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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

May 15, 2017

To the mothers of the State of New Mexico

Friday, May 12th a family of four were killed on U.S. 550, South of Cuba NM, while in route to a soccer game. Melissa, Jimmie, Chase and Grant Crawford never made it to that game. They never made it to that game, because they were killed by a person suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. That person, along with hundreds of others are not afraid to drive intoxicated, because of the lack of police officers, and lack of respect towards police officers and law enforcement.

We are all asking how many times this has to happen? How many families have to be shot in their cars in road rage incidents, killed in high speed collisions, and struck by DUI drivers? How many children need to be murdered?

While all of this has happened, this pathetic self serving, fat porkroll of a governor has done only for herself, and her network of cronies. She has run this state into the ground financially in every aspect, and appointed her train wreck pals, like Liar Gorden Eden to places like the Albuquerque Police Department, to further drive it into the bottom levels of hell. Everything these failed, self serving parasites have done has contributed directly to these deaths.

Martinez's crew has made this state the worst in the country for the profession of law enforcement, because of their war on the street cop, in their effort to blame everything on them. This is being done in order to smoke screen the real RICO level issues plaguing the entire state. This is the exact reason there are no police officers and the response times are off the charts.

In cop talk there is a phrase called "Buddy Fucker." A Buddy Fucker is someone who is supposed to be a friend, or person you can trust, who turns around, and stabs you in the back, for a plethora of reasons... to get ahead, to take away attention from their own actions, as a political favor, for retaliation.... In New Mexico the list is bizarre and as capricious to a point that it defies reason. Buddy Fuckers are people who make a profession out of back stabbing their way to the top, and they are so good at it that they have everyone, but the buddy they fucked fooled into thinking they are a jolly good fellow. They even condemn buddy fucking when in mixed company. NM law unforcement is rife with buddy fuckers. It is outright fratricidal and treacherous, and officers across the nation know it.

You see, guys like Ray Schultz, Gorden Eden, and everyone who trashed the place, along side of them have set this all in motion, and while children are being cut to pieces, raped, shot, crashed into, and murdered, they are all smiling, moving on, enjoying the good life, and laughing their scum bag asses off.

Weeks ago, we exposed a chronic cancer within APD named Timmy Gonterman, once again. We outlined malfeasant, dereliction of duty, hypocrisy and dishonesty, and NOTHING was done. The Albuquerque Free Press has even elaborated on the issue, turning up the heat, and still nothing. After all that, the DoJ ripped them in their last report, then seemed to down play their accusations after that! WTF is going on here people? We are past talking about what should be done. Indictments need to come, and warrants need to be served.

The public is being lied to by the politicians and police officials in our area. They have precipitated what our children are suffering. It can no longer be allowed. These cowards and self serving liars need to be held accountable. These very same malfeasants love to say certain people need to be held to a higher level, when judging them. Well, if that is true, they need to be held to the highest level, and the higher you fall, the more it should hurt.

The way things are going now, the only industry that will thrive in this state will be marijuana farming. You know why? Because the Governor lined up her husband, her crony Darren White, and a bunch of other well connected filth, with lucrative licenses to grow, while other well deserving candidates were bulldozed out of the way.

While filling their pockets with money, they have neglected the entire state. It is one thing to let things fall into disrepair, but it is downright the worst a human can do to put a community into such a state, that families are being slaughtered, while politicians and police executives enrich themselves, enjoying the good life, far insulated from this shit ever happening to them or their kids.

To our great mothers in this state, We are sorry for this. Your pain is also ours. It is also our rage, as we are trying really hard to put an end to all of this. We are sorry for your loss.

Please contribute to the below link if you can.

In Respect to those lost,

The Eye


P.S. To our readers... Standby for a politicsl article coming that will be asking some serious questions.


Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah Eye, thank you for this post. Fuck Martinez Berry and that asshole of assholes Eden.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will ever happen to all these fucking assholes until there is a person in the Attorney General's Office, DA's Office, etc that has the balls to bring them up on charges. These assholes know this and they will continue to do as they please and do each other as they please.

Anonymous said...

A little off topic but a HUGE fuck you to Hanna pork-chop Skandarra: if unions are so bad and the cause of NM's miserable schools then explain why the fuck the best schools in the country are in Wisconsin or the northeast where unions are 10x more powerful than here in NM?? Answer that you fat pig.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Eye for this article. Having worked in Albuquerque most of my adult life in clerical positions at lawfirms and at the City where I retired from in 2015, one can't help but notice the huge disconnect between the administration, upper and lower echelon management and the worker bees. What stands out like a red flag is the lack of leadership and a specific go-to person when direction and clarification is needed. And it's not limited to APD. The DOJ pointed this out in their recent memo regarding APD but that lack of leadership is SOP in every department. Everyone wants to play this "I've got the power" game except the upper managers who should be where the buck stops. But no. The upper (higher paid) managers have their hand picked lower managers (also referred to as "supervisors" or brown nose, lambe, boot licker) who feel so important and special that the upper managers "trust" them to take over. Because in reality Upper Managers are too busy on Facebook or streaming Saturday Night Live re-runs. Then shit hits the fan because of that pesky disconnect again. "Supervisor" acting on behalf of Upper gives wrong info to a worker Bee. Worker Bee gets reprimanded.One Bee might say 'Supervisor said to do this'. Another Bee may take the blame not wanting to place blame on "supervisor". Then a frantic flurry of memos clog up the email! Look theres a cc to: department assistant big shot. Then this assistant department director who knows absolutely nothing except that a Bee was doing it wrong, ...For Staff That Need To Know How We Do Shit Around Here. And another worker Bee is made to look stupid and uninformed when in fact they were MISINFORMED. There's endless examples of this at the City. May it Rest in Pieces. (And they all lived happily everafter. The End! Lol!)

Anonymous said...

These drunks will probably get off with a slap on their wrist. DA Lemuel Martinez will just accept his usual envelope under the desk filled with cash or cocaine to let them off. You want to talk about DRUNK DRIVING, LEMUEL is guilty of that!! Drinking & driving in the red jeep state vehicle, why doesn't someone catch him, he thinks he's invincible. Open your eyes Sandoval County SO, Bernalillo PD, Rio Rancho PD, NMSP!!!! Just put a tail on him start at all the local bars and put your police dogs to sniff his vehicle, you'd be surprised!!!! Drunk DA on the road everyday!!

Anonymous said...

Haha well he did assault an employee and get away with it so a d-dub ain't mean shit unless you bar bitch his worthless ass.