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Apr 21, 2008

Earth Day!

Tuesday is Earth Day - the high holy day of the environmental movement. Started in 1970 the first Earth Day was celebrated amidst fears of an impending ice age. Today the "new" fear is global warming and of course we're at fault.

Interestingly enough, whenever you read accounts of the first Earth Day you never hear that the leading fear at the time was global cooling and you certainly never hear that that was the second time in the previous 75 or so years that a new ice age had been predicted separated only by a period of global warming hysteria (read founder Senator Gaylord Nelson's account here).

In fact, scientists and the media have regaled us with alternating warming or cooling doom and gloom scenarios for the past 100 years. Sometimes they even embraced both concepts at once as has recently happened with our own global warming scare (read about it here).

All of this is would be funny if sometime in the past 38 years the environmental movement hadn't morphed into a dangerous political movement. Look, we're not anti-environment. We think it's a really bad idea to foul your own nest. But the truth is the earth has survived cataclysmic events on a scale that we puny humans can't even imagine. There's very little chance that our collective carbon footprint is even noticed by the planet we inhabit even if we all took to driving Hummers and dumped all our hybrid vehicles in a landfill.
One of the easiest ways to reduce our "carbon footprint" and provide an almost unlimited supply of energy is to go nuclear - something almost every signatory of the Kyoto Treaty has already done. There really isn't another viable alternative to carbon producing natural gas, oil, or coal fired electric power generation. While there probably will be viable alternatives in the future, that time is not now and that time will never come if we don't have the energy necessary to create the required technology.
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What we're most concerned about is the effect that the environmental movement is having upon individual freedom. Make no mistake, environmental groups and unscrupulous politicians are using the movement to increase their own personal power and to strip you of your liberties.
Socialism refers to the goal of a socio-economic system in which property and the distribution of wealth are subject to control by the community.[1] This control may be either direct—exercised through popular collectives such as workers' councils—or indirect—exercised on behalf of the people by the state. As an economic system, socialism is often characterized by state, worker, or community ownership of the means of production, goals which have been attributed to, and claimed by, a number of political parties and governments throughout history.
While the stated goal of the environmental movement is different the means and the effects are the same. Socialism advocates centralized control over the means of production. The modern political environmental movement takes it one step further advocating centralized governmental control over both the means and the uses of everything from energy to property.

Politicians of every stripe and governments at every level are participating in this rush to control our liberties and our lives. The city is planning to force homeowners to replace old heating equipment with slightly more efficient units at nearly double the cost. They're also advocating density at all costs. The theory is that density makes public transportation more effective and public transportation reduces our carbon footprint.

Councilor Benton's Form Based Code is designed to create density by inserting an alternate Form Based Code into the current function based code. The Planned Growth Strategy was an earlier attempt to increase city in-fill development by penalizing West Side developments. You can even find elements of the city's push for density in the Big Box Ordinance.

As federal, state, county, and municipal governments create their own regulatory structures designed to save the planet, they increasingly transfer power over resources and property to the state. By doing so, they transfer ownership over those resources in all but name. When a group, committee, or government dictates how we use our property there's a point where ownership is immaterial.

Our country was built upon the concept of liberty. It is the very foundation of our society. Today that liberty is threatened by a movement that started perhaps innocently, but has become a political movement that will end the world as we know it more surely than global warming, global cooling, or the even more terrifying climate change.

So... Happy Earth Day! The world is coming to an end after all.


Anonymous said...

Have you read Fear by Michael Crichton? It's about this very thing, about how the masses are being kept under control by making them fearful of whatever the cause is at the time. Give us your money, donate to our cause, or else _____ (insert whatever they are promoting, be it nukes, global warming, the ice age, pollution, mad cow disease, wolves, the russians, HIV, bird flu, etc etc etc) will kill us alllllll!!! And don't forget to donate to your church so you can get into whatever heaven you believe in, because no money makes the baby jesus cry. It's all a scam, and you know, when it gets to that point? The earth will just shake us off like it did the dinosaurs, and start all over again. And all your money, and recycling, and saving the whales, and biking to work won't matter anyway, we won't leave much of a trace. Just bones, and dust.

Anonymous said...

"There's very little chance that our collective carbon footprint is even noticed by the planet we inhabit even if we all took to driving Hummers and dumped all our hybrid vehicles in a landfill."

Seriously? Are you serious?

Anonymous said...

you don't believe in global warming?
but i bet you believe in jesus and the talking snake.

Anonymous said...

Happy Earth Day! Speaking of our earth, I wonder how many times she has gotten completely fed up with the humans here?
Watch out kids, Mother Nature looks pretty mad! Who ever put a full bottle of dish soap in the toilet is in big trouble!!!

Anonymous said...

The point that the eye was trying to make is that in the greater scheme of things, the earth can cause much greater cataclysms than anything that we could do to it. Think volcano's, earthquakes, meteor strikes, (seriously, in seconds the meteor crater in AZ was bigger than anything you will see in your lifetime unless we are struck by a meteor again, which the earth didn't do to itself, but you get the drift), tsunami's, hurricanes, tornado, etc. Compare those to our pollution, trash and resource problems, and yeah, my carbon footprint is much smaller than anything else that could be happening. Neither of us is saying to squander our resources, or do things deliberately to destroy the environment, but just not be so cowed by our govt telling us that they have all the answers, and that the answer is for us to support them as they spend our money on making us fear that the sky is falling.

KMGS said...

It is also about thinking outside the box and finding new ways to live. While it might be a very small foot print, and helps breed competition to make new industries of the future. If we just become stagnant in our thinking and living, we will surely succumb to our end much faster.

Anonymous said...

This argument is completely specious. The tired trope of "in the 70's scientists were predicting global cooling and another ice age" is all based on a single Newsweek article which never had the support of the scientific community at large.

see this article.

Global warming on the other hand is the vast majority consensus of environmental scientists.

I do agree with the Eye about nuclear power though.

Anonymous said...

Muck Farty 2009!

Anonymous said...

I didn't want to go here, but so goes: so I'm driving east on lomas from D'town, it's 5:15, traffic is the usual nightmare and I look in my rear-view and here's this teeny-weeny, eco-friendly clown car right up on my bumper...this goes on for several I'm thinking--geez, whadda my holding this hump up or something? Or maybe he's pissed 'cuz I have a gas guzzling Dodge, so I move over. He passes me and I decide to get up on his bumper freak this little shit out....and there they are! All the Praise Marty/Q/Go Green friggin' bumper stickers plastered all over that little POS! And here this A'Hole is driving like he's Mr. Magoo--I just wish he woulda been in a city vehicle so I coulda dropped a quarter on his skrawny-Marty loving ass.
I'm just sayin'

Anonymous said...

But it's ok to piss BILLIONS in the Middle East and still get stuck with $3.50/gallon for gas??? I don't think it matters what side of the line you're on....if they're coming for your/my money they need to be scrutinized!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Magoo, that is sooo funny. I guess it would be better to have him on my ass than the road rage dude that pulled a gun on me the other day.

Anonymous said...

This is several days after the fact but I thought I'd let anyone who cares know how I celebrated Earth burning copious quantities of gasoline in my big ol' late 70's full size pickup that has no (nor ever had) a catalytic converter (>8000 lbs GVWR, you see) locked in 4WD low-range, tearing up and down various gullies and arroyos out on the West Mesa. Cost me $100 but the look on that Polar Bear's face when the iceberg melted out from under him was priceless!!!

Global Warming??? BRING IT ON!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

See, that's what I'm talking about-how is it people can just drive around doing what they want like pull out a gun on someone!!!! I hope you got the license plate, etc. and called that in! It's just getting crazier and crazier....My opinion it's ALL DRUG-RELATED. THe really scary drugs like meth, for instance, are just so cheap and plentiful. And not just dealers and dopers are using anymore--it's the middle class which is non-existant anymore because the friggin economy is in the toilet so now we have rich folk and poor folk-the "middle class" is GONE!