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May 13, 2007

Trust Us!

The city and the Almighty Mayor have been telling us to "trust us" since the infallible red light scam-era system was implemented here in Albuquerque. It seems that the cameras are not as reliable as the city, the mayor, the chief of police, and APD spokesman John Walsh have led us to believe.

KOAT TV is reporting that one of their own received a citation from the scam-era at Carlisle and Montgomery (watch the story here). It turns out that the information provided by RedFlex was incorrect and the timing of the scam-era system was off. KOAT Production Manager Gary Williams proved that the system was creating erroneous citations by taking a broadcast camera to the intersection and timing the light.
How many other citations were erroneously issued? How many people simply paid up because they didn't have the ability to defend themselves?
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Mr. Williams was able to prove that the RedFlex scam-era system was not operating properly. The evidence was so convincing that even the Martyville Kangaroo Courts were unable to sustain the erroneous citation.

Before you go defending the red light scam-eras with the "system worked" argument... how many of you have access to the type of broadcast video equipment required to prove this type of case? The truth is that very few people understand the workings of the RedFlex system.

At a "hearing" there is no one available to testify as to the condition of and the calibration of the equipment installed at the intersection in question. The accused is simply shown a tape showing their vehicle violating either the speed limit or entering the intersection after the light has turned red. They are then pronounced guilty and are ordered to pay up.

The nature of the system presumes guilt by denying the accused the ability to defend themselves. The scam-eras are assumed to be infallible, ergo the defendants are guilty. Yet, as we now know, the city cannot prove that the red light scam-eras are operating accurately, just as you cannot prove that they are not. Even in a civil court where the standard is "preponderance of the evidence," we don't believe that the city's case would prevail. Of course, the city got around that whole judicial thing by setting up their Kangaroo Courts.

Now, after having bagged the wrong driver - a driver who had the ability to prove the all seeing, all knowing scam-era wrong - John Walsh has the nerve to tell us that APD will look investigate the Carlisle/Montgomery intersection to see if there truly is a problem.

In other words, "trust us" this is an isolated problem and doesn't really prove that the scam-eras are not working properly. "Horse hockey!" As Colonel Sherman T. Potter of M*A*S*H would have said. Without special equipment, the average defendant doesn't have the ability to effectively defend themselves in Marty's Kangaroo Courts. The city's position (who it just so happens the Kangaroo Judge works for) is that the cameras PROVE guilt. So, unless you work for a TV station, send in your money 'cause you're not going to win anyway.

We've been SCREAMING about the problems of due process that are inherent to this system. This story only proves our point. The scam-eras are NOT INFALLIBLE! You do not enjoy a presumption of innocence. And most importantly, you DO NOT APPEAR IN FRONT OF AN IMPARTIAL JUDGE. Why would ANYONE support such a clearly unfair and unjust system?!


Ched MacQuigg said...

"trust"ing public officials runs a far distant second to transparent accountability to voters.

The people whose existence depends on a system that enables corruption and incompetence, will never act themselves, to correct the system.

If a change takes place, it will have to come from outside the system.

The only way you are going to be able to affect this situation is by arranging for a crowd of several hundred citizen voters to show up at a city council meeting to petition their government, at a public forum, on the record.

or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Ummm...might want to plan for more than several to "infallible"...were any of us really leaning towards believing that shovel full of bs???...naw...don't think you are missina a thing.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct. The burden of guilt should be put on the city. We should'nt have to prove our innocents. There is absolutely no proper 'Due process'.
This City Council has had this discussion many times at Council meeting. It just goes in one ear and out the other.
Another note; since this administration owns the media in this town, especially Channel 7, I'm quite sure that their employee will be " Bitch slapped" for running that story.

Anonymous said...

I disagree! KOAT seems to be the only station that cares enough to run a story and set the record straight. If the management didn't want the story to run it would not run, PERIOD! Don't attack the people that are helping you. They gave this issue more exposure than any blog ever could have. You should be calling the stattion and commending them for doing such a good job.

Signed: current APD officer.

Anonymous said...

No, that's not what I meant. Cudos to Channel 7 and the employee. It's the administration that will be wanting revenge. I didn't mean that the staion was going to come down on the employee.
Thanks for pointing that out and am glad that yet another APD officer has his head on right.

Anonymous said...

The guy from CH7 lied....Go look at the video of the violation, not the still shots he provided. The moving video clearly shows a right turn against a red signal, without a stop. In my book, thats a violation. This story is far from over......Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

The news media has no reason to lie.

Anonymous said...

CH7 did NOT lie. Watch video again!! Yes the large round "signal was red, BUT watch for the arrows.....difficult with the ultra-low quality cameras used at the lights.... also, the whole idea of using digital camera instead of film is wrong....just see how quick and easy it is with photoShop to digitally change the colors of the lights to generate all the tickets you want... :) :)

Anonymous said...

It would be good if he'd check all the other camera's too, just to see how many other ones are off, I'd bet it's not the only one......

Anonymous said...

Maybe he has...maybe he just isn't saying so yet...:)

Anonymous said...

(((I can hardly wait!!!)))

Anonymous said...

BINGO !!!! Four comments up.
Been thinking that all along. You can absolutely change the color on the citations. For those who KNOW you didn't turn on a red arrow or go through a red light, you may want to start documenting the time & speed each time you go through one of theses intersections. Where they get you, and I'm sure it has been discussed by the 'Red Flex 'and the City, that people won't remember and there in lyes the problem. Is it a pain to keep a log for yourself ? Yes, but can you really TRUST these CROOKS? The answer is a resounding NO

Anonymous said...

We act like some South American
p_ _ _ hole country. Politically and bueracratically we are never going to progress beyond the old Patron System. Thet's just stay in our back assward world, keep eveyone dumb and uninformed and let all the fat Mannys stay in power. Marty for Governor. Viva New Mexico, the next territory of Mexico.