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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jan 10, 2018


Only in this state are you one day a Democrat, then the other day a Republican.

The theme here is “WHEN IT WORKS FOR ME.”

Today your Eye woke up after sleeping on a news article that was published in the Albuquerque  Urinal the other day. We here at the Eye, after reading this article, wanted to let it settle in, before we put out a response that would have been worse than what we are about to say here. 

We suggest you read the below article, before reading any further. 

The spokesperson for the NMAG’s office, James Hallinan had the sack to say that “nobody should politicize this tragedy.” Well, that’s all fine and good coming from someone who politicized everything they do from vacations to go dinner parties, which by the way are almost every week of the month. One look at this clown’s social media shows he is living the life of leisure and travel while our citizens are getting slaughtered. Maybe this privileged asshole should just keep his mouth shut.  Check out his privileged Facebook page below:

Here is a picture of James politicizing shit with a guy who got a blow job in the White House by an intern...


Maybe the NMAG’s office needs to follow their own “do as they say” advice, since all they have done was politicize everything from the prosecution of those responsible for this mess, to flip flopping on the Albuquerque mayoral election candidate. Yea, how do you go from saying your BFF is the man for the job, then flip after he loses in the election for the runoff?  Oh, yea they must have taken classes from Kent Walz, and the rest of the nutless cowards over at the Albuquerque Editorial Board, when they threw Dan Lewis under the bus, as they realized Keller was going to win, and when they said Ray Schultz was the right man to clean up the city and APD as he was greasing Taser no bid city contracts, before he fled when the DOJ came. Oh yes, after and he took that Taser job. The culture in our state is just this, and this is the reason for why there will be no change, unless some hands get dirty, feelings get hurt, and the fucking hammer drops on the heads of those who did this, those who helped those who did this, those who enabled those who did this, those who turned a blind eye to what was going on, and those who violated their oaths of office. The excuse of there are too many of them, or they are connected to people still in sensitive places is unacceptable. Crimes are crimes, and the atrocities precipitated upon this town are the direct results of what the usual suspects have done. They are all connected and they all need to see justice. Ray first! 

During the last few years, our situation here has given rise to a new breed of critic, and a new breed of government official (politician). One of our readers coined it with the term “gadfly.” Gadflies are those annoying insects, that usually gather around the assholes of farm animals, causing them to constantly swat their tails in an effort to shoo them off... a pest if you will. Something that is getting noticed but is only annoying and provides nothing. Worse than a parasite if you will. We will address these annoyances later in this article. 

Over the last eight years we have seen crimes that have proven we are over the cliff. Murders, children being beaten raped, and eaten after being disemboweled, children shot in front of their parents, murderous road rage incidents, beheadings, the homeless being chopped to pieces, the elderly being carjacked, hit and runs, bank robberies, daily homicides and SWAT call-outs, nationally leading auto theft rates, chronic vandalism’s like todays mass tire slashing, for no reason at all, an out of control DUI rate, being unable to leave a penny in your automotive cup  holder, because every retail parking lot is a criminal’s dream, neighbors assaulting, beating and trying to kill each other, domestic violence, and connected killings that defy reason, rapes, molestations, arsons, and thousands of other countless senseless heinous crimes that have gone unanswered for. 

All of this has happened, while those who could affect the reversal of this behavior enjoy their life of fucking leisure, with Twitter accounts that resemble shit that is posted on Kim Kardashian’s page. While you and your families are out and about in Albuquerque with your heads on swivels, like gazelles looking for the next lion, just to venture out for that gallon of milk you can barely afford, these privileged clowns are enjoying the life of a socialite, because someone they know got elected. What do they do? Their job is to pump out propaganda and bullshit lies to keep you occupied while they fill their coward pockets, and live the good life.

While you are busting your ass, these clowns are taking pictures of every meal they eat, and every beer they swill at some bougie hip joint they think is cooler than you, and posting it on Twitter and Facebook like some school girl. While the entire state is taking a collective shit, between these posts they publish the obligatory charitable backing comment to make themselves look like the saint they want you to think they are. These self righteous clowns could give a rats ass about the day to day struggles of everyone that has been affected malevolently by those very same people they are friends with. This is the reality they hate. These are the words that have them lashing out with their own venom. You see, the minute their nice little world built on your back gets altered, or taken from them, the world is over, and things change. Well now things are going to change. 

The last decade gave way to a police department that now does not have enough officers to handle the crime epidemic, or command staff with the integrity to efficiently do what needs to be done, to the point that they had to keep some bad apples, and actually bring one that ran away back. You want to know the one reason for all of this? It is Ray Schultz, and we have proven this over the last 8 years. 

It is so bad that the Mayor puts together a cruiser task force to reach out to the automotive collector community and who is representing that unit? Regina Sanchez. The same Regina Sanchez that was in the middle of the Levi Chavez fiasco as the other woman... the same Regina Sanchez that accessed the NCIC information of a domestic violence victim and facilitated that information getting to the defendant in that case, jeopardizing that complainant’s life. Oh yea, and lying about in in the following investigation. What happened with all of this? It was swept away by Eden so yet again another clown who lied and brought the police department into disrepute can YET AGAIN be rewarded with a nice unit to work in while officers who did their jobs and got used were fired for nothing. If this does not prove the pool of employees in APD is dangerously contaminated to the point that they are desperate to fill slots, nothing does. We here at the Eye do not forget who the problems are. 

Here is one of our articles on this one...

Offices of political accountability in this state lose all credibility when they are nothing more than dirt merchants, pushing an agenda, that in the end that mainly benefits themselves, and their own agendas, or looks the other way for favors. The niceties that occur out of it are at times beneficial for some, but are ALWAYS put forth in a way that highlights these self promoters as the principal and epicenter. It is always a me, me, me, I, I, I.
People who are supposed to be taking on the hard issues have become nothing but brokers, publicity agents and event coordinators. They put forth nothing substantial while attacking the politically unconnected easy targets and low hanging fruit. A perfect example of this is how Brian Colon is now running for the New Mexico Inspector General. If this is not a joke, and slap in the face at the same time, nothing is! So, an attorney that works for the firm who is representing Schultz, in a matter triggered by an investigation done by the New Mexico Inspector General’s office, wants to be the new Inspector General. GIVE US A FUCKING BREAK! No! It’s not going to happen. These guys just can not give up. How about getting a job and working like the rest of us? Oh, that is a novel idea isn’t it. No, they do not want to do that, because then they have to live like everyone else, without the corrupt influences they have grown accustomed to and unable to pay back those they were handed things by. The days for these clowns proliferating on the backs of people they walk on either directly or indirectly are over. Get it, motherfuckers? It is over. Figure out who you are connected to, and know why, because we do and it is over. 

For the last eight years we have seen politicians driving erratically with flat tires charged pretty damn quick for DUI, while an entire criminal enterprise started under one selfish coward that lead to dozens of deaths, and other crimes goes unpunished. You want to know why? We will tell you why. Low hanging easy feel good fruit... that’s why. That, and this punks friends are complicit in what is going on here and they are all politically connected to the Attorney General and his buddies who are pathetically and desperately trying to keep their heads above water on everyone else’s back. 

Maybe Colon should take his political requests in return for mayoral support, and kick rocks. We know what those requests are and they will not be allowed to be the reason for the further decline in our city. Chew on that next time you are at the Barelas Coffee House cutting deals for unqualified pieces of dog shit in return for favors. Fuck your favors and your unqualified parasites. 

The new trends in now reporting sexual misconduct coming to the forefront has proven that politicians like to bang their interns, maids and nannies. We all know this, and it is no mystery that political criminals use this information to extort their way out of being held accountable. We all know how APD was ran under Ray Schultz, because Bob Huntsman and his gang of thug extortionists, and federal court defrauders proved it below, when they lied in federal court about the surreptitious video recording of James Ginger. Now we know those actions were an investment in attempting to again derail the DOJ, as Schultz and former stain on the Mayor’s  office Richard Berry tried to do when they went on their fraudulent “stains on the badge” dog and pony inquisition, back in 2011 where they fabricated cases, lied to the media, and framed officers for made up allegations, while doing their jobs, as they protected their buddies, who fornicated in city buildings and offices, and in patrol cars, stole money, falsified documents, lied, shot fellow officers, lied on fellow officers, murdered innocent civilians, framed innocent people with homicide wraps, punished officers for having their equipment stolen, while covering up for stupid career problem children, who had their same equipment stolen, but were egregiously negligent and caused it, along with an endless list of corruption that did all of this. 

There is one reason for all of this, and it is the lack of accountability, the cowardice of those who should be prosecuting public corruption cases, and the total lack of vicious and brutal punishment for what corrupt coward lowlifes have done to this city, so they could have nice things, while you worried about getting killed, as a direct result of the fallout from their actions. 

This all went into overdrive back in 2011, when Ray and his gang of pukes did not want to get caught doing what they were doing. From the no bid contracts funneled to Taser and Kaufman’s West Army Navy, owned by Nate Korn, who was running the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board, and who was doing very filthy things to officers brought before that board, to former union officials, and the former Public Safety Officer who were all taken out by what we call Karma, for conspiring with Schultz to help him cover for his self enrichment actions on the backs of all of the lives he destroyed here. 

So we ask, where is Ray Schultz’s indictment!?! 

In the below article New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas attempted to throw former DA Kari Brandenberg under the bus, essentially blaming her for not being able to prosecute the case against former APD Lieutenant Brachle for shooting a fellow officer with the entire magazine from his service .45, but he leaves out some pretty damning information like about how Eden and those running APD stalled the criminal investigation to facilitate Brachle’s retirement, and the death of the Bernalillo County assistant DA that caused the case to be handed over. 

It seems that it appears as if only Balderas can stall, while the city of Albuquerque burns to the ground as his group of political water boys, minions, ball washers, liars, story tellers, poets, directors, actors, never has been failure wannabe politicos, and jokers tell you all how great things are from their viewpoint. 

And about those gadflies...
After this heated election a few very noticeable know it alls have hatched, and now consider themselves political experts on the inside track with some sort of knowledge of how things will be going here. We can tell you that one in particular LORD OF THE GADFLIES is attempting to feed horse shit to this administration cloaked in concern when it is nothing but personal animus.  We will be watching things very closely because the same old gang from decades ago are all sniffing around, and if we get a whiff that the right thing will go the wayside for the political thing or because of some 5th grade childish punk shit, the shit is going to start, and the gloves will come off, and it will be unlike even the past four years. 

No longer are people who are supposed to do the right thing, going to do their own thing, just because they do not like someone, or they want something for themselves. No, folks. Those days are over. We are sitting on a few items, that are going to change the paradigm of the Patron system of government we have been dealing with here. As we all know, things are in an interim state now, and we expect things to be made right, fixed and made better. We expect honorable government, without the hands of the selfish in the mix. But, we expect accountability. The accountability starts with retroactively going after the one person  responsible for the state of affairs of our city, then weeding out and disconnecting his slimy friends. The state of things was precipitated by officers fleeing to avoid being used as the next political sacrifice, which precipitated a department-wide morale problem and systemic shutdown due to the command staff intentionally, and maliciously failing their rank and file, and their citizens, to cover for their own criminal acts and corruption. 

Until the elaborate criminal enterprise started by Ray Schultz, and protected and enabled by Kathryn Levy is detailed officially as we here know it, thoroughly investigated and prosecuted, we will not stop. The cases these two started through their fraud are still causing fallout in our city and police department. 

The actions of a group of cowards who were connected to the media, other politicians, judges, and the NMLEAB have used and engineered their environment into a criminal enterprise that caused all of this, and the proof is all here. We will be doing further stories detailing how the NMLEA board has been used as a tool to fool the DOJ into believing that those in charge of it were dealing with corruption, when they were the corruption, and all they were doing was masking the activities of their friends whom, they were covering for, namely Schultz, who abused his influence, as his friends violated civil rights of officers, while those in the NMAG’s office conspired with hearing officers, to get this accomplished by any means necessary, as we now have the information we need. Those working within state government at the time were all complicit in this. One resigned directly as a result of these actions and this will be exposed in detail in a future article from information we were sent. 

Any officers who were the target of unfair attacks on their certifications during the last ten years, while other officers deservingly charged with crimes, or who faced far greater accusations were protected, and covered for will want to contact their attorneys in order to possibly move forward with one of the most massive class action lawsuits regarding the tampering with NMLEA board hearings, conspiring to tamper with hearings, perjury, permission of perjury, abuse of due process, abuse of the courts, fraud on the courts, conspiracy to violate civil right, falsifying government documents, criminal violations of IPRA law to obstruct justice, malicious behavior, official corruption, evidence tampering. We suspect we will be flooding the market with useable intel of what we have in a very damning article we are putting together for future publication. Much of this was done under the current NMAG administration, and there is proof they all knew and were given numerous opportunities to do the right thing, but failed. They chose to protect a corrupted public official... A criminal. 

Albuquerque is the story of how decades of the good old boy patron system of government allowed piss poor human beings to enter a police department, then through piss poor patron promotional practices, climb the chain of command, collaborate their status and influence with corrupted politics, and merge the two into a criminal enterprise for their financial and networking benefit, while abusing their office and power to get their agenda accomplished. They utilized the city legal department to distract, and deflect attention away from their actions, through abuse and fraud on the courts, as they betrayed their rank and file officers, and our citizens through intimidation and various other criminal acts. This was done as people like Ray Schultz rose through the ranks, established viable media connections, through inappropriate political favors, stacking the deck, and obtaining information on political targets, while branching out, eventually until it encompassed the state. This culture was taught and passed on like tradition through the years. This was a culture that was cultivated, and manifested it’s proof when the administration taped an arm of the federal court in a confidential meeting, and lied about it to defraud a federal judge. This was done through heading and chairing organizations such as the NMLEA board, and granting contracts and favors in return for favors... filthy cowardly and criminal ones.  Through their influence, intimidation, retaliation concealment, and manipulation, the police department was compromised, as these malfeasants stacked the deck and controlled all variables, until officers shut down out of fear of being the next political target, and scapegoat for this purpose, causing a never before seen attrition rate. These instances emboldened the criminal element, and knowing that the situation is what it became, the criminal element took full advantage. The result of this was officers being shot, killed, and at all times ( unless you were their buddy or whore side) piece betrayed by their own command staff. Officers who did wrong were protected, because of who they were connected to, as their defiant behavior increased in audacity, because they knew they were protected. It did become us against them within the PD; the administration and filthy few, against the good, who feared retaliation for doing their jobs or speaking out and the Brass against them, the public and the feds. 

You can say yes, the criminals are responsible for what they did, and they are, but this was enabled, and the fact is... it has never been this bad. The fact is... our situation is a direct ripple effect from the malfeasant and criminal actions of a group of organized white collar criminals, with a full blown infrastructure, and network in place to support their endeavors. 

When you point a finger there are four more pointing right back at you, and all that has been done is finger pointing and blaming. There are thousands of fingers pointing at Berry, Perry and Schultz and yet nothing is done. Those responsible for accountability are remiss in their duty due to the lack of a spine of going after the corrupt officials responsible, because they are all connected, through all levels of government. You can stick your head in the sand, and you can sing Kumbuya till sunshine comes out of your ass, but in the end you will only be the glowing asshole, because you were made a fool of. 

Now is not the time for complacency. 

We know that the interim phase is still in effect, and we are still in the wait and see stages as the few who think they know are thinking they are calling the political play by play. Fact is, these gadflies know nothing. We do. We know that people like Samantha Hults who are running the City Attorney’s office into the poor house need to go. People like this are still carrying the filthy torch, blocking justice for the administration before them, and through their own self motivated emotional, and malicious actions. They will continue to cost the city of Albuquerque millions. This person was there during all of this mess, and cases were made more convoluted through the direct emotional and animus driven antics of such people. As one commentator stated... this persons domestic friend is heading city EEOC. With cases like the one involving the beatings and sexual overtones in the police department records unit, it is no wonder why former city attorney Kathryn Levy did nothing from the city attorney’s office standpoint to bring light to it or to correct it. These people shall be shown the door. 

The proof is coming very soon and the only answer is prosecution, punishment and restitution for this huge mess. 

To you old clowns who just can’t let go, our war is with what you assholes started. Understand this. No matter how quiet you are... no matter how lightly you tread... no matter how tight you keep your leashes... we will know. Step the fuck out of line, and it will all come out. Sit around talking your elitist shit, but know that your shit is over, and you are nothing but a fucking insect on our food chain. We will turn up the heat so fucking hot you will go through menopause again. 

Some unsavory issues will be dealt with. 

And we will actually agree with Pete Dinelli on his post below, calling out the AG, and his cute little manicured lap pet. 

Meanwhile, where is the money missing from Senior Affairs? We are hearing it’s millions. Maybe the director’s husband can find it before he runs for county commissioner? 

We heard that the entire ART project propaganda stunt put together before Berry left office was a fraud as the busses had to be charged by portable generators, as they ran out of power before they were supposed to. What a disgrace. Everyone from the previous administration needs to be dragged back to face criminal and civil litigation for what was done here and defrauding our city. Everyone connected to them who is remotely involved with this administration needs to be shown the door and banned from all future dealings with the city of Albuquerque. 



Anonymous said...

Why in the hell does there need to be a Cruiser Task Force? What a friggen joke, just another closet for a worthless piece of shit to be in to wait out retirement. The need is for officers in the field not to be taken out and given ridiculous assignments. And at first glance I thought that it was former Major Montano in that picture with the low riding cruiser not a female.

Anonymous said...

So is part of the task force going to be looking the other way when the assholes start their crap by slowing down traffic and play their shitty Mariachi music at deafing levels that shake the plaster off our walls?

Anonymous said...

Brachle was negligent plain and simple. He was too important to attend the briefing and then screamed like a two year old after he almost killed Jacob. Time has come to stop protecting the bad cops and disciplining the good ones that make little mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Is that a female Elvis? Nice pompadour. Lmmfao. Who wears their hair like that?

Paul J.Heh ( S. Sgt. Ret. said...

Thank you Eye . Your article proves why New Mexico is the worst place to raise a family in the entire United States as reported by KOB News.

Anonymous said...

Cruiser task force,,,,,,,, another example of police officers doing the job that a civilian should be doing. We need cops only doing cop stuff.

Anonymous said...

Damn Regina's forehead looks like something Trump wants to put up on the border. Better be careful with the cruisers they will want to spray paint gang shit on it. That thing is huge.

Anonymous said...

Regina Sanchez. Aka Levi Chavez’s cock ornament.

Anonymous said...

2:29. That's soooo f*ING funny! And it probably is him in drag..

Anonymous said...

Why in the hell are we charging Brackel with only Agg Battery. Fired 7 or 9 shots? If that was a POS shooting it would attempted murder. I know I am a Detective and charge that a lot. Firing 7 or 9 rounds, I forgot which, shows intent to kill not just an Agg Batter GHB. Bullshit no one ever intended to indict him. They can throw an indictment together in a week and only because of the target letter. I call bullshit and everyone has political aspirations KB and this is an excuse.

Anonymous said...

Can we have a senior cruising task force too? Would love to roll on our wheel chairs in old town for Christmas and down Alameda during balloon fiesta!!

Anonymous said...

Only in SH*THOLE Albuquerque where crime is out of control does the Mayor worry about cruisers.
ABQ wont change because its a cultural thing.
Time to move the family. I hear Phoenix PD is hiring.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Keller making Albuquerque in to old Mexico again.

Anonymous said...

Cruiser TF??? Pull all the detectives from the main who work out and take a lunch and leave to go pick up their kids from school and who go for,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

@ 3:19 Good point on attempted murder and gives a longer statute of limitations. I'm surprised another 34 didn't shoot Brackel to "stop the action".

Anonymous said...

Boy will I sleep better at night knowing that there is a Cruiser Task Force. What a waste of tax payers dollars. What's next a Tinley Beach Duck crossing Task Force?

Anonymous said...

Anyone have additional information or comments on the missing millions of $$ at the Department of Senior Affairs ? Not good that our most vulnerable are being robbed by those entrusted to take care of them. Sad !

Anonymous said...

Cruisers better mind their Ps & Qs. Regina has free access to NCIC and, no doubt, will be building a database for her homies.

Anonymous said...

If you have infor about missing funds there is a hot line set up by the AG's Office you need to report it. Reporting it here is not an official account.

Anonymous said...

Bet Regina will be doing a lot more than building a database for them. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ICK Regina is NASTY.