The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Feb 26, 2018


Let’s hope Mr. Johnson hits them with the right size hammer. Hopefully the one that the NMAG and others misplaced on Schultz!

Just Not Getting It

Something is telling the Eye they are just not getting it.

Last week that little punk Cabin Boy of Hector Balderas’s decided to verbally attack an attorney who is suing the NMAG for IPRA violations. You remember Balderas’s buddy Luis Robles? The one who represents Ray Schultz in the Tazer crime? The one who represented Perez in the murder that was never acquitted? Yea, that motherfucker. The same guy who gets hundreds of thousands of dollars in lucrative city and state contracts. Well, NMAG Boulderass does not want anyone to know what Robles’s Firm is getting paid to do. Why, we say? Why were the amounts released, but not the nature of the work. What is the secret?

It seems like the same old shit is going on with the patrone nonsense running this state, this is probably why Brian Colon is running for state auditor. What better way to keep the lid on his boys shenanigans.

Our eyes in the field are telling us that nothing is changing and that the malfeasants who were kept are acting like Schultz when the journal said he was the man for the job to clean up APD.


We think the NMAG may want to come down from his ivory tower and answer to the people who elected him. The NMAG should start answering the questions of the journalists who are wanting to know the status of TASERGATE.


Tim, shave off the fucking goatee, take off the gloves and start playing hardball.
We are all for the kumbuya stuff after the fight is over and the guts are mopped up.

Stay tuned folks. Shit’s about to get sporty.

The honeymoon is over.

The Eye

Feb 10, 2018


A new addition to what we should have put up first. The below photo was posted to APD’s Facebook page on 1/8/18.
Trek knew and they lied. Notice the RRPD patch. Did they think nobody would have spotted that.

We wonder who the hell decorated that tacky room. Union funds at work we see.
Does anyone remember a few weeks ago where Shaun Willoughby stated that the Albuquerque Police Department will take the best and brightest officers from other New Mexico police departments who do not pay competitively? WE DO. This must be what he is talking about.

It seems that either APD thinks that rehiring officers who were terminated for negligently firing their duty weapons, while impaired with alcohol is ok, or someone in background investigations at APD did not do their job.

Back in 2008 there was an incident in the SW where shots were fired and officers were dispatched. It gets a little muddy because we heard a few versions where there was and there wasn’t evidence the firearm in question was not fired. What is odd was how it was stated that it appeared to be unfired, but there were multiple gunshots in the area and no mention of the magazine count of the ammunition in the officer’s duty weapon. We are working on obtaining witness statements. Below is the criminal complaint and a link to the story.

For the record though, the officer, Ana Bruciaga was terminated in her probationary period for being intoxicated, and in possession of a firearm. The case was dumped for some reason after a deal was reached. Below are the case notes.

Today, our Eyes have notified us that Ana Bruciaga is now in the APD lateral hire class under the name Ana Lujan. We wonder if she gets another hiring bonus.

The irony in this is simply amazing considering the amount of officers who were railroaded, and plowed under over the years, for doing their jobs while actually on duty. This is yet again another example of how poor behavior is constantly rewarded.

Mrs. Lujan is a lateral from Rio Rancho PD where she has been working as a police officer since receiving a slap on the wrist for her actions in 08.

Is this how bad it is now? Someone needs to widen minds around here on the fact that candidates and potential lateral officers know what a shit hole whore house APD has become. They know who is still there and they are not going to risk their lives taking employment where inmates are running the asylum.

Chief Geiger can only do so much with complete idiots below him and an administration above him saddling him with political hacks.

It is not about the money folks. Get it through your heads. No officer wants to work with imbeciles or better yet, imbecile who are protected, rewarded, and promoted to be their supervisor. That is a fact.

It is going to be a long road to fixing things here if this is going to continue. And if the administration is going to do this, they need to audit all of the terminations since.

Now... on the lighter side, we were told that jelly donut that the mayor hired as the deputy chief Harold Medina, recently attended a community meeting and the citizens had two complaints. One... he was so fat... and two... they didn’t even know if he was a man or a woman.

Feb 3, 2018


In Albuquerque, you can only fool people for so long. The problem here is the short memories. There is a term here called “gypsy cop.” With our small town mentality and patron system of government, it isn’t always the qualified who get the job. We saw that with Gorden Eden, and the 4 revolutions of upper command staff that have rotated in and out since that pantywaste Schultz did everything he could to keep the feds from coming in, then tucked his tail like a punk, and ran when they eventually did. (And still, we hear nothing but crickets from Hector Boulderass, aka the king of low hanging fruit on the Schultz Taser investigation.)

The culture here promotes a gypsy mentality, through the PERA system, and the good old boy political appointee program. This is  place where one can jump from agency to agency bringing along your pension. The problem here is that the malfeasance spreads like a virus, and those who do wrong get to flee before the shit catches up with them, JUST LIKE ALL OF THE ASSHOLES FROM THE LAST ADMINISTRATION DID. A good part of the reason for this is the willie nillie attitude of wishey washey behavior like that exhibited by the federal judge recently after saying he is not interested in punishing the living shit out of the criminals who attempted to extort, and defraud a federal court, when they taped a federal monitor, the lied through omission and other means about it. So far, everyone responsible for putting this city in it’s heinous position have been allowed to run away. Anywhere else they would all have been indicted, and or cutting deals for lesser sentences. Not in the land of malfeasant cowards, where their lawyers are former colleagues with people like the Attorney General.  

Speaking of twisted messes... isn’t it funny how Jessica Hernandez is now working for Paul Kennedy. All of these clowns are connected. No surprise there. A liar who was put in as city attorney as a favor for the Governor now works for the Governor’s attorney. If these clowns had to rely on their own abilities to get jobs they would be unemployed.  

People ask why we go after some of those we have supported. Our answer is because they chose politics over the right thing. They chose to make deals with the same creeps we expose. They have several faces. They continue to take care of, or protect those who are the reason for this situation. These are all facts, and our evidence posted here over the years proves it. 

There is one variable that always catches up with itself, and that variable is these individuals, these asshats just can not help themselves. Sooner or later their stripes show themselves. 

Last week the EYEPHONE rang off the hook, and we were told a former APD brasshole had his happy ass walked out of the federal courthouse. We got a good chuckle out of this, because we thought maybe the feds are finally seeing it. Our Eyes told us that last Thursday Conrad Candelaria’s access to the courthouse was terminated, and he was given the option to retire, or be terminated. (It is amusing how everyone else is just fired though.)

Apparently there was a “climate survey” conducted by the U.S. Marshall’s office. Below explains a climate survey. 

Organizational Assessment Survey (OAS)
The Organizational Assessment Survey is a research-based, standardized culture/climate survey, conducted online or by paper and pencil. Agencies can review results electronically and benchmark their results with other agencies. The OAS measures 17 dimensions of organizational climate that are critical to high performance:
Training/Career Development
Customer Orientation
Leadership and Quality
Fairness and Treatment of Others
Employee Involvement
Use of Resources
Work Environment/Quality of Worklife
Work and Family/Personal Life
Job Security/Commitment to Workforce
Strategic Planning
Performance Measures
The OAS also includes a subset of items used by Fortune 100 companies. In the last ten years, more than 50 OAS users have joined OPM's Performance America Consortium. Consortium members can benchmark their results against each other and against the best in business, using this capability to improve their performance.
With the OAS, you get these benefits:
Research-Based - building on thorough literature reviews and rigorous scientific testing
Empirical - providing empirical data on key dimensions of organizational performance
Performance Benchmarks - giving agencies benchmark comparisons against both government and industry standards
Fast and Easy to Administer - online or scannable forms for fast feedback
Easy-to-Understand Reports - results presented in a variety of ways, providing easy understanding and meaningful comparisons by all readers
By Government for Government - thorough knowledge of the government gained through more than 80 years of personnel research and service to Federal agencies
Follow-On Assistance - professional consulting, training, coaching, and change management services to help you take positive action to improve performance within your organization.
The OAS process can be repeated to assess change and reinforce continuous improvement efforts. The result is a sharp focus on the change efforts that most effectively help agencies achieve high performance.

Below is a link to an example of one federal climate survey:


Well folks... from our Eyes, it looks like Candelaria failed the federal government’s climate survey, and was booted because of it. Our eyes tell us that Candelaria’s Chief Deputy was relieved of duty, and reassigned too. We are being told this is all because of years of grievances, poor leadership, and Conrad’s retaliation against those who have filed those grievances. We were told that the officer of Inspector General is investigating him also.

This needs to be disseminated, because it is the exact reason why things do not change here. Our Eyes are telling us that Candelaria has been pining for another political appointment in Santa Fe. Resigning in lieu of being fired should be a disqualification, as it is for most others.

~Free Press Article~

We wonder what our former shutterbug, and amateur cellphone photographer Will Roseman will do. Little Will was hired over there with Candelaria as a clerk, after he fled his APD deputy chief position, like the rest of the fucking cowards did. If the Marshalls are smart, they will toss that one too.

We here at the Eye are amused at how all of the roaches scurry for cover... Time and Time again...

Here is a hint for those in positions to hold people accountable, like judges and attorney generals... do your fucking jobs! Because... if not, you will be fired too. Voting to purge those who choose not to do what they were elected to do is getting very popular.

Jan 17, 2018


The city is in deficit, and the Keller administration just got another kick in the sack.

5 million dollars will go to the family of Mary Hawkes.

The city now pays away another lawsuit because of gross misconduct and incompetency in investigations that so muddied the waters it is beyond belief. After Huntsman Eden and the rest of them got caught lying they are now gone. An administration is left with a case they screwed up and can not defeat because of investigator misconduct lies and a secret investigation conducted to frame yet another officer.

The corrupt have cost this city hundreds of millions of dollars. Now is the time to drag these punks back and prosecute them for public corruption. Take their pensions to mitigate the fiscal loss we have incurred.

BELLUM OMNIUM CONTRA OMNES; The war a criminal enterprise unleashed on our citizens using lies and manipulation to turn everyone on each other. Our crime, and the cute little girls that will murder you. The police administration that framed its own officers to cover for their own corruption, while covering for the ones who really murdered. And those remiss of stepping up and doing the right thing

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
- Abraham Lincoln -

We may or may not lose some readers over this, but we will not withhold the truth because of it, and we will not keep you from having your opinion. We just can not stomach people being made fools of through manipulation, under the guise of being righteous.

Over the years of the previous administration we have seen Schultz and former ASSistant City Attorney Kathryn Levy lie every single day about what was going on here. We are not going to rehash what we all know Schultz has done here, but we are going to address the legacy that coward left behind; the one that is continuing to permeate the place with filth and violence, and the one that will drag this administration down if it is not addressed and put to bed.

We have outlined, stepped out, and proven in numerous articles how corrupt the Berry administration was, and the methods they have used to deflect and obstruct detection and accountability at all levels.
 We have provided numerous exhibits of perjury under testimony by Schultz, and his replacements
like Eden. We have shown you testimony where they have not lied only once but over and over again.

If you were to lie just once under oath your credibility would be revoked for life but not these scum bags. These filthy vermin get free pass after free pass, and more consideration given to the trash that comes out of their mouths than should be given to a convicted child molester.

You see... our city has been taken over by violent crime, and it is the fault of the past administration, because they have turned everyone on each other as a distraction, while they walked away with full pockets. Their political allies are still trying to do it through their attempts to still keep their claws in things.

The recent decision in former officer Jeremy Dear’s case was a prime example of a judge remiss in his duties of upholding the law... one who cowardly chose to break the law, by adding his own opinion, in order to carry the water for the very same political criminal enterprise who he just helped. In reading the decision released to the media, it is obvious this judge lacked the balls to make the right decision, and decided to give more credibility to criminally malfeasant public officials who lie to the people and media, while defrauding the courts, than to a labor board who saw through lies told by Gorden Eden and other commanders.

Remaining consistent is the key to going after corruption and many lose sight if this by letting emotion take over. You can not give credibility to the proven incredible like Schultz, Eden and the city attorney’s office for one thing, because of a blanket feeling of distrust of police officers that is actually the result of an out of control culture of corruption allowed from the top, while calling for punishment and accountability for their criminal acts that put the city in this position. In essence, you can not put the criminal on the witness stand as a competent witness, when they have all been found to be corrupted liars, because it fits what you want to happen as a desired outcome. If you do, you are no better than they are.

Those within the previous administration, some still here, and some still in the city attorney’s office tampered with evidence, fabricated evidence, permitted perjury, lied, defrauded courts, and betrayed the definition of a government attorney and public servant to serve their own agendas. When caught, those responsible for punishing these fucks decided that they didn’t want to hurt any feelings where anywhere else in the country the prison sentences and plea bargaining would have already been over. Extortion. Intimidation, RICO, RACKETEERING, pay to play, kickbacks, fraud, waste, and countless other federally chargeable felonies just go unanswered for. Only in New Mexico!

Bear with us, because you, the public were hoodwinked, and used as the court of public opinion in the Dear case to cover for Ray Schultz’s greased Taser deal. Just as many other individuals were used
as a smoke screen for the feds by Schultz and gang, through the crafty treachery of Kathryn Levy, this
was an important one, and those in the city attorney’s office who were a part of it then, are still a part
of it. Schultz and Levy May have fled, but their hands are in this.

When the city administration under Richard Berry attacked the judiciary, and blamed them for the
state of affairs we were vocal in saying that their excuse WAS NOT the cause of the crime epidemic,
because just as there are some bad apples in law enforcement, there are bad apple judges. There is a small percentage of judges who fail in their duties. This failure is politically motivated, and make no
mistake... it is willful. Nobody is beyond reproach, and it is time that anyone who does not do their
job gets called out on it, and kicked the fuck out.

Recently we were made aware of a website that is calling out judges who do not want to do the right thing. If you can not do what you are hired to, then you need to be fired. The problem here is that a
judge is the last line of defense that a person relies on for justice. A judge should be the ultimate anti-bully, but here in New Mexico we have a few cowards who are afraid to make the hard, but proper decision due to politics and manipulated public opinion. They need to be humbled, and shown the fucking door.

Below is a website holding judges accountable, along with the news story behind it. We will be adding the link to this site to our site banner so you can easily access it.



Because of the actions of a group of corrupted city, state, and government officials, a war has been unleashed in Albuquerque without you even knowing it. This war is a war of everyone against each other. It was a war started by the corrupt to keep you too deceived, occupied, and inundated with worrying about an out of control situation in order to pay attention, apprehend and hold them accountable for their credibility. It was conceived in order to divide and conquer you and defeat your goals.

With all of the above in mind please continue reading.

Who thinks a cute little girl is unable to kill them? Who thinks for a minute that anyone under the influence of mind altering drugs, or a severe mental health condition could not be a deadly threat no matter what their size or sex? Who is stupid enough to turn their back on ANYONE in the streets of Albuquerque? For anyone who thinks that cute little girls will not murder you, kidnap you, arrange
your murder, kill you with their stolen car, murder a police officer, kill a mother and her kids, murder their own child and bury them in the playground sand, burn your house down, rape your child, shoot
you, and your family in your own driveway, kill your family in a drunken car crash, do a drive by shooting, be a getaway driver, eat your child, ram your police car, or take your life for doing your job,
you need to read this. This article is not just about that though. It is about how your emotions were
played on by some of the lowest forms of slithering life, masquerading as police chiefs, mayors, chief
administrating officers, city attorneys, hearing officers, business owners, newspaper editors, Army
Navy and police supply store owners, Governors, and judges for money, bigger retirements, political
favors, lucrative contracts, jobs for family members and friends and to protect their criminal brethren.
This was perfectly orchestrated using the current wave of ill feelings towards law enforcement. We do want you to understand that some very stupid police officers did some very stupid things that precipitated the situation too, but the previous administration covered for most of them. You all know we have called out bad actions by officers who should have never been hired, but you need to know
what was done here, and how your emotions were used against you in this case, because this is still Schultz in play, and actions are still being undertaken to mop up his mess.

We are not here to attack Mary Hawkes. This article is only here to highlight what is really going on.

Dear was not ordered to activate his body camera, and the administration lied about that. That is the truth.

The Taser cameras had an inherent flaw, where the wires pulled out of them. Dear told Eden that on
the night of the shooting, and Eden was okay with that until all of the sudden... something went sideways. That something was TASER and keeping the DOJ at bay.

Since the inception of the DOJ coming into our city, and conducting an investigation into the Albuquerque Police Department, the only objective of Ray Schultz, the city attorney’s office, Mayor Richard Berry, and CAO Robert Perry was to protect Schultz from going down, so they didn’t follow him, and they all did this through an elaborate scheme to distract the DOJ through the abuse of their positions, while railroading selected targets, that they turned into high profile cases. For almost every
issue, there was a fabricated case, and the unprecedented push back and retaliation for fighting back
and exposing their actions defied belief. You all look at the payouts in lawsuits, but millions were
spent in cases that were thrown out there to deflect attention away from this administration, that were
utterly fabricated. It is a known fact that Eden was caught lying in the Dear case.

There is no denying Eden was put in place by Susana Martinez to carry the water, and do as he was told, because they could not afford an outsider getting in there, and exposing what Schultz had done through being an honest leader. This culture spilled over, as replacements were, and are chosen, who will do as they were told, and who were loyal to their predecessors. This is why we have a big problem with people we thought would be gone, but we’re retained, or brought back.

We all remember Darren White, Schultz, and the rest of the cowards who ran away, or were forced to flee when the feds started looking at APD. We all remember that all of the sudden, “we are cleaning up APD... STAINS ON THE BADGES... Ray is the man for the job” short lived, propaganda campaign that was started by those clowns in their failed attempts to fool the DOJ into not looking
into APD right? Because, this is what it all comes down to.

Because of the actions of those criminals who are no longer here, because they are collecting
pensions, the city is a mess, and speaking of a mess, now we are going to discuss just how deadly some woman are in our city.

Just yesterday, a woman rammed two police units. Below is the link to the story.
Woman rams police cars

In May of 2016 the woman in the below story orchestrated the murder of another woman in a drive by shooting
Woman arrested for drive by shooting

In June of 2017 a woman was arrested for orchestrating the murder of her ex-husband.

In August of 2017 one cute little gem of a 19 year old scum bag was arrested for a 
kidnapping and conspiring to kidnap, and a beating, involving a robbery and the murder of the friend of the victim. How is that for dangerous?

A real cutie pie...

August 2017, the little cutie pie below was arrested for taking a man to a south valley home and murdering him in front of his father because she thought he ratted her out FOR ANOTHER MURDER. YES, ANOTHER MURDER!

Copy the links into the browser for the below remaining articles if you would like to read them...

In March of 2017 the below young lady was arrested for the murder of her boyfriend.

In August if 2017 the below woman was arrested after shooting at a couple who found her in their driveway up to no good.

In February of 2017 the below woman was arrested for arranging a drug deal, then murdering the dealer in order to take the drugs. THIS LITTLE SWEETHEART WAS ON THE US MARSHALLS MOST WANTED LIST!

In August of 2009 the below woman was arrested for fatally stabbing a man several times.

In the below article an Albuquerque woman was imprisoned for orchestrating the murder of an ex boyfriend, by lying to her current boyfriend so he would kill him for her.

We all remember this 09 story where a woman murdered her infant son and buried him in a playground. Sad.

This June 2017 story is about a cute little 15 year old girl who lead police on a pursuit resulting in a crash that could have killed YOUR child.

In December of 2016 the below woman was arrested for a carjacking and a pursuit that ended in a crash. She car jacked an old woman. This little prize was 22 years old.

In January of 2017 the below 21 year old girl-scout was arrested for driving a stolen van into the vehicle of a 14 year old, and her mother, killing the 14 year old girl, and seriously injuring the mother.


In September of 2017, the below woman was arrested for slamming a stolen vehicle into a police car.

In August of 2015 Tabitha Littles, took a plea deal for being an accomplice in the murder of Rio Rancho Police Officer Gregg Benner. She was also charged with a slew of other violent felonies.

In August of 2017 the below young lady was arrested with meth in her possession in a stolen vehicle after shooting at someone. A real Bonnie and Clyde.

In February of 2016 a thug woman stole from a Walmart in Texas and her boyfriend crashed their stolen truck through the doors to free her. These thugs were from Albuquerque.

In June of 2017 a 39 year old woman was arrested for the murder of a 55 year old man where she kidnapped him, murdered him and burned his body.

Just recently another woman was arrested for a murder in the Albuquerque South Valley.

In May of 2017 a capital murder fugitive out of Albuquerque was arrested in Texas after police stumbled on her.

Just last week a woman was arrested for attacking a man with a child in his arms with a hammer and knife.

And nobody will ever forget the murder of Victoria Martens at the hands of her mother Gabriel Gonzalez and Gabriel’s female cousin.

Who wants to argue why now we are the number one state in crime.

Over the last couple years we have seen many comments on social media coming from folks who are essentially do not know the facts on the Dear / Hawkes case.

Hawkes had a gun that night, and there was discussion by high ranking staff that they should suggest it may be a throw down... That is until it was discovered there was social media buzz about her having that gun prior to her being shit. The breaks were then put on that lie in progress. You cab read about it below:

Dear’s Attorney fought back against the administration, and they did not like that.

Thomas Grover was Dear’s Attorney and the city, attorney’s office hates his guts for exposing the corruption.

Taser was involved, and the city would not have credibility given to the fact that Ray Schultz greased a pay to play contract between the city and Taser for sub-par equipment, where the wires pull out of them under normal use.

Knowing what we have known all along, that a mere field officer is easier to use as a distraction, than just being honest when caught, the culture of using certain officers while protecting the criminal ones caused a sentiment within APD where officers were not going to be used as the next scapegoat for in the line of duty actions, so they shut down. Because of this, crime is out of control. In case anyone is missing it, above is a list of stories that should be read by anyone doubting a teenager will kill you dead, especially when we have fifteen year old little girls leading police in pursuits, and crashing in our state.

We are asking that you do not continue to let the ones responsible for this laugh in the shadows, while this entire city is at war with itself, and the joke is on the public.

We are also asking that judges who can not legally do the job they are sworn to do, be removed from their positions come retention time.

We will continue to monitor the current administration for signs of positive change, because we believe bold measures need to be undertaken to make things right.

Apologies will sometimes work but there needs to be a broad reopening of investigations and cases involving the above named individuals. If there was wrongdoing, it needs to be made right and if crimes were committed or parties agreed to conspire to violate individual civil rights, prosecution needs to be undertaken.

Nothing less is acceptable.

We hope this latest message helped those confused here about why all of this is going on understand that some really slimy motherfuckers are behind pulling the wool over your eyes, while they make out nicely, and get away with committing felony level crimes on the backs of public servants and the public itself.

Make no mistake about it, thise that started this are still trying to cover their tracks and judges like Campbell who tried to give credence to a lying regime are remiss and negligent in their duties by evading their duties for politics. Anyone can make shit up to pass the buck but a man and a good judge makes the hard decisions. Cowards take the easy way out. Coward.

The corruption is systemic here, but we will adrdress it one by one... personally and uniquely.

Thank you and Good Day!

The Eye.

Jan 10, 2018


Folks, we are hearing some really off the wall shit these days. Much of it is materializing. We have tried to warn the right people about making the same mistakes with the same people.

Apparently there is going to be a big commander shakeup, and a few who have sucked up really good are in line for some chapstick.

Our sources are telling us that the same midget, tiny, little, insignificant, Adam Ant baby boss, who was involved in the riot situation a while back, and who had his officers leave their riot gear at the police academy, only to face rioters without head protection, in order to be politically correct, is being considered for SWAT’s new commander position. Word is, this guy who has barely been a supervisor, and has some serious small man issues is going to be promoted from the 5th floor inside job, to SWAT. THE HITS JUST KEEP COMING. Oh boy... hold your Underoos on because this is going to be a real mess.

Now where are those steroid solicitation conversations at? Was it growth hormone too? Hmmmm. Remember the big steroid investigation a few years back that just disappeared under Schultz? This is all we are going to say for now. We will be waiting to see.

We think the gloves are coming off.