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Jun 19, 2017

No Country for Old Men

We here at the Eye like like the saying "YOU GET TO SLEEP IN THE BED YOU MADE."
You know why we like that saying so much? It is because many dishonorable cowards who have been employed with the Albuquerque Police Department, as self described Police Executives have taken the liberty to make lives miserable while they were here.

These people lied, and did to others what they would never tolerate having done to themselves. These vermin have retaliated against those who have called them out on their actions. They have bullied citizens and employees. They have stood by as this administration has railroaded people, destroyed a police department, and wrecked a city. They have conspired to do all of the above, and they left when the heat came down. Some tried to stick it out, only for their own enrichment, until they too finally got run out. The common variable in all of this is that they did it all for that pension. Well, to you scum bags.... you got it, now take it and leave. Go away.

The private sector is a whole hell of alot different than civil service. In the private sector, your reputation, and the recommendations required to get that job matter. Your former employer matters even more when you came from APD, as one of the top level police executives.

Some APD brass are hanging on when they are past the retirement eligibility, because they can not find somebody who will hire them. Some wanted out so bad that they took secretarial positions. What does this tell you?

We are hearing that many employers are not hiring recently retired Albuquerque Police Department brass due to them being a possible liability. We could not agree more. Many of these cowards are now seeing the fruits of their labor coming full circle. It is called karma.

You see, you can screw people, but we all live in the same world. What a small world it is some times, especially in places like Albuquerque, where there are usual places that these clowns all see as the tried and proven retirement watering holes for double dipping. Well.... not anymore.

Some are realizing they should not have left a sure thing, while many are realizing that thing may never leave them, and others are stuck in a situation because they stood by, and let all of this happen. This folks is why you do not tolerate poor behavior. The poor behavior of these scum bags has effected everyone. Those responsible for this do not deserve progress while everyone else is stagnated in the mess they made. Many employers are beginning to realize this and it is proof that enabling is just as bad as doing.

Enjoy the bed you made. To the rest of you. You have until November. The Rolling Stones said it well... "So if it's all been said and done... I gotta move I had my fun... Let me walk before they make me run"

The Eye.


Anonymous said...

They are all getting their karma! Hey Fred, how's your asshole? I heard it's rotting out. Hmmmmm. Can't say you didn't deserve that, you rat bastard. Hopefully it spreads to your brain, considering it should only be an inch away. Ain't that a bitch. You see, cancer does not care who you know, how much money you have, who you will throw under the bus to protect yourself from it, who your judge daddy was, or who you pulled strings for. It owes you no favors either. It's your level playing field pal, and you bought it. May it do well by you, because all these years do many get it that do not deserve it but it is really nice to see when someone who does does. It kinda restores your faith in the natural order of things. Man... what will you do when that cheesie mustache falls out?

Anonymous said...

Fred is a good attorney and a good guy.

A cop who knows said...

Sorry buddy. Fred is an absolute piece of fucking dog shit. I would not piss on that motherfucker if he was on fire, and offered me a million dollars to put him out. He is a liar and criminal. He has ridden his dead fathers shirt tails, and been protected because of it. I can not say enough about how much of a scum bag that skinney little coward fuck is. I hope karma makes that prick look like a turkey carcass on thanksgiving. Fucking people catches up to you one way or another, and it looks like it got him in the ass... LITERALLY... LMMFAOOOO!