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Jul 26, 2007

Funny Business

We've been watching with some amusement the de'Pascal taxpayer funded pleasure cruise in (sometimes called a campaign) trying to change the subject. Ever since the Honey Bee was stung by The First Mate Sandra Richardson's email, Ms. de'Pascal has been desperately trying to get out of the spotlight. Frankly, we don't blame her. The Richardson email raised some interesting questions about Ms. de'Pascal's ability to lead and her choice of campaign staff.

Her response... call into question Councilor Winter's aspirations at APS. Ms. de'Pascal claims that Winter's expressed interest (ABQ Journal - Subscription) in the top job over at APS proves that he doesn't want the job as councilor. We're curious about the Honey Bee's logic here.

De'Pascal has been running on an education platform since day one. It's one of the things that amused us from the beginning since the Albuquerque City Council has no authority over Albuquerque Public Schools (even though they both have Albuquerque in their names). There are co-operative agreements and programs that the city helps to fund, but APS is a state funded institution that answers to the state legislature not the city council. Perhaps The Captain should explain that she's not running for school board or for the legislature.

Today, Joe Monahan picked up the flag for the Captain and his Honey Bee.
Now comes a de'Pascal supporter returning fire, questioning Winter's recently stated public interest in becoming the new superintendent of the Albuquerque Public Schools. "Does Winter plan on resigning his council seat if he gets the APS job, and which job does he really want--Super or Councilor?" emails a de'Pascal backer.
Any doubt that Transit Director Payne is involved in de'Pascal's run against Councilor Winter just buzzed away, as Captain Payne is often used by Monahan for political analysis and is known to be one of Monahan's "Alligators." The question raised by Councilor Winter - a question dutifully ignored by local newsrooms - was whether or not Payne was Captaining the de'Pascal Pleasure Cruise on city time.
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Ms. de'Pascal's assertion and that of her "backer" is really quite funny. Why would Councilor Winter resign? Mr. Winter already holds the position of Facilities Manager for APS, a position that pays well north of $100,000. (Which incidentally, is more than the mayor makes.) He has already shown the ability to represent district 4 AND hold a high profile position at APS. Even if he were already APS's Superintendent, there would be no conflict of interest. In fact, it might be an advantage to his district and the city for the Superintendent of APS to sit on the city council. Who knows, we might even be able to increase cooperation between the two?

The only one who would be sure to HATE having the APS Superintendent on the city council is none other than one Mayor Martin Chavez. Besides having to deal with the council he would have to compete with the executive officer of another powerful government entity that just so happens to be the one that the Almighty Marty has his heart set on taking over. Now THAT would be REALLY funny business!


Anonymous said...

Brad Winter as APS Super? OMG....I have to find a private school for my kids. That place is really going down the drain. Marty where are you when we need you? Hurry up and get control of that rag tag bunch of idiots. Show them what real quality leadership is all about!!

Anonymous said...

Is Linda calling in, again?

Anonymous said...

I discovered this superb local politics blog only this week. How could I have been so out of the loop? This is one of the best places to discuss Burque politics and gain insight into how the city actually works. In fact, it may be THE best. Good on you for calling out Monahan flakking (once again...yawn) for Payne. I'll be reading daily from now on. Thanks, Eyeman or Eyewoman, whoever you are. Jim Scarantino

average joe said...

this blog is slanted one way: winter's way.

to the post above...a good blog covers both sides of the issues and provides us the facts so that we can make our own decisions.

a good blog to read, you can google: whats wrong with this picture.

citycouncilors votes count on issues said...

To The Eye:

How do you know dePascal is desperately trying to keep a low profile? Does not seem like that to us...saw her and her team out campaigning full court press.

You are right regarding who has authority of 'education.' But, members on the city councils VOTE on issues like education, parks, red light program, etc., that affect everyone.

average joe said...

this blog keeps referencing depascal's taxpayer funded pleasure cruise...sheesh...what about winter's vast access to money via privately funded financing from special interests groups and rich people who extend their influence via puppet man winter. these rich people, and winter is one of them, are out of touch with the needs of average people. this blog needs to get real provide more thorough coverage on issues from both sides of the fence. puhplease.

average joe said...

to the posts above, the one who is raving about how great the eye blog is, check this blog out too:

this is a great blog to get straight news about ABQ that contain facts and it allows the viewers to decide for themselves without distorting comments from the author.

neutral dude said...

I am a neutral observer of ABQ blogs, and I must say, this blog is very opinionated one way: anit-current ABQ administration, pro Winter, anti-Harris, anti-dePascal.

How about blogging the issues from a neutral, non-partisan point of view?

Anonymous said...

I got some questions for all the De'Pascal supporters since she refuses to answer them. 1. Has Jason Daskalos contributed to her campaign? 2. Was she involved in a altercation in the Round House in Santa Fe? 3. Has and or was Greg Payne been involved in her campaign? 4. Can she please state her stance on the RED LIGHT CAMERA program. Thank You!

voting for paulette said...

Paulette will answer many of those questions soon. I am a supporter and I asked her about these issues,except for question 2 (don't know anything about that...but will inquire).

1. no, he has not.
2. not sure yet.
3. greg is not involved in the campaign; to my knowledge, he was never involved. if he was, he did a horrible job of handling the campaign.
4. red light camera program - she does not like this program.

lastly, she can be reached via her blog which has her phone number on it. feel free to write and call her. that is what i did.

good luck.

voting for paulette said...

p.s. it's not that she refuses to answer them, it's that she does not have the time to read every darn blog entry and comments.

if you want direct answers from her, call or write to her on her blog. she is not sitting around reading other people's blogs on a daily level.

again, write to her via her blog if you are uncomfortable calling. put her to task and give her the opportunity to answer the concerns of the voters.

Anonymous said...

The Eye is being short-sighted on the Councillor/Supt issue. That Mr. Winter is currently a Councillor and has a full time position at APS is a fact. The extent to which he is successful in fulfilling the obligations of each of those positions is an opinion. I'm sure that many Westsiders are less than thrilled with the current status of school facilities.

Councillor Sanchez, advocating for the Council pay increase, says he works 30 to 40 hours per week on City business. Other Councillors supporting the increase say they are not adequately compensated for the amount of time they must take off from their primary jobs. The point isn't really the money, it's the time commitment.

The question isn't why Mr. Winter would resign the Council to take the Superintendent job. The question is why, in the face of all of the issues currently facing APS, would the Board of Education hire a Superintendent who wasn't willing to make a total time commitment to APS?

average joe said...

AMEN! well said to the post above.

Anonymous said...

Paulette doesn't support the red light cameras - she just lost my vote. That was why I wasn't voting for Winter! Signed T-BONED...

paulette supporter said...

above post,

just because she does not like the red light camera program does not mean she will ignore the surrounding issues and the wishes of her constituents. as a supporter, a good government represent will not vote on their personal agenda but vote on the desire of the people they represent.

Anonymous said...

if you want these issues answered and her voting position, you should contact paulette directly via her blog.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Payne the same invidual who was stopped for litering, accused the APD Officer of lying until the taped conversation of the stop came forward. The Officer would have been fired, instead, Payne gets a "promotion" and is still a pain in the a**

Anonymous said...

it isn't hard to understand why anyone is anti-Harris, he is an arrogant piece of work. He is the worst of the City Councilors. A close second of course is Ms. Debbie O'Malley.

Councilor Harris needs to be recalled and Ms. O'Malley needs to have her butt whooped during the election.

I say, defeat all the incumbents, they are all a bunch of mealy-mouthed freaks that live off of the public dole. They all make me sick to my stomach.

Anonymous said...

comments up. "Is payne involved in ther campaign"
How about; "Is payne involved with her",period?

Anonymous said...

It's not only her campaign he's involved with.
The operative word being INVOLVED.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure we'll be seeing them soon driving around. She's driving and he's riding 'shotgun', throwing coke cans out the window at people.
As the old song goes;
"Get away little girl ..."

Anonymous said...

The rank and file can't wait to bust him again.This time there will be no calling an Area Commander or City Councilor(Loy) to get him off the hook.
Also his stalker bitch is back.

" Baby needs a new pair of shoes"

Anonymous said...

To the poster who said to ask those questions directly to her blog. I went there and those questions were asked and have yet to be answered by her. On her blog.

knows paulette said...

I've also asked the same questions as above:
the answers are: Yes, Payne is still involved in her campaign. He recently approved political ads for her. Yes, she was involved in an altercation at the RoundHouse with John Hendry. Publicized in the Journal. Yes, she was handpicked by the Mayor to run against Winter. She changed her party affiliation to accomplish this. She may not like the program, but as long as the Mayor tells her he wants it, she'll vote for it. A vote for her is a vote for Marty.