The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

May 25, 2016


Everyone has the right in The United States to peaceful protest no matter what the issue. Peaceful not RIOT!

The riot at The Donald Trump Rally was a disgrace to The City Of Albuquerque and The State Of New Mexico.  You may ask yourself where was Mayor Berry denouncing the RIOT?  Where was Governor Martinez, was she with the rioters throwing snowballs and beer bottles? 

A message to the rioters, if you want to fly The Mexican flag, then take it back to Mexico!  If you plan to stay in The United States after sneaking in and living off all the free benefits this Country provides to you at the cost to all legal citizens, take that Mexican Flag and shove it up where the sun doesn't shine!  Where was Chief Eden during the RIOTS? Hiding under his desk? 

Why did you Eden allow our Officers to handle a Riot MANY WITHOUT PROPER EQUIPMENT?  Our Officers stood their ground protecting those attending the rally while they were pelted with rocks, bottles, and fire bombs.  Rioters injured several Officers  and a horse while destroying Police Vehicles and Windows at The Convention center.  Eden why don't you stand in front of us and let us hit you with rocks? Better IDEA, JUST RESIGN YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE UNIFORM. 

We at THE EYE could not believe only one arrest was made.  Anyone who threw a rock or anything at an Officer should of been arrested on Felony Charges of Assault or Battery on a Police Officer.  Were the Police ordered not to make arrests?  We at THE EYE are completely disgusted. Thank you to all Albuquerque Police Officers who once again put your lives on the line for us.

May 17, 2016

APD; Where the bad apples are the high hanging fruit.

We here at the Eye are constantly being sent information regarding the out of control corruption plaguing the city of Albuquerque. This time... we are only going to fill in the holes, while you, the reader, are given the information needed to form your own opinion, and see what is going on and why.

Attached, are documents outlining an attack on a woman, police officer, and mother, that occurred over three years ago. That case was dismissed on the grounds for a right to a speedy trial. Although everyone is believed to be innocent, until proven guilty, people do not get broken or swollen noses, lumped heads, fractured eye cavities, and bruised necks and arms, all at once, by sitting at home, watching their children.

The person accused of this crime was able to obtain a job as a hearing judge for Work Force Solutions, shortly after being charged with this felony. Funny thing is, he left the fact that he resigned, in lieu of being terminated from the Albuquerque Police Dept., for being indicted from his employment application for this job. Lying through omission? Now everyone in this state should know that this person has been hearing cases to decide wether or not former employees should be granted unemployment benefits.

An LEA-90 was filed on the defendant in this matter, back in 2013. The LEA board has been known for much disparity in their handling of cases concerning bias, and disparity in doled out discipline, based on who is the target, and who they are connected to, or know. Three years has gone by without any action on this person's certification, while other officers across the state have been revoked for much less, in a fraction of three years. This is interesting, because these hearings operate based on preponderance of the evidence, and APD's stance on the record in these matters is one in which they believe that you are still guilty civilly, and that merely having your criminal case dismissed, or not pursued, does not mean that what you were accused of did not happen. Obviously, not in this matter. Gordon Eden has stated that there are officers on the job that shouldn't be there, but he sits on his hands concerning certain cases. That is a fact. Do not be surprised to see where this is going people.

There is a pattern within APD of covering for those who promote the administration's agenda, are friends with high ranking city officials, OR WHO KNOW THINGS, ESPECIALLY BAD THINGS THAT COULD HURT THOSE ABOVE THEM. Knowing things is extremely helpful.

If you read the reports, you can see where the defendant was dropped off at Marble Brewery "with some friends" at 15:00 by the complainant. Those "friends" were Alex Catsis, who is a sergeant in APD SWAT, Troy Luna, who was with APD, but is now retired, and with HIDTA, a government drug trafficking enforcement agency, and Joseph Christman, who is currently a commander with APD, one of the next in line for a deputy chief position, and friends with CAO Robert Perry.

Our Eyes are telling us that individuals within the department have been very supportive of this individual, as they have been with Lieutenant Brachle, and officer Kieth Sandy.

Our Eyes are also telling us that the defendant in this case has a backup plan, in case he does not get his job back with APD. That backup plan involves obtaining employment with CIT inc., the counseling and training "non profit" that is operated by Troy Rodgers, and Leah Kelly Acata who is a current APD officer. That company was recently denied a contract with the city, for conflict of interest. This employment would have a job description of counseling officers, and training them in CIT (crisis intervention) matters. Again, read these reports, and see if you agree that this is how things are supposed to be.

The cozy relationship this twisted organization has had with certain reporters will soon be outed, as we here at the Eye continue to connect the dots. Standby, as we will be addressing some very disturbing issues in the not too distant future.

Some apples may be a little harder to reach, but our ladders are getting longer and longer.

Keep reading our humble Eye, and support the Albuquerque Free Press, the only paper not sanctioned by a bitter City CAO. Stop remaining silent. We encourage all employees to speak out, and post your comments. Let them all know that their behavior is over, by continuing to spread the damaging truth. It is not disrepute, when it is true, no matter how this dictatorship wants to spin it.

May 12, 2016

Money Money MONEY

Western Albuquerque Land Holding LLC, is the company that wants to build the Santolina development on the west side. The development will cover 14,000 acres and will be a small city.  We at The EYE wonder who is going to buy the homes and fill the businesses ?  Where is the water going to be supplied from and at who's expense, taxpayers ?  Who is going to be paying for the infrastructure, roads, electric power, natural  gas, sidewalks, ect. ect..

Once again is it us the taxpayer. Santolina, why ? With virtually no population growth in New Mexico we again ask the question who is going to buy homes and fill the businesses ?  But wait in typical Albuquerque City Government the fix is in and we the tax payers are going to pay for it, BIG TIME.  An article in The Albuquerque Free Press breaks it down for you. It was in the January 27 2016 addition, worth reading in full. Here are the highlights. Seems that A.L.H. LLC is owned by Barclays Capital Real Estate and has been working behind the scenes since 2011  with city officials  to have the city purchase 13,644 acres for a cost of $33.1 million dollars for use as open space. The land is near the Rio Puerco miles from the city. So enter Matt Schmader, open space manager for the city. Schmader has been working closely with asset manager for AHL Garrett Development Corp. to purchase the land. Land that AHL can not use due to the fact it is not suitable for development. Garrett even gives Schmader ideas how the city can afford the land by raising sales taxes and property taxes, and having a public relations campaign.  Well Mr. Schmader what is in it for you ?  Better yet what is in it for us nobody's ? 

Of course we at The EYE know that Mayor Berry knows nothing about this, now don't we.

May 2, 2016


During World War 2 we had Tokyo Rose. During the Vietnam war, we had Hanoi Hannah. Here, we have a little yellow stained rag, known to us as the Albuquerque Urinal (Journal). The epitome of free speech should be the people's source for fair, and balanced information. This information should be objective, and without agenda. If any single entity knows the value of the 1st amendment, it should be a newspaper. With this in mind, a newspaper should be the one putting out facts about what is truly happening, and supporting the fight for transparency, and freedom of speech. Instead we have the Albuquerque Urinal, and their Editorial board of whores, providing cover, by any means necessary, for a corrupted, and criminal city administration..... AGAIN... Our own little Hanoi Hannah.

Pure evil, and perversion knows no bounds when it comes to protecting itself. One of the most heinous acts perpetrated in conflict, is the use of citizens, and innocent children to hide behind. In Iraq, the insurgents hid behind the populace. In Vietnam, the Viet Cong used women and children to hide behind, and in all of these conflicts, there were the voices of propaganda and lies, intentionally misinforming the masses for their benefit. Through the years, nothing has changed, because we still have perverts right here in Albuquerque, promoting the violation of people's civil rights, while using children to hide behind, in the ongoing conflict against public corruption; they are the Mayor Richard J. Berry, and his coward CAO Robert Perry. These two have orchestrated every leak to the media that benefitted themselves, while threatening an information blackout to any media outlet that dares to report on their misconduct. This is being done in order to obstruct justice by distracting, misleading, lying, and delaying, to protect themselves, and promote their agenda. They have attempted to influence the outcomes of trials, hearings, and government decisions by calling their contacts at the Urinal, just prior to these actions coming to fruition, just like they did days before the Hindi hearing, until they got caught. They are the problem here. They are the wrong, and there are no limits to their parasitic behavior, or the behavior of the infrastructure that supports them, namely the editorial board of the Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal, as seen in the below piece of trash recently written by them.

Dan Lewis commented that the Boy Scouts had to leave the city council meeting without having their say, because of "drama and delay" and the Urinal decided to use this to further their agenda by tugging at the heart strings of readers, and painting city government the victim for playing tit for tat with citizens who have served this country more than they ever have, or will. There is no drama in standing silently, and holding an American flag, but since a few city officials had their feelings hurt, they feel the need to create drama. These same city officials could choose to remain quiet, and act like the public servants they are supposed to be, but they decide to play cowardly juvenile games, out of their own personally driven animus. This is what creates the drama. If the usual city government suspects did not arrogantly taunt citizen attendees by smirking at them, insulting them, and threatening them, there would be no drama. If there was accountability for the blatant corruption, there would be no outrage or drama. If certain city council members did not blow off citizens concerns with bored looks, and an attitude of "next," there would be no drama. If citizens actually had a say that mattered, and there were actions taken on their concerns, there would be no drama. City council decided to end a meeting, because one old Military Veteran known as Silvio Dell'Angela, decided not to be bullied, and because of that decision by City Council, those Boy Scouts did not get their chance to speak. Make no bones about it, the problem is personal. Looking at it as the Urinal looks at things, one could conclude that those boy scouts were denied their right to free speech, because of the ongoing corruption within city government, and those Boy Scouts are collateral damage of that very same public corruption. They were caught in the middle of a fight between right and wrong, just like those innocent women and children. No, the Urinal sees this as a way to vilify those speaking out against the corruption, and to blame them for the lack of progress. They blame one old man with a flag, to cover for dozens of criminals who walk on everyone, while continuing to fill their pockets. One needs to look no further than the seats filled in city council meetings, by malfeasants like the APD upper command staff, sitting there with their arms crossed, looking at their cell phones not caring, the city attorney, smirking at citizens in order to provoke them, or the Chief Administrative Officer sitting there drunk, to see what the real problem is here.  But perhaps the most evident, is that which is never there, the worthless mayor of this city in meltdown, Richard J. Berry.

The Urinal's behavior is collusion with this corrupt administration. With every cowardly, anonymous article, the editorial board publishes, they prove their agenda, and do a disservice to society. It is no better than a tabloid. They are dishonorable, and now they use children for their agenda. We are not surprised.

While we were writing this article, we were advised that funding to the Police Oversight Committee has been cut in direct retaliation for their findings in the Brachle case. We all know the city's penchant for retaliation, in remembering the termination of Zane Reeves for the Perea decision, the vindictive behavior exhibited towards the media for exposing the corruption, by cutting them off from information, and the retaliatory acts committed every day, towards employees and citizens, by overgrown criminal crybabies, who are unfit for the positions they hold. Robert Perry committed extortion, when he threatened Professor Reeves to change his verdict in a personnel board hearing case. He was never held accountable for that, despite judge Nan Nash's decision that the termination of Reeve's contract was illegal. John Corvino was retaliated against, and pushed out of a department he loved by a retaliatory lying group of thugs. This conduct only stops when they know they are caught, and they are facing a losing battle. THEN they throw your tax money at it.  Although the DoJ is present, the city administration continues to lie, and conceal, as with the recent in custody death cover up at the Pho Restaurant, that violated the APD MOU with the District Attorney's office, causing DoJ reform alarms to sound.

The conflict of interest, CIT INC. no bid contract gig is up, because they got caught. These people commit blatant acts, and are arrogant about it. Imagine what it would be like with the office in charge of accountability in the pockets of the culprits responsible for this mess. Thank God Robin Hammer was not appointed to the ABQ Inspector General position.

If we all do our part, No more Boy Scouts will have their rights violated by a corrupt administration, and the future will be safer for all of our children. Keep shining the light. Boycott the Albuquerque Urinal. Do not buy it. Speak out about the perverts there who would have you believe that old men, and children are a threat to our 1st Amendment  rights. Read the Albuquerque Free Press, and keep fighting.

Here is one of the recent ABQ Free Press works of real journalis, exposing more of the lies within this criminal enterprise.

It has been a while since the last story was posted, but a lot has come to our attention.

For instance, when a police department seeks out new training curriculums, these curriculums must meet state mandated guidelines, so that there is uniformity across the board with what officers are, and are not allowed to do. NOT HERE FOLKS. Even under the DoJ consent decree, those within APD continue to do whatever they want, whenever they want. APD tactical units have been training at Jackson's MMA. Nothing against Jacksons, but if something seems odd, we here at the Eye shine light on it. Our eyes have told us that Joe Christman (you remember him from the former APD Sgt/PIO Pat Ficke incident where Christman drove Ficke home when he was intoxicated and then beat his wife to near death right?) has been seen scouting out new places for APD tactical units to train at. He was seen at Jackson's, and several APD tactical units have been seen training at Jacksons. The problem here is the same problem that APD training at Department of Defense installations poses. It is not the military, nor are the streets a cage. And just who is paying for this training? It does not end there folks. There is an appearance of impropriety and leniency. It has come to the Eye that several professional fighters at Jacksons are convicted felons. Not just any convicted felons, but violent convicted felons. Jackson's MMA, and UFC fighter Diego Brandao was recently arrested for attacking bouncers in Knockouts strip bar, then pointing a gun at them. Willie Parks, another fighter from Jackson's, just got sentenced to 10 years in prison for felony domestic violence. In 2013, fighter Melvin Guillard was convicted of aggravated battery, and his sentence was deferred. He dodged over 300 days of jail time for that 2010 case involving a bar fight. Previously he received probation in 2007 for drug charges, and was arrested in 2008 for violating that probation in Houston. The list goes on. Fighter Cody East was indicted for felony domestic violence, and several other charges over the years, including resisting, and obstructing an officer, domestic violence, aggravated battery, and probation violations. Tyler East's record is just as long; trafficking in controlled substances, Aggravated Battery, probation violations, kidnapping, aggravated burglary, false imprisonment, and other charges, up until 2015.

We all remember fighter Jon Jones's contacts with law enforcement, but lets look closer at it. Has he learned, or has a blind EYE been turned to his behavior, because of the appropriate contacts within the system, and the value of the almighty dollar connected to his ability to be viable. Jones faced charges of leaving the scene of an accident, after striking a vehicle with a pregnant woman inside of it, and running away. While on probation for that, he gets caught driving illegally AGAIN. His charges get deferred in that case, and within 24 hours, he is stopped again, and issued more citations. Any one of those is a probation violation, that would result in jail time, but it is wiped away without any consequences, or the bare minimum, because we all know how the corrupted system bows to the almighty dollar. People need to start to ask some serious questions, and connect the dots to the usual suspects, who are constantly connected to what is going on around here. If you don't believe us, just look everything up on NM Courts.  Maybe Darren Knows? After all, he can't get enough of being a hang around over at Jackson's MMA, despite his painful bad back, and severe need to be a medical marijuana user. Maybe someone could answer why the officer, who was doing his job that day, would be accused of being racist for stopping Jones, when he himself is Native American, and tolerated Jones's condescending, disrespectful mouth? Why would this officer face ANY scrutiny at all, considering the sources who have gotten so many free passes at the expense of society.  Maybe we can ask if there is an MOU signed between APD, and Jackson's MMA for this training, and is there still a rule about officers consorting with known felons? We all know that tactical considers themselves above the "meager" field officer. Maybe they have the answer for why they feel the need to train outside of APD curriculum, considering the fact that APD actually has it's own use of force and ground control training. Maybe Bob Huntsman can explain this, because we already know Gordon "YouTube" "I don't think do" Eden will take the fifth, or just play stupid.

Folks, there are several ongoing investigations into this administration, and we will do our best to keep shining the light. Stay tuned. It is going to get very interesting, and this corrupt administration is in for more unhappy camping.

Let's make Albuquerque great again!!!

Apr 13, 2016



We have been fortunate enough to get a hold of this little gem, which provides us a glimpse into the warped, and twisted mouth of madness running the Albuquerque Police Department into the ground.

Here is a letter written by former uniform hanger, SID commander Les Brown. Reading this colorful, fantasy, laced with unicorns, and rainbows, one would think this guy was skipping to the loo, into the sunset, but the fact of the matter is he was running like hell before the Brachle debacle came to a climax after he recommended Brachle's upgrade to acting commander.

The types of people that write these letters can be seen right through, just like those slimy formless jellyfish they resemble. You see, these frauds like to fool everyone into think they are just the greatest folks there could be, when in fact, they were the problem. The audacity they exhibit is beyond imagination and incredible, and like a jellyfish, these people take the form of whatever environment they occupy for the time they are occupying it. This is the reason for why an ex police chief can obtain an assistant police chief job in another police department, while he is being investigated for white collar crimes involving pay to play, no bid sole source contracting, bid rigging, and lying under oath countless times during his career, not to mention timesheet fraud and evidence theft. These same "police executives" can land new, high paying careers in law enforcement after being investigated for things that would destroy the careers of anyone else in any other career, for just being investigated, let alone disciplined for, but not the "police executive." You see, the police executive is beyond reproach, and the police executive is America's new cartel. This is the trending pattern in public corruption these days, and it involves men and women who are only concerned with money, nature at play, and walking on people to get what they want.

The irony in this letter in not the blatant sentimental fraud, but the quitter running away, and telling a liar to essentially keep destroying the place, because that is what is happening. These people are so arrogant and warped that they really think they did well here, when in fact they are the reason The Albuquerque police department is in meltdown. They are the reason for the corruption, and like a cancer, and they are being allowed to spread their way of doing things across the country.

You get an A+ for creative writing Mister Brown. You did not fool us though. We are not into fiction here at the Eye. For you we will revisit an old saying. Adios Donkey!

Until those responsible for the corruption, the turning of a blind EYE, the covering for official corruption, the lying to the public, courts, media, and federal government, the retaliation, the witness tampering, the ongoing manipulation, game playing, and juvenile conduct are made to answer for their conduct, and pay with sanctions on their ability to cash in on their malfeasance, the light shining will never end.

We encourage the outpouring of cooperation in letting the truth run free.

Stand by for the next article, where we will discuss the Albuquerque Urinal, and how they are the Hanoi Hannah of the Berry administration.

Apr 12, 2016

Silent but Deadly (f)ART!

Albuquerque rapid transit project ( A.R.T. ) the project that nobody wants except Berry and his elite power brokers .     

If there is any doubt in your mind all you have to do is attend one of the hostile A.R.T. Meetings where the citizens are calling the City thieves and Gestapo with the City representative yelling back at the citizens they are suppose to represent .  We at the EYE ask where is Berry ?  Does Berry not have the courage to attend the meetings and face the Citizens Of Albuquerque on his pet project ? 

We at The EYE remember all the protests when Berry wanted to build a trail in the Bosque .  Well now that he has been reelected by his power brokers ( MOST OF THE REST OF YOU DON'T VOTE ) he is building the trail.  Berry will do the same with A.R.T. Berry knows he can get away with it because he knows that our Citizens don't vote in local elections. Despite the lawsuits that have been filed A.R.T. will be built putting small business along Central Ave. and the area out of Business.
Neighborhoods will be destroyed  and we at The EYE wonder who is to gain.  The City states they hope to attract more bus riders. REALLY ! You Berry are going to destroy Route 66, destroy small business , and destroy neighborhoods in the hope of attracting more bus riders.  Someone is going to gain big time. 

For years there has been rumors that Mrs. Berry owns a business that supplies temporary workers to the City and that she has construction contracts with the City.  The rumor is very strong among City Employees and this rumor creates a lot of smoke.  Is there fire to go along with the smoke ? Who IS A.R.T. going to fill the pockets of ?  Who are the contractors involved ?   Who donates to Berry for his elections ?  We at The Eye have often wondered why out of State people donate to local elections.  You can bet they want and are receiving something in return.  We at The EYE would like to see someone like The Albuquerque Free Press follow the money.  We at The Eye don't always agree with the Albuquerque Free Press however they are not afraid  to call out the politicians and sine sunlight on their escapades. Albuquerque things will never change until you change and start voting in local elections.