The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Nov 15, 2017


Folks, the hits just keep coming.

Just the day after a pivotal election we are getting information from our Eyes that there is yet another coverup going on.

We all know those at the top within the APD brass are not foreign to retaliation and extortion type tactics, but this is getting silly.

With the retaliatory behavior towards former District Attorney Kari Brandenberg, after she announced she was going to charge APD officers for murder in the foothills shooting, and the recent surreptitious taping of the Federal Monitor James Ginger, what we are about to tell you is totally feasible.

Within the last few weeks there have been ongoing negotiations with the Bernalillo County District Attorney over a possible complaint against an APD Special Investigations Detective. We were advised that weeks ago that this APD detective may have uttered verbal threats of harm to DA Raul Torres over detectives not getting what they wanted from the DA’s office.... something in the lines of an ass beating.

Our Eyes are telling us that this detective is being covered for, because he is connected to Sullivan who runs SID. The word is that Sullivan, Eric Garcia and a few others are trying to squash this after DA Torres had called for a meeting with APD command staff after he was made aware of it.

The kicker here is that after weeks, an Internal Investigation has not been started on this yet because they are trying to sweep this.

It is apparent here that those within APD who have helped promote the disparaging treatment of officers will continue with their antics up until the bitter end.

Thank God we are only two weeks away from the New Mayor taking over.

Nov 14, 2017

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening, By Robert Frost; An Election Night Poem to Tuck Yourselves In to on This Good Night

Whose woods these are I think I know.   
His house is in the village though;   
He will not see me stopping here   
To watch his woods fill up with snow.   

My little horse must think it queer   
To stop without a farmhouse near   
Between the woods and frozen lake   
The darkest evening of the year.   

He gives his harness bells a shake   
To ask if there is some mistake.   
The only other sound’s the sweep   
Of easy wind and downy flake.   

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   
But I have promises to keep,   
And miles to go before I sleep,   
And miles to go before I sleep.
And dirty motherfuckers to bury really deep.


We would like to congratulate Tim Keller, his campaign, the volunteers, and all the voters that made a stand tonight. The right choice was overwhelmingly made. Great things are on the horizon. Stand by for our Post Mortem Election article coming up very soon. Tonight was a good night. Rock the Andaluz. You all deserve it!

Keller Campaign Responds to Last Gasp Effort From Lewis

Below is the response from Keller, in reference to the campaign complaint lodged against him, which by the way has been what Berry and the republicans have done in elections before. This issue is now resolved and defined, as it was not previously. Keller’s handling of this matter was up front, as expected. KRQE explained how it was not intentional, and how Keller was completely transparent. Most other media outlets slanted it as if it was intentional, leaving out the circled portion of the findings.

As usual, the political hacks and boneheads are trying to twist this, leaving out the part of the ruling that shows there was no ill intent here. That is a non issue to us here at the Eye.

Please get out and vote for Tim Keller, because this is the chance to smash two birds with one stone. Lewis will no longer be a city councilor, where he will continue to do nothing, and he will also be prevented from becoming mayor as the new Berry 2.0.

Nobody wants a cocky, arrogant, smug, self server as a mayor. Albuquerque is tired of the bully mentality in office. This pompous clown has smacked public safety workers in the face by saying the rank and file support him, and just a few union officials back Keller. That is a lie, and an insult.


“Dan Lewis’ completely inaccurate and over-the-top assertions are exactly what the city’s Board of Ethics saw through in today’s ruling that completely exonerated Tim Keller,” said Jessie Hunt. “To be clear, the board did not impose any fine or reprimand against Keller. In fact, in its ruling the board noted Keller’s ‘good faith efforts’ and affirmed that he in no way attempted to violate the code of ethics.”

This is in stark contrast to Dan Lewis, who was caught not once, but twice for lying to the pubic about Tim Keller’s record.

Hunt continued: “Lewis’ eleventh-hour outburst is the last gasp of a failed candidate whose campaign was built on false, negative attacks and outright lies. Nothing Dan Lewis has said tonight will make Albuquerque families safer or create the jobs we need.”

Adding to the absurdity of Lewis’ last-minute charade is the fact that he stepped out of a City Council meeting to hold a political press conference in City Hall, a clear violation of the very ethics code Lewis portends to uphold.

In addition, Lewis himself currently faces two ethics complaints for being personally connected to a business that has received $3.1 million in city contracts, and for taking thousands in illegal campaign cash from city contractors.


Eden announced he will be running away. We expect many two week resignation and retirement notices will be filed tomorrow. Word is that Princess Jessica Tyler is desperately calling everyone to get them to put in a good word to the next administration for her, because she knows she burned her bridges... AND WAIT FOR IT!!!! Yes.... Celina Espinosa quit yesterday. That is right! Celina ran away yesterday, after the Albuquerque Police Department recently footed the bill for her to travel to Philadelphia for the IACP CONFERENCE representing APD. Ha ha ha.... Just ha ha ha... Celina You get the Pre November Election Snowflake of the month award. Adios burro. Do not let the door hit your lying ass.

The Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal even sees the inevitable, and tried to get out of the way of the justice coming our way by dropping their boy Lewis, to Endorse Keller. (We do not forget how they tried to sabotage Keller by previously endorsing Lewis and Colon and we will not forget after the election. We also will not forget about those other self important blowhards with agenda) As if the Urinal even matters. What does matter is that all of these creeps are afraid, and this is good. It is good because those afraid are afraid because they are the cause of the mess this city is in. There is blood in the water, and they all know it. This is just another reason why we know Tim is the choice.

Many have made the mistake of poking something they should not have screwed with and it upset their little unnatural order of things. We are predicting that Keller will surround himself with many who will actually make sacrifices, take pay cuts, and do without, in order to fix things and do the right thing. We are also predicting that the usual self appointed, political bigmouth, ass lint, gadflies, will be crying to the highest heavens, but their cries will only be about their jealousy, impotence and irrelevance. Yes, the irrelevant seekers of attention who always start every statement with “I” will be claiming they predicted things, while all they did was sit on the sidelines, as spectators, running their mouths with negativity about the most qualified mayoral candidate we have, while failing to take a stance backing him until it became evident that he will win tonight. We commend everyone who supported the right candidate from the very beginning. This will be a true success because tonight the two faces, liars, bullies, criminals and punk self servers get handed their candy asses.

Let’s clean out the filth. Let’s keep them running. Let’s make Keller the next Mayor of Albuquerque tonight.

Good luck to our choice for mayor Tim Keller, and his Staff.

We will see you in City Hall.

Nov 8, 2017


We here at the Eye would like to commend mayoral candidate Tim Keller on his performance last night in the mayoral debate.

We stated a few days ago that we would be refraining from negativity, until the election was over, but we would be remiss in our duties if we did not address Mr. Patrick J. Rogers.

Mister Rogers has been the attorney behind the scene connected with political complaint filers, and PAC liars connected to Santolina. He is representing one who is charged with election fraud felonies, who is currently under restraining orders from public officials and who likes to sabotage good candidates from elections solely because they are against the Santolina Development Plan. See our article below, about Carlos Villanueva McMahon.


We suggest you read M.G Bralley’s blog called WHATS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE. You can check it out at the link below. Search Pat Rogers name and read about how far back he has been sticking his nose into elections in reference to voter fraud, but is involved in representing an accused election tamperer who appears to be working for him as a private investigator. This private investigator is involved an what may appear to be a pattern and practice of harassing politicians for the Santolina political cause.


Our Eyes have told us that those behind the frivolous actions on Keller are being looked at for their connections, and for possibly falsifying documents to obtain licenses, and A WHOLE HELLLLLL OF ALOT MORE!

In order to obtain a PI license, one needs to fulfill experience and training requirements. We are wondering how much of the below is true on this form. Notice the claim of working for APD and former APD Commander Sisi Saenz Miranda’s company, Miranda Investigations. Notice how he wrote APD and Miranda Investigative Unit. We didn’t know there was a Miranda Investigative Unit in the Albuquerque Police Department. We smell shit here folks and that form states under penalty of perjury.

We are also aware that a further complaint was filed.

Back to Pat Rogers....
This attorney had to resign from the law firm of Modrall Sperling over comments in an email where he stated that the governor dishonored General Custer by attending a Native American summit with tribal leaders back in 2012. The story is below...


This attorney seems to take all of the cases that involve political complaints, lobbying and finger pointing that the other political attorneys associated with this administration do not want to be connected with, but want to benefit from, Santolina antics being one of them now.

Frankly, we are all tired of the self serving politics of this administration, under Martinez and Berry. This guy has used a private email account to arrange trips with his lobbying clients, and off limits meetings involving government officials and clients over a multi million dollar contract.
This is all reminiscent of the trips Ray Schultz and Kathryn Levy were given by Taser to the Stingaree club in California, while Ray was Greasing that contract.

This attorney actually sued Sandoval County to tie up ballots for his Republican clients, and tried to get the tax payers to foot the $180,000 bill. More of the exact type of antics we are all tired of.


Read Joe Monahan’s blog below about this guy’s mouth and comment about the poor Hispanic Dr. Pepper Girl. It’s about Rogers not being funny.


You can see this guy is of the same ilk of McCleskey and gang. Enough is enough with these clowns. They are all connected, and responsible for the state of affairs of our entire state, with their clowning around, and self serving antics at the cost of public safety.

It is evident that the other side is about filling their pockets, and will trash the only candidate for the job by promoting dishonest attacks, and intimidation of politicians and anyone else in their way to get what they want. It gets worse!

Send a clear and concise message to the bullies, cowards, and punks on November 14th.
Vote Keller, and show them that you see right through the concerted effort to undermine the repair of our city and state state, in order to enrich themselves at the risk of public safety, and stability.

Send life long political hacks, meddlers, self serving lobbyists, and bigmouth blowhard bullies home with the largest case of butthurt they have ever had.

Below is page two and five and a sampling of a complaint filed recently, and the headaches are just going to start for a few. Check it out folks. It only gets worse, as you read more. It was filed with the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing, in reference to violations of notary public statutes and PI administrative rules. Folks... shit has just hit the big time! Enjoy the show. It just got real.


It is times like this when the little guy gets nabbed that deals get cut, and the ones at the top eventually go too. We will enjoy watching this one work it’s way up.

If this does not piss you off enough to get you to go out there and vote, something is wrong!

Thank you for reading our blog,
The Eye

Nov 5, 2017

Keller Releases Closing Ad Highlighting Call to Unity

In agreement with the below statement, and out of respect for the Keller campaign, we here at the Eye will refrain from any further negative comments, regarding the state of affairs in the election and of our city, until after November 14th. This is conditional, and contingent upon the conduct, and actions of others, that may attack again, with their false claims, or egregious behavior, which may warrant a defense. Essentially, the Eye will be standing down, until after November 14th. The comments section will still be up, but we will be taking a breather to enjoy watching the city change for the better. Best of luck to our chosen candidate for Mayor... Mr. Tim Keller.


Today, New Mexico State Auditor and candidate for mayor of Albuquerque, Tim Keller, released a new television advertisement that will run on broadcast and digital channels.

Titled “Albuquerque Forward,” the spot rejects the politics of negativity and calls for unity throughout Albuquerque.

“After eight years of failure and division from Mayor Berry and Dan Lewis, our city is at a crossroads," said Keller. "Negative ads and false attacks will never turn things around. It's time to come together and move Albuquerque forward."

The spot can be viewed at and a full transcript is below.

While Keller has campaigned on a positive vision for Albuquerque, Dan Lewis has been caught twice recently by the local media for lying, including making up statements about Tim's public safety positions and even trying to pass off the words of well-connected Santolina developer Jeff Garrett as the opinion of the Albuquerque Journal.

Keller has released detailed plans for public safety and economic development, which have been endorsed by the Albuquerque Police Officers Association, Albuquerque Area Firefighters, the Albuquerque Fraternal Order of Police and the ABQWest Westside Chamber of Commerce.

“Albuquerque Forward”

Albuquerque is going the wrong direction.
I’m Tim Keller. And negative ads and false attacks will never help turn things around.
Politicians like Dan Lewis and Mayor Berry have divided and failed us for eight years.
It's time we come together.
As State Auditor, I've cracked down on public corruption.
And I'm running for Mayor on a real plan to keep our families safe, step up for our kids and help revitalize our economy.
Let's move Albuquerque forward.