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May 22, 2007

The Path Unrecognized

We spotted a link to a Washington Post story on the ridiculously stupid David Iglesias non-story while prowling through the Journal Website (hat tip: Jim Belishaw). Mr. Belishaw was upset about the description of Albuquerque by Post staff writer Sridhar Pappu.
"At 9 a.m. on the very edge of the dusty, desolate collection of adobe homes and Vietnamese restaurants that seem to form this city, David Iglesias begins his run through the foothills of the Sandia Mountains. This is not easy terrain. The footing is terribly uneven. The altitude can be unbearable. At certain times one can hear the grumbling of mountain lions and the feasting of coyotes." - The Washington Post
The description is not only generally offensive but in light of the New York Times former correspondent Jason Blair, we were left wondering if Mr. Pappu had ever even visited our fair city. Vietnamese restaurants? Feasting of coyotes? Desolate collection of adobe homes? This guy should be writing fiction... after reading the rest of the Post article, perhaps he is.

In his story, Pappu chronicles the victimization of Iglesias and what a great guy he is/was and how he was wronged by the Department of Justice and the Republican Party, blah, blah, blah. All you really need to know about the "scandal" and the David Iglesias phenomenon is found in just two paragraphs.

"Maher was just one stop on the Iglesias media tour. In embracing the collective lens, Iglesias racked up televised appearances with, among others, Chris Matthews, Larry King, Katie Couric, Tim Russert and Chris Wallace. Strong-jawed and clean-shaven, said to have inspired the dreamy prosecutor played by Tom Cruise in "A Few Good Men," a White House Fellow during the Clinton administration, he's become both the handsome, charismatic public face for the sacked attorneys and a genuine media star. And damn if he hasn't enjoyed it.

"I've loved it," he says. "It's a good fit. It feels really natural. I'll tell you what, from an exposure point of view it's been incredible. Had I stayed a U.S. attorney and not gotten forced to resign, no one would know who I was outside of New Mexico. In a perverse way this has already put me on the national map. My own test is: If it's a show I've heard of, I'll probably do it."' - The Washington Post

The irony here is that Mr. Iglesias - a political appointee - is upset because he lost his job because of politics. Now along with his congressional supporters, he's using politics to attack those who he sees as his enemies. By the way, those in congress who are busy "investigating" the dastardly firing of 9 U.S. Attorney's are calling for the dismissal of yet another political appointee - Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Kind of makes your head hurt don't it?

After Gonzales' performance in front of Congress we might agree that it's time for him to go. So, if the A.G. gets the axe, are these same political opportunists (Mr. Iglesias and Senator Schumer you know who you are) going to call for investigation after investigation of the politically motivated firing of Alberto Gonzales? Somehow we doubt it.

A note to Mr. Iglesias, when you decide to write your tell all book and subsequent screen play, you'll want to remember Sridhar Pappu. He seems to have already written the first couple of chapters.


Anonymous said...

Just to vent a bit...I'm so sick of this non-story and yet here it is again on the front page of the 5/24 Journal. Iglesias was a hack, Gonzales is a hack, and when you're subject to appointment you're subject to removal, period. Iglesias was placed because they thought he was a party loyalist first and foremost and that's it. The second that element was comprimised bye bye he went and so be it. Either party would've done the same but for some reason this administration never learned how to walk...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The administration can and does walk, its figurative weener has the scars to prove each step it has made.

If the Post writer knows we are part of the USA, he gets partial credit.

At least he didn't ask why a U.S. Attorney is assigned to Mexico!

Anonymous said...

That would be the grumbling of city employees and the feasting of Marty.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes.... cruiz'in down south Broadway.............