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Feb 12, 2007

Making The Call (or Not): A Look at the Cell Phone Ban

By now everyone knows about Albuquerque's newly passed and signed cell phone ban. For the next 60 days or so you'll be given a stern warning by Albuquerque Police if caught using the electronic trouble maker. After that you'll be fined $100 for the first offense and $200 for each subsequent offense. The good news is that you will still be able to read the paper, put on make-up, or yell at your kids while weaving down the road without fear of prosecution. Ok... so maybe that last part's not strictly true, but there's no specific law against it even if you can be ticketed for reckless or distracted driving.

So where does this idea that we need to have a specific ban on cell phone usage come from? Look no further than the Mayor's office. The cell phone ban was introduced by West Side Councilor Ken Sanchez. It was supported in council by Police Chief Ray Schultz. Councilor Sanchez is closely associated with Mayor Marty, having served as his campaign treasurer before being encouraged to run against former councilor Miguel Gomez. Ray Schultz in essence serves at the pleasure of the Mayor, ergo this ordinance was supported by the administration from the very beginning.

The claim that signing the ordinance was "a very difficult decision for him," (ABQ Journal - Subscription Required) made by Councilor Sanchez appear to be disingenuous at best. You can be sure that Marty was on-board before Chief Schultz appeared before the Council on February 5th. Meanwhile, rank and file officers adamantly insist that the cell phone ban will never be enforced, a reality that Schultz was forced to admit last Thursday.
"Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz said he doubts the cell phone law will be used often as the primary reason a motorist is pulled over." (ABQ Journal - Sucription Required)

So we have established that Marty was in all likelyhood, in on this from the beginning and that officers not only do not want to enforce the cell phone ban, but will not be using a cell phone violation as a primary reason to pull someone over. If this is indeed about erring "on the side of public safety," (ABQ Journal - Subscription Required) as Mayor Marty contends why is his Police Chief admitting that they're not going to enforce it? The answer to that question look to the 5-4 vote in council.
"All five of the supporters are Democrats, and the four opponents are Republicans." (ABQ Journal - Subscription Required)
Political posturing. The cell phone ban in Albuquerque is the type of meaningless legislation that appeals to certain segments of the population. In practice, it has very little effect on daily life, it doesn't cost the city anything to enforce, has the potential to bring in millions of dollars to a heavily burdened city budget, and it puts a Mayor with his eye on the Governors office in ink and on TV. You'll note that the Mayor even signed the ordinance on his weekly GOV TV call in show. In other words, there's no down side for the Mayor or the council members who voted on this issue. And as usual, we pay the price for their posturing and publicity with our frustration and our hard earned money.


Anonymous said...

Ken Sanchez, had the audacity to claim how cell phone use while driving, is a danger to the citizens of Albuquerque. Grow some balls Ken. What's a danger to our citizens are your gang banger friends , armed robbers, burglars and gang initiated shootings and murders. With the shortage of police officers in Albuquerque, is it any wonder we have these REAL dangers to society going on. The City Council needs to step up and say enough Chief, enough Marty; "What are we going to do about the crime and the lack of police"?

Anonymous said...

Yep. The mayor signed the cell phone/driving ban. But the one that really mattered he didn't sign;
("Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mayor, Winter Take Credit for Center

By Jim Ludwick
Journal Staff Writer
City Councilor Brad Winter says he and other councilors pushed in 2005 for the family justice center that will open Downtown in July.
Mayor Martin Chávez announced last week that victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse will be able to get help from the criminal justice system, the medical community and social services at a single location. It will open in a Downtown office building this summer.
Chávez said the city is leasing office space on Silver SW, between Sixth and Seventh streets. United Way will pay for the space.
The idea of a comprehensive service center was broached in June 2005, when Chávez and Winter were opponents in the mayoral race.
At the time, Chávez and police officials announced a plan to coordinate efforts dealing with domestic violence and methamphetamine use.
Later the same day, Winter announced he would be introducing legislation directing Chávez to find a location for a "family justice center" for domestic violence services.
Winter introduced the legislation almost immediately afterward, and it was approved by the City Council without opposition. Chávez didn't sign the legislation, and it went into effect without his signature.
It called for the mayor to submit a report about possible locations by Sept. 30, 2005— four days before the mayoral election.
In a news release Friday, Winter said Chávez never submitted that report.
"It doesn't matter who takes credit for realizing the need for the creation of the center," Winter said in the news release. "I'm just relieved that something is finally being done."
The Mayor's Office issued a brief reply: "We're pleased that Councilor Winter is happy with the mayor's initiative." "")

What arrogance. "I need votes so anything positive that happens in ABQ I am taking credit for", aka Marty Chavez should have signed this, but didn't. Is it because he doesn't really give a damn about domestic issues because he's afraid that Margaret will be there with PTSD from living with him? Or is it just that it's not a moneymaker?
God Bless Brad Winter for taking care of the little people and being humble enough to not care who gets the credit, why isn't he mayor?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, now we all know why a cell phone ban was put in place. A one hundred dollar fine for a first offense, with a two hundred dollar fine for a second offense?? We all know that cell phone offenders are the worst of the worst, so let's sock it to em.. What a load of crap, like the police have nothing better to do than pull over people for cell phone use.. Shouldn't we be trying to get the drug epidemic under control or fixing the drun driving problems instead of harassing drivers for talking on the phone? No wonder visitors from other states call Albuquerque Albacrappy.. I Know for myself I plan to chat it up every chance I get now on my cell phone!! How are they gonna know if you are really on the phone or not just because you are holding it?? All I see is a huge mess that this will cause.. I can hear it now,"What are you here at court for?" "Oh, I got my 9th DWI, what are you here for?" "I was talking on my cell phone." Guess who will pay the fine? What a bunch of bullshit!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, flick a butt out the window,$300
No seat belt $42 to whatever.
Loud music or loud exhaust(fine or work out a trade)
Throwing a coke can at a cyclist, normally assult, unless you work for the city.
Accidentally run a red light;$100,200,300,400(or your house)
OR- just steal someone elses license plate and just run ALL the lights.
(this has now created more crime)
What's next? No "hocking" a lewie out the window?
So,Guys; If you have the urge to scratch 'em, pull over.