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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Apr 23, 2012

Schultz' Failures Gains More Negative Attention in the L.A. Times

"We cant just say it's going to be solved in the courts. There's got to be accountability in the force." (L.A. Times, September 8, 2009)

The above quote was in reference to failures in APD that reached national attention and were drawn from an article in the L.A. Times. This article was in reference to the activities by APD reserve officer and car fleet tech David Young back in 2009. As a reserve officer, Young's police powers were questioned and of course Chief Ray Schultz claimed he was unaware of his activities arresting prostitutes, unaware of what reserve officers were doing in general, what they could do as they were not certified peace officers, and unaware of Young's continued payment for questionable overtime claims on his time sheet. Like so many other instances, Chief Schultz abandoned his department in his claim of ignorance and, our Eyes tell, restructured the reserve officer program so that employees like Young would not be in similar positions. Chief Schultz's subsequent actions confirmed the allegations of Young's misconduct and of course a large settlement was tendered with many of the plaintiffs. Our Eyes tell us that there are federal civil rights actions still in litigation and that this story is far from over.

Last week, again Chief Schultz's ineffective leadership brought national attention to APD. This time the L.A. Times reported on the uproar regarding APD's rate of officer involved shootings (L.A. Times April 14, 2012). This immediately struck many as curious as the LAPD does not exactly hold a reputation as a police department known for its restraint of force. For APD to get on the grid of the L.A. Times, something extraordinary must be going on. In consideration of this claim, the Eye tapped the knowledge of some analysts that, upon a condition of anonymity, offered the following observations of fact:

The regional area of Albuquerque is called the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and includes the populations of Albuquerque, Corrales, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, Rio Ranchos, and unincorporated areas of Bernalillo County.
The Albuquerque MSA has a population of, at last census, about 887,077.
APD, BCSO, and Rio Rancho Police Departments are the local law enforcement agencies tasked with primary jurisdiction over this MSA.

This is where things get very interesting and where it is most suggestive Chief Schultz has made false representations about his department and his integrity before the citizens of this MSA...

Rio Rancho has 128 officers and since Jan'09 has had 1 officer involved shooting.
BCSO has about 260 officers and since Jan'09 has had 4 officer involved shootings.
APD has about 1000 officers and since Jan'09 has had 28 officer involved shootings.

Given these numbers it is clear there is something unique about APD. In the most recent L.A. Times article Chief Schultz states that there is rise in the number of officer involved shooting nationally and that this is in part because "growing number of people with untreated mental health problems." These claims by Chief Schultz are distinctly without merit. According to the DOJ, officer involved shootings are not on a national rise, and it's unclear how one could even quantify, never mind define, a growing number of people with untreated mental health problems. These assertions by Chief Schultz lack merit. They are unfounded and are meant to distract from what clearly is an issue. At best they are ill-informed, at worst they are deceptive.

RRPD and BCSO patrol the same MSA and as such their levels of force should be reasonably consistent. But APD's rate is much higher. They are not just proportionally higher, but are exponentially higher than the counterpart agencies. Many will claim that APD has jurisdiction over the most dangerous areas of the MSA. But to agree with this position is in direct conflict with Chief Schultz’s own presentation last year regarding the location of all the shootings in that they are all random. This is very troubling because it is evidence of a discernible difference in practices.

Part of a chief's duties is to safeguard the interests of the citizens he serves as well as his officers. Chief Schultz has done neither. His mismanagement of APD has led poor results and heavy litigation. Rio Rancho police for instance have no pending litigation. Zero. Meanwhile APD officers bear the brunt of the media's scrutiny and the taxpayers routinely pay out multi-million dollar settlements. This week's shooting is no exception where a violent recidivistic offender's standing is given equal standing to the officer faced with violence as reported in the Albuquerque Journal. Of course the Journal would hold Chief Schultz as a victim of his own officers and has even endorsed him as the "right man for the job." If the current state of APD’s affairs is evidence of what the “right man for the job” has done then we fear to ask what the wrong person would do to APD.

A year ago, two officers were placed on leave when questions surfaced regarding how they apprehended a violent fleeing wanted felon identified as Nicolas Blume. While chasing and tackling Blume, the officers used physical force to subdue him. Despite the fact that Blume had been armed with a handgun, was a suspect in two murders, had numerous felony warrants for his arrest, and had been widely publicized throughout APD for his dangerousness, the officers did not resort to lethal force as he threatened and resisted their efforts to cuff him. Blume was finally subdued and booked into jail with over a dozen felony charges. Months later a video, that the arresting officers themselves recovered the night of the arrest and sought to tag as evidence of Blume’s resistance, was released by Schultz. Despite Chief Schultz's best effort to stir up controversy regarding APD’s endorsed and taught kicks (footstrikes as they are also called) that the officers used to subdue Blume, the public expressed disinterest. Frustrated with the public’s lack of outrage, he then fired the officers from APD and in doing so breaching their due process rights. The Albuquerque Journal fulfilled its role by promoting Chief Schultz’s actions but still the expected controversy never materialized. In fact citizen’s called into radio programs describing the officers as heroes. After all, here was a neo-nazi wanted for numerous violent felonies getting kicked but sustaining no injuries. There was no shooting, no death, no subsequent explaining by the department, just honest hard working police work. Many question whether or not the officers, whose actions were initially praised by their chain of command up through DCOP Beth Paiz, were fired by Chief Schultz as a gesture to stay off a DOJ independent investigation into the department. Given that there was never any specific reason stated by Chief Schultz as to why he fired the officers it seems reasonable to infer that something else was going on. Despite the fact that there are officers whose actions have resulted in on the record statements by district and federal court judges stating that the department's credibility and culture is not consistent with true law enforcement practices, these two officers were fired when they didn't harm a fleeing felon. They apprehended rather than terminated the suspect.

The L.A. Times article of last week once again identifies a community that has deep concern with the largest police department of the state tasked to serve them. Nothing in the article identifies disgust with the individual officers who go on duty to honor their oath of service. Nor should they. But the community does take issue with the department that employees these officers. The article closes with an ominous quote by Chief Schultz, "...a lot of people are watching to see how successful we are." Hidden in typical Schultzian rhetoric is a concession of APD's state of affairs: failure.

In 2009 when the L.A. Times profiled the department's endorsement of an uncertified officers arrest authority Chief Schultz claimed he didn't know about the activities of the officer. This time, the L.A. Times profiled the chief's endorsement of a department in troubling circumstances. Chief Schultz admits failure and that the department is working to improve the problem. Such efforts will be credible when Chief Schultz is no longer APD's Chief of Police as there has to be accountability in the force.


Anonymous said...

Why does Berry keep this fool? Oh yeah, birds of a feather flock together. And to think what Schultz has on Berry... And to think Banks could be next chief....that will by just, well, worth watching. Good luck to the folks in Abq, I'm glad I live in the county!

Anonymous said...

Is Schultz aware of anything?

S. Sgt. Paul J. Heh ( Ret.) said...

My Opinion : Chief Schultz has destroyed The Albuquerque Police Department. Now he wants to fix it. How many years has Schultz been Chief ? Here is a good way to start, not that this Chief could fix anything. Start by RESPECTING YOUR OFFICERS. All that comes out of the Chiefs mouth is how it is someone else fault or he did not know about it. Mayor Berry just sits around and , well I don't know what the Mayor does. Does anyonyone know? I do remember how Richard Berry promised everyone that Schultz would be replaced if he were elected. Want to deny that Mayor ? Berry is as much to blame as Schultz and has full responsibilty for this problem. But Mayor Berry does what he does best, NOTHING ! As always I do not answer anonymous comments.

Anonymous said...

Berry is never going to get rid of Schultz. When Berry was elected, he hand picked Banks and Paiz to be the new DCs so he could brag that he appointed the first African American and first female DC. Schultz threw Bowdich, Calloway, John Walsh and Mike Castro under the bus to hold on to his job. Berry made sure Schultz gave up his retirement so he would not be a double dipper and in exchange Berry gave Schultz a three year commitment so Schultz could get a "new high three" so his 80% would be based on his $150,000 salary and NOT on his DC salary. Schultz will have his high three in come December 1. Watch Schultz announce his retirment come November so Berry will have enough time to get a new chief before he announces for re-election. With a Schultz retirement, the decks get cleared for APD not to be an issue in next years election. Beth Paiz is retiring in May, leaving the propect of Allen Banks becoming the new Chief after Schultz departs. Unless the Department of Justice steps in, Schultz is going nowhere any time soon.

Anonymous said...

I know of numerous 34's who have committed somewhat mild SOP infractions, but their disciple was significantly increased due to the fact that the incidents might have been captured on video or they occurred in a public place w/numerous witnesses. So, what might have been a verbal or written reprimand, or maybe even a day off w/o pay, became several days off and even the threat of termination because, "the 34's actions may have brought the dept into disrepute." Kinda kethcy-kool, huh. Unfortunately this term in the SOP which deals directly with "conduct" does not apply to supervisors who mistreat their subordinates, it does not apply to administrators who have lied under oath, and it shure as heck doesn't apply to schultz when he goes "nation-wide." How's that not blatantly bringing the dept into disrepute? But I suppose APD's/ABQ's top brass can overlook the inconsistancy give that the SOP is a "guideline," correct? Of course it is a mere "guideline" when golden boys or supervisers being investigated, but for the rest of us the SOP is gospel. Again, APD wrong on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

And this chief sits on the law enforcement board.

Anonymous said...

What a mess. And Berry is looking to make Banks the new Chief?!?!?
Way to perpetuate lies corruption and impotence.

That Banks was overheard brgging that he is going to be the next Chief. If these guys are talking like this in the building, they should really watch who they are saying things in front of. Seems they are all putting blame off on eachother. This is the same guy who lied at an arbitration hearing on tape. Berry is not going to get re-elected with loose lips like this behind him.

And those two officers were set up and used by the chief. They are all scrambling away from that one too. The same talker was heard saying teh Chief made a bad call on that one too. What else is new? these guys need to go.

Anonymous said...

Chief Schultz is beginning to remind me of Sgt. Schultz and "I know nothing"

The first paragraph regarding David Young caught my attention. The first thing about the article is how it was noted that the issues were brought to light by the LA and NY Times. Both very liberal newspapers that are always searching for shocker headlines in order to keep them from going the way of the Dodo bird.

With some research my "Eyes" are telling me the following.

Young's case was investigated by the CIB LT. at the time and he found no misconduct. The Chief unhappy with the results sent it to IA, as usual. Again Young was cleared except for an "add on" charge by a DC at the time for "bringing the department into disrepute". Why be vindictive you might ask. Perhaps to save face or to say "gotcha".

From everthing I have read Young's supervisors thru the DC level were aware of his doing and even had his OT and complaint forms signed by them. Young being alone in a vehicle working for Vice under the direct supervison of any officer
should been fine.

To another point, I can find no current pending litigations at NM Courts to verify this statement.

Had it not been for an over zealous reporter/APD PIO and a Chief that stood his ground this would have been a non issue. Misconduct I think not.

TO DOYLE and WOOLOVER. Did they really do something that called for their termination? Perhaps they should have been commended for capturing a violent white supremacist without the use of deadly force. They were cleared thru their area commander but in order to possibly keep the DOJ of their back the DC and Chief pushed them under the bus and ran over it with a tank. OUCH

Anonymous said...

Schultz.... as he tells it was involved in a shooting, so there is no way he can say he had no idea how the Grand Jury operates... Unless he was only a witness and not the officer doing the shooting.

Anonymous said...

Fairy BERRY, LIAR Perry, Chief Sgt. "I know nothing " Shultz. The 3 stooges of the city. What a disgrace to all in Alb. The Times papers should have mentioned the the victims shot in the back. Since the old west, " shoot someone in the back, your a coward"

Anonymous said...

That CIB Lt. earned his promotion to commander by his investigation of the whole Young mess and, surprise, found everything 10-4. Interesting how all the people he interviewed agreed to be recorded on tape except McDaniel in ops review. Interesting how Ops Review is supposed to be in charge of monitoring use of force incidents....Jeremy McCrae must be shitting bricks over there since the chief will just dump all this on him for "not knowing" about all these shootings. Great post "eye".

Anonymous said...

'These assertions by Chief Schultz lack merit. They are unfounded and are meant to distract from what clearly is an issue. At best they are ill-informed, at worst they are deceptive.'

Deception seems to be Schultz's primary M.O. and goes back for years. When Mayor Marty wanted his 1,100 officers the chief stood up in front of the city council and, while he may not have told a bold-faced lie, he certainly deceived them about the numbers. The question posed directly to him was "how many officers are there?" The question should have been "how many uniformed officers are out there, day after day, in marked units, taking calls for service" which is what the general public thinks of when they think of cops. Schultz's answer was somewhere in the 600 range, citing field services, SWAT/K9, DWI, Traffic, etc. Deception. At the time there had been less than 400 field services officers bid, SWAT/K9 spend most of their week training (rightfully so, in my humble opinion) and DWI is only there 4 nights a week. Factor in regular days off, vacation days, sick days, adjusted days off,,,,my guess is about 250 to 300 officers actually out on a daily basis in marked units and taking calls.

'The article closes with an ominous quote by Chief Schultz, "...a lot of people are watching to see how successful we are."'

More deception,,,,,sorta. There are other departments watching for APD's successes, but often times not so much the actual police work. The department's IT people are in the process of developing much needed improvements in electronic communications, report writing and submissions,etc. There are other departments watching as APD establishes procedures for dealing with "a growing number of people with untreated mental health problems". I often wonder, though, if those other departments are just watching APD to see how the department fails at these projects and others so they can avoid making the same mistakes.

I'm closing in on my retirement and, as much as I honestly hate to say this, it just can't come soon enough. Had I known, so many years ago, how bad things would eventually become at APD I may have given serious thought going to work somewhere else.

Keep up the good work, Eye.

Anonymous said...

It seems there is a perverted, criminal, cowardly, scum bag of a think tank at APD that sits around thinking about how to use people, information, and situations for their benefit. It is being done to deflect attention away from the real illegal behavior, to attempt to make the guilty (dirty) party look better, or appear as if they are trying to make improvements or clean up the department, and thirdly to intimidate, and retaliate against any would be whistle blower who would stand up to this corruption.

I have seen every press conference this year given by the dirty top one, and his filthy three. Let me tell you, they all looked rehearsed, and things were said that someone really had to contrive. From the lies about not knowing about money given to officers to get away from the city after their shootings, to the out and out bold faced lies and omissions concerning the events surrounding two officers mentioned in this article. It must really suck to have to work so damn hard to fool people onto thinking you are competent. The only ones fooled now are the uneducated and uninitiated. Not only are these so called "leaders" immoral and unethical, they are sick!
These individuals have absolutely NO integrity whatsoever, and they are running a police department?!?!? Does anyone know just how many corruption issues they are involved in that involves lies, ordered retaliation, twisting of, and directing of investigations, and just plain omitting key facts that are not in their favor?!?!? Look up all of the cases against these people. Look up all of the complaints against them. The list is unbelievable. It goes all the way back to when they were lazy cops. JUST ONE of the more serious ones would have tanked anyone elses career, especially by THEIR investigative standards and methodology.

I think it is about time for a thorough probe into the administration (leadership) of the APD. The lies, manipulation, criminal bahavior, violated employees rights, and immoral and unethical behavior has reached it's unbearable limit here.

I think O'Malley, Garduno, Sanchez, and Benton are undeniably right in their accusation of the Administration of APD for the current state of being of the City of Albuquerque, and it's police department. Their abolishment of this corrupt regime would be the ultimate support of their officers, the city, and it's citizens who deserve so much better.

Anonymous said...

Let's get real, APD patrol's the shittiest and most dangerous areas of the so-called MSA. BCSO and RRPD are worthless departments made up of cops that couldn't make it to APD that's why APD's shooting rate is twice that of BCSO...because we're real cops.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Cliff Saylor's letter, he sounds like he's describing APD personnel...illiterate, trouble with DV, trouble with hookers, bad PR, rampant infedility, etc...

Mr Wolf said...

I swear the hypocrisy is never fkn ending. Berry and Schultz actually are making themselves out to be victims and are crying foul that the community is being hard on their cops!!! WTF!?!?!?!?!? Where were these hacks when they took our raises? Where were these hacks when they took our cars? Where were these hacks when they fire good cops? Where were these hacks when honest supervisors tried to fire Levi Chavez? Where were these hacks when they took our 4-10's? Where were these hacks when Monica Werely took her life? Where were these hacks when Scott Lopez was stealing money from evidence? Where were these hacks when officers have to file endless EEOC complaints just feel safe going to work? Where were these hacks when they said our response times were too slow?

Mayor Berry, Rob Perry, and Ray Schultz do NOT BACK the rank and file of the APD. They will push you off a cliff faster than you can say stop. Sad as it is, the four D's on the city council are allies to the first responders. LEts be clear about this.

Anonymous said...

The chief has brought more disrepute to the Albuquerque Police Department than any cop has or will ever have. If a cop went on a career disrepute spree he couldn't match that stain on teh badge chief.

The Chiefs of the APD along with teh mayor are chameleons playing with people's heads. The only thing they back are eachother's wallets. It's all about them. The chief backs his cops huh?
Then why was that neo nazi described as only a suspected car thief in the media when in reality he was wanted for murder and several violent felonies including kidnapping and false imprisonment. Why was it not revealed that he threatened officers before and has a history of resisting arrest? Why did the chief and his crew hide that yet get on television for every shoting overcompensating their justification and bringing up the criminal past of every criminal shot by those officers?

They threw those officers under the bus with the help of their union and a few others.

Anonymous said...

@4/24; 9:24 AM -

You're one of the "whiners", aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Ref 9:24

You are a complete and utter scum bag. Keep telling yourself that. You are a coward. You are the reason shootings are so high. Your sissy ass is too afraid to go hands on. Not one department in this state has respect for APD, yet their officers don't run off at the classless mouth like yourself. It does not suprise me though, because you can't even back eachother, let alone stand up for yourselves. And you think you are the best. That is laughable.
There are alot of good cops on APD, you are not one of them.

Anonymous said...


You are totally wrong about BCSO and RRDPS. I have worked with both agencies and their officers are just as professional as APD's. Your statement is just as out of line as the people blaming APD for the shootings.

Go visit officer down memorial page and tell me those officers with BCSO and RRDPS don't deserve the same honor. Think about what you are saying next time.

Anonymous said...

I'm just what u r all think'n.

Anonymous said...

I have also worked for BCSO back in the day. The reality is that I did try out for APD and didnt make it so I got on with BCSO. This was over 20 years ago. I then tried again and came to APD in mid 90's becuase it was a better department (equiptment, pay, respect). APD handles aboout triple the call volume of BCSO and 5 times that of RRDPS.

Come on people. You have got to 82 one another on the streets irregardless.

The reality is if I were to join a department TODAY I would go to BCSO or RRDPS which have come along way. Its a sad day but I have to say APD has too many internal problems. I am still proud to say I went through both academies and APD was above reproach.

Just saying

Anonymous said...

The real fact is that APD hired cops that were turned down by Rio R and SO. That didnt happen years ago.

Anonymous said...

DC Banks isn't the first African American DC.. Berry only promoted Banks and Paiz so he can look good to his African American and Female voters... There will be quite a few retirements coming from the top of the chain on APD so they can refuse to testify at any court proceding on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wolf you forgot to ask where were the hacks when DC Calloway was DOING an FBI agents wife... And then she killed herself.......

Anonymous said...

Really, as actors involved in loss they can ignore a subpoena?

Anonymous said...

The Officers of RRPD and the Deputies at BCSO for the most part are top notch. Just like APD they have some dead weight but 9:24 is right with the idea that is comparing apples to oranges to try to compare the numbers of shootings. Aroura CO is setting records this year and only half the size of Albuquerque. But look at the numbers the EYE posted. 1 for RR and 4 for BCSO...28 for APD. Since APD polices a population at least 5 times larger than both departments combined...istnt it about average then? But in the end its all crap. We all know the reason shootings are up...the bad guys have less fear of the cops so they continue to try thier luck...they also see no other way out....being in prison is bad for them at the same time being part of society is why not. As for the mentally ill...well tragic but cant lock them up and force meds on them...thier own families cant or wont ensure how do you think this book ends? And those idiots on the City Council need to be sent packing.

Anonymous said...

The chief and mayor DO NOT SUPPORT THEIR POLICE OFFICERS. That is a fact known across the country.

This gets announced and now they want to act like they do.
Not going to work boys.

Like usual, you attack and smear anyone who sheds light on you. You attack tgheir integrity because you have none. You are an embarrassment and you are as corupt as they come. The world knows it.

Anonymous said...

schultz has held a command position @ APD for the better part of TWO DECADES, when is enuff going to be enuff. he has been in police work for over THIRTY YEARS, most of which @ APD. Yet, he knows absoluelty "nothing" when pressed for answers. DC's feist and banks have proven to be of the same mold, feist will FLAT OUT LIE and claim ignorance to protect the administration since he believes more in APD as an establishment than the mission APD and we as cops are employed to fulfill. banks, is a self-promoting company man who like others @ APD is FLAT OUT LAZY. He has also proved that he will LIE and dance around the easiest of questions, EVEN WHEN UNDER OATH. Look around at the "snakes in waiting." Aside from a few, a very few, APD's commanders/lieutenants are no different than those above them. Even some sergeants have alreay caught on to "APD's ways" which leaves me to believe that this cycle of corruption, ineptitude, and moral and ethical bankruptcy will not end soon. berry must be held accountable to this as he had an oppotrunity to replace schultz when he was he was elected, but instead berry embraced schultz and everything that came with him. berry decided on doing some mere window-dressing by appointing banks and paiz to DC to broaden his minority constituency proving that his own political agenda is held higher than serving the needs of ABQ. It is EZ for us to say that schultz must go, but he has infected ABQ/APD far beyond that. berry must be held accountable, he must go. berry's administration must go. schultz and much of APD's top-end must go. The changes need to shake the ground @ APD to the point that even those young 34's and supervisors who might have began the embrace of the "schultz way" will do a complete 180. I love ABQ and enjoy the fact that I can serve as an APD 34, and I respect the cops that I work with. But the biggest service that ABQ can receive from the berry admin and from APD is a complete make-over. Even at the cost of their resignations, terminations, or indictments. I truely hope that our next mayor looks outside the ranks, and outside APD for that matter, for our COP. Anyone who might replace schultz who is from or even former APD, including neighboring depts, will do more than perpetuate this endless cylce.

Anonymous said...

To April 24, 2012 6:45:00 AM MDT

As for your question about how many "uniformed officers" there are, well heck because of schultz APD is compirsed 100% of uniformed persenell. Why does anyone think the dept sent out uniform vouchers and required even non-uniformed personell to fill them. Does anyone really believe schultz wanted to provide some sort of financial relief to 34's by providing these uniforms? "Mr I Know Nothing" should instead be called the "Master of Deception." What was it 360-370 on the most recent bid list, and how many have already gone inside since the bid took effect? Twenty years ago when there were two less area commands there was right @ 340 on the bid list. There were 3 traffic units that were 10-8 on day and swing, even on summer weekends in high traffic areas (west central & montgomery). And get this, they actually took wrecks. There were 2 gang units, uniformed and plain-clothes. The Horse unit actually worked full-time in the Old Town and downtown areas, and worked the west central area as part of the "cruiser tact plan." Acad personell went 10-8 in squads or helped w/tact plans when classes were not in session. There was a uniformed DART unit who handled much of the 10-15's that were called in. Oh, and the DWI unit didn't just work 4 days a week. Unfortunately there were DC's among others back in the day who had their fellings hurt due to the fact that DWI 34's were making much more $$$ than them. The difference was the hours and work the DWI 34's put in contrast to the straight 40 (generously speaking) that the DC's and others would put in. Sooo many other examples of how the ABQ/APD admin could giva a crap of placing more cops on the street to perform actual "public safety." APD, wrong on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

"Those idiots on city council" have been backing the rank and file dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Ken Sanchez and other councilors do not support APD.

Anonymous said...

Ken Sanchez may not support APD's policies or its' administration, but he DOES support the rank and file. Obviously you don't know the man, or maybe you do but you are so far up schultz's ass that you are high on the stench of berry(ies)... As 34's we cannot forget the fact that the city council is an eleceted body chosen to be the voice of the very people that we serve. That can't be held against them. BTW, why mention Ken Sanchez specifically when in fact there are at least four on the council who have publicly shared the same view. Is it that you are part of the dingle berry camp and know that Mr Sanchez will make a run at Mayor?

Anonymous said...

So finally, a memebr of APD's admin speaks the truth. I have never been a fan of Cliff Saylor, but I support him 100% on his recent statements pertaining to the officer involved shootings. There is a time to be PC and then there is a time for truth, as painful as it might be. The 34's who were forced into these shootings did their jobs without malice or prejudice. The failures that lead to these people being shot were their own, that of their loved ones, or those of trained professionals who would have overseen their care either while incarcerated or by recieveing mental health assistance. The 34's who encountered these individuals did so while a crisis was occurring and immediate action was required. The 34's were either dispatched to these incidents, or they abruptly happend upon them. Hindsight is 20/20, and 34's are NOT mental health professionals. schultz has publicly supported most of these actions as they occurred so far as the law and SOP are concerned, but never has he made such a stern stance to make it clear that if anyone recklessly or intentionally places ABQ's citizens or it's 34's in grave danger that they will be dealt with accordingly and immediately. There is no doubt that some of these people who have been shot were good; they were brothers, fathers, soldiers, friends, husbands etc., but at the time they were encountered by 34's they were committing violent acts, breaking the law, and had no regard for the safety of anyone around them. I do not endorse Commander Saylor in any way, but at least he spoke the truth.

Anonymous said...

How is calling for a DOJ Investigation backing the rank and file dumbass? Show me something they have done? Did they get our 2.41% back? Did they get rid of the POC? Have they stoo up in the media in support of any officer? Tell you what they did....publicly scalded the Union for the "bounties". Hugs and kisses to shitbags and a cold sholder to the "rank and file" dumbass!

Anonymous said...

To April 25, 2012 9:25:00 PM MDT...

The answer to your 1st question is obvious, to exonerate the good cops @ APD and hold those who have failed the citizens of ABQ accountable. And, to make APD a better place by ridding it of cancerous practices that have lead to people such as yourself to use terms such as "dumbass" on a public forum in which ABQ's citizens and the media follow very closely. Must I remind you that this is NOT an APD site and the forum IS NOT restricted to APD personell. But go ahead with that fine use of profanities.

As for your 2nd question, no the council did not get our 2.41% back. It was very unfortunate that our contract was squashed as it was, but the fact is that cops were not the only ones who were affected by pay cuts. And, if my 2.41% helped save a city employees job who makes far less than me so be it. The council did not have the authority to reverse berry's actions because they were not on board collectively, don't forget that more than 1/2 of them are in berry's back pocket. And, this whole situation is in litigation as we speak. It is and APD vs berry admin issue. BTW, the council is the voice of the citizens while the APOA is supposed to be ours.

The POC? No, nor has any other large metropoltan police force in this country. Like it or not, but as long as 34's and administrators fail to provide public trust there will always be a call for public oversight. This is not a private business where we have the right to refuse service to anyone. Why are so many @ APD afraid to be better?

Bounties? Maybe if joey and flip had articulated themselves better it would not have appeared so bad. They had a golden opportunity to stand their ground and instead hold schultz's feet to the flame since he was the blatant LIAR on the issue. Too bad joey & flip were so consumed with the call for internal audit and other accusations that they could not do their jobs effectively.

Did the city council speak out on behald of 34's. Well, everytime that I have been assigned to neighborhood meetings, national night out events, etc, the councilors mentioned have always acknowledged APD and spoke favorably about them. It is not their place to discuss the circumstances of individual incidents, especially when there are pendding administrative and criminal investigations as in ALL officer involved shootings.

Sometimes you have to step back to get a better view of things to gain perspective. If you are incapable of doing so due to your blind ambrace of APD as it stands then you are merely part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

"April 25, 2012 9:25:00 PM MDT"

Are you trying to make us all look bad? Certainly you could get your point acroos without sounding like an angry illiterate.

Anonymous said...

REF 9:25

They support the police MORE than schultz and his three DCOPS do.
Calling for a DOJ investigation is not going against the rank and file street cop. A DOJ investigation will strike right where it is needed; at the heart of the corroded administration. Hell, it would probably spill over to the inappropriate relations that have taken place between the two crooks at the APOA and the department, saving everyone alot of time and aggravation by finding the missing funds and prosecuting those involved in one big bang. Two birds with one stone.

I, for one commend the city counselors for stepping up to the plate, and essentially calling for the plug to be pulled on this fraud of an administration. Who else is calling schultz and berry out? Supervisors can't back their officers against these tyrants without facing threats and retaliation. Why do you think that the commander position is appointed? The system is set up to keep the clowns in power, and those who would speak out against their wrong doings from doing so, at risk of losing their entire life over it. Are the officers going to speak out? What...and face the assassination of their every thread of being. Get set up. Have their lives looked at through a microscope until they find just one thing to blow up, and wreck them over, or just plain frame them. The officers are terrified of the situation at hand. That is sad. It's a sad day when cowards who run a department throw their officers under a bus for doing their job, a job THEY couldn't do, and could care less if they and their families suffer or are KILLED!

All a good cop wants to do is their job. They are not looking to get away with anything they want, and they can accept criticism, but being absolutely lied on, framed, set up, and retaliated against is when all bets are off. I haven't seed any of those city council members do any of that! Can't say that for the entire top administration of APD! If everything is justified, and nobody is wrong, then why worry about the DOJ coming in for a visit? I would love to see them come in and squeeze the shit out of the fifth floor. I would love to see those guys lie to the feds like they do at arbitrations and depositions. You would see them run for the hills. They would find every way possible to dodge that investigation by any means necessary. The only time they have an ounce of courage is when they are playing the game on their slanted field under their own rules with them calling the shots. Any circumstances other than that, and they are crumbling. In the real world of juries and no nonsense people, they are seen for what they are, lacking in integrity, self serving, hypocritical, lyeing, frauds.

City council needs to keep doing what they are doing. They just saw first hand, the manipulative, deceiving, twisted nature of this so called "leadership" and how THEY attack anyone who speaks out against them or exposes their corruption by any means. Hopefully they will have the fortitude to take these malfeasants head on and make a HUGE change for the city of Albuquerque.

Those councilors seem to be the ones with integrity here.

Anonymous said...

And if you elect those two idiots that are intirim now, you have only yourself to blame when the missing union funds are never investigated and covered up, more cops get thrown under the bus without union representation, and the union continues to stay silent when it comes to backing officers that the chief and his thugs, wrongfully terminate. YOU can only blame YOU when YOU are next!
Don't be cannon fodder.

Anonymous said...

Right Sean Wallace, Justin Montgomery, Martin Smith, Trey "Trashcan" Econmidy, Brett Pearce, and Brandon Carr all had clear cut totally justifiable shootings...sure they did....but the chief 0925 loves so much will fire two cops that didn't shoot an armed resisting felon that would've made the above listed cops shit themselves in fear.

Anonymous said...

Saylor can blame everybody else as much as he wants. Maybe that makes us feel better but it doesn't help us at all. While the yahoos that call 770 KOB are in our favor we all know those people are the BIGGEST whiners when stopped for citations. This is an issue of labor v. management, and while we are getting fucked by management I cant believe there are people here actually defending the "dept"/Schultz. Those must be APoa POS leaders or 5th floor people. Or maybe the rank and file just don't give a shit.

Anonymous said...

Sanchez for mayor.
Run Berry out of office.
Berry and his band of subversive agents are running the city into the dirt. We need someone who is concerned about the welfare of the city, it's citizens, and it's employees, rather than their own agenda, when they are getting, and what they will walk away with when the city crashes and burns.

This last year we have seen them all lie, and unprofessionally attack everyone in every direction out of their desperation. Is this what the citizens need? A rabid dog in their yard. An angry snake that will strike them at the slightest bit of dissention of thought or ideas. Do we need a totalitarian government and tyrannical KGB type of police department? These slanderous individuals file frivilous legal actions against anyone who calls them on their conduct OR does not side with them. Where is the fairness? There is none!
People like the city attorney, the chief and all their colleagues think everyone not in their club are second class citizens, not worthy of them; serf and peasants. All you hear is; This person has dirt on that person. Really? That is pathetic. This city is being run by a bunch of High schoolers. Transparency my ass. They are all a bunch of liars trying to conceal every single bit of dirt they are doing. Transparency is only for everyone else. No one is supposed to know what they are doing. Ask and get slandered, and attacked.


Anonymous said...

The officers in the field are trying to do their job with one hand tied around their b*lls... A quote from PLATOON...... OOOOOO RAH......

Dream Works said...

Albuquerque... Where the inmates are running the asylum.

Mayor Moe, Chief Shemp, and CAO Curley......

Abbott and Costello union officials....

And Walt Disney at the city attorney's office fabricating dillusions of rainbow filled grandeur and fantacy.

Throw in some Looney Toones Muppets and Smurfs and we got a show.... Oh I forgot, all teh chief's henchmen. There we have it!

What a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

Saylor shoulda spoke up years ago not 2 months before he is retiring. Dont fool yourself he knew the DCOP spot was not in his future.

Anonymous said...

I give Saylor some kudos for speaking his mind even though he is on his way out. I can see how he can become frustrated for the heat that officers and the department are taking. However, he comes across as someone who has taken the officer's side no matter what.

The problem with that approach is that it isn't realistic. He doesn't know for sure that in all those shootings the officer did the right thing everytime. that's why each case needs to be completely and objectively investigated.

A person of his rank within the department stating things that way looks just as amatuerish as all the other high level brass APD has.

I do agree with his obervations of what officers have to deal with. there are some dangerous and crazy people out there that pose threats for sure, but his use of such absolute language makes him look no better than Schultz by placing all the blame somewhere else.

The key these upper brass morons never seem to get is to defend officers that haven't done wrong in an appropriate way. Stand up for and promote the department and the officers as far as all the good the officers do. That means give them the credit when deserved Schultz! Don't steal the good stuff for just you and Berry to take credit for it.

It also means when things go wrong they as leaders need to step up and own it. How much owning has been demonstrated by schultz in the last 7 years at the helm? He takes the credit and others, including officers, get the blame. what a deal for him.

This goof will go down in future law enforcement leadership studies as a model for what not to do.

These APD leaders never learned to comment only when appropriate and you have all the facts. Take into account the impact of your words on the department, the officers and the citizens before using them. Deal fairly with officers that do something wrong, and when appropriate, develop those that need it. Get rid of those that are found to be severe violators. Don't take things clouds your judgement and objective thinking.

It amazes me how Schultz and Company seem to live in a bizzaro world where they fire those that don't deserve that punishment (look at all the firings that get overturned)and then don't deal severly with those that do. This is an often discussed topic amongst the rank and file and undermines any credibilty they ever hoped to have and has damaged morale horribly.

And lastly....lead by example for a change. It is sickening to see how these flunkies and morons running APD have damaged its reputation and impacted the officers and citizens in such a negative way. he has remained at the helm when he could've left. He has run the APD into the ground jst for his own ego. Truly sad!

Anonymous said...

You forgot Goldilocks! Interesting how when you have an detective in ROP who is in fear for her life Goldilocks is always "I'm working on it" to get her finally transferred months later and Joey and Flip get immedate transfer. Gee no special treatment there. But wait there's a surprise for JOey and Flip at Olivas' expense....a report WAS filed way back long suckas!

Anonymous said...

The word dumbass was a punch at the above comment on April 24 at 10:38. Take time to read a little ahead and understand sarcasm. Do I care about the 2, the City Council have done more to prevent nothing more that a symbol....yes. Was it tell me not that there is millions in surplus and billion dollar construction projects in the works. So I will elelaboate on the punches against 9:25. 1st of all on the idea that the City Council supports you...wel plain and simply how? Your hatred for the current administration has blinded you to thier motives. A DOJ Investigation would be disasterous to everyone...would they find any wrong doing? No...not at any are all naieve to think so. Look at the cities where this has happened. They have all been plagued for years after...long after the administration there was gone. Look at what happened to LAPD after Rodney King. The citizens developed more distrust and in over 20 years later still dont trust the cops. for public me how anyone but the same 36 people ranting in front of our supportive City council has lost that trust. I watch GOV you ever see anyone on the Council speak out in support? NO....but they repeatedly question the department. I have had 2 City councilors tell me personally face to face that there are serious problems with APD and the only way to fix them is a DOJ investigation with heads rolling. I dont know what that means to you but to me it sounds like a sacrifice. You cite Community meeting and the City Council support....of course they do at that time...because they dont have anyone bashing the cops....NAs are traditionally very supportive of cops. Want me to see time someone stands at the podium and bashes the OFFICERS that shot someone who was trying to kill them or someone else even after the investigation and GJ was done....let me see just one instance when they stand up and verbally support that officer instead of sympathizing with the other side or simply nodding as usual and keeping thier mouth shut. I talk to people every day and have not once heard a citizen not in cuffs bad mouth APD. Where is this lack of citizen support....oh right...the loudest 36. Again blinded by the hatred for the Administration is comments like "they support us more than our Chief and Mayor". My kids do the same thing. Mom is much nicer that you...which tells me the level of matutity we are dealing with. I will agree that YES this is a public forum and not the place to air this laundry but again I am not the one inventing the wheel here. And Normally I would never lower myself to even read this crap but you know....I like many are tired of hearing all the self serving whinning people on here bashing everything coming and going. Yes self serving....from those who would want to be the next Chief coming from broken campaign promises to those 1 year rookies who for some reason are already fed up because it wasnt what they expected or someone just wasnt doing enough to pat them on the back. If you dont like it just quit...go somewhere else....I bet no one misses you the day after youre gone. As for the disbanning of the POC...there is a long line dating back to the 70s...the latest of which was NYC. Call me illiterate...angry...but it is amusing to see everyone picking at spelling and tone in an informal blog when all they do is whine and bitch with no solution except get rid of the administration. Well how many times do you arrest the dirtbag just to see two more step up....if this administration is so bad why would you believe anything different would happen? You people seriously need to grow up. You voted in our past unions...our current Mayor...I am done really is a waste of time reasoning with the one percent of this City that is totally unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

Waa Waa Waa! I don't like my boss, I don't like what my supervisor makes me do, they should be fired and someone (like me) should be in charge!

What a group of whining, self-serving mental midgets from APD that blog on this site.

Anonymous said...

1024 you ramble and make little sense but I'll make it real simple for you. We want equal treatment and for people do what they say and say what they do. Schultz and his gang do nothing of the sort. There's up to $250k missing in union funds and people not only lose interest after a week but they reelect the same fool who was supposed to be safe guarding the money.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah, [as I yawn and roll my eyes] enough of the "call him he would be more than happy to talk with you" wanna be thug tough guy talk. I got a number both of you can call (505) 889-1300.

I was told I would "soon be out of a job" but I'm still here!


Anonymous said...

Ref: 4/24 2:01

Please define what you are talking about? I hope you are not defending the creeps of this administration and posting a number for someone to call while hiding behind a position? We all know the reason any of those cowards act like they have half a nut between their legs is because they hide behind their political positions and abuse their power.
On common ground they are nothing but weak scared misfits with social skills disorders.
So please don't try to enter a world where you aren't equipped to succeed. By the way you sound like a sissy with the "roll your eyes" comment. You diva you!

Anonymous said...

April 26, 2012 10:36:00 PM MDT

TJ, go chow down on another gordita and take a shower while you're at it! Dear God man, you are really starting to let yourself go.

Anonymous said...

Hey Perry, what were your mook cops doing going through attorney-client files in Albertorio's office...ooops....then they were really stupid enough to release that video so that it was broadcast on television?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

TJ.... Hahahahahaha.....
Fat smelly perch lipped rat.
Filthy personal to the 5th floor.
He must be the 5th floor butler / ball washer/ gopher / errand boy.
Floor moppin toilet janitor.

What is a bathroom towel boy doing at crime scenes? What is a civilian doing contaminating crime scenes? What is a fat civilian with no police training doing riding around with brass responding to sensitive calls?
No good!

It's going to be nice to see all of these imbecils ripped apart in future civil litigation.

Anonymous said...

The chief is a national embarrassment and prime example of incompetent leadership. Resign already!