The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Oct 25, 2014

Watching the Watchers Watchers Part II

The Eye received the following from retired APD Captain David Gilmore. It seems Kent Walz has now put the k'bash on Mr. Gilmore as well. So much for freedom of the press when your largest account is with the administration paying you right Ken and Jerry?

"APD's usage of the lapel cameras for the often stated purpose of transparency is simply out of control. According to the Journal's story(8-27-14) the officers are spending up to 20% of each shift ,uploading and logging footage they record.  An officer working an eight hour shift or 480 minutes minus 30 minutes for lunch is now down to 450 minutes to handle calls for service.  Of those 450 minutes we can subtract the 20% or 90 minutes and find the officer is now working only 360 minutes or 6 hours of an 8 hours shift. This means he/she is spending one and a half hours of not doing what he/she is on the streets to do, protect you and me.  For argument sake let us say that 380 officers work the  streets and the minimum pay for a Patrolman 1/C is $26.00 per hour.  An officer is now tspending 7 1/2 hours a week or 375 hours a year at the cost of $195 per week or $9,750 per year to care for his videos.  Applying the hours and costs to the 380 officers on a yearly basis we end up with APD mandating the officers to spend 142,000 hours a year and $3,705,000 on "transparency tapes".  To make matters worse these figures do not include the roughly 600 other sworn officers/supervisors/command personnel that are required to utilizes the video system nor the time and cost to retrieve them for the news media and attorneys.

Unless these cameras are run from the start of the shift until the end, officers will forget to turn them on or not have time to engage them during spontaneous/threatening incidents.  We need to merely recall how Chief Schultz and Deputy Chief Banks failed to turn theirs on during their use of force at a State Fair parade.  Should APD insist on using the cameras they should fall under the same guidelines as the tape recorders of the past did.  That being they would be used for a short list of calls that were enumerated in the SOP, and the officers should be held to accountable for the recordings.

Personally I do not want to be video taped by anyone to include law enforcement.   I am sure this holds true for many citizens, witnesses and victims of crimes.  Nor do people want the inside of their homes video taped.  There are even some discussions with the criminal element better left not being taped.  The  issue of anonymity in reporting a crime has now  become a problem.   I am being told that Metro Court judges are now dismissing cases with no video, if that is the case shame on them as they should not need a video to decide guilt or innocence.   For those who insist on running these tapes from the beginning to the end of the shift consider the following.  Would you take a position that required the taping of your entire workday for 25 years?  The officers have a certain right to privacy, to be able to have personal and frank discussions between themselves, to blow off steam.   I had often wondered if APD's overly aggressive taping was the result of supervision issues? 

As for the Ferguson, Mo. shooting I am sure that the other investigative tools that have been used for decades will resolve the issue.  Let us not forget the video is only a tool and cannot relate an officers state of mind during a critical incident. Between the lapel camera issue and the "historic legislation" pertaining to the new police oversight agency that some members of the city council are so proud of is it no wonder the morale and work ethic of many APD officers continue on a downward spiral"

--David M. Gilmore (APD Captain, Retired)

Oct 23, 2014

Officer? What Officer? and PIO? What PIO?

Well aside from there being a massive departure of officers and city lawyers (Tourek and Wardlaw), now our Eyes tell us the illustrious Janet Blair has "resigned" as well. Hmm, but as usual, nothing is simple with our braintrust running the city. Below are the two statements concerning Ms. Blair's departure:

Hmmmm, something tells us there's a problem. One of our other Eyes seems to have cracked the case. You see, below on the left is Ms. Blair at a recent interview with Chris Ramirez. But on the left, is a person who suspiciously looks very similar to Ms. Blair. Could it be, Ms. Blair is a cast member of the Blair Witch Project 5: Return to Albuquerque?

It's Saturday morning, do you know where your APD command staff is? Heck, with 200 officers headed out the door, do you know where any cops are?
The cultural problems, along with all other problems, at APD begin and end with its leaders.  Our commanders, past and present, have acted more like caretakers than policy makers.  Certainly a city the size of Albuquerque has at least one command staff officer on the clock 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Not on call, but actually working.  If you make this assumption you would be wrong.  At APD, when you get promoted to Lieutenant you get weekends off.  APD has almost 1,000 officers, and we have had horrible incidents that beg for a command staff officer to lead, but by design, Schultz, Banks, Eden do not require any command staff officers to work weekends.  Imagine if our military didn't have officers working on weekends, it makes no sense.
Do you want examples where we needed command staff officers as incident commanders?  Let's provide two. 
October 28, 2013, Chris Chase goes on a shooting spree throughout Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.  Wounding several law enforcement officers and almost killing one Bernalillo County Sheriff deputy.  This incident lasted almost 30 minutes and went from the South Broadway area, through the North Valley, into Los Ranchos, finally ending at 4th and Montano.  This incident only came to an end because Chris Chase wrecked his car.  APD had no plan to stop him.  Why?  Because at APD when you become a Lieutenant you no longer work on weekends.  For all of you DoJ attorneys and outside media folks that read this blog, read this a second time.  The Albuquerque Police Department by design does not have any command staff officers working on Saturday's and Sunday's.  It's a perk for becoming part of the command staff.  During the Chris Chase incident all we had was a young sergeant, who was part of the pursuit, as the highest ranking officer.  We had a lot of first responders, APD officers, BCSO, APS Police, etc respond but read this again, the person in command was the APD sergeant who was also in the pursuit.  If an incident screamed for a Command Staff officer to step up and run it, Chris Chase is that incident.  You cannot expect a first line supervisor (sergeant) to coordinate a response that includes several different area commands and at least three different agencies.  No sergeant is prepared for, or trained for, something like this.  Coordinating this type of response is belongs to the command staff, but they were all at home.
Move forward to March 21, 2014, the James Boyd shooting.  During this seven hour incident the highest ranking officers were again, sergeants.  From the reports released by APD we had a field services sergeant and a SWAT sergeant.  Yet when you read through the huge APD investigation it becomes clear that no one was actually in charge.  We had FSB, SWAT, K9, ROP, NMSP and Open Space at this scene, yet not one command staff officer was there.  The command staff officer who would have been the "incident commander"; who would have be accountable for making a plan and it's implementation; was at home enjoying his weekends off.  The Boyd scene, just like the Chase incident, had no leader, no one in charge.
You can point a finger at the officers at the James Boyd incident but the actual fault is found in the organization of the Albuquerque Police Department.  By not requiring a Command Staff officer to be on the clock, working, every day of the week, 24 hours a day, we set ourselves up for failure.  A command staff officer should have been present and in command at the Boyd incident.  That way everyone would know who was making the plan, what the plan was, and who would be accountable.  But at APD is any command staff officer ever held accountable?  When was the last time a command staff officer was ever given a day off for an IA issue?  It doesn't happen at APD.  This lack of command staff officers being assigned to work weekends is done by design.  If they are not present they can't be held accountable. 
APD command staff officers are more like caretakers than leaders.  This is because of the twenty year pension and the culture at the top of APD.  Most command staff officers make their move into command in the later part of their career.  They realize that if all they do is keep quiet and support the status quo, they will get their three high years for pension and get out.  Don't believe me?  Just look at 2005, only nine years ago?  Are any of those command officers (remember this is lieutenant and above) still around?  No.  We can only hope that the change to PERA, making a 25 year pension for new hires and allowing current workers to work almost 30 years for 90%, will help APD to keep command staff officers around longer than just getting their high three.  But until APD command staff officers decide to bravely step up and dissent with the status quo, nothing will change.  Until APD command staff officers step forward and put their reputations / careers on the line by working to change the system at APD, nothing will change.  APD command staff officers do not want to rock the boat.  They want to get their 20 years, with their large pensions, and get out. 
APD Command staff officers (lieutenant, captain / commander, major, deputy chief and chief) are still not scheduled to work weekends, I guess Berry/Eden are waiting for the DoJ to tell them crime occurs on Saturday and Sunday. 
Final note to Chief Eden.  We know you have an abundance of experience running a large police department, sic, but if you swallow your pride and take our advice start having command staff officers working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Make them accountable.  Furthermore, you must set up a training system that prepares all APD officers to handle critical incidents.  This training must be incorporated into the MOE training and be held yearly / continually for all APD officers.  This is not the type of training that Joe Wolfe could do.  Wolfe was never a police officer.  This training should involve all APD officers, from top to bottom, everyone is critiqued on the job they are doing.  This will show you where APD is doing it right and where APD is doing it wrong.  It will show you who, in command, is an actual leader and prepared to handle critical incidents and who will need additional training to get up to speed.  Do it now, don't wait for the DoJ.  Your Eye fears for all officers and citizens that another Chris Chase or James Boyd incident is on the horizon, do something now to prepare your officers to handle it.  Chief Eden you can fix this, or you can do nothing and history will hold you accountable.  The choice is yours, Chief Eden, are you a caretaker or are you brave enough to take responsibility and make the changes now?
--Desert Hawk

Oct 13, 2014

Who is Watching the Watchers Watchers?

***Breaking News..Our Eyes tell us certain command personnel are saying FBI agrees with APD's investigation that Boyd shooting was justified....

Just like every other great idea coming out of the 5th Floor braintrust, our Eyes tell us that any day now, our sheltered mayor will be presenting the $50,000 report authored by a UNM professor about how APD should be using it's office mounted cameras. You see, this being the city of Albuquerque, Rob and Rich (that's Perry/Berry) have no problem robbing money from the general fund to make others rich. Especially when there are plenty of other example SOPs already in successful operation throughout the country.

But in the spirit of promoting Rob and Rich's transparency, we thought your loveable Eye should weigh in on the matter. Because an SOP that covers how officers "shall" use body cameras really isn't complete unless it truly is a comprehensive SOP. And with so much talk about officers, isn't it time that the leaders of APD step up to the plate and be required to model appropriate behavior? We mean, with so much questionable behavior by those wearing stars-n-bars, shouldn't they be required to have their own special set of SOPs as well?

Such additions we recommend to the Command Staff Body Camera Policy, free of charge we might add, are:

1. All officers SHALL operate their body cameras at all Chief's staff meetings.

2. All officers SHALL operate their body cameras when meeting with subordinates.

3. All officers SHALL operate their body cameras when sending text messages.

4. All officers SHALL operate their body cameras when in presence of TJ Wilham.

5. All officers SHALL operate their body cameras when in presence of Rob Perry.

6. All officers SHALL operate their body cameras when in the presence of cadets.

7. All officers SHALL operate their body cameras when in the presence of APD Academy director Joe Wolf.

8. All officers SHALL operate their body cameras when in the presence of city legal personnel.

You see the reasoning for these policies for command staff and above is simple. If these SOPs had been in place we wouldn't have had the department exposed to lies about crime rates & staffing issues, sexual harassment upon female officers, the sending of text messages with images of male genitals by lieutenants, the general embarrassment of TJ Wilham, the drunken rages of the city's highest paid employee, the hazing and sexual harassment of cadets, the endless misconduct of the city's academy director, and of course the gross lies of the city's legal office.

In short, and as we've been told by our friends on patrol, it's not the officers out taking calls that have caused the mess APD is's its leaders.

So, here's some advice the transparency model you advertise yourself to be, video it ALL!

If there are any subsections of this SOP we missed, please loyal readers, let us know!

Oct 7, 2014

Three Chiefs

It's been a year since APD's disgraced former "chief" Ray Schultz resigned from the troubled department to take his place with Taser International as he goes around hustling a product that seems to be on everybody's "don't get list." Of course, in the eight years Schultz oversaw APD, the department now mired in such a mess it overshadows the Ferguson, Missouri police department in disgraceful management, not once was there any public criticism of Schultz by the state's largest paper, the Albuquerque Journal.

Schultz was routinely praised by the paper and its chief editor Kent Walz for being "the right type of leader" or "the right man for the job." Yet, time and time again we saw Schultz publicly stumble when he was caught lying, held responsible in the courts, or even when he turned on his own officers. So finally, with the DOJ on the front porch, the brain-trust of Berry/Perry sent Schultz packing because, hey, it was an election year and nothing looks better than having a black chief.

In came Allen Banks and waddya know, as devious as Schultz was, Banks was just incompetent. His level of ineptitude grew to such proportion that he was not allowed to do any press conferences because aside from being unable to string a simple sentence together, his mouth dried up to such levels he could talk with out smacking his lips. But still, while Banks held the top chair on the 5th Floor, our pal Kent Walz continued to land endless praise on Banks for being the hometown southvalley kid that did good by taking over APD. We even had a year ending piece praising Banks by his old highschool basketball coach.  But little did we know that Banks had been traveling to Round Rock, Texas, to let his feet show what he really felt about the city he professed he so "loved."

Then came in Mr. Eden. He was chosen over at least three other command level police officers from Texas who had put in for the top job at APD. While not having been a cop for decades and not having any experience running a police department, our sturdy braintrust of Perry/Berry brought in the golden boy to take over the fix APD. But the funny thing is, since day one, our buddy Kent has really not liked Mr. Eden.  In story after story, and editorial after editorial (most recently this weekend's here: Mr. Walz has made it clear that while Schultz is the one who made a mess of APD, it is Eden who is left holding the bag.

What does this mean for Mr. Eden? Could it be that his departure is now inevtiable like our Eyes are telling us and that DCOP Bob Huntsman is soon to put on the coveted 5th star and become APD's chief? Maybe.

You see, what strikes us as funny is not so much that the paper is taking Eden to task, is that their bias is so obvious. Where was this scrutiny for Schultz and Banks? After all they created this mess! The funny thing is, in New Mexico, the truth is in the the details. And our Eyes have been see it looks like Mr. Walz was highly indebted to Schultz. It has little to do with the Southwest Cyber Companions. Rather it has a lot to do with two young fellows named Jordan and Devon. Maybe it's time their police reports are pulled because from what we've seen, it sure looks like there's been some suspiciously favored treatment. And yeah, they're Kent's adult kids.

Look folks we're not giving Eden a pass, but we are saying let's be fair and when we ask which one of these chiefs is not like the others, things are much more subtle and corrupt than they appear....

Sep 30, 2014

"F***en" Lunatic Chinese Penis!

The networks came out swinging at APD and Berry, complaining how they are not saying anything about the new Boyd shooting evidence.  And after almost two days of hiding, and Berry being not "Transparent," he and Eden came out of their bunker.  I guess they had rehearsed their story long enough to Janet Blair's satisfaction.

But let's not forget, it was good ole Jane who fled from KOB's Chris Ramirez. (OK, we've been hard on Chris in the past, like him or not he pushed on this and did well.) Blair looked angry and stomped off.  Please tell us why we are paying her $100,000 per year?

What a mess and at Balloon Fiesta! Maybe there will be a surprise balloon in the special shapes rodeo, something that commemorates this latest fiasco.

And what is of this safeword silliness? Really? Sorry folks, this is a distraction technique. Watch, this APD "hazing culture" will become the big issue and Detective Sandy is another victim.

It sounds like ROP needs to be disbanded. They have become a wanna be SWAT team and they are not doing what they were created to do.  What are they supposed to do?  They are supposed to be targeting career criminals and doing arrest warrants, search warrants, testifying in court and putting bad criminals back in prison.

Our Eyes tell us all they seem to be doing is running around like a SWAT team, showing up at SWAT calls and serving someone else's arrest warrants. The department should spend a year studying where ROP went off the cliff and set up safeguards to ensure it doesn't happen again.  In a year bring ROP back but with stringent rules over what they should and should not be doing and a brand new set of detectives who actually know how to do undercover work, warrants and present and testify in criminal cases. While we think about it, time to get rid of Commander Les Brown who oversees ROP, he failed.

Furthermore Eden should start replacing the SWAT team. Yeah we said it, enough is enough.  They can't / won't run their cameras.  They seem out of control and Eden needs to regain control of them.  Start by immediately replacing the Commander Joe Christman of SWAT and slowly replace everyone else in SWAT over the next year or so.  APD should develop a new training program for SWAT officers, one that stresses less-lethal weapons, patience and teamwork.  That doesn't mean they don't need deadly force training for those incidents like Emcore and Chris Chase, but the majority of incidents are not like that and we need to move our SWAT team in a different direction.  The number of incidents where a SWAT team needs to assault a scene or where we have an active shooter are very few, the majority of SWAT events are already contained by uniform patrol officers, we need to take a hard look at SWAT and ask are they causing certain situations to move in the wrong direction?

Oddly enough, we're not saying anything new.  Eden should know this?  Berry said he could hit the ground running at APD?  But all we see Eden and Berry doing now is running away from any camera.  Where are the dynamic changes at APD?  Berry hired Blair and Huntsman but still the status quo goes on, no changes, just hiding and stonewalling.

Albuquerque is in a leadership vacuum, that giant sucking noise coming from the 5th and 11th floors are destroying this great city. This is just more of the consequences of Ray "Nature at Play" Schultz. Speaking of which, where's Mr. Taserman been lately? Our Eyes tell us he hasn't been seen at his favorite gym in a while....

Sep 29, 2014

Eyes from Barelas: Where is AFD?

We find lots of interesting things in our mailbox. Sadly it's not like Christmas, but more like Halloween with tricks or treats. A faithful reader sent us the following little treat this weekend. You see, it seems that no matter how the braintrust on the 11th Floor of City Hall tries to play games, the citizens of Albuquerque are wise to their little tricks.

Dear EYE,

I am a tax paying citizen of the Barelas community. I want to know why AFD is using a pumper truck in place of a ladder truck to serve our part of town. The last time I checked, the tall buildings are downtown. What the hell is going on with this city? A few weeks ago I saw we don't have enough firemen on our trucks and now we don't even have trucks! How the hell is the truck in this picture going to save anyone in a building downtown?  APD is a disgrace, AFD is short staffed and doesn't have trucks, Albuquerque is dead last in the entire county in job growth and New Mexico is now number one in child poverty. WTF is going on! 

Signed, Disgusted Barelas Resident 

Sep 23, 2014

On the Eve of a Consent Decree, Not a Creature was Stirring...

Our Eyes tell us that in the not too distant future, the fate of the state's largest police department in the state's largest city will be presented before all who have been waiting since last April. Ironically, or maybe not so, what comes forward of the consent decree between the City of Albuquerque and the United States Department of Justice will have been negotiated by outsides. As much as our good buddy Jerry Walz likes to brag about his influence on things, what the reality is APD's fate has been decided by a duo from Cincinnati and a crew from Washington D.C.

Which makes us wonder is there anything that could happen where the people in power here in Albuquerque, or Santa Fe for that matter, will EVER be held accountable?

A year ago during the mayoral race we were told the city's economic struggles were all but over. Yet here we are and things are worse.

We were told APD was one of the best department's in the country, a place where people come to learn from. In reality it's an example of what not to do.

We were told that candidates Dinelli and Heh were naysayers about the city and that all was great. Yet the only thing Albuquerque has led is it's national recognition as place the preceded Ferguson, Missouri, in police violence and a place where the city's CAO shows up at shooting scenes drunk.

We were told that crime was down and was continuing to fall. Yet in reality its continued to rise.

We were told that Richard Berry loved his city employees. Yet he hires temps faster than permanent employees and cuts the workforce.

So many promises have been broken and so much scorn has been thrown at those who dare challenge the status quo of such hypocrisy, it makes one wonder if it truly is not time for change in Santa Fe for simply the sake of change.

Folks like the disgraced former Public Safety Director Darren White love to do nothing but point out the lint on the shoulders of others while disregarding the nakedness of host. We've not been impressed by AG King during his tenure in office. But we've been sourly disgusted by the rank and foul conduct by the current occupant of the governor's office. But hey, we're the Eye, tell us how you really feel.

One thing is for certain, once this consent decree comes out, not much is gonna change.