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Aug 19, 2016

Eden's Angels: The Whorehouse We Call APD

Our Eyes have been telling us that there is a federal investigation into yet another NATURE AT PLAYER! Yes folks, you heard it right. Can you believe it? We sure do. Our intel tells us that the below antics are being looked at by the feds now.

It seems the only time the Albuquerque Police Department deviates from their standard pattern of protecting the filth, and vile oath violators is when they want to retaliate against someone, or to conduct damage control so as to make sure the damn of shit filled waters does not come crashing down, revealing what lurks beneath the murky waters, like during the drought season at Elephant Butte.

Our last article touched on APD's ability to keep the NATURE AT PLAY GAME going. We are going to continue with this for a bit, because APD is a whore house. Certain strains of virus are protected so much so, that they can bring disrepute to the APD, and city as a whole, so many times, over and over again, that it is like watching one of those disgusting viral videos out there where someone is always getting something shot all over their willing face. This is one of those circumstances.

APD's own resident home wrecker Regina Sanchez was looked at last year for accessing the National Criminal Information Center database for personal reasons, and admitted to doing so. She was accused of giving that information to her "play" brother in law; the brother of her boyfriend, and the CPOA said she did, and lied about it. That man's name was Joshua Martinez. That information coincidentally wound up in the hands of this "play" brother in law, who had a restraining order against him. The information, and address accessed was that of a Tammy Martinez. Tammy had an active restraining order against Joshua. Coincidentally Joshua was the brother of Regina's "long time" boyfriend. Hmmmm.... Gordo Sheden the police integrity thief says that there was no evidence that Regina gave this info to anyone. He also said when he gave her a 40 hour vacation Sanchez had a “favorable work history.” Lets look at those two comments shall we.

Officers get fired for untruthfulness, bringing disrepute to the department, and committing crimes. Domestic violence is one of the top killers in this country. This could have lead to a tragedy, but what was done? Nothing? Oops! No, a lot was done. A lot of looking the other way and protecting. It is obvious. What is more obvious is how Chief FeminEden thinks everyone is as clueless as he is.

The CPOA said they were surprised at the punishment. The NM Dept. of Public Safety said this officer was wrong and violated all kinds of policy, but APD treats this like a minor infraction. How many minor infractions does this queen get to have before her work history is deemed unfavorable? It seems endangering lives is a minor infraction to these clowns, jokers and hair bleachers.

Is being inside of a patrol car, as a recruit with an officer, and crashing, then trying to cover it favorable? Maybe being the side piece of an officer who was married, and charged with murder then having to testify on the stand to the sordid affair is favorable? Or maybe this NCIC debacle is favorable?


The only time you become a target of APD is when you speak out against the corruption, have morals, talk about things they want to keep quiet or buried, do the job you were sworn to do, go against their perverted grain, have a set of balls, call them out, deservingly humiliate these perverts and cowards, protest against this corrupt regime, or fight for retribution and closure for those whose lives were disrupted, destroyed, or lost at the hands of these complete assholes.


It sure seems those at the top of APD treat the agency as their very own breeding stable, and they sure do exhaust all means to keep their stalls filled with willing mares, or spunk dumpsters as we with morals call them. No wonder why Albuquerque is quickly approaching the the title of being the most dangerous city in the country. Who would have known there is a group of imaginary unknown probation officers out here, seeking out people to give restricted NCIC information to. And nobody cares who they are!

Maybe this is favorable?!?
Who the hell trains to hold a long arm like this?
This must make everyone feel safe, especially the officer with the muzzle pointed at the back of his head! CAN ANYONE SAY RULE OF FIREARM SAFETY NUMBER 1?!?
Do officers who hold a weapon like this all get to conveniently spread their 40 hour suspension over 2 months, and have their LEA 90 tossed into the shitter?

In the scheme of things, the feds should be able to dismantle this poisoned and decaying agency like a five year old kicking a sandcastle over, but someone is being held back. Somewhere, there is a block, because this is an easy one. Most corruption is based on political power and enrichment. These assholes couple that, with the stupid antics of hormone driven high school morons. Any investigator worth his pen could par lay the findings from one of these penthouse forum "split-tales" into a lying during a federal investigation, obstruction charge, that would have these parasites rolling over on each other, all the way to the top. Throw some bleach into this cess pool.


Anonymous said...

Long live the Eye!! Finally you have come of age!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, look closer! It looks like she even got one of the new Bracken Motor Company Tactical AR15s that Goterman's buddies sold the city for $350,000 in that contract they won. Wowee! More status symbols for the morons.

Anonymous said...

This is a blog where real officers have a spine and comment. Albuquerque is the home of the biggest bunch of cunt coos to ever wear a fucking uniform. No balls motherfuckers who cower from this administration of even bigger pussies.

Anonymous said...

It's red and gift wrappped! WTF is it!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

APD can't fire Sanchez they need her as a stat for the federal money they get for having Hispanic females on the department. She is from the quantity over quality push from a few years back. So many of them from that academy have gone on to make the department a cesspool.

Anonymous said...

Get the female officer a therapy dog to walk around like BCSO did for their joke of a female deputy.

Anonymous said...

WOW, just wow, no words, we deserve Hillary just because of POS's like APD.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the " we need recruits with Integrity " maven, taught this look the other way stance!! Hey at least his eyes were open.

Anonymous said...

Can you say Next Deputy Chief in the making.

Anonymous said...

It's a case of genital herpes courtesy of our PI Hoe!!!!

Anonymous said...

Look it's the Grinch gift wrapped with a bow.

Anonymous said...

@ August 19, 2016, 7:34PM

Celina is dressing for Suckcess. Regina taught her everything she knows about how to give ahead at the AssPussyDepartment...aka APD.

Anonymous said...

- Airbrushing History -

April 08, 2015

"How soon they forget. Or choose to forget. . .

And then there's this one--an APD officer busted for illegally accessing the NCIC database

When Albuquerque police officer Regina Sanchez admitted to investigators from the newly retooled citizen police watchdog agency that she had accessed the National Crime Information Centers (NCIC) database for personal purposes late last year, she was admitting to a federal crime. Sanchez used the database, which is available only to law enforcement officers, to pull the address and other personal information of the boyfriend of a 30-year-old Albuquerque woman named Tammy Martinez on Nov. 24, 2014, according to documents. . . Sanchez passed the information to Joshua Martinez, who at the time was Tammy Martinez’s estranged husband. Sanchez is the girlfriend of Joshua Martinez’s brother.

Yeah, that brings back memories, doesn't it? Like from 2010 when the Martinez Guv campaign was suspected of running license plate checks on political foes via NCIC out of Martinez's then-district attorney's office.

We never did hear anything out of the new Dona Ana County District Attorney on that. Maybe he's happy just to collect a check. Meantime, back in ABQ there is no law enforcement agency willing to say if it is going to hold officer Sanchez accountable for the NCIC violation. And we're supposed to be getting "cultural change" at APD?"

Anonymous said...

Now that the PIO and her husband have jumped into the political arena shouldnt someone look into her use of social media on her time on the job. Heck her husband even sent out a mail piece with her picture all over it. That can't be good for the image of a PIO.

Anonymous said...

Not being connected to anything (or anyone), I am very curious as to who the Halloween woman wearing a red dress in your last pic. Please tell me she's on the street and not representative of our police dept.

Anonymous said...

Remove the red dress from Celina and she looks just like the scary skeletons they are selling at Costco. Yikes