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Jul 14, 2007

Don't Like the Rules...

According to the Albuquerque Tribune embattled city councilor Don Harris has decided he doesn't like the city clerk's interpretation of the City Charter. You see the clerk ruled that 922 signatures would be required to force a recall election of Councilor Harris; a number determined by the charter in the following manner:
The number of qualified voters required to sign the petition shall be a number more than 25% of the total number of votes cast at the election of the officer whose recall is proposed;
Since the councilor was elected in a runoff election ("the election of the officer whose recall is proposed"), the total number of votes cast was just 3,689. Harris would like a judge to rule that the charter really meant the regular election. In our opinion, the clerk's interpretation was the correct one. Mr. Harris did not become Councilor Harris until he defeated former Councilor Cummins in the run-off election. Had he lost that run-off, Councilor Harris would have remained Don Harris - former candidate.

Despite Councilor Harris' wishful thinking, the election in question is the run-off and the signatures required remain 922. We don't see how a judge could rule in Harris' favor, but it wouldn't be the first time that a judge created law out of thin air. Frankly, it comes as no surprise the the ghost writer of the Councilor Protection Act would sue to try and change the rules simply because he doesn't like them, or in this case because they don't work in his favor. After all the ruling Councilor Harris is seeking is identical to the charter change that our Eyes told us he suckered Councilor Loy into sponsoring; a ballot question that will appear on October's ballot.

Our Eyes tell us that the councilor's intentions were known to folks involved in the recall. You can bet Admiral Lowe is ready with a response. We bet that Councilor Harris' decision to sue will do more to help the recall effort than it does to help his cause. It's a little like trying to put out a fire with gasoline... or maybe jet fuel. You generally just create a highly combustible situation.

Other Recall News
While Mayor Marty is off on his panda hunt in China, S Pyke's recall effort goes on. According to a recent email Pyke has just under 30 days to finish getting the almost 22,000 signatures required. Albuquerque has never seen a successful recall of a city elected official so it's unlikely that this one will be successful even if a recall election takes place in October. But, you never know... who would have thought we'd be reading about not one, not two, but three recall efforts underway for two mayors and a hapless councilor?


Anonymous said...

To learn more about our efforts to recall Don Harris, please visit

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this all sound familiar with Harris.

Harris doesn't like the City Charter Rules regarding Recalls of City Councilor=>Harris' solution...Change the Rules

Harris doesn't like his pay scale and wants a huge raise=>Harris' solution....Give himself a 300% payraise

Harris doesn't like people using their 1st amendment rights at City Council Meetings=>Harris' solution...Change the rules to muzzle the publics free speech, granted to them by the U.S. Constitution

Harris can't get his puppets in District 9 to run Neighborhood Associations=>Harris' solution...change the rules, not just for District 9, but for the whole CIty: thus creating problems where they don't exist

Harris can't get any support on issues that he alone is interested in=>Harris' solution....Threaten people, bully people, so they will support his policies (yes I can produce names, but since Harris knows who he has threatened, I will just leave this between him, me and all the others that Harris has pressured, threatened and intimidated)

Harris needs face time on tv, to save his butt from the wrath of his constituents=>Harris' solution....hold a press conference taking credit for things he has nothing to do with, can you say McDonald's on Central and the "Big Whole Problem" in North Four Hills

Yes, the list goes on and on, but you get the point!

Anonymous said...

Not a good idea!!! If he is recalled Marty gets to appoint the next puppet!

Anonymous said...

If Harris goes Marty gets to appoint his replacement? Where do I sign up on the recall??? Heck I'll go door to door & get signatures.

Anonymous said...

if you want to sign the petition please email

I will make arrangements to meet you or come to your house and if you want to get signatures, I can arrange that for you too,

Thank you,

darla lorber
New Mexicans for Democracy

Anonymous said...

How the hell do I sign the recall for monkey boy, that's what I want to know!!

S Pyke said...

Go to and pledge 100 signatures. Time is short.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha,you will not recall marty! Amateurs! How many signatures you got so far S Pyke? Only 29,900 to go??? HAAHAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Marty has already recalled himself. Good luck in the future. He will spend more time trying to defend the Red Light Scameras, the millions of dollars lost in lawsuits for idiotic decisions, and once you do announce your running for Gov. the State employees are not gonna vote for him we hate him in the north. P.S. State Police have seen what you've done to APD! Don't want or need that here.

Anonymous said...

Two comments up. Your cockiness and arrogance will surely not help this mayor. Just keep it up scab.