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Feb 19, 2007

The Trouble with Telling Tales

In a recent post we told you about the finding of a City of Albuquerque Employee Equity Office investigation into the hiring of DMD Security Manager Mark Shepherd. In short, the investigation found that Mr. Shepherd had misrepresented his work experience, the city had failed to verify that experience, and there were significant interview irregularities involving candidate scoring documentation and a conflict of interest on the part of Nick Bakas who was on the interview team and was also listed as one of Mr. Shepherd's references. You can read the complete post here.

We have gotten our hands on a transcript from a hearing in August of 2006 where Mr. Shepherd was deposed. When asked about his job history Mr. Shepherd replied:

"I headed up the security division for a large corporate office and a company, private company based out of Boulder, Colorado."

Here's the problem... the 2004 EEOC investigation found the Mr. Shepherd had not been involved in "security-related work." Whoops! This is the trouble with telling tales particularly when the tale is the basis for your employment... you have to keep repeating it. In politics this often works. If the tale is told loud enough and often enough people start to believe it. In this case, it doesn't really work because there's a finding that says in essence that you lied on your employment application and a judge that can potentially bring you up on charges.

The Eye doesn't know all of the details of the hearing where Mr. Shepherd was deposed. We have no idea whether the claims being made are factual or not. However, this incident points out the reason you can be denied employment by the city if you do a little fibbing on your application. Managers who end up in these types of cases can and will have their credibility challenged. If you continue to propagate the same story, when it has already been shown to be a "misrepresentation," you are putting the city and yourself in jeopardy, regardless of the merits of the case against you. If you are under oath, you can also be charged with a little thing called perjury.


Anonymous said...

The entire unit knows about it, and we all support her. I've known her forever, and have never known her to lie, in fact she's ALWAYS been in trouble at work because she wouldn't lie and tell them what they wanted to hear. No ass kissing for that one, but as a result, she's always under the gun, she's tried to transfer, all of it has made her sick, and still, she's holding her head up and fighting.
And the original Sgt that filed the complaint against him, has now been force transferred to transit because of the spotlight on Shepherd. Mr. Shepherd did not have the balls to even tell him to his face, he EMAILED him and told him the morning he was transferred. Wonder what they'll be stupid enough do to her now?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, appreciate the support, from the bottom of my little crusty heart. DTD

Anonymous said...

As DMD Security Manager, Mr. Shepherd is known for screwing over his FEMALE employees. A few cases in point;

Officer Pipenitch, who was fired for inattentiveness when during an 8 hour shift she went to the bathroom and didn't see a vehicle go out of the city Pino yards. She was working alone, was not relieved by Mr. Shepherd's Sergeants, although there were plenty on shift that night, got no breaks, no lunch, had had no training, and unfortunately was on probation, so she had no recourse, (which was why she was there in the first place, so she could be fired to satisfy the city when it was found that one of the warehouse employees was thieving everything he could get his hands on). She was Mr. Shepherds designated personal scapegoat.

And then we come to Officer Moon, who has subsequently quit the city, Officer Moon was placed, again, at the Pino yards, where she was attacked by a transient that was later found, (I am not sure if he was charged in the assault) while she was working alone, with no equipment, no training, on graveyard which is 1 AM to 9 AM. Officer Moon was then explicitly ORDERED not to speak to anyone about it, and it is my understanding that the statement she wrote was then buried and subsequently (mysteriously?) lost.

And then we have the Officer whose hearing Mr. Shepherd blatantly lied in. (We will not use her name as she is still employed by the city.) This poor woman has been crucified by the city, although she went to the city for help, she was suspended for 7 days on the "feeling" that she lied. This was after her repeated pleas to be take a polygraph to corroborate her statements. Her ONE request?; to keep a Sergeant who is well known to sexually harass female employees away from her and who had previously sexually assaulted her, the request of course was denied without justification. She has been made an example of by Mr. Shepherd and the city's EEOC department, and is now the poster child for "whistleblowers will be screwed." And ALL she asked was that the sexually harassing Sergeant, be kept away from her.

And still Mr. Shepherd is in his Security Manager position, nothing is being done, “his” Sergeants remain insulated and protected. And the remaining employees of city security, after observing and experiencing this behavior, report to work in fear of persecution and retribution. So we are left with the kind of Security Manager that would have been fired and charged with perjury in any other city. Not in Marty's world though, wrongdoing is good and the crooked and his flock with be rewarded with gusto

Anonymous said...

An ancient script asks,"Would you let a man rule the city who cannot even rule his own spirit?"
Sometimes we do.

Anonymous said...

Is it really possible that these people believe what they are printing? Please get a dictionary and maybe take English 101, from what I understand the city pays for your education, please take advantage of it, or is this the best you have to offer.

Anonymous said...

Actually, no, the city doesn't pay for your education, and there is no educational leave in security anymore either.
And as far as being uneducated, and or believing what they are printing? Pot, meet kettle. Check yourself.