doug Wood is taking credit for had nothing to do with him.
As a matter of fact we were told his office blew off several complaints on the issue. It was the
DEA who had to step in, and take the initiative to locate and process the grow. And finally, we
are hearing that Wood has destroyed morale so much so that several Deputies are
contemplating leaving the agency if Wood wins the election. So yea, where there is a lot of
smoke one has to say there is fire somewhere. There sure looks to be a lot if smoke up there in
Sandoval county. There seems to be a like minded narcissism and bully mentality within the
upper ranks of law enforcement. One thing is for sure It is spreading like wild fire and it’s out of control This sounds all too familiar folks.

Oct 26, 2014

Meanwhile....Over at AFD....

You remember a few weeks ago how it came to our attention that the brains running AFD had required personnel to deploy on their engines in below minimum staffing requirements. And then how one of the chiefs in charge of that order told his troops to remain silent or otherwise face certain retaliation even though he knew that it was his own department's failures that was the cause of putting his firefighters needlessly into harms way.  Well it seems things are getting worse for the beleaguared AFD deputy chief currently known as Victor Padilla.

One of our followers informed us of a few more items AFD Deputy Chief Vic Padilla would prefer the media not to know. It has come to our attention that in 2003-2004 Deputy Chief Padilla practiced as an AFD paramedic for approximately seven months without a license. AFD Deputy Chief Padilla broke the law and practiced medicine without a medical license! From our view point, AFD's administration is looking more and more like APD's administration everyday! How many patients were treated by Mr. Padilla and were injured as a results of his malpractice or were needlessly not treated.....

In addition to practicing medicine without a license Deputy Chief Padilla is now facing multiple Federal EEOC complaints. We understand that these EEOC complaints have teeth and because of that Chief Padilla is now looking to jump ship. Our eyes tell us Chief Padilla is attempting to purchase time to be able to retire. We here at the Eye wish Chief Padilla all the luck in the world with that endeavor. AFD will be a better organization after his departure.,,,,

Oct 25, 2014

Watching the Watchers Watchers Part II

The Eye received the following from retired APD Captain David Gilmore. It seems Kent Walz has now put the k'bash on Mr. Gilmore as well. So much for freedom of the press when your largest account is with the administration paying you right Ken and Jerry?

"APD's usage of the lapel cameras for the often stated purpose of transparency is simply out of control. According to the Journal's story(8-27-14) the officers are spending up to 20% of each shift ,uploading and logging footage they record.  An officer working an eight hour shift or 480 minutes minus 30 minutes for lunch is now down to 450 minutes to handle calls for service.  Of those 450 minutes we can subtract the 20% or 90 minutes and find the officer is now working only 360 minutes or 6 hours of an 8 hours shift. This means he/she is spending one and a half hours of not doing what he/she is on the streets to do, protect you and me.  For argument sake let us say that 380 officers work the  streets and the minimum pay for a Patrolman 1/C is $26.00 per hour.  An officer is now tspending 7 1/2 hours a week or 375 hours a year at the cost of $195 per week or $9,750 per year to care for his videos.  Applying the hours and costs to the 380 officers on a yearly basis we end up with APD mandating the officers to spend 142,000 hours a year and $3,705,000 on "transparency tapes".  To make matters worse these figures do not include the roughly 600 other sworn officers/supervisors/command personnel that are required to utilizes the video system nor the time and cost to retrieve them for the news media and attorneys.

Unless these cameras are run from the start of the shift until the end, officers will forget to turn them on or not have time to engage them during spontaneous/threatening incidents.  We need to merely recall how Chief Schultz and Deputy Chief Banks failed to turn theirs on during their use of force at a State Fair parade.  Should APD insist on using the cameras they should fall under the same guidelines as the tape recorders of the past did.  That being they would be used for a short list of calls that were enumerated in the SOP, and the officers should be held to accountable for the recordings.

Personally I do not want to be video taped by anyone to include law enforcement.   I am sure this holds true for many citizens, witnesses and victims of crimes.  Nor do people want the inside of their homes video taped.  There are even some discussions with the criminal element better left not being taped.  The  issue of anonymity in reporting a crime has now  become a problem.   I am being told that Metro Court judges are now dismissing cases with no video, if that is the case shame on them as they should not need a video to decide guilt or innocence.   For those who insist on running these tapes from the beginning to the end of the shift consider the following.  Would you take a position that required the taping of your entire workday for 25 years?  The officers have a certain right to privacy, to be able to have personal and frank discussions between themselves, to blow off steam.   I had often wondered if APD's overly aggressive taping was the result of supervision issues? 

As for the Ferguson, Mo. shooting I am sure that the other investigative tools that have been used for decades will resolve the issue.  Let us not forget the video is only a tool and cannot relate an officers state of mind during a critical incident. Between the lapel camera issue and the "historic legislation" pertaining to the new police oversight agency that some members of the city council are so proud of is it no wonder the morale and work ethic of many APD officers continue on a downward spiral"

--David M. Gilmore (APD Captain, Retired)