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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Dec 23, 2017


We here at the Eye remember the 2004 Beslan School Massacre, where over 330 people were slaughtered. On 1 September of 2004, Beslan School No. 1, in the Russian republic of North Ossetia was taken over by dozens of terrorist militants, who were demanding freedom for nearby Chechnya. That is right... Chechnya. 750 people were hurt, and out of the 330 people that were killed, 180 were children. That’s cool right? No, it’s not fucking cool. 

In 2002 there was a similar terrorist attack on a Moscow theater, that resulted in the deaths of 120 people. In both of these attacks on innocent civilians, the same pieces of dog shit were responsible; Chechen terrorists. Although Russian tactical foul ups contributed to the death tolls of both events, it was ultimately Chechen Terrorists declaring jihad for the freedom of Chechnya that were were the root cause of this. 

During the first Chechen war in 1994, over 200,000 ethnic Russians became refugees, and after the failed Chechen attempt to organize, and establish order, many became victims of kidnappings, murder, torture, and public executions. Sharia law was enacted, and a person we will be discussing enacted it, and was responsible for other, cowardly bullying tactics, and atrocities later on, as he was handed power. 

A second Chechen war began in 1999, and ended in 2000. The Chechens continued their 
insurgency. There is no coincidence that their name is close to CHICKEN. 

During the second war, Chechen fighters infiltrated the Dagestan region of Russia, calling for jihad. After a winter siege, Grozny was leveled, and the death toll from this conflict was over 50,000. Russia then took control of the area. 

Akhmad Kadyrov was the Chief Mufti of the Chechen Republic before, during, and after the first Chechen war, until he switched sides, knowing the Russian ass kicking that was coming. He was Ramzan Kadyrov’s fucking daddy. He became president of the Chechen Republic on 5 October 2003. On 9 May 2004 he was assassinated by those he turned on. 

The successor to Akhmad was his son, Ramzan Kadyrov. Little Ramzan was the leader of his father’s Chechen Kadrovsky Militia. Knowing what is known about politics, and political plants this guy took over for his father as the next Russian place holder in the area. The Russians let him because of his turning and support of Russia, no doubt because it benefitted him, but his buddies that he turned on were not happy. Many of this guy’s militia were extorted into service, through pressure on their families. 

In October 2006 a German group, The Society for Threatened People’s, which branded Kadyrov a "war criminal", has alleged that up to 75 percent of recent incidents of murder, torture, rape and kidnapping in Chechnya have been committed by Ramzan's paramilitary forces and at his direction, but he has avoided prosecution. DOES THIS REMIND YOU OF ANOTHER SELF DESCRIBED SLICK PUNK AND LIAR? We think so. He is playing police chief on a shelf down in Memorial Villages Texas, after ruining the place. Same type of shit, just a different intensity level. 

The group investigator stated in its report: "Considering the evidence we have gathered, we have no doubt that most of the crimes which are being committed now in Chechnya are the work of Kadyrov’s men. There is also no doubt, in our minds that Kadyrov has personally taken part in beating and torturing people. What they are doing is pure lawlessness. To make matters worse, they also go after people who are innocent, whose names were given by someone being tortured to death. He and his henchmen spread fear and terror in Chechnya. They travel by night as death squads, kidnapping civilians, who are then locked in a torture chamber, raped and murdered."

In 2006 a Russian reporter named Anna Politkovskaya was murdered after claiming she had 
footage of a man identically resembling Ramzan, and on these videos were murders of federal service men by Ramzan’s Kadyrovite militia men, and kidnappings directed by Kadyrov. At the time she was said to have been working on an article revealing human rights violations, and routine incidences of torture in Chechnya. WE ALL KNOW WHY THIS SOUNDS FAMILIAR, NOW DON’T WE?!?

According to the Helsinki Federation for human rights, many illegal, unofficial detention facilities still exist in the Chechen Republic, and they are run by Ramzan’s boys. 

In 2009, Kadyrov stated his approval of honor killings, based on the belief that women are the property of their husbands. No inadequacy issues here, huh? 

After the Boston Marathon Bombing, Kadyrov expressed sadness for the victims, but denied the suspects had any ties to his region in a statement on his Instagram. He suggested that the suspects were products of American upbringing. Kadyrov accused the CIA of framing the coward bomber on 18 March 2015, after he was handed a death sentence for the Boston Marathon Bombing and said that they could not have conducted the bombing without CIA's knowledge.

A mixed martial arts tournament involving children was held as an "exhibition fight" on 4 October during the Grand Prix Akhmat 2016 in Grozny and broadcast on Match TV. Ramzan's three sons, all of whom are aged under 12, fought in the tournament, with Ramzan sitting in the audience, and none of the fighters wore any protective gear. 

Below is a video detailing Ramzan, and showing quotes of him running his mouth about his feelings about the United States. It is pretty disrespectful, coming from a punk who turned twice on his organizations for his own benefit. 

Here is another video detailing this clown’s antics. It is pretty good, and shows just how much of a scum bag this guy is.

You ask us why we are discussing a Chechen President, and war crimes here on the Eye on Albuquerque? Well... we ask what kind of people call this guy “Sir,” or act like giddy little school girls about to meet their crush? We ask who wants to hang out with this clown, or better yet, who wants to train his radical militia in MMA tactics! Well... These guys do....

Yes, that is correct. Our very own Jackson’s MMA, here in Albuquerque. This is absolutely shocking. Why would a famous American MMA facility like Jackson’s get all giddy and puppy dog eyed over an accused war criminal, and eccentric pompous jackass who is just a white Kim Jong? But why? Why call a peon sir, when he would not piss on you, if you were on fire, and would cut your throat if need be? Why the fuck would these guys look forward to hanging out with a guy who condones murdering homosexuals, or is accused of war crimes, and who’s original gang murdered children? Yes, this guy is even beneath those who murdered children because he then turned on them.

Why are we discussing this? It is because all of this defines the paradigm of the way things are here in New Mexico, when it comes to looking the other way, no matter the atrocity, as long as it works for those who profit from it, or get to have a great time, while making everyone else walk the line, and the really short memories that forget so easily. Well... FUCK THAT SHIT!

Probably money, as usual. It is funny that when money comes into play, honor just goes in the toilet, like it did under the Berry regime, or should we say republic, here in Albuquerque.

Below, is an article detailing what has been going on over at the Jackson’s facility, and it’s not really good. Please take the time to read it, because as all the media we post, it is part of the whole picture, and will help in understanding the whole picture. We suggest reading and watching all of the links here, then internet searching on your own, because what we posted is only a fraction of what we found out researching this article. We actually kept it brief to get the point out.


Upon reading the above article, and looking further into it we found out that Mr. Luttrell named in the Bloody Elbow article is an active APD officer. Our sources confirmed that he used to instruct APD officers in use of force classes, and is an expert in the field, and very well respected. Why would APD or the state not utilize this officer to teach proven, approved use of force tactics?

You see, this all started when we saw this story...

Then., as we do, we started looking and asking.

We want to see our officers have good training to protect themselves, but Jackson’s MMA is not a certified police use of force instruction facility, nor are they police officers, and they do not come from a policing background. They are not certified by the state, and should our officers really be training with militia members from countries where war crimes are taking place? If you want to talk about liability and exposure, this issue sure is a doozie. This is a civil litigation nightmare in the making.

In the above news story, Greg Jackson states that he has worked with law enforcement before, but he does not state what law enforcement he has worked with. We did a story on this a while back, and you can read it here...

Our Eyes are telling us that mayor Berry, before he left, may have given a contract to Jackson’s MMA to the tune of over $60,000 a year to train SWAT, and other tactical officers of the Albuquerque Police Department, and it looks to be true, from the evidence we were sent below. These CADs are from Wednesday 10/20 @ 15:45 hours. Below are the CAD photos of APD units logged out on a tac plan at Jackson’s MMA, but obviously training, as they typed into the comments box detailing the reason as to why they were out of service. Hmmm... Looks like Jackson’s is still working with law enforcement, and has been, since we first heard of this back in May of 2016. As a matter of fact, they are training rehired officer Dominique Perez as seen at the bottom of the below CAD photo. Perez is one of the officers who shot and killed homeless camper James Boyd in the foothills spawning a mess in our city, but was conveniently handed his job back without even so much as a board hearing after not being exonerated by a hung jury.

It is amusing how politicians, police, and even community leaders get like starry eyed little school girls at a Beegees concert around these types of people, so much so, that they just overlook the elephant in the room, like accusations of war crimes, torture, felony behavior, drug use, steroid use, leaving the scene of an auto accident, fleeing their own police coworkers ,and consorting with, or glamorizing with individuals connected to this behavior, because certain things are perceived as cool. Well... it is not cool.

We would like to know where the training curriculum came from.

Our eyes have told us that one of the tactics being taught in this new police training being offered by Mr. Jackson involves removing your sidearm from it’s holster, when coming under attack by a suspect trying to disarm you as an officer. Considering the fact that most officers are utilizing triple retention holsters these days, that is absolutely absurd, and may precipitate a shooting of either the bad guy, or an officer that may not have needed to happen. Maybe this is why they do not want anyone knowing what that training is all about? Triple retention holsters obligate the officer to utilize three actions in order to draw their weapon from it’s holster. A weapon snatch is the exact reason for these holsters, and keeping the weapon in the holster, until the officer is able to disengage the suspect, and create a distance, or overwhelm the suspect is the point of dealing with such an encounter.

We find it disturbing that the Attorney General is backing this with his statements of how it is beneficial knowing those behind this training have no background in police training, or certifications in it. Such quick backing of this seems very odd, and almost blind, but we are not surprised.

We wonder what the new administration’s thoughts are on this, and of course the DOJ, because we are tired of the pretentious horse shit from the past administration. The jumping of sides, and absence of a baseline to start from is beyond getting old. Blurring the line between those upholding the law, those responsible for overseeing that it is done right, and the bullies of the world is now enraging. The cost of lives, the back stabbing, and the arrogance is now at an intolerable level. It is no longer acceptable. Too many have lost too much while the smug have enjoyed being covered for, and protected.

There needs to be answers for why this is being allowed.

And where is our “soon” answer on the Ray Schultz Taser investigation? More crickets from the Hector Balderas low hanging fruit club, we are sure. They will probably claim the statute of limitations ran out like they did with the Brachle case, when it should just be handed over to the feds for federal prosecution, if he doesn’t have the sack to prosecute it, or just does not want to prove the Robles Law Firm was full of shit when they said they do not represent Schultz because they are buddies. Hell, it’s all in fun right? Why should we know who’s side anyone is on, including the side of justice, here in New Mexico, where all of the guys who were stabbing Keller in the back have been trying to climb up his ass since they knew he was going to win the election? Hell, Even that fucking weasel Nate Korn was at the swearing in for the new administration he did not support.

We are hearing that some pretty interesting cases are working their way through the system that will prove just who is up to doing the right thing when the time comes.

Stand the fuck by folks, as 2018 will come in like a sledgehammer.

Also, we are hearing that some good old fashioned APD “Nature at Play” whore housing may have bled over into the MMA world, destroying marriages and businesses, and it is always the same old usual suspects. Yes, we have names.

A word to the wise. Know where your shit has been, and wrap it.

It’s a dirty filthy world we live in sometimes, and we fucking promise to make it interesting.

We are not sorry for being serious, or blunt this Christmas, because people are inconvenienced, suffering, and unhappy, due to the actions of cowards, scum bags, liars and backstabbers, who have not been brought to justice, and enjoy the phenomenon of having their atrocious actions just fade away. We have not forgotten, and we will not stop.

Power corrupts. Absolute power perverts.

Fuck all Punks, including this chief on a shelf this Christmas.

To the rest out there, doing the right thing for you and your families, we wish you the world this Holiday season, and we are doing our best to keep to keep the scum from reaching you and yours.

The Eye


Anonymous said...

And now Honey Badger Kassetas wants Jack/Wink to train his troops too. What's in it for Petie since MMA instructors have been training SP for years?

Anonymous said...

Hector couldn't prosecute his shadow for being taller than him.

Anonymous said...

Chechen are regarded as cockroaches in Russia. They preyed on the weak like cowards. They used the families of people to terrorize and get their way. They are the ultimate cowards and bullies. They knew when the real deal Russian soldiers came for them they would have been killed to the last one. The real Russian special forces soldiers wanted to wipe them out to an extinction level. When they came, the chechens grabbed their ankles and knew the Russians would eradicate them. Anyone who deals with these vermin are just as bad and should be eradicated just like them. Now these criminals enjoy being fed Russian money to keep their scum from acting up again. This dictator is nothing but an overgrown punk on a Putin string. Anyone who worships these American hating assholes can go fuck themselves.

Anonymous said...

2018 will be more of the same when it comes to APD and City Government. The people that will fill positions on the 5th & 11th floor will be ones that have given money to the Keller campaign and kissed ass the best with the new Chief.

Anonymous said...

And Mizel wants to be a DCOP? Why the hell not, he’s Hispanic and male,,,perfect matches for the 5th floor.

Anonymous said...

The unprovoked, unecessary extinguishing of human life, at any level, is an abomination and a cowardly act. I don’t believe there are very many New Mexicans familiar with the Russian communist regime, and as such, I doubt JMMA has any idea who they’re dealing with... and for that matter the Eye article is also lacking. The brutality that occurred in Russia is unamagineable, and the comparison to Shultz is nothing less than cheap literary prose. Please don’t disintegrate the actual cruelty and suffering these people endured with a foolhardy contrast. By all means, toss poetic feces in all deserving directions, but please refrain from presenting the atrocities of Russia in an artistic light. The dead deserve better.

Anonymous said...

can anyone confirm that Chief Geyer was forced out of Rio Rancho and the story about his sick wife was made up ?

Anonymous said...

So, the Eye ventures into real deep waters . . .

Let me see if I understand the Eye. Greg Jackson’s ground control program is “corrupt” because he acknowledges Akhmad Kadyrov for his support of mixed martial arts. Would you criticize Jackson’s ground control program if Jackson voiced his support for either president George Bush or President Barack Obama? As you should know, both these presidents have killed thousands of innocent civilians. That is an undisputed fact. If Jackson supported either of these two presidents, would you call Jackson’s ground control program “corrupt?”

And by the way, do you why the massacre at Beslan happened? Do you have any idea of the atrocities that the Russian military committed in Chechen Republic? That was missing from your diatribe. Calling Chechens “chickens” only shows the Eye is unable to separate the facts from the Eye’s agenda. It would be the same as calling all APD officers murders because some officers committed unjustified killings (i.e. shootings). The truth be dammed. The only thing that matters to the Eye is the distortion of the truth to further the ends of its disgruntled contributors. Merry Christmas. . .

On to specifics, Kadyrov ordered the execution of a a Russian journalist. True. Similarly, President Obama authorized the “execution” of a 16 year old, named Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki. Abdulrahman was a 16-year-old American of Yemeni descent who was killed while eating dinner at an outdoor restaurant in Yemen by a drone airstrike ordered by Obama on 14 October 2011. Obama killed a 16 year old eating dinner in our name.

And how many unarmed citizens has APD killed? Certainly, the Eye remembers the shooting of citizens armed with a brake pad, cell phones, and nothing at all. And yes, your beloved Field Service Officers (not the specialized units you abhor) are the ones who committing those murders. A little harsh? A little unfair? Not the whole story? Tell that to the USDOJ and the families of APD's murder victims. Merry Christmas. . .

With the Eye’s hypocrisy on the table, the real question is the merits of Jackson’s ground control program. What is “wrong” with the techniques and tactics proposed by Jackson? According to the Eye, Jackson has no business teaching police officers because Jackson is not a police officer, certified police trainer, etc. (the Eye often tips it’s hat to the good ol’ boy system without recognizing it).

Instead someone like retired APD Officer Chris Luttrell should be the person who teaches law enforcement officers proper ground control tactics. Is this the same Chris Luttrell who came to APD from NMSP - along with Eye favorites Keith Sandy and Sean Wallace - just before they were fired from NMSP? Is this the same Chris Luttrell who worked at Jackson Wink until he opened his own MMA gym, Luttrell/Yee MAA? (Note to the Eye: Google is your friend). So what makes Luttrell a better ground control instructor than Jackson if the basis of their ground control knowledge comes from the world of mixed martial arts?

If the Eye’s credibility is important to it contributors, then the Eye should focus on the facts. Tell us what is technically and legally wrong with Jackson’s programs. If NMDPS approves the Jackson program, why are you in a better position to say that NMDPS' decision is wrong? Otherwise, your are diatribe on international politics is meaningless.

Anonymous said...

Yup, same ol stuff that's why I didn't vote for Keller and didn't buy into his BS. Looks like I was right Medina, Garcia, Geier Schultz stogies for many, many years. That's what we are going to be teaching? Guess so.

How many retirements 38??? Geier and Medina putting our special directives every damn day isn't changing anything.

These guys can train anywhere they want but when shit hits the fan and the tactics they use aren't trained by APD and the use of force police we have, guess what??????

Just ask Brad what happened to him when he used that MMA shit and got some time off.

Anonymous said...

for 11:13:00, you are soooo correct. New vermin, same behavior on the 11th floor. During the luminaria bus tour, Lawrence (don't call me Larry) Rael and his extended family were ushered under the ropes and to the front of the line for one of the buses. Perks for the powerful, while the peons (citizens who paid for the tour) are left waiting. Nothing ever changes....

Anonymous said...

Honeybadger Petie Kassettas is an abuser kissassettas . Hie can go fuck Jack Jones & Boulderass

Anonymous said...

So while I usually argree fully with the Eye, I have to disagree on this one. Check the Sunshine portal...Jackson/Wink has never received a dollar from APD or the state. In fact, it appears Jackson/Wink is donating time, facilities, etc, to APD and other law enforcement. I have to say the APD cop referenced in the article seems to have a personal seems he's never amounted to much...perhaps a case of professional jealously? Who knows. The APD cop referenced was also fired from the state police for corruption...don't slip up on the investigations Eye! We all rely on your reporting to keep corruption at bay. Either way, thanks for the report.

Anonymous said...

Your right about Hector, He's a political hack on the democrat train watching Trump while the state goes to hell.
APD's new Chief will play to whatever tune Keller feeds him. The department theme song will be " I'm your puppet"
New Mexico will continue to operate like a third world country through 2018.

Anonymous said...

Read the December lea board minutes

Anonymous said...

9:56 you lost me. Obama is as bad as a Chechen terrorist?

Stealth said...

Real deep waters huh? We always enjoy when respondents pontificate out of emotion, and self righteous indignation, because you show your true agenda every time. From your writing, it is evident that you have some kind of grudge, and you are suffering some assburn over this article. Let’s first address your accusation of us saying that JWMMA ground control is corrupt. Please back that accusation with facts? No? Because you can’t. You can’t, because we did not say that. Learn how to comprehend what you are reading, instead of trying to impress people with your little manifesto. You did not make one point with your writings. We stated why we feel it is inappropriate. Reread the article. You probably have no idea what a triple retention holster is, but you want to question us. Google it. Come back when you are a google expert on it.

Your lack of education in liability issues shows your ignorance in just why people not trained in acceptable police practices, and defensive tactics should not teach officers use of force. Maybe you need to understand what happens in civil court when an officer falls back on incorrect training or being trained by an uncertified instructor. Think we are talking shit? Just look at what has been going on.

The fact that you are comparing instances of what you perceive as atrocities in a tit for tat fashion when children were murdered shows just how stable you are. Sorry, but the planned mass execution of children and ANYONE who plans, is involved in it or kisses the ass of anyone who was involved in it needs their head checked. Talk about rationalizing something? You are poor at making your square peg fit that round hole; very poor.

We have addressed every wrongful shooting with zealousness. Where have you been? But again, you omit that. Go back, and read the decade long writings on this blog addressing all of it.

The difference with air strikes and the people you are defending is that those you are defending woke up on that day and said let’s pick a soft target and kill school children and women because they are gutless cowards who got slaughtered when real soldiers showed up and killed them.

Do back your accusation of our support for the good ol boy system with facts. Name one instance. As a matter of fact, none of the allegations some have claimed here have taken place.

What we do have a problem with is the fact that Kadyrov’s MMA athletes are also soldiers in his militia, and having one of our MMA facilities training possible terrorists is unacceptable.
Also, please state where we have supported anything you came out against in your comment. You can’t, because we have not.

Your rant amounts to that of someone angry because they did not get their way, a water carrier, of someone trying to discredit things because they have a stake in it. We have a stake in none of this. That is the difference.

Merry Christmas. Thanks for your opinion, but work a little harder next time.
As for your deep waters... the only deep waters around here is in your bath tub, and trust us you have no idea of what some have seen.

And as for the NMLEAB... You are actually going to go there? Considering the NMLEA board has been violating the civil rights of politically targeted officers for the entire time Schulltz has been involved with it... has presided over one of the most systemically corrupted command staffs statewide ,where everything from gropings, aggravated batteries, wide scale public corruption, retaliation and coverups have been promoted, and concealed while the connected have been protected, yes we are better qualified to give our opinion. The NMLEAB is a mess, and has been a mess for years. This is the reason for the sad state of affairs here in New Mexico, and the reason why Law Enforcement here is the bottom of the barrel.

It is not The Eye on Albuquerque’s fault if the point of our writing was missed.


Have a great 2018.

Stealth said...

December 24, 2017 at 9:12:00 AM MST

We understand. No disrespect meant. Now they do know. Very well written. Thank you and thanks for reading us.

Anonymous said...

Ask the last three directors why they left or were fired from the NMLEA. The answer: CORRUPTION.

Anonymous said...

And Mizel is really short as in height so he's a perfect fit for the 5th floor.

Anonymous said...

The last three directors? Hell all that matters is the last one. Jack Jones: scumbag liar!

Anonymous said...

Um I don’t know if this is the place to post this but somebody should really tell Tim Keller that he’s the mayor of Albuquerque not Santa Fe. Just sayin because he’s doing some seriously fruit loop shit.

Anonymous said...

Proof shit ain’t gonna change: the city’s new city attorney is pregnant, again, with the city’s EEOC coordinator as the dad. They keep their non-marriage marriage on the down low. No wonder my complaint never went anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Jack Jones is a good guy.

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on Keller taking pictures in his holiday sweater with Pantera while people are being found with their heads cut off?
It does not seem as if Geier can do anything without asking permission from Keller and his team. And what if everything that was going to be fixed? So far it’s been a lot of low hanging easy do accomplish feel good stuff being done like commending officers and delivering appliances to the needy for photo ops but what about the real issues that need to be addressed, like the crimes the previous administration committed, coverups, wrongful terminations, sexual harassment, and the financial mess Berry left us with? When this guy goes political and dodges the not so pleasant or popular topics, I really hope you call him on it.

Anonymous said...

Jack Jones is a fucking complicit asshole.

Anonymous said...


It's been one month, take a deep breath and give the new guys a chance. Rome wasn't built in a day and it took Berry 8 years to destroy Albuquerque. Breath.

Anonymous said...

Jack Jones is a good guy. I found him to be one of the most unprofessional uninformed persons I've ever met. I don't see how he was the one teaching our police recruits.

Anonymous said...

Why is Keller making all the police news conference look like he running the police department? Because he is.

This New Years while everyone was singing "Auld Lang Syne"
Geier was singing "I'm your Puppet"
Until APD gets a Chief that is allowed to the run the department like a police department the place will not change.

Anonymous said...


It's still early in the year, but your comment should be the dumbest of 2018. Why? Because the mayor does run the police department. Civilian American police departments are run by the elected civilian, hence the mayor. The mayor directs the chief and the chief works for the mayor. Why is that so hard to digest? Why is that so hard to agree with? For 8 years we had a mayor who didn't run the police department and look what happened. Keller knows this and he knows he will be blamed or he will be praised by how APD does. The buck stops at his desk, he knows this and it is good that it does.

Anonymous said...

So lets get this right. Jackson and Wink can go on Instagram and praise a human rights violator. Kissing his ass while ignoring the thousands of people this guy has had murdered, but let their photographer post a stupid comment and Jackson / Wink are all about being sorry. That's bullshit

Anonymous said...

January 2, 2018 at 8:36:00 PM MST-- Keller 2018 Cheerleader.

No the Mayor should be appointing people who can run a department. The police chief is a high-profile position, and the public should be confident in the individual selected for the position. The chief should be able to run his department with out political influence. And yes of course he answers to the Mayor. Having the Mayor doing the press releases for the department makes it look like there is no confident s in the Chief.
I know the Mayor doesn't have a clue on running a police department. He was a state auditor and it seems he didn't have a clue ABQ was millions of dollars in the red.
So what bucks at his desk is he going to use to give the police officers a raise. He's trying the same thing Berry tried. He is trying to bring back all the retired officers. I have heard from retired officers who say they have been getting phone calls about coming back to the department. So maybe you can let the big secret out of the bag on what management style he plans on to change the department. And I mean for the beat cop on the road who is the one most effected by the politics of the politicians who want to play police chief.
So digest that for the New Year.

Anonymous said...





anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Proof shit ain’t gonna change: the city’s new city attorney is pregnant, again, with the city’s EEOC coordinator as the dad. They keep their non-marriage marriage on the down low. No wonder my complaint never went anywhere.

December 30, 2017 at 7:55:00 AM MST

Totally agree with Anonymous on this one. Not only is the city's EEOC coordinator married to the current City Attorney, when she was an Assistant City Attorney she works in the Employment Law area. This is exactly the type of set-up that strips all city employee's rights.

anonymous said...

Regarding the December 30, 2017 at 7:55:00 AM MST comment;

"Proof shit ain’t gonna change: the city’s new city attorney is pregnant, again, with the city’s EEOC coordinator as the dad. They keep their non-marriage marriage on the down low. No wonder my complaint never went anywhere."

The promotion of the EEOC position was a conflict of interest that should have been addressed. However, this took place during the Berry administration. The greater concern is that the EEOC coordinator is now sitting on Keller's transition team and the Assistant City Attorney has been promoted to Acting City Attorney. This should really scare all City Employees.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Samantha Hilts is the acting City Attorney?!?! Hahahhahahah hahahahha well there you go. Levy’s little mental minion. Fuck it. I’ll say here, fuck Tim Keller and his rainbow coalition. Shit will get worse. She was instrumental in rehiring Dominque Perez.

Anonymous said...

@652 if you have something criminal you need to get it out. Mail information to a news station or to the Seattle newspaper if you don't trust anyone. Mail copies of info to as many people as you can.

anonymous said...

So Jessica Hernandez and Gilbert Montano have just been replaced with Samantha Hults and Bobby Griego?

Anonymous said...

12/30 & 1/6 8:47. The same crap went on in Cultural Services/library. The circulation manager at a downtown branch was the boss of her husband who was in the customer service, i.e., circulation department. That's just one example of the nepotism that went on there-that is if you were a favorite of library admin. especially of the library director. Who got caught stealing home improvement materials thru his man crush,
a blue collar guy that was promoted to shut him up. The whistle got blown and director keeps his job and maintenance guy gets transferred to another site in same department. Stunning bullcrap. Gawd that place was a snake pit. That was about 2 yrs ago and I'm sure it still
goes on. Yuk!

Anonymous said...

Jack Jones is a good guy, you all are a bunch of jealous worthless assholes.