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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Oct 12, 2016

Mayor Berry's lies; Rising Crime, and the Blame Game. More Horse Shit from a lying worm imposter mayor.

Yesterday we all witnessed the results of a system in meltdown. The mentality of doing whatever you want whenever you want, while making up your own facts to back your corrupted actions is more prevalent than ever. We have seen it in the investigation into the Boyd shooting regarding the ballistic tests and weapons involved in that fiasco. We have seen it in the way the brass of the Albuquerque Police Department have handled investigations with their cavalier attitudes, and arrogant behavior in the Boyd case, the recent faux suicide call involving a current Sargent, the Brachle debacle, and several others when they want to cover for their connected buddies, and get them to their retirement date, when they are guilty. On the other hand, we have seen this administration attack, and go in the opposite direction to retaliate against those who speak out against them, or whom they want to target politically, in order to take the heat off of their corruption. Their is no logic when you act like this, and it is evident in the frustration of the citizens caught in the middle of a police department that has had internal parasites for police chiefs for the last eight years, a mayor who unjustly targets officers for termination, hides, and lies on a routine basis, and a drunken jerkoff of a red faced bloated tick CAO who violates everyone's rights, bullies anyone he sees fit, and is one of the architects of what is going on here. And do not forget the past city attorney Kathryn Levy, now in hiding, who is the mother of this abortion, and the current city Attorney Jessica Hernandez (Miss Ambition) who lies like she breathes, and will do anything to politically further her career.

One thing has stayed consistent in all of this madness. The mayor and his administration of gutless, lying cowards, have never wavered from blaming the courts, judges, the District Attorney, and anyone else for rising crime, and every other problem he and his appointees created. Not once has this liar of a mayor, or his impotent, bleached blonde police chief cabin boy accepted responsibility like a man, or leader does for a city, and police department they are directly responsible for ruining. Their actions directly caused the rise in the crime rate we have now. No. Instead, Mayor Richard J. Berry runs to his fan club, the rich white Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, for a pep rally and propaganda party. That's right folks, after one of the most controversial police shooting trials in ABQ history, he does not reach out to the diverse community. No. He goes to his target audience, rich, white, business owning support base; the ones he always runs too. Surely, the same old audience plants will be present, asking pre formatted, non confrontational, benign questions in support of this pussy. One good thing that came out of that trial is the fact that he can't go back and say Eden's premature "justified" gaff is now ratified. No, his boy Eden is still on the hook for that comment, and it will be evident, if it isn't already, that they were hoping for an exoneration just for this fact, because as we all know, it is all about them.

Prior to running to the Chamber of Commerce for a little lunch, and a lot of horse shit, Berry gave an exclusive interview to his other biased support base, the Albuquerque (URINAL) Journal. As usual, the Urinal printed more lies, based on thin sliced analysis of only one aspect of one crime; car theft, and repeat offender car thieves. Their article takes up Berry's cause, pointing the finger at the jails and court system, but ignoring the elephant in the room..... ARREST STATS. You see, when officers are not proactive out there on the streets arresting criminals, the criminals do not get into the court system, which means they do not go to jail. When you have officers that are terrified of a regime that will scapegoat them, fraudulently use them for a disciplinary stat to show the DoJ they are hard on misconduct for menial infractions, to feign compliance with a federal court ordered settlement agreement, whilst they cover for official corruption, and felonies committed by ranking, and politically connected officers and police officials, officers shut down, and do nothing. It is happening in Chicago, and this is the exact reason why crime is through the roof here. The reasons for the crime here is multifaceted, and has nothing to do with the excuses Berry is claiming. Nobody trusts the command staff. There is extreme perversion in the leadership of APD. It is disgusting. Our Eyes in the field tell us that nobody wants to be the next one fired for bullshit, and nobody wants to have to deal with the overwhelming problems caused by this administrations "shit rolls down hill" effect of faking compliance with the Feds. The officers know that if things were done above board with this process with transparency, there is nothing to fear. Those doing the right thing know that more facts only help. These officers have witnessed what has gone on for the last six years. They have seen the duplicity and disparity in treatment put upon employees, and citizens of this city by criminal police department and city administrative leadership, in order to escape detection, and accountability for their malfeasant, and criminal actions, and they know that till this point NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE BY ANYONE ABOUT IT. Officers themselves have gone to the DoJ. They have spoken to criminal investigators on federal, and local levels, and nothing is done. The officers know the mayor is a fraudulent scum bag, that will use the good to promote himself, and use anything else to screw THEM, and to also promote himself. Albuquerque is by the mayor, for the mayor, and there is no doubt about that. If there is one thing just as disgusting as a selfish coward who hides from the public, and sends out his water carriers to run interference, it is a liar who plays a tiny violin to a bought and paid for audience, with lies about what directly affects the safety of the citizens of this city. How can anyone respect a person who lies to those who blindly support him? How can anyone respect those who blindly support a liar, just because they gain monetarily and politically from his shell games, smoke and mirror antics, and Buck dances?

With the COA's reputation of funneling everything to those who make decisions in their favor, slant information to fit their agenda, and then kickback financially somewhere down the line, we wonder why Peter Winograd was assigned the task to conduct the recent crime wave increase study, and why it does not include police performance stats, such as arrest stats by field officers and impact detectives, and their conviction rates. Analysis of this information is only logical since this is where the seed sprouts from. It all starts with arrests, and officers are not making arrests because there are no officers on the street. The officers on the street are spread too thin, due to the lack of manpower, and officers are shutting down because of what they have seen this administration do to those who do the job. Berry is responsible for this too, because the attrition of officers under his administration has been record breaking. Officers are buying time to get away from this disgrace. They are fleeing in droves because of the lack of confidence in the leadership. This is the real truth, and reason for the sad state of affairs concerning the rise in crime in Albuquerque. Berry's administration has also cultivated a cult of no respect for law enforcement in the city, and the criminals know they can run rampant. Berry is nothing but a liar. We have addressed the facts that have lead to this crime rate, and we will not stop until Berry stops lying to the public. The media will not report hardcore evidence of this, because they know the city will cut them off. The city has threatened the media numerous times with retaliation for negative reporting. We know it. You know it, and they know it.

When there are no cops left! maybe Berry and his Greater Chamber of Commerce can get their privileged asses into patrol cars and police the city.


Nothing will change until the usual suspects are investigated, prosecuted, and thrown out. If the Mayor, and his police chief are so liked by the rank and file, why is it that their same group of sidekicks are always around them? They consistently have the same officers with them at press conferences, social and community events, and details. You rarely see other officers around them, and if you do, it is someone new, who is not hip to their game yet, or is willing to sell themselves out to get on the inside. These worms survive via symbiotic back scratching relationships, and intel on each other. A real model place of employment we say! Not! They deserve each-other....... and a prison cell.


Anonymous said...

From what I heard today, the problems for Sandy and Perez have just begun. Possible new investigation into the case, a retrial, and maybe federal charges! Better you than me ol Sandy my boy! Karma is a kick in the ass.

Anonymous said...

When I see the huge riots on TV where thousands of people are torching cars, throwing rocks at officers, and just acting like idiots I feel sorry for the citizens and the officers but feel the officers are doing the best they can to protect their city, But when you turn on the Albuquerque News and see 15-20 people blocking streets and hitting cars, while APD did absolutely nothing was both embarrassing and scary. If all the APD brass is going to do is stand around and video tape people then lets fire all the cops, buy a few hundred video cameras for citizens to use and save the city a few million dollars a year. Damn, even a minimum wage security guard would have had the balls the protect people.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the mayors way of thinking. Lets spend 50 Grand so an ex professor can tell us that with more criminals on the street there will be more crime. What a freekin genius. Heres a idea that doesn't involve bringing back 20 lazy ass rehires that are friends with the chief,, an idea that has been brought up 500 times before. Take those two jokers that you call PIOS and replace them with civilians. Then get all of those idiots that work for Collins and Garcia out of the cross fit gyms and off the golf course and give them all collateral duties. Seriously doesn't anyone monitor these idiots. you have detectives in some units that have cases on their desks 10 feet high, but you need 15 detectives to watch for officers who put on cuffs to tight. Eden your a straight up idiot.

Anonymous said...

Heres some advice for you mayor. You can have 2000 officers on the street but if you have no one to supervise them then whats the point. I was sitting in a SW rest having lunch with another retired 34 when we heard an APD alert tone go off/ Dispatch asking for an officer to start to a robbery......CRICKETS. Then we look over the divider and see 5 APD officers laughing about how they aren't going to take it because they've done enough for the day. WOW. If the Foothill/boyd incident or the SW LT and her firing squad has taught us anything is that supervision with APD is in its worst shape ever. Lets get them some training or replacement supervisors quick.

Anonymous said...

October 13, 2016 at 4:44:00 PM MDT

The police did nothing because it would have resulted in the DOJ prohibition on use of force and taken officers and supervisors out of service for days documenting the use of force not to mention the increased litigation against the city which is an easy payday for the ambulance chasing attorneys in this city.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the US Army right towards the end of, and after, the Vietnam War. Disclaimer: I wasn't there, just watched and read a lot about it.
Morale is in the toilet.
Supervisors can't or won't, for a variety of reasons, supervise.
The media is making all Leo's out to be criminal scum.
The main issue is the political leadership, though. Rot starts at the top.
Fixing this will be painful, but, the only fix is leadership that demands discipline and performance. Troops who absolutely fucking know they will be flayed for doing wrong, and totally protected when doing right.
Transparency needs to exist.
Bad apples need to be GONE, instantly, even if it's for a bullshit pretext. Good troops need to be praised and rewarded.
Have you ever worked with a shit bird that got away with being useless or bad? Yeah. Your performance and morale are going to suffer. The job turns into gossiping and obtaining the next paycheck.
They give you boys and girls weapons and authority. I don't want to deal with an angry, armed shit bird. I want to deal with a committed, level headed professional officer.
Good luck, APD, on getting your collective shit together. We appreciate you, and hope for the best.