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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jun 13, 2017

Fitting a square peg in a round hole: Bias and yellow political reporting from the Albuquerque Journal (Urinal)

It has been no secret that the Albuquerque Journal has been the political disinformation arm of this filthy administration since it's inception... especially the perverted editorial board, with their warped, biased, and intentionally slanted "opinion" used to provide a cushion, and cover for those in this administration, and their agenda.

Although some writers within the Journal touch lightly on subjects involving the blatant corruption issues, the other self titled "journalists" within that cess pit betray the mere definition of what journalism is all about. (Mainly the Editorial Board and their pervert handlers) Our sources over there tell us that the journalists who want to ask the hard questions have their work neutered through editing. The hard questions that would hold the Mayor, CAO, Police Chief, City Attorney, and ranking brass of APD are avoided. The titles, and content of articles are neutered to make sure they do not damage the fragile egos, and reputations of these failures. This is all done because those in high places at the journal are pathetic groveling scum, who are either beholden to this administration, or expect returned favors down the line. We have shown you the expenditures concerning monies given to this rag over the last few years, in return for biased reporting that slants stories, and lies in order to promote this administration's agenda.

Just so we are clear about our accusations here, lets look at the below article....

Albuquerque Journal (Urinal) propaganda piece

Since when in the history of the Journal have they written an article stating a fired APD cop deserved his job back?

Through out the process of the Boyd case the journal rarely called out this administration, because of their immediate support of Perez, due to Eden's premature case of diarrhea of the mouth, when he justified the shooting of Boyd. Our Eyes told us that after Eden uttered that statement, he was scolded like a puppy that shit on the floor by Berry and Perry. That statement set the pace for things here, because as we all know these clowns will never admit a mistake. The Albuquerque Journal (Urinal) did not fail to deviate from their standard operating procedure of providing cover either.

The above article shows a gross deviation and the idiots on the Journal Editorial Board fail to realize that people are watching their patterns. Over the years, this fake newspaper has relentlessly attacked officers within APD, who have faced egregiously disparaging, and criminal actions against their entire existence, or any discipline for that matter.   Dozens of officers have faced lies and libelous attacks from the Albuquerque Journal, and it's Editorial board. These favors called in by Schultz, Perry, Levy, Perry and various minions for Eden and Berry, along with others within this administration have complicated matters for employees, the courts, the police department itself, and the public. It has caused problems within the reform process, where vengeance and resistance to this Federal court ordered process is carried out, due to animosity to being exposed, insulted or humiliated, and it is done with the skill and conduct of a child.

We here at the Eye have written many articles exposing the above methods of how the Albuquerque Journal colludes with city government to filter out damning information, and shade their articles to ease public opinion in accepting the horse shit this administration feeds the public on a daily basis. All of this is done out of the motivation of greed. That is right. The Journal, and their pals and families make money, and this filthy administration enriches themselves, while delaying scrutiny, and possible accountability for their actions. These people are lowest form of scum imaginable. They know it. We know it. We have proven it, and articles like the above are their impotent way of firing back, and ineffectively retaliating, while making fools of themselves. Someone should be handing out towels over at the entrance to the Journal building at 7777 Jefferson St. NE, so Kent Walz, Dan Herrera, and the editorial board can wipe the APD Brass, Martinez and Berry administration's  bodily fluids off of their faces.

Further calling out the owned fiction writers at the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board.... we would like to say......
Thank you for proving the Department of Justice findings true in regards to SWAT being able to do anything they want whenever they want while being held to a far different standard than the rank and file officers who are shit on every day by this administration.

The fiction writers on the editorial board lied to the public by saying that that Perez is not getting a free ride back into APD, and they did it by failing to back it up with any facts as to why he should be reinstated.

Perez is getting a free ride. Here is how. First, he was handed back his job, without having to go through any hearing whatsoever. There were other officers like officer Guenther, who's case was dropped. He had to go through a hearing. There were other officers who were terminated, and did nothing at all wrong, but all had to have waves of hearings. There were other cases where the city got caught doing officers dirty, and settled out by paying the officers to avoid what they did getting out.  Those officers were not reinstated. Nobody apologized to them. Not until now has someone walked back into APD. The irony in this is that Perez was charged, and not found innocent. To make it worse, every officer prior to the Perez case, had their New Mexico Law Enforcement certification attacked, regardless of their innocence or not, but the culture of retaliation and lies perpetuates to protect this administration, through the illegal actions of those in places such as the NMLEA board, and City Attorney's office, where they can tamper with these types of cases. You want evidence of this? Just read through our articles, and or pull up everything the Journal has reported on since 2010.  Since the DoJ has made entry, and we have exposed these actions, the entire upper command of APD has disappeared. Schultz, Feist, Paiz, Roseman, Banks, Paige, Schultz, and a slew of others took off like bats out of hell when the DoJ ramped up. Levy stayed behind to hold up the rear, and push the rest of the railroading court defrauding cases  through the courts. That slimy creep Nate Korn is no longer heading the NMLEAB, and a long term assistant AG for that same board resigned when he got caught tampering with case hearing officer decisions a little while back. Everyone ran away, but the Journal calls it "moving forward." Everyone continues to flee as suspects like Sedler, Gonterman and Peck continue to run and APD hemorrhages officers out the back door as they usher in new victims through the front. These poor recruits have no idea what they are in store for.

There is no "moving forward" about any of this.

The second part of Perez's free ride is the fact that he is being put back into a specialized unit, but not having to do the duties that come with being in that unit. So, essentially, Perez gets paid his back pay, and a salary to sit in an administrative position, and collect a pay check, when officers are desperately needed out on the street? This is where the Albuquerque Journal editorial board really makes assholes out of their credibility.

The fact that the Journal attempts to make Perez's APD return purgatory a punishment, is a slap in the face to every officer who faces discipline for cursing in their unit, when nobody is around, and they are not dispatched to a call, or just happened to have their camera running, so some police executive can justify their existence, by building horse shit stats to show the DoJ that they are taking care of business. Everything this administration is doing is a front and fraud. The Albuquerque Journal carries their load just like the liar Celina Espinosa does.

Behold... the Albuquerque Editorial Board says someone deserves their job back when faced with no facts to show why. Ironically, the Journal has consistently attacked other officers when provided hard evidence that what they have printed was untrue.  Not surprising, considering the source.

We have been told why the Journal does what they do, and how they do it. The juvenile and perverted individuals exposed take their positions, and confirm their butthurt over being called out with funny little stories like this. When you have to attempt to tug at heart strings to manipulate opinion, you know something is wrong.

As much as we are no fan of Sandy, it is interesting how the Journal says Sandy escalated the Boyd situation. Being the uneducated stupid bunch the Editorial board is, they justify contagion gunfire, where Perez shot someone in back, because someone else started it.  They even go far enough to blame orders given as a mitigating factor. After being critical of use of force policy for a decade, they fall back, and say an order to do something is justification. If these idiots do not realize what they have done, we will be here to remind them.

The Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board is Mayor Berry's whore concubine. They are his political whores, and water carriers. They will do whatever it takes to make this shit pile of an administration look good or better than they are. What is worse is that they embarrass themselves, and their profession by being owned whores. They continue to ruin the reform process, and the citizens pay the price for their idiocy and sissy ass tit for tat reporting.

We would like to take this time to thank the Albuquerque Journal (Urinal) for wholeheartedly confirming that the Federal Department of Justice was 100% right in their findings, that some within APD can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and there is a different standard that some are held to; especially SWAT. Thank you for proving how hard you assholes over there work to find that grain of salt in the coal mine, in order to deem that hole a salt mine. Thank you for proving the need for that little toddler toy, where even the baby knows you can not fit a square peg into a round hole. Thank you for proving this place is a shit hole, with shit heads who will lie, and risk TRUTH, while tossing the betterment of things to the wind for their own personal agendas, jollies, and faux thought that they have gotten the last laugh, because folks, you have no clue. To you deer in the headlights, who sit in your cubes, and take the load for this administration... the war has just begun. We will see who has the last laugh. We are not even close to the last laugh.

One final question..
Did the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board use both fists to write up that editorial?

Please do keep up your Jackassery. You prove our point with every publication.


Anonymous said...

The new mayor should make firing Perez and the entire 5th floor along with reopening all of the dirty cases where officers were covered for and fireing them too his first line of business.

Anonymous said...

So the department is going to invest $250K in a punk no other officer in his right mind will want to work with.

Perez allowed Keith 'wanna be operator' Sandy to turn him into a permanent smelly shit stain.

DP got his "second chance" by staying out of prison and not becoming someone else's butt boy.

Anonymous said...

Word has it that Hector Balderas is afraid to stir the pot, and go after Schultz. He will go after that old DA with a flat tire though. If he does nothing to Schultz, he deserves not to be the Attorney General next time around. Looking the other way and low hanging fruit are not the ways to fix this mess.

Anonymous said...

It's fantasyland here. All of the sudden they forget about the riots, and civil unrest, and DOJ, and the fallout from his actions which set the dept back at least a decade.....Fuck that place.

Anonymous said...

Time to make Puerto Rico a state and kick NM out.

Anonymous said...

Balderas will not bring any charges against Schultz, no sure why people are afraid of Schultz.

INCT Primary Investigative Team said...

Balderas brings bullshit charges against some old lady DA in a month for being stupid, but does not bring charges against a criminal police chief who is single handedly responsible for the mess this city is in? And how many years has this Schultz investigation been going on? He will probably be looking for more than a new job if he does not, and keeping that illegitimate kid a secret will be the least of his worries, especially if it gets out he is worried that douche Jay is holding that over him. Hell... they will all be prosecuted federally. If the AG fails to indict even for a misdemeanor, he is malfeasant and the above blackmail is the reason. Nobody is afraid of Schultz. He just implicated so many that they are all politically connected. This AG will quickly find out that looking the other way, instead of doing his job is worse than the crime itself. Maybe a federal extortion investigation needs to be spawned huh Jay?

The feds have more than enough to indict for public corruption yet they sit on their hands.

Anonymous said...

Balderas is doing for New Mexico, what Berry did for Albuquerque.

Anonymous said...

BalderASS is bent over. Sticky thing those actions that cause babies.

Anonymous said...

Since when are journalists writing articles that belong on the Editorials page!