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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

May 27, 2015

Ethics Training: Will it Really Help?


of the


May 27, 2015 

FLOOR AMENDMENT NO.           _ _       TO      ­__R-15-182___



  1. On page 7, line 23 insert the following language: 

“Objective 2: Implement a comprehensive ethics training program for City officials to include elected officials and executive and senior staff in order to reaffirm that the City is dedicated to fostering an environment of fairness and accountability in all of its dealings. Provide the Mayor and the City Council with a report on the status of the program by the end of the second quarter of FY/16. (City Attorney and Council Services)”

Explanation: This new initiative is aimed at developing an ongoing program that will provide training on ethical issues for elected officials andexecutive and senior staff, including Department Directors, Executive Staff, and City Council Staff,in order to reaffirm that the City is dedicated to fostering an environment of fairness and accountability in all of its dealings. This comprehensive ethics training program will strengthen the City’s position as an open and level playing field for cultivating robust economic development. The program will cover a number of ethical issues, including but not limited to, citypersonnel, elections, purchasing and other ethical conduct.

President Rey Garduño

District 6


Vice President Brad Winter

District 4


Jon K. Zaman

Council Director
Description: Description: color                            CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE
                                                  City Council
                                                                     P.O. Box 1293
                                                                                    Albuquerque, NM 87103                                                                                   
                                                                                        Tel: (505) 768-3100
                                                                                        Fax: (505)768-3227                                                                                       

Ken Sanchez

District 1

Isaac Benton

District 2

Klarissa J. Peña

District 3

Dan Lewis

District 5


Diane G. Gibson

District 7


Trudy E. Jones

District 8
  Don Harris
District 9
May 27, 2015


CONTACT: Councilor Dan Lewis, 615-6507

            Councilor Lewis announces comprehensive ethics training for city officials
Albuquerque City Councilor Dan Lewis will announce a new initiative aimed at providing training in ethical issues for all elected officials and cabinet-level staff, including department directors, administrative staff, and city council staff. The new program, currently under development, will cover issues related to city personnel, elections, purchasing, and receiving gifts.
We want to reaffirm the importance of ethical behavior at all levels of our City government,” Councilor Lewis said. “This program will ensure that we are all on the same page when it comes to ethics and accountability.”
This initiative is aimed at developing an ongoing program that will provide training on ethical issues for elected officials and executive and senior staff, including Department Directors, Executive Staff, and City Council Staff, in order to reaffirm that the City is dedicated to fostering an environment of fairness and accountability in all of its dealings.
This comprehensive ethics training program will strengthen the City’s position as an open and level playing field for cultivating robust economic development. The program will cover a number of ethical issues, including but not limited to, city personnel, elections, and purchasing.
This proposal will be introduced by Councilor Lewis at tomorrow night’s City Council meeting as an objective within R-15-182 that will help the city meet its Governmental Excellence and Effectiveness goal, which states that government is ethical, transparent, and responsive to its citizens.
“Ethics informs our actions and defines who we are as a City,” Councilor Lewis said. “People who do business with the City of Albuquerque need to know that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct.”


Dick Berry said...

COA has no clue what ethics are. I have lost all hope that this city will ever do the right thing when it comes to COA employee contracts and pay. I am counting days to leave this corrupt worthless city and I will never come back.

Anonymous said...

Two fat APOA Union pigs at the City council meeting last night wanting more money for their pensions as they sit in the union soaking the city's calls for money and hiding from the street. What a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I guess the city council did not care about its survey that blasted the mayor and his boys. They chose to give retention bonuses anyway,despite that according to the survey was Not the reason officers chose to retire. Now the mayor,steph,and shawn get to divi up the money. Didn't these three screw up the first go round? The more things change the more they stay the same, instead of a bigger raise for all a raise for the few will be handed out. This APOA is a joke and the only one laughing is Berrywinkle.

Anonymous said...

Will it help? Absolutely. It should be recognized that Counselor Lewis led in this amendment, addressing ethics training. The line is in the sand. It's a process. If you want reform, you first have to acknowledge that there is room for improvement. The first step is the steepest. He took that first step; and it should be noted that the vote was unanimous to support this objective.

We, as a society, need to unite against the criminal element, the real enemy. The loss of Officer Benner could not make it any more clear. Ethics begins with the leaders, who establish the tone and atmosphere of their government. This then permeates to the society. We need leaders who are fearless in the face of adversity.

Institutional Corruption - When there is systematic and strategic influence which is legal or even currently ethical that undermines the institutions effectiveness by diverting it from its purpose, including weakening either the public's trust in that institution or the institution's inherent trustworthiness.

"Ethics programs need to treat individual instances of misconduct as part of a pattern of institutional misconduct, because they usually, although not always, are. And treating the pattern rather than the instance will do far more to prevent further misconduct." as stated in Robert Wechsler's free book which can be downloaded at:

You can also view the conference on Institutional Corruption sponsored by Harvard Law School at:

Does institutional corruption exist in Albuquerque?

With the IPRA and OMA and all the previous NM legislation that has been put into place over the last several decades, citizens have an incredible ability to effect change, if you do your homework. Virtually nothing is allowed to be done in secret. Does it happen? Yes. Can it be exposed by citizens who educate themselves on the issues via IPRA and OMA? Absolutely, with the ultimate goal of making our government, and our society, better. One person can make a difference. Two people working together by effectively utilizing the IPRA and OMA, multiply that effect. Ten people working together can impact major evolution.

NM AG's training on IPRA and OMA:

As much as I understand the level of frustration that nothing will ever change, use the tools we have been given. It works!

And if you don't believe that ethics will be a priority with our leaders, watch what happens. This story has just begun......

Anonymous said...

And who would be the instructor?
And what punishment for ethics violations?
No punishment, no leverage.
There exists a Victims Rights Act, but no consequences for violations, so it's a sham.
At least this morass is being addressed.
PS. Shouldn't we have learned not to lie and cheat at home or in school?

Anonymous said...

HAHA, lmao, ethics cannot be taught to people who have no morals.

Anonymous said...

Last nights city council meeting was quite telling.

All kinds of posturing went on display by "professionals" and "politicians" as to why officers are deciding to leave the force, but it took a citizen to bring up a possibly more devastating 'elephant in the room' as to the number of legitimately sworn officers there are on the force, issue.

The "professionals" and "politicians" didn't seem to care what that is doing to officer retention...

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahah wtf I think it's a little to late for those scumbags

Anonymous said...

NM AG's training on IPRA and OMA:

Why hasn't mainstream media or social media educated the public about this IPRA and OMA training, which can be viewed 24/7 at your convenience to make Albuquerque and NM better? Why is the EYE the only one reporting this? Is it because it is antithetical to their individual objectives? If there is no storm to report, will this reduce viewership and therefore, reduced profits?

Misery loves company.

Be wise! You have the power to make a difference. The Ultimate Power is truth and your persistence in revealing it.

Anonymous said...

special guest speaker for the ethics training will former gov Bill Richardson, Manny Aragon, and at the request of mayor woodhead former chief of police Ray Schultz.

Anonymous said...

Officers are quitting and retiring because they are tired of working for a bunch of liars, perverts, incompetents, and cowards who will use them the minute they need a scapegoat to cover for the corruption. That is it, plain and simple. It really is not that hard to call it like it is. Sure there are a few greedy crybabies, but the ones who took the job to be officers, and do the job as it should be done are fed up of being surrounded by pussies who are afraid to do their job and the dishonest criminals leading the department and the city.

When you have a department willing to put a Lieutenant back to work who shot two cops multiple times while covering for him like no tomorrow, but will let the shot officer drop off of the payroll and be terminated because he ran out of time because he is shot up and will never be the same, you have something really fucking screwed up here. I think recruiters from the Albuquerque Police Recruitment Unit should be telling new prospects what they will be facing should they choose to take a job with APD. I bet they do not tell them how they will be left twisting in the wind when they are shot in the line of duty and can't work anymore. This place is a disgrace.

APD covers for the chosen and connected ones just like they did with Sandy. This is the same crap. Delay until they can retire. Run out the limits on things until they get away with it. Meanwhile, the employee who knows nobody gets crucified for minor errors. The entire department needs to be gutted.

Anonymous said...

Ethics is basically knowing the difference between right and wrong which you do not have to teach and people know the difference. People who want to do wrong will do it and people who want to be unethical will be. It is the consequences that matter and what give people second thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Let's try and get this dragged into the light. The APOA lines up with the Mayor to back his play on the retention bonus and agrees to only give the senior cops raises(AGAIN) and screw the rest of us. Then, they turn around and tout low staffing levels after using our dues to fight the Rehire program coming back. Try picking a side and coming up with your own ideas for once. So so so tired of you two dirty crooked backstabbers. Away with APOA.

Anonymous said...

Where is the OIG report in Taser. Three weeks late now!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of ethics, I heard the City put a buy out package for the liar Brett. Anyone heard if he has left. They should put him in another city position.


Ethics?! Now everyone wants to be a savior. You have a dirty lying city attorney with her hands in every filthy case that has come down the pike, and City Council wants to talk about ethics? How about a commission set up immediatly to investigate what she has done? How about we take the kid gloves off, stop with the paddy cake, and start criminal investigations right now into how the city attorney's office promotes perjury, tampers with witnesses, and interferes with criminal and administrative cases within APD, both now, and the whole time Schultz was in office in order to carry out directed tasks for him. This is why she had an office in the Main. How about an investigation into her controlling and denying the release of IPRA information from records, and advising employees to lie about information? How about an investigation into her involvement in the Brandenberg case, and why a City Attorney, would be involved in such a case to the degree that she was? How about somebody getting up off of their punk ass, and growing the balls to call these criminals out, other than the same old people all of the time. Maybe if City Council really wanted to make a dent in these malfeasant scum bags, they would look at the long history and culture of how the upper command of APD has used their influence to drum up bullshit, malicious cases like Corvino's Brandenberg's, Vigil's, Doyle's, and Woolever's in order to take attention away from the criminal enterprise they were building, or to retaliate against anyone who dared to shine light on them or fight back. The city government has been abused for the enrichment of those now either under scrutiny, retired or now retiring in fear of what may come when the right witnesses start to talk, and people start to put together the facts that high ranking city and police officials have been greasing no bid contracts and tampering with federal grants through illegal tactics for years in order to immediately profit, gain influence where favors can be called in later on, or line themselves up for future endeavours. They have abused their positions in order to cover their undertakings by having their connects at desireable levels directly influence board decisions with illegal and inconceivable decisions and verdicts. They have in turn taken jobs with people whom they have covered for, and have used countless city assets to commit these acts and see them through. When called on it, they have endless representation from one city attorney who is a proven liar, and who has lied in court and numerous hearings civilly and administratively, with proof to back these claims, and nothing is ever done about, all paid for by the taxpayer. As a matter of fact, it is shaken off by those responsible for making sure this conduct does not happen with an attitude of "oh that's just the city." It is a disgrace that a city is given such leeway, and an administration's stance, and word is given such weight, when they have one of the most outrageous records of lying, concealing, manipulation, and dishonor of any city in the United States and their former chief is a criminal. What you have here is a Criminal Enterprise that is now spreading like a cancer into Texas and other areas as these criminals retire, flee and move to other locations where they think nobody knows them, or what they have done, so that they can feed off of their next city full of unknowing victims.


I do not know what is more unbelievable, the above circumstances, or the fact that the Republican Party has maintained the same M.O. as this administration, proving that the connection goes all the way to the Governor's office, through the use of the exact same retaliatory tactics, finger pointing, and attempts to lash out, or discredit those that have shined the light on them by coming to the aid of a former police chief who blatantly broke the law, and having the balls to retaliate against AG Keller, who's job it is to be the checks and balances for this type of bullshit. This has a handful of people's names all over it, and it is all about power, greed and money. Every one of them belong in a prison cell. Nothing says CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE more than what has been going on here.

And why hasn't the city IG report been released yet? More on that later.
Those whose responsibility it is to do the right thing, are going to be made to do the right thing or answer to the consequenses of failing to do their job. The retention of officers has nothing to do with money and everything to do with working for a bunch of self serving scum bags who have no qualms with burning them like firewood and who are always scheming and plotting like a bunch of meth addicted children sociopaths. No ethics class out there is going to change the mind of a sociopath either. They will go, sit down and attend, get up and leave, and it will be back to business as usual in this Sociopathic Criminal Enterprise. So keep falling for the feel good, softball, bullshit of mandatory seminars and classes, because that is all it is. Nothing will change until a few of these criminals go from the position they are at now, to unemployed, charged with multiple felonies, and penniless with the loss of their pensions, assets, and money, to seizures, fines, court costs, and criminal and civil legal defense expenses no longer at the expense of the tax payers and reputations of those who's lives they have ruined.

Anonymous said...

KOB is the new APD KOAT. It is funny how Ray had KOAT in his pocket, along with Kent Waltz at the Journal to spin his lies unfiltered, now someone down at KOB has their hands in someone's pockets at APD The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Tanner did a good job the other day trying hard not to talk out of the left side of his lightbulb head. It was funny watching him consciously try to keep from doing it. Poor little dude. He is pining so hard for his next job as cabin boy ball washer to the stars. What a joke.

Leslie Lim said...

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Anonymous said...

I hope our government realizes that secrets and Machiavelli tactics are obsolete in the new world with multiple tools in a tool box, including cameras and social media to reveal the truth. Do what's right. Those who lead with integrity will survive. Hold those accountable that are responsible for the destruction of our government and our society or that have a history of blindness.

Anonymous said...

Transform this conversation into action. Effective leadership and ethics in our government.

Help us select the topic for the 2016 statewide town hall by taking a quick survey on the important issues confronting our state. As a citizen you know what is important in your community, and we need your advice!

Anonymous said...

Humpty Perry fell off the wall. Humpty Perry took a big fall. All the King's horses and al the King's men couldn't put Humpty Perry back together again.

Anonymous said...

TJ Wilham has been in Texas the last couple months for treatment of his fat body cancer. He's used up all his sick and vacation leave. Hell he used most of that up last year when his kid was born. Yet still he collects $38/hour. Let's see some of you ethical cowards turn the lights on that. How many people in the city have been medically fired yet this bag of pus who has TWO city phones and TWO city ipads keeps collecting money as if he's working. And you reporter pukes, have a second or third question lined up so you don't look like idiots when you get some bullshit response like "because of his job he's able to work off site." I won't hold my breath. But we'll see cowards.

Anonymous said...

You know, I am very pro cop, but when you have a police chief like Gordon Eden, who does not think before he opens his mouth, and constantly puts his feet in his mouth every time he comments on an incident, you can see that APD will not recover until a new mayor is elected who puts in place a new police chief with a spine who has the fortitude to stand up for what is right without an obvious agenda.

How can you say that you believe in the above two cases that officers were following policy, and that it is based on their perspective when you do not have their perspective yet, because they were not interviewed? This police chief again did what he did with the Sandy case. There are no standards when it comes to how investigations are handled with APD. One thing is consistent, if the timing is bad the officers get railroaded and if the timing is good they get cover. This may be another possible reason why APD can not retain older officers and why others are getting out of there. Who wants to work for an organization where you do not know what end is up and there is no consistency.

Anonymous said...

I will do you one better Gordon Eden.
What happened to following the DOJ guidelines for release of information and evidence while an investigation is ongoing?
I seem to remember that little publicity stunt that was orchestrated to make people believe there is change going on within APD where you had officer Sedrick Grier arrested for battery, after your drama laden youtube teaser video was put out stating that nothing was being released until the investigation was over. Now you are back to providing full displays of police shootings complete with the officers own videos, so that they can sit there and watch it before they are even interviewed. It is common knowkedge within APD that you go to great lengths to justify any and all uses of lethal force concerning the use of firearms, while going in the complete opposite direction in cases where officers have used significantly less force, in more critical life threatening situations, with better results. There is no consistency or honesty when it comes to how this administration handles it's affairs. It is all politically motivated with preconcieved outcomes to benefit those who are behind the scenes directing things and pulling the strings. There is no wonder in why lawyers in this village are on to your game and are ripping you all to pieces in litigation over your disparity in the way your policies and procedures are implemented. There is also no doubt in what is coming down the pike. Some of you should have chosen your actions more wisely. You are talking yourself in circles and fooling no one anymore.

Anonymous said...

* In the beginning, DOJ, Mayor dumb shit and City council all agreed that the ROP team be disbanded and eliminated. Soon after, SID moved them to ATF then to HSI and now back to SID. ROP was never eliminated just hidden.

* On a recent Intel bulletin, in the mailing list was Ryan Buckner. Don't you loose APD email privileges and Intel access when you retire?? That snake didn't deserve an APD badge much less Intel as a civilian.

* Chief Puppet mouth and DOJ are going to change use of force policy on vehicles and further endanger officers lives. The two over paid clowns from Cincinnati were suggesting that a moving vehicle wasn't a threat.

* The ever so great combatants of corruption and crime the Republican party is wrecking this City and State for profit.

Anonymous said...

I drove over Paseo from I25 the other day and it was obvious that the mayor's boys were the ones given that construction project. The retaining walls look like a drunk pastry chef made them out of cake icing. I mean really, that crap is acceptable. Looking down those retaining walls makes you dizzy. It is so crookes and wavy that it looka like a snake. There are already large cracks in it and the road is nothing but patchwork. There needs to be an investigation into this, because it is substandard, and only a matter of time before it all falls apart. This was a total waste of taxpayer monies. If a casual observer can see all of the shortcuts that were taken I wonder what a certified inspector would find. I guess we will see when it collapses and people are killed. Thanks mayor woodhead berry. You are nothing but a sham artist.

Anonymous said...

Eden just made another big mistake opening his mouth again. When will this guy learn to just shut up?
Nobody believes you Eden. There is no consistency in your stance on anything, and do you want to know why. It is because you keep letting a lying corrupt criminal like Levy advise you and others on what to say behind the scenes. Keep taking her advise and watch as you get dragged down with her.

Eden is lucky he is in a city like Albuquerque, because any East or West coast media would be all over his ass like no tomorrow had he said some of the stupid shit he has said here. This administration has done everything but handcuff themselves and turned themselves in to the Authorities. I do not know what it takes to have action taken against these liars and hypocrites. Someone will eventually get fed up and there will be some explaining to do as to why it got let to go this far.

Anonymous said...

So, APD is analyzing why repeat offenders are released so quickly.

You are baffled mister Eden?

Repeat offenders and suspects in arrests are released because APD couldn't conduct a quality investigation if their life depended on it. This is a fact. Every major case whether civil or criminal has been a mess because of one thing, piss poor investigations due to incompetence or outright negligence and malicious behavior. This is a fact. The district attorney's office can only work with what they are given and they plea out cases rather than go to trial because they do not want to be humiliated by an embarrassing investigation. APD is a mess.

Anonymous said...

It is funny that Levy and Perry want to call the shots from behind the scenes, but want to hide from the cameras. Cowards. Gutless cowards.
Levy is the reason that they violate the open meetings act. She can't stand the fact that people now get to see her lie on video. I think a lot of people want to know why Levy has the access she does, and the authority to disseminate lies to the media, give orders to the records unit on when to release information, or to in fact deny or conceal information and why she is allowed to tell DA's they can not be on a crime scene. Why was Levy behind the calling of the shots on the Brandenberg case bing sent to the AG, and then manipulating the leak to the media? Why is one menial fat old ugly hobbling hag allowed to disrupt so much and cause so much chaos with absolutely no accountability? When someone works this hard at concealing the truth, they are really worried about something. We all know what that something is. This woman needs to be put under a federal microscope immediately.

Anonymous said...

Crime is down huh berry?
What do you have to say now woodhead?

Lie some more for us will you? It is getting old. Crime has surpassed records now and during your watch you lying failure.

Hopefully you go down with Schultz and the others when the inevitable comes. It would be nice to see you all sitting in a federal prison for this mess you have created. This is all your fault. How is that for the blame game Smallfruit?

Anonymous said...

Kaleb "pewee herman" James does a story on the DOJ monitor saying that he is disappointed with the spending and not being told what is going on. Well, guess what you flamboyant little sissy, there are some things that you will not be privy too. Maybe if KOB could report a story without the inflammatory rhetoric or immature gossipy overtones or agenda, they wouldn't have such a hissey fit over being told nothing. When there are investigations going on, information will not be shared. Get over it. You do not have a right to it. You were crying when there was no oversight, now shut the fuck up and let the guy do his job. A couple days in and you limp wristed bitches are already complaining. Come back when you are able to walk down the street without a brisk wind blowing you away. Your job is being nothing more than a kitchen bitch and it is getting annoying. Maybe you and Tanner can go play badminton in your thongs together. Now go get your hair did.

Next time you do a story, do it on Greenwood renting pornos, housing his dog, and buying drinks at one of the higest end hotels in Albuquerque on the city dime. No, you pussies don't have the balls to touch that one do you? Too gritty for you, or not on one of the KOB executives list because it will hurt their agenda somewhere along the line with someone in city government. If people knew half of the information you sit on because it will hurt one of your cronies, or not get you scoops on further stories, your credibility would be worse than APD's. Keep making deals with assholes like Berry, and you will get the same that KOAT got when they licked Schultz's dirty ass.

Anonymous said...

With a lowlife comment like this, after the murder of a police officer, it is mandatory that this scum bag judge not get re-elected or be fired if a review if the case shows her negligence.

"Judge Cristina Jaramillo's office said she doesn't discuss sentences."

More incompetence from people who were piss poor lawyers, and decided to be judges. Half of district court is like this. This turd was just elected. Make sure this arrogant, self serving mistake is not made again at election time.

Anonymous said...

Councilor heeds public’s suggestions on Comprehensive Ethics Training

Thanks to all who voiced their opinion. Public comment and emails to our councilors does make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Even when Eden appears to be reading a prepared statement he can't get it straight. Did ya'll see Chief Huntsman in the frame giving Eden "the WTF" look while he was attempting to read?? Eden has ZERO command presence and his posture and cotton mouth is very unprofessional.

Anonymous said...

Ethics training by the likes of these city Councilors is by definition a joke. Ethics requires you to step the fuck up and doing something instead being the sheep these people have. Name one line in the sand they have drawn to stop this mess?! Name one issue they pushed back on and didn't fall like a house of cards?! Name one time they called Perry out on his bullshit?! Crickets. Nothing. They've shown more interest in kicking an old man carrying a flag out of the council chambers than the real issues affecting this city: RJ Berry.