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May 13, 2007

Follow the Chain

Saturday the Albuquerque Journal's editorial department wrote about a problem that has existed for some time now. APD (the 5th floor anyway) has steadfastly refused to issue a list of personnel and their assignments. Without that documentation there's absolutely no reason to take them at their word when they claim to have a force of 998 officers.
"[F]ewer beat cops are taking more calls and say they're swamped. City Councilor Brad Winter is right to request a list of officers and assignments to help ensure the policing workload is distributed and the troops deployed in the most equitable and efficient manner possible." - ABQ Journal (Subscription Required)
The Journal has in essence, taken the position that we have here.
"We can sit around and argue numbers all day long, but that doesn't change the fact that APD will take longer to get to you when you really need them. All of the excuses - like having to respond to burglary calls, 10-44's (accidents without injuries), and animal in danger calls - don't change the fact that we are not getting the police protection that we are paying for. - The Eye
Who's responsible for the decline in response times, and the failure to be able to keep and even increase officers in the field? For an answer, follow the chain of command. The chain over at APD ends not on the 5th Floor of the city/county law enforcement center, but on the 11th floor of city hall. In fact, if you follow it link by link you'll find yourself sitting in Marty's chair.

We believe in elected officials being able to choose the people that work around them. They are elected to exercise their judgment; and they in turn should be judged by their choices. In the Mayor's case, he gets to choose the leader of APD. He also has the authority to remove a police chief if he feels that it's necessary or politically expedient (See Chief Gallegos). Therefore, if there's a problem on the 5th floor, Marty should feel the weight of that chain pulling at him until he has taken the appropriate steps to correct the problem.

Unfortunately, Mayors of Albuquerque have traditionally gotten a pass when it comes to problems over at APD - from the media and from all of us. The Chavez administration has been little different.

Organizations tend to take on the attributes of their leaders. There's no doubt that Marty has higher ambitions. There's no doubt that he is extremely media conscious. And there's absolutely no doubt that he is constantly trying to build a legacy. Is it any surprise then, that the 5th floor is so politically driven?

We've said it before and we'll keep saying it until it's no longer true... APD has a problem. The power and the responsibility to fix those problems lay with Mayor Marty and NO ONE ELSE. However, Marty is preoccupied with building a legacy (trolleys, arenas, pandas) to propel him to higher office, rather than fulfilling the first duty of any Mayor... keeping our city free of crime.

If Marty continues down the path that he has thus far chosen to tread, he will have a legacy of shiny new city toys and a police department characterized by poor performance and low morale. The responsibility will be his and his alone.


Anonymous said...

Amen, and hallelujah.
Marty is responsible for more than just the woes of APD. Ask around the OTHER departments too, the story is the same. Marty has his management in place in all the departments, and they are all sticking together in support of him. There needs to be a complete house cleaning, and anyone in the M series that was promoted since Marty came in needs to be demoted. You might demote one or two that actually know what they are doing, but they will be few and far between....the good of the many outweigh the needs of the few. And then rehire from outside the city, make them have REAL qualifications, that can be verified, and then let them clean house. Without the mayor's oversight. No more cronies, relatives, favors owed, monies paid. Or, we can all just wait, and APD is going to just implode, with the rest of the city following shortly thereafter.

Ched MacQuigg said...

I can't help but believe that the fundamental solution is to go after public records.

How about a rally at city plaza in support of the OMA and the IPRA?

And to demand an accounting of APD personnel.

I'll go.

Anonymous said...

Right F_ _ _ ing ON !
Oh by the way, our bus drivers are more qualified to run the Transportation Department. Just as an example. I think it's called the'Peter Principal'

Anonymous said...

Just FYI if you did'nt know. The Mayor also uses the Aviation Police & APS Police to the numbers; Which is reduculious.. The Aviation police are not apart of APD (NOT YET) and now the city is looking into taking over the APS Police (HOPFULY SOON TO COME). First off we all know how bad the DWI problem is in this state. The Aviation Police are not allowed to patrol around the air-port or to back up South East units on any call,thats outrageous.. The Aviation Administration (civilian) only want the officers to patrol on foot inside the air-port,if anything happens outside the building they want APD to handle it. Back to DWI. We all have flown to and from to our destinations and we have witnessed at least 1/3 of the passengers on that flight consume at a minimum of three or more drinks. So its fair to say that these individuals are anywhere from a .08 to .13. The Adminisrttion does not want the Officers to do DWI's. If you don't beleave me just look at the numbers. From January to todays date, Aviation Police have only done 4 yes I said 4 DWI"S to date..
I said all that to say this,again the city administration would have to subtract the Aviation and the APS Police from the numbers.
~Just another unaccountable situation: After the tragedy of five family members geting wiped out by Mr. Papst ? (don't know how to spell his name) our Presidential seeking Governor placed the Aviation Police Chief (Marshall Katz) the the DWI Task Force Committee.WOW with a whopping 4 DWI's in 5 months they should of made him the Chair.~

Anonymous said...

Maybe the mayor could declare DWI a public nuisance...put a few camera's up outside bars...take some picture' were there...your car was there...therefore you are guilty!!!

Anonymous said...

998 officers??? Yeh, right!! Where the ^%$#! are they??? Certainly not out on the streets!! I can't count the number of times I've seen a car without a plate, or somebody weaving, and I'm looking for an officer to no avail - they are nowhere to be found! Do they just sit at home and wait for a call????

Anonymous said...

There's never one around when you need them.
KIDDING, just kidding.
I'll tell you where they are, they are not hired. Not out in the field. In court. Backing up other 34's. Trying to stay out of trouble. Taking bullshit calls that needed animal control instead of a cop. Non existant, just made up numbers.
If they are using Aviation Police, hell they might as well use the psa's, city security, transit security, transport officers, parking enforcement, and animal control, that'd boost them up by about 200 more wouldn't it. Or DID they? Somebody should check on that too.

Anonymous said...

Why does the public have to put up with this stalling on producing real man power levels. Why not just tell the truth.
Can anyone go after a "Public Search" for the 'Payroll records'?
That will tell us how many cops are being paid an who they are; unless we're paying the dead and retired.
wow! maybe they are.