The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Apr 15, 2014



The Department of Justice, in its forty-six page report on the abuses of the Albuquerque Police Department, devoted seven pages to Albuquerque Police abuse of the Taser.  The DoJ reviewed over 200 incidents that involved the use of Taser and found that the APD had used the Taser in an unreasonable and abusive way.

“Although we found the unreasonable uses of physical force, such as punches and kicks, the overwhelming majority of our use of force reviews involved inappropriate deployment of Tasers.  Officers engaged in a pattern of using Tasers unreasonably, including in situations that placed individuals at risk of death or serious bodily harm; against individuals experiencing mental health crises, or who, due to inebriation or inability, could not comply; against subjects requiring medical treatment; against unarmed subjects; against individuals in a punitive manner”

Why has APD used Taser, almost exclusively, in less-lethal situations?  By peeling another layer of the onion what will we find?  Will we discover who is accountable for this abuse of Taser?  Will we find a direct line from Taser to the very top of APD in the form of a multi-million dollar contract for Taser in exchange for a high paying job with Taser? 

By reading Albuquerque news and Taser press releases over the last few years we have found a very questionable connection between APD Chief of Police Ray Schultz and Taser.  Here are the dots for the reader to connect:

March 2013, Ray Schultz announces his intention to retire.  He does not give a date, saying “A major computer upgrade is scheduled for this summer (2013) that has been in the planning stages for the past two years (since 2011).  I want to ensure the success of these two very important projects.”

July 2013, Ray Schultz in his capacity as APD Chief of Police, signs a contract with Taser that costs the city of Albuquerque $1,950,000!  Taser puts forth a press release stating that this contract is the largest to date that Taser has ever signed!

September 2013, Ray Schultz, in a written document to the City of Albuquerque states his intention to retire January 1, 2014.  He further states that he will go on early retirement leave (still a city employee during this time) starting on September 7, 2013.

October 2013, Taser announces that Ray Schultz is now working for them.  Just weeks after Schultz, as APD Chief of Police, signs the largest contract in Taser history, Schultz, still a city employee, begins working for Taser.  This in violation of City Ordinance.

January 1 2014, Schultz formally retires from the City of Albuquerque. 

February 28, 2014, Schultz gives an interview to KRQE (Tina Jensen) where he admits that he has been working for Taser since October 2013. 

March 2014, Taser in a brochure announces that retired Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz will be speaking at the Taser sponsored police conference in Australia.

April 10 2014, the Department of Justice releases the report on Albuquerque Police abuses.  Specifically pointing out the abusive nature of Taser usage within APD.

Could it be that Ray Schultz, in his capacity as Chief of the Albuquerque Police Department, created a culture where APD officers were only provided Taser products, excluding other less-lethal devices?  Did Ray Schultz foster a training program where officers were to use Taser, even when in violation of the Use of Force Continuum?  Did Ray Schultz profit from his connection with Taser, while as Albuquerque Police Chief?  Did Ray Schultz purposely stay on as Albuquerque Police Chief to ensure that the $1,950,000 Taser contract was not reviewed by a new chief who may have amended or stopped it altogether?  Did Taser give Ray Schultz a position with their company as a reward (kickback) for delivering the $1,950,000 Taser contract?  Why did the City of Albuquerque (Rob Perry and Richard Berry) ignore the violation of City Ordinance that prohibits employees from working for vendors?  Why did Rob Perry, Richard Berry and the City Council ignore the violation of City Ordinance that requires Schultz to not be employed by Taser for at least 12 months from the date of his actual retirement (January 1 2014)?

If this isn't self-dealing we don't know what is!

Since the Department of Justice has asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to criminally investigate at least six APD officers for their actions in six deadly force situations; I would hope the Department of Justice asks the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate the Taser contract and what appears to be a kickback (in the form of a high paying job) to Ray Schultz for his delivery of the $1,950,000 Taser contract with APD.  I would hope the City Council opens an investigation into violation of City Ordinance and that the New Mexico Attorney General opens a criminal investigation into the Taser contract.

The timeline is very clear.  The dots are all in a straight line.  It is clear that Schultz benefited from the contract between Taser and the Albuquerque Police Department.  Holding those at the top accountable is the first step forward.  If the DoJ only holds the officers at the bottom criminally accountable then the system has failed Albuquerque citizens.  Pray that the Department of Justice orders sends Tasergate to the FBI for investigation.

After all, as Schultz likes to say:
I think we should get a real look, not just a second look at Schultz's conduct.
(for those interested, here's the disgraced chief's full presentation....

Apr 11, 2014

DOJ Gives Berry/Perry/Schultz/Banks/Eden an "F" But....

UPDATE!!! Regarding Chief Eden, disgraced former Albuquerque 5-Star Police Director Darren White says Eden should be "scrapped!"

In an interview with the AP today, the city's worst, Darren White had the following to say

Some also want New Mexico to look at state laws on hiring officers and deputies — especially since some officers involved in the 37 Albuquerque shootings since 2010 had questionable histories at other agencies.  Darren White, a former New Mexico Secretary of Public Safety, said lawmakers should immediately scrap a law that allows departments to hire officers or deputies for a year without having them going to an academy.  "This isn't the Wild West anymore," White said. "We have to change."

Funny, Chief Gordon Eden is reported to not have his police officer certification either as it lapsed and hasn't been valid for over a decade. Let's see how Berry & Perry, Co spin this one. Will they hire another agency to hide behind just like they are hiring a Cincinnati company to "negotiate" with the DOJ?
Our little hat tip to some things laying on the floor from the mess known as the City of Albuquerque....

As the analysis of DOJ's report continues in the aftermath of yesterday's release, and we watch in laughter as Berry & Perry, Co. spin in the wind, let's not forget who's been endorsing the prime players of this mess: Kent Walz. Not even two years ago, Walz promoted this editorial:
(read it here:

'Schultz Sets Example Of Policing APD Needs'

In the wake of the DOJ report, this really makes one wonder what else, and how far, Kent would go to carry the water for Berry & Perry, Co? All during the window under which DOJ scrutinized APD, it's been nothing but cheers and fandom by Berry and his buddy Walz.

Then there was the time Schultz presented a report card on APD. Remember this goody?

So when we here that noise coming out of Berry's mouth that says "we know more today than we did yesterday, or the week before..." is he not simply admitting how ignorant he is? It sure sounds like an open confession of idiocy. And frankly, we're sick of hearing about all the PERF reforms Berry and Schultz implemented. Sometimes it's 40 reforms, sometimes it's 60. Well, our Eyes have been working hard on that little gem. You see, the vast majority of those "reforms" were nothing more than things APD should've been doing by their own SOPs and we'll prove it in the days to come. So reporters you're on notice that when you hear that noise come from Berry's mouth about "PERF reforms" that it's nothing short of saying "yeah they reminded us we had to do these 37 things..."  Sorry, RJ, you don't get to claim credit for doing stuff you were already supposed to be doing....

And thanks to these people, the rank and file of APD are now faced with the brunt of responsibility to fix their mess.

Lastly, our Eyes correctly pointed out the citizen groups moving forward and dancing around as if APD being taken over by DOJ is a good thing. Get real please. You folks are acting like nothing more than opportunists like disgraced retired APD Lieutenant Scott Lopez. While we appreciate your effort to bring heat on the department, let's have some decorum please, because you're starting to look like this:

"yeah you watch out or we'll get big DOJ on you!"

And let's not forget what Ray Schultz said about his management of APD, and that DOJ would find that he had its "house in order." Ummmmm, not really TaserChief....

Apr 9, 2014

Before the U.S. Department of Justice, the "Leaders" of Albuquerque Speak....


"However, the recent remarks by the police chief in response to the James Boyd shooting on March 16, 2014, demonstrate that more work is needed to change the culture of APD."--DOJ Report

"The pattern or practice of excessive force stems from systemic deficiencies in oversight, training, and policy."--DOJ Report

"APD has failed to abide by these fundamental policing values. We find this failure evident in the following systemic deficiencies: (1) a broken system of internal accountability; (2) inadequate training on use of force, community policing, and constitutional policing; (3) policy deficiencies; (4) an aggressive culture that undervalues civilian safety and discounts the importance of crisis intervention; and (5) insufficient leadership on tactical operations, community policing, and the importance of accountability to external oversight."--DOJ Report

"The most significant deficiency we observed in the department’s training programs is the over-emphasis on using force, especially weapons, to resolve stressful encounters, and insufficient emphasis on de-escalation techniques."--DOJ Report

"The SWAT commander had not received adequate training and appeared to lack the experience to direct a disciplined and effective SWAT unit"--DOJ Report


"Most likely the DOJ will find that APD has its house in order."--Ray Schultz, 11/27/12

"Our officers are of the highest quality, and receive excellent training."--Ray Schultz, 11/28/12

"We’ve never sat back and waited to be ordered to do something"--Ray Schultz, 9/12/12

“[Regarding DOJ] it is unnecessary in my view to produce additional requests in this regard.”People in Albuquerque, statistically, are as safe as they’ve been in 21 years,” Berry said. “I see a department doing a lot of great work.”--Richard Berry, 8/18/11

"For them to sit there and judge me or the department is wrong until (DOJ investigators) come down with findings."--Allen Banks, 12/28/13

"Everyone with this department wants to do a great job, and we’re all going to press forward to try and continue to make this community proud of us" Allen Banks, 8/4/13

"In law enforcement you’ve got young, good-looking folks that do this job. That’s our target group of employees – 20-, 30-, 40-year-old men and women. We ask them to stay in good shape. There’s nature at play."--Ray Schultz, 7/25/13

"It is apparent that these four councilors have lost their confidence in one of the finest police departments in America."--Richard Berry, 8/13/12

"They were justified."--Gordon Eden, 3/21/14


Apr 8, 2014

The Gap Widens

Last night was called a historic night at Albuquerque's city council meeting because of the huge number of people that bothered to show up and speak their mind regarding the crisis that the city and APD are in.

We at the Eye think it's historic for other reasons. We think, in many ways, it is a new low.

While we appreciate and support citizens expressing themselves, what we saw mostly last night was success by the administration of Berry and Perry. You see, they have changed the dialogue from this matter being about THEIR failures, to one about individual police officers and the previous mayor.

And like true children it seems many are being distracted by bright shiny objects of police shootings, rather than the painful truth that those in power are the real source of tragedy facing this city. From employment, to economy, to education, to crime, to costs, everything is going in the opposite direction this city needs it to be. But nevermind that Berry's handlers say, we'll just preoccupy them with attention of APD's individual problems rather than the institutional issues caused by Berry, Perry, White, and Schultz's neglect.

We found one speaker last night, truly extraordinary. One who really exemplifies the disaster known as the Berry Administration of the Albuquerque. His name is Scott Lopez and here's his picture:

As an APD officer, Mr. Lopez would do whatever he could to avoid taking any dangerous calls, but he always would show up after the dust settled. You see that was his MO. He'd be there after the fact and try to take credit for doing things he didn't do. Our Eyes tell us there's no foot chase he couldn't run away from fast enough and officers would never leave a car to be towed with him for fear he'd steal property out of it (like plasma screen televisions).

As a sergeant, he was known to keep out of any controversial events, would call off officers when anything remotely interesting happened and couldn't discipline people fast enough. If you run his NCIC history you'd see that Mr. Lopez was very busy running the plates of cars driven by attractive women and was generally one of the last sergeants for officers to bid for. As a lieutenant, he claims to have been the incident commander of the Emcore scene. Perhaps we should get the audio of that incident and listen to how Mr. Lopez handled that scene and what he did to the true police officers that day that did what they had to do while Lopez screamed on the air to keep them away.  Then when Schultz gave Slopez, oops, Lopez a position overseeing property crimes, all but APOA vice president Shawn Willoughby, we are told, left the burglary unit because all Lopez was interested in was playing with bait vehicle operations. More shiny bright toys.

Well last night, Mr. Lopez talked down to all the citizens and city counselors who dare criticize APD. He said if you point a gun at a cop you shouldn't be surprised at what happens. While trying to use the opportunity to boost his standing, and let's be real that's all Lopez has been know to do is take advantage of opportunities, Lopez boils things down to one simple fact about those running APD. They LIE. Lopez would have you believe that all of the 37 shootings involve people pointing guns at cops, when they don't. Lopez would have you believe cops are beyond criticism when they are not.

In Lopez's world, as a cop you get to do what you want without any accountability. But you see in that world you get what we've seen for years in APD: No Accountability. With no accountability comes distrust between the department and its officers, the department and its citizens, and the department and other gov't entities. In the is the mindset exemplified by Lopez last night that has got us to where we are right now.

Stay focused people, despite what RJ Berry likes to blab about, the issues of APD and his administration are not caused by single incidents (like the Boyd shooting), they are caused by his neglect and failure to address incidents like that which have happened over and over and over.

It's kinds like when the mayor says he can't attend a historic city council meeting like last night because he's meeting with other community groups. Except he wasn't. Just like he wasn't in Brazil, he wasn't with community groups either last night.....

Apr 5, 2014

Lies, Manipulation, and Deceit: Welcome to Albuquerque DOJ!

****UPDATE Part II****
This just keeps getting richer and richer. Below is a copy of a receipt forwarded to us by one of our Eyes for two 5-star badges disgraced former Albuquerque Public Safety Director Darren White had made for himself. He had a regular badge and a flat wallet-style badge. Since the APD chief of police had 4-stars, we'll leave the speculation to our readers what 5-stars means....

Darren White's Super-Chief Badge, ordered 1/8/2010
Our Eyes also forwarded us the complete unreleased IRO investigation concerning Mr. White. We found some very interesting statements. Since with this badge, Mr. White is holding himself as a law-enforcement officer, why would he be so concerned about "absolutely not" using his city issued unmarked car's siren? Why would Darren now distance himself from Ray Schultz whom he considered a "good friend?" As the super chief of the city's emergency services, why would he say, "Paramedics do not transport patients, they only transport City Employees?" Why would Mr. White call a witness to the accident "in follow up?"

In today's (4/6/14) "newspaper," Kent Walz and his board of propagandists go on to list out the causes of APD's problems. They also go on to assert that, of course, RJ Berry is the answer to these problems. In it they assign a whole lot of blame (funny, barely last fall they endorsed Berry's notion that APD is fine and one of the best department's in the country) including:

It's the APOA's fault
It's Marty Chavez's fault
It's hiring of all the officers in 2009 fault
It's APD sergeant's fault.

As Paul Heh said last summer, this is "bullshit." But even more, here is Schultz in 2014 when asked about DOJ:
This is Schultz's expression when asked about DOJ.

True accountability and responsibility for this mess rests with Ray Schultz, Allen Banks, Rob Perry, Darren White, and Richard "RJ" Berry. Make no mistake about it Kent, if not for these persons, APD would not be in the place it is today. If you had any grasp of understanding or intelligence you'd know that the APOA had been all but acting under the total direction and influence of Ray Schultz and Allen Banks. That Marty Chavez has not been mayor for over five years and the rampage of shooting you go on and on about commenced under Berry and White (and we are no Chavez fans for sure). That the vast majority of officers involved in the shootings were NOT hired during the hiring binge. And APD sergeant have no impact on discipline upon the officers when it's any significant incident of misconduct....that falls on the chief.

Berry, Perry, White, Banks, Levy and Schultz created this mess, let it fester, and now that it is clear how bad it is you giving cover to these people is nothing short of disgusting and reveals how truly corrupt you are. Anything for a buck for you and your brother huh Kent...


Ever since RJ Berry was elected mayor back in 2009, the city and it's beleaguered police department have been going from one scandal to another like a frog in festering swamp hopping from one toadstool to another.

We had Darren White from the outset letting Ray Schultz run amok while the new mayor got to test drive his new play-toy, a $1Billion dollar entity called the city of Albuquerque. And while under Schultz APD went on a rampage from unjustified shootings to historic civil rights abuses, White and new city attorney Rob Perry used the crime scene of murdered civil rights attorney Mary Han as a way to consolidate power and placate a defeated state supreme court justice and state Republican operative known as Paul Kennedy.  All while Berry's kids at APD were running and spinning things to distort the reality and conceal facts. Kids like Chris Ramirerz and TJ Wilham.

Oh Eye, that's quite a yearn you say. Surely it's not possible city officials like APD lawyer Kathy Levy and Schultz's public information officers would spin and twist truths would they. And for what reason, I mean DOJ is on our side aren't they?

Frankly, we at the Eye have a hard time "seeing" it as well. Take a look at some recent discussion that were forwarded to us involving former APD PIO Rob Gibbs and some other former APD officers including former Deputy Chief Mike Castro:

Aside from Mr. Castro's remarks aside, former Officer Gibbs (now of the Denver Police Department) confirms what we all know to the be the case. Berry and his pals don't follow rules, they do what they want and at their convenience.

And who would they be going to for guidance in this mess? How, after years of resisting the notion that APD has any problems and that DOJ is not needed because, as disgraced Ray Schulz said, "APD has its house in order" does Berry actually make the claim that DOJ needs to hurry up?

Easy, his highly paid election coordinator has been busy spinning things around. You see, Berry paid his pal Jay McCleskey almost $500,000 in just 2013 alone. You all remember Jason right?
Well between him, and his MMA cheerleader, disgraced Albuquerque Public Safety Director, Darren White they've been very busy pushing Berry this way and that way....
And let's not forget, when it comes to lying and spinning, the silly public figure that just can't do enough to carry the water for these people, is none other than deputy city attorney Kathy Levy. It seems she's been caught in yet another lie (shocking we know). While the Redwine shooting video and the APD Keith Sandy lapel camera video are hot ticket items, Levy has been busy saying she can't release the video because the FBI said no. Of course it's now come out that the FBI said no such thing. Why is it Berry is so quick to say he want's DOJ to hurry up out of one side of his mouth, yet on the other they are continuing to hide and conceal public information?  Liar Levy in a recent press conference...
Lies, spin, ommission, and deception by the leaders of the city of Albuquerque. Business as usual.....This should be an interesting week....

Apr 2, 2014

TO: DOJ; FROM: RJ Berry; RE: We Don't Need You

Funny how things seem to be not what they seem in Albuquerque under the mess created by Berry, Perry, Eden, Banks, and last but not least RAYMOND SCHULTZ. You see we have a little blast from the past. In the days following DOJ's announcement back in November 2012, then APD chief Ray Schultz had the following to say to APD's supervisors and command staff. He presented during his weekly "Chief's Staff" meeting on November 27, 2012:

In light of the comments made by Berry today, are these truly not striking comments? Has the world slipped upside down? Is APD's house truly in order? What say you Albuquerque???

This is a letter Albuquerque mayor RJ Berry (Perry) sent to Mr. Saucedo from DOJ:

What say you Albuquerque????

Apr 1, 2014

2014 Recruiting Binge: History Repeats Itself

Over the last few days, the braintrusts on the 11th and 5th floors have been planning the unveiling of their "dynamic" new recruiting plan called: APD Recruting for the New Millennium.

Well as we all sit in the mist of last weekend's CS gas, an Eye in city hall forwarded us this little manual from our friends at DOJ that talks about...recruiting and retention in the new millenium. The irony does not miss us at the Eye nor does the absence of any original ideas from our friends at Albuquerque City Hall. 

There has been much talk about $40,000 sign on bonuses for new/lateral officers. The idea of these bonuses while existing APD union members languish under a pay rate that's slipped backward since Berry took, well, we mean Perry took the reigns of the city's government, is unsettling to say the least.

As the Eye is always looking to help folks, to save you from reading the 100+page manual, your loveable Eye will summarize the basic elements of the New Millennium plan. You see much of it is built on solid principals and concepts that for whatever reason our friends known as Berry/Perry seem to think don't apply in the Albuquerque for many of these concepts were eliminated by Berry/Perry...

According to our friends at the RAND Institute and COPS office of the DOJ:

A solid retention and recruiting plan has three core elements: Planning & Analysis, Financial Impact Reduction, and Enhancing Compensation & Other Benefits.

Planning & Analysis: Employers need to ensure what are the demographic trends, workload demands, job satisfaction, morale, exit & stay interviews, eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy, terminate unnecessary staff, improve communication, conduct job surveys, employ the right type of supervisors, and identify at-risk employees.

In other words: Know what you have.

Financial Impact Reduction: Offer realistic job previews and ride-alongs, employ laterals, provide apprentice programs, and employ part-time staff.

In other words: Make due with less training and reduce upfront overhead (aka academy).

Enhancing Compensation & Other Benefits: Increased & flexible compensation programs, longevity pay, quality training and state of the art equipment, tuition & housing reimbursement, job sharing, alternate or compressed work schedules, multiple career ladders, child care, fitness facilities, and take home cars.

In other words: Be competitive.

All of this sounds great but there's one problem here in the land of Berry/Perry:

You see, it's this person, RJ Berry who, and his buddy Toto Perry, who have led APD to where it is. Regardless of where you stand on the events of this past weekend, a city such as Albuquerque needs a healthy police force. And thanks to this person, APD is an the threshold of becoming a sub-unit of the US Department of Justice. So however great these ideas are, and lets be honest APD used to have all of them, it's all fiction. And Berry's ideas have about as much originality, as well, nothing.

Here's a link to the manual if you'd like to read it for yourself:

P.S. Keep your Eyes open for a very interesting story coming soon regarding APD's Academy that is sure to make waves. A story that builds upon the news we broke a few weeks ago......