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Mar 17, 2007

Kicking the Sleeping Dog

If you're like us you're sick to death of Iglesias this, Iglesias that. The coverage is non-stop and well... overblown by a political agenda and a 24 hour news cycle. Now, The Eye doesn't generally take a look at this type of thing. We're really focused on what happens here in Albuquerque and EVERYONE has already said just about EVERYTHING that can be said about this waste of ink and airtime.

However, (you knew this was coming) we received an interesting article that appeared in the Albuquerque Journal way back in 1995, back when David Iglesias received his White House Fellowship. Apparently the process involved a series of questions designed to test an applicant’s ability to think on their feet and to determine what kind of person they were.

The most striking answer came when Iglesias was asked the greatest lesson he learned as a child.

"The greatest lesson he learned as a child?

Simple. "Let sleeping dogs lie," he says, recalling a particular childhood experience.

As a curious child growing up in Panama, he explains, he wondered how his dozing dog would react if he blew in its ear. The answer came with a price -- a permanent scar -- but the lesson wasn't lost on the youngster. " (ABQ Journal - Subscription Required)

Let sleeping dogs lie... This state has long been known for its patron system, a form of favoritism that is often indistinguishable from public sector corruption.

The sleeping dog here in New Mexico is public corruption. It sometimes seems innocuous and often looks to be slumbering, but that rabid dog wakes the moment you're not looking and chews up your favorite shoes and your wallet. Disturb that sleeping dog and it will fight back and leave you scarred for life.

As a child, Mr. Iglesias learned his lesson well. Leave that dangerous hound alone even when you have evidence gift wrapped and placed on your desk. Form a task force, give assurances, but never, never disturb its slumber.

Unfortunately, that's the attitude adopted by New Mexicans since the founding of our fair state and has its early roots in our Spanish Colonial Period. That hound or its pups guard our state and local governments and have a voracious appetite when it comes to our tax dollars.

The Eye is all about kicking our local rabid pup. A U.S. Attorney must have the courage to confront all sorts of criminals from mobsters to politicians. And he absolutely must be willing to not only wake that sleeping dog, but to kick it and put it down.


Anonymous said...

So what has David Iglesias done for four years. Nothing. So much evidence has been sent his way after the FBI was exhausted, The AGs office was exhausted, the District Attorney's Office was exhausted, and all other agencies that were given good solid evidence. What's wrong with this City & State? Ask Bill, ask Marty. Lets ask Chief Ray, since he's the one who met with Iglesias at El Pinto to convince him to file the complaints aginst Heather & Pete at the orders of Martin Chavez.
Don't anyone mess with Pete, for that's one sleeping dog that is not only going to scar you but will have your head(Ray).

Anonymous said...

WOW! He's calling the kettle black. He knew of a DCOP who put his gun to the head of his girlfiend and David looked the other way.
The tapes still exist even with Ray's best efforts to have them destroyed. This would be an easy one to prosecute.

Anonymous said...

Gee, that's no secret. Marty once again has one of his Capos take care of business, in this case the Albuquerque Police Chief. What a novel idea. Have the Chief convince David to go to the press as decoy to his poor performance or lack there of, and attenpt to throw Heather & Pete under the bus.
(Actually he just looked the other way for four years) Afterall it was realtor Margaret Chaves who was involved in the court house rip off. And, what's good for Margaret, is good for Marty. Sooo..., "you'll do for me, if you know what's good for you, Cheif".

Anonymous said...

Very interesting about Mr. "upstanding" Police Chief. But anyone that close to Marty doesn't sureprise me. Neither does the cover up. Sure hope this all gets blown open to expose the creeps. I definitely feel bad for the good cops who aren't on the take.

Anonymous said...

All Pete was trying to do was wake the 'Sleeping Dog' in David and got bit. Waking the sleeping dog means doing your job, and in David's case, inaction and not going after the 'fox in the hen house' will surely cost him more than his job, for HE is the one who will not come out of this un-scarred. I think he bit back where he should have been an obedient dog and prosecute the sleeping crooks in Albuquerque.
Great advice Ray.

Anonymous said...

Even the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce realizes that this city is filthy with corruption, but becomes hypocritical when selling it to outsiders. People who are in the know are moving out of this state, not across town. It is no longer a place you want to raise your family.
Where you find political corruption at this level, you find street crime out of control. The police are getting there butts kicked out there, as they are overwhelmed. We are living in a VERY dangerous city. The Federal Government needs to come in here and clean house.

Anonymous said...

If Ray keeps up this shit we may have to talk about his affair and cooruption as the DWI Sergeant!!

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would just expose all of these guys, i.e., Marty, Mayer, Ray, Police Deputies, etc. Something that will actually stick and they can't lie about and squirm out of. Otherwise, it'll just continue status quo.