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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Oct 15, 2016

Once a Failure, Always a Failure: New plan, same as the old plan, as Mayor DingelBerry is the problem, Not the Solution.

Does anyone remember this video, and Mayor Berry announcing his failed property crime initiative? Remember the promises of removing scum like Ray Schultz from the police chief position? Remember him saying how he wanted to give police the tools they needed? Remember him taking away the take-home cars, and illegally breaking the contract? Remember the pay cuts he imposed? Remember him burning down officers before investigations were even commenced at his Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce Luncheons? Remember him saying he was going to make Albuquerque a bad place to be a criminal! Well... he made it a bad place to be anyone, unless you are him or a member of his criminal enterprise or indeed the proliferating criminal element that is running rampant.

Notice what Berry has in his feeble filthy little paw. It is a page from the Albuquerque Urinal (Journal) that he contracted to list the photos of criminal property crime offenders that were wanted; more hundreds of thousands of dollars funneled to his biased propaganda machine, and yellow rag of journalism that he is in collusion with. The billboard companies too were paid thousands. Listen to Liar Fraud Berry as he said he would send Crime Scene Officers to every single call involving property crimes. We here at the Eye laugh our asses off at that one, because you can not even get an officer to respond to a burglary report within an hour, if you can even get one there, because there are no officers. There are no officers, because they left. They left APD, because they hate this lying bag of scum coward, and his merry band of malfeasant criminal APD command staff.

Oh, and look. Darren White is in this video too. Another coward that resigned under scrutiny, as the DoJ arrived, and now smokes pot like a worthless stoner.

Liar Berry says he was going to put night detectives on the streets. That would be well and fine, but we don't even have day detectives, and when we do, they aren't allowed to do anything anymore, so the ones there just hide out, hoping to not get railroaded by the administration for doing police work. Berry's initiative #11 is the best of them all. "WE ARE GOING TO PUT MORE COPS ON THE STREETS." We all know how that's going. The SWAT Team, Bomb Squad, and K9 DO NOT ANSWER CALLS. Initiative #13 "WORK WITH THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY" was a hoot too! Can anyone say Albuquerque Rapid Transit (A.R.T)? Yea, that's right, Mayor Berry's project that is shitting all over the business community.

Yesterday, Mayor Berry's PR firm, the Albuquerque Journal newsrag's band of editorial scum bags decided to pen another work of fiction, spinning the fairy tale that the crime rate is a "perception." Maybe these assholes should have been lead into the crime scene of the little girl who was raped, disemboweled, dismembered, and lit on fire so they can perceive a little reality outside their ivory toilet? Perception huh? This editorial board has proven themselves to be the most biased group of water carrying, ball washers for this administration that it is disgusting. Being the mental pervert, and liar that Berry is, he tries to say crime is not as bad, because there are more people. That is horse shit. We are talking about the amount of crimes committed within the city now, as compared to 20 or 30 years ago, and we are not going to grade it on a curve like a high school algebra test. The fact is that the numbers of crimes committed are record high, but Berry wants to bend perception to fit his agenda, and escape blame. He is a gutless coward and liar.

Even as they were writing an article for their failed mayor Berry, the impotent egomaniacs couldn't resist promoting themselves, and complementing their own trash by calling a 2015 article award winning. Now that is funny. They give themselves an "A" just like their buddy Ray Schultz gave himself. Oh yea, he fled like a coward too.

This new boy scout unit that Berry is trying to put together as his pilot program against repeat offenders is a joke, and amounts to putting a bandaid on a beheading. First, this is violent crime folks. How does a force of neutered retired cops hired essentially as unarmed security to deal with lower level property crime diminish the violent crime. Calls are through the roof, so it is not going to free up the officers to be proactive. You can throw proactive policing out the window. That is over, because the officers know Berry, and this administration will scapegoat them the minute they need a scapegoat, or diversion. (Gil Vijil, John Corvino, Robert Woolever, John Doyle, Adam Anaya,) Good luck getting a retired officer to come back to a corrupt organization they fled in the first place, where they will be a target with less protection, knowing what they know. It's not going to happen, and it is going to fail just like his first initiative.

In Mayor Berry's opinion, it's everyone else's fault, and everyone else's responsibility to do something about a problem he and his administration created. Berry is a coward, liar, and fake. Berry is for Berry.


Anonymous said...

Keep trying to blow sunshine up people's asses Berry, ya asshole.

Anonymous said...

BUCK Ferry!!! I'm back bitches!!!!!

Fuck you RJ and your tool pump wearing minions and minionets. The circle is now starting to close and oh looks, we are back where we began but it's worse!!!

Anonymous said...

Berry's next solution is to permit rehires regardless of what the state says. They may not be sworn positions but they will be former sworn in other positions. A last ditch effort prior to his exit.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Stephanie Lopez the child abuser,the one that didn't pay her utilities? She was always defending her fellow officers,I wonder if they were there for her when beat up her daughter.She is so fugly.

Anonymous said...

To late Mayor, a lot of good people have already moved out of ABQ & NM. You may has well drop the word "New" from New Mexico and just call it Mexico. Drugs and crime are rampant.
All the other states around us are prospering. You and Martinez have run this place in to the ground. If Martinez did not have what it takes to get things done and she knew it, she should of done the best thing for the people of NM and not have run for a second term. You and her have no place in NM government.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of Beth in the upper left of that betray photo... The two faced lying cunt.

Anonymous said...

Berry's stats are bullshit. There is an old saying: FIGURES LIE AND LIARS FIGURE.

Anonymous said...

Did I hear correctly? There is more crime in the city when the jail doesn't have a lot of inmates? WTF someone is just figuring that out after all theses years? Hell my 6 year old knows that.

Anonymous said...

It all comes down to this: 111,000 traffic stops when Berry took office, 37,000 traffic stops last year. Period. We won't hear shit about this because the media in this town are a bunch of FAGGOTS WHO CANT REPORT ANYTHING UNLESS ITS GIVEN TO THEM OR APPROVED BY PERRY.