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Oct 2, 2007

Flag Flap: Rally Plans

We told you that we'd update you as soon as we found out more about the upcoming veteran flag rally. Organizer Paul Caputo told our Eyes they plan to depart from Thunderbird Harley Davidson this Sunday at 9:30 am and head down to The Pit for the flag presentation. Bikers who would like to participate are encouraged to arrive at the dealership a bit before the 9:30 departure. The dealership is located on Alameda west of I-25. For those who don't ride a motorcycle, you're encouraged to meet the bikers in the parking lot of The Pit at 10:30 am for the flag presentation to UNM President, David Schmidly.

----- Correction ------
We had originally written that Thunderbird Harley Davidson was on Paseo del Norte. That was and is incorrect as a reader rightfully let us know. Sorry about the confusuion


Ada said...

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Anonymous said...

Not that I am a biker, but I think Thunderbird is on Alameda, not Paseo Del Norte

Anonymous said...

I would not walk across the street to piss on Lynch, much less spend any of my time at a rally to support that racist criminal.