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Feb 27, 2007

Of Trolleys, Arenas, and Pandas

It seems that everyday there's another headline in the Journal about how the Mayor's going to spend our money. One day it's a trolley, another a 16,000 seat downtown arena, and today a cute and cuddly rented panda. (ABQ Journal - Subscription Required)

We understand that these are all capital projects but it's still our hard earned money. Plus, each one of these projects will require money to operate, because they cannot be self-sufficient. The panda alone will cost at least $890,000 a year to maintain (possibly more like $1.3 Million a year), not to mention a $1.2 Million habitat that may be empty after just 2 years. This is yet another example of "How NOT to Plan for a Budget Shortfall." Blogger Mario Burgos shows you another one here. (Thanks for the Hat Tip)

In today's article BioPark Director Ray Darnell said, "The mayor is realistic. He doesn't want to pursue this forever..." Why are we pursuing this at all?

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure this is something he owes or has promised that idiot City Councillor MAYER!! As long as it's about animals she's all over it. If it's about her district/people who cares.