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Jul 16, 2007

Eye Told You: Sour Apples

It seemed like the electrons hadn't dried on our last taxpayer financing of municipal elections post before the poster child for why we shouldn't use taxpayer money to fund elections went out and bought herself a $3,000 apple (hat tip: Joe Monahan). According to Paulette de'Pascal's most recent campaign expenditure report, the District 4 council candidate purchased a $2,990.26 computer from the Apple Store at ABQ Uptown.

According to Monahan, Ms. de'Pascal cleared the purchase with the city attorney's office. The fact is, like it or not the purchase of a computer even a $3,000 computer is allowed by the Albuquerque Open and UN-Ethical Elections ordinance.
8. Communication Systems Purchase or lease of computers, telephone systems and other related communication devices used in campaign activities.
To our knowledge, the ordinance does not address the disposition of purchased items after their use in a campaign. Besides, who would want some of the crap produced by campaigns for unsuccessful candidates (or for successful ones for that matter)?

Meanwhile over at one of the other "clean" campaigns, Rey Garduño's defending his decision to use his UNM email for campaign purposes. First of all, it's clearly unethical and according to the Journal article (Subscription) campaigning using university supplies or equipment is not allowed by UNM. Get ready for Garduño's defense... he's not a university employee because he's retired.

That's got to be the dumbest excuse we've heard in a long time.
Along with the other retirement benefits that he may be receiving he's receiving a free email account from the university. Since the University of New Mexico is a state institution, it receives large amounts of tax dollars. In fact, UNM depends on tax money to stay open. That email account is no different than a pencil, or paper, postage, our tax dollars purchased the computer that hosts it, pays for the salaries of the people who maintain it, and the connection to the Internet that allows Mr. Garduño to access it.

That's the simple reason that regular employees of cities, states, and state universities are not allowed to campaign using their computers or email accounts. Retired or not, it's clearly unethical even if it's not specifically disallowed. Not to mention, there are more than enough email providers like yahoo or gmail that would provide a FREE account. Plus, since the Albuquerque Open and UN-Ethical Elections ordinance has generously provided $25,902.50 for his campaign he could easily afford a paid email account.

There's more to this little taxpayer funded fiasco. According to Paulette de'Pascal's July 13th campaign expenditure report, in addition to the dubious and legal Apple purchase she gave $400 to the Democratic Party of New Mexico. We'd love to know exactly what type of "expense" she incurred, because it looks an awful lot like a donation to her party.

We would like to believe that the original framers of this "clean" elections bill didn't intend for it to be used to fund political parties. There's something fundamentally wrong and inherently dirty when taxpayer money is given directly to political parties, and we don't care if it's Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, or the Nudists for New Mexico party. (Ok... We made that last one up.)

Whether it's an email account, an apple computer, or a donation to the party, it's all taxpayer money being spent for political purposes. The only difference between Rey
Garduño's email account and Paulette de'Pascal's Apple computer is that the university recognized that state employees should not be using taxpayer money for their own political ambitions. It's a lesson that we should re-learn here in Albuquerque.


Anonymous said...

"There's more to this little taxpayer funded fiasco. According to Paulette de'Pascal's July 13th campaign expenditure report, in addition to the dubious and legal Apple purchase she gave $400 to the Democratic Party of New Mexico. We'd love to know exactly what type of "expense" she incurred, because it looks an awful lot like a donation to her party."

Not a donation to her party. My guess is that she is paying for a service such as access to their voter file...maybe you should check with the state party before making such egregious claims? Thats what a real journalist would do...

Anonymous said...

So you are against public financing of campaigns...that is clear. Here is my question: Don't you think that by taking out private donations, that helps take out the corruption in government? If someone gives a lot of money to a candidates campaign, there is a feeling that the candidate owes that person something, business related or otherwise. When you take money (private money, because campaigns take money to run-campaign means war, and wars take money to run also) from people you may be compromising whats best for your constituents...

Matt Brix said...

It's unfortunate that The Eye is so committed to the failure of the Open and Ethical Elections Code. I, on the other had, am committed to seeing this system succeed.

The new public financing law in Albuquerque is indeed a work in progress and is not a silver bullet for what plagues the American election system. It is, however, a vast improvement over the old system that encouraged increasingly large sums of money to infiltrate our city's political campaigns. The problems cited by The Eye can be easily remedied (if the popular will exists, or if the City Council chooses to do so) by making small adjustments to the rules/regulations.

For all of the negativity on this blog, let’s not forget some key facts.

First, Albuquerque had mandatory limits on campaign spending for over twenty years. These limits were very popular, as exemplified by a 2001 Journal poll that showed 74% support by likely city voters. Because the courts threw out these popular limits a few years ago, the only Constitutionally permissible way we can limit campaign spending is through a voluntary public financing system. Almost 70% of those who voted in the 2005 City election understood this when the supported the Open and Ethical Elections Code.

Second, the public financing system has changed the way City campaigns are conducted. Through the gathering of $5 qualifying contributions, hundreds of Albuquerque voters have become involved in council campaigns. This is a very positive development. And, with five candidates already through the fundraising process, they can spend the summer knocking on doors and meeting with real voters, instead of sitting in a windowless room doing call time for campaign contributions.

The ideological negativity surrounding public financing is unfortunate. Albuquerque is recognized as a national leader in the area of campaign finance reform.

taxpayer again said...

re: de pascal campaign expenditures: if the computer (and printers, which you didn't mention) equipment is allowable and legal, why is it dubious? why all the negative press on this?

as for the $400 expenditure for funding her 'political party' we think you better research this more thoroughly before you partially report it. it was not a donation to the democratic party. sheesh. research research research my friend. you are very negative about everything...need to report and be neutral. let us decide base on the evidence you present. and reveal entire evidentiary value of your research!

Paulette de'Pascal said...

Must I repeat what is already in my blog from yesterday?

I purchased 2 (two) computers and 2(two) printers, which cost less than $3000.00, and both the printers by the way cost ZERO with the rebates, which would have meant a re-imbursement to the campaign account.

Secondly, the $400 expenditure to the Democratic Party, was to purchase a Voter File, of Republicans, Democrats, Independants, DTS (declined to state) etc...voters in the District, which is also an allowable Campaign Expense.

Are you so desperate that you need to nit pick every thing I do?
It appears that your blog is as slanted as the Tower of Pissa, and in all truth, the comments left by those who respond to your half truth articles, leave obscenities on such a frequent basis, that I question the intellect of those that author this blog, and those that follow it. If not brought to my attention, once more, your desperation to slander my name, I would not be writing to you at all.
Do blogs fall under any specific internet rules that apply to Defamation of Character, Slander or the like?
Perhaps a savy Attorney would like to examine what has been written thus far?

Joe Monahan is a very respected blogger and I suggest that those who are so inclined as to find out the truth about the incidentals, the current up to date status, as well as the minutiae of a campaign, begin to visit his blog for more accurate Campaign reporting.

There is a certain respect due to those who hold Political seats in our Country and I would request that you and your readers - try - just try - to focus on making our city a little bit better, rather than discrediting those that are really trying to do that.
While you spend time attacking us, those that are "trying" to run a clean campaign, there are crimes being committed by actual criminals, schools that are begging for attention, seniors that need lunch, kids that are loitering the streets because they lack available outlets to socialize in, I could go on and on.

The bottom line is that if we as a City are to work together, then let's start by STOPPING the negatives, and focusing on the POSITIVES that we each can bring to the table.
This blog can serve us all well, if the intent is pure.
How about a change of heart Mr. Author, or anonymous writers that respond.

There was once a time when the Golden Rule was practiced, perhaps a reminder is necessary now.
Thank you and I wish you all a good day.
Paulette de'Pascal

Anonymous said...


cartman said...

Question; Is the "Eye" de'pascals ex-husband or one of his buddies? Seriously, this attack on her is silly and frankly everything she used the money for is legit.

Anonymous said...

Bla, Bla, Bla. You just don't get reality. Yes that's what the law says and the way the rules are written. Are you naive enough to think that a candidate will take public finance money and NOT find a way to have additional donations funneled to them, by a number of different luandering methods?
Laws, Rules.. Means nothing. They will find a way to get around it.
They just read the book of Marty & Greg Payne.
Please, get real.

Tom said...

I love that a candidate running for City Council doesn't even have the resources to own her own computer. That's sad. It's also sad that she doesn't have enough "connections" to borrow one. Another sad point, if it's true, is that the Dem Party sells its voter lists for $400 - unless I'm mistaken, Republican candidates last year didn't have to pay for theirs - the Party just made it available for their candidates. What else? Oh, if Ms. de'Pascal doesn't like being nit-picked, then she shouldn't be running for office. And can we assume that since she said she only wants to focus on the "positives", that she'll have nothing negative to say about her opponent? Is that a "positive" pledge?

struggling said...

okay money bags, many people in ABQ do not have the resources or the connection to own their own computer. thank god she does not have 'connections' like that stupid. she's an every day person trying to make it through some rough times and also trying to make a difference. so only people with money, connections and abundant resources should run for public office. i'm an every day poor person making minimum wage in my primary job. i have two kids and i work a part time job as well. if you have the connection and resources to give me some computers, let me know. i will provide you with an address to send your donations.

Anonymous said...

how come the EYE is not focusing on that incumbent dude mr. winter? is he mr squeaky clean? it's obvious this is a pro winter blog.

Anonymous said...

And if this blog is pro Winter, so what. Blogs are just opinions. Some people are reading a lot more into blogs than what they should. I love reading blogs, but I don't read them for anything more than entertainment.

Tom said...

Connections means "money bags"? I don't think so. Connections means doing some volunteering, meeting people, helping people, and then having people help you. that's what sucks about publicly financed campaigns - they take away the incentive to economize. Why borrow a computer when you can just buy one??? why get your neighbor to volunteer when you can pay him ten bucks an hour? And I'm sorry, but if you feel sorry for Ms. de'pascal because she's running for office and can't afford her own computer, I think you have it wrong. Do a little research on her financial background. She's not exactly destitute.

Anonymous said...

ok ms pro winter. get a life. you read blogs for entertainment? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Anonymous said...

tom dude, she filed for bankruptcy, she may not be destitute but the computer purchase is allowable and she probably is using it to run her campaign operations and doing it efficiently too...yeah APPLES!

Anonymous said...

2 posts up. Yeah I read blogs for entertainment. I don't take any of it seriously. If you do, get a frigging life. Some of you take this shit way to seriously. If it bothers you this much turn off the computer before you wig out.

Anonymous said...

the blogs dont bother me. but, you do

Anonymous said...

Lets all play nice mmmkay?
Paulette, if you really want to make a difference in this city, get rid of the mayor, and the chief, and all their appointed cronies that are now department heads, clean house first of all, and put people in that have the actual credentials to do the job that they hold because of what they know, not who they blow. Make the city workers happy, reinstate step increases in contracts. I can guarantee after the workers are happy, they will work harder in their jobs. Working harder in their jobs will cause all the other programs that are already in place to run correctly. It all starts at home, (city government). Clean house.

Anonymous said...

After reading Paulette de'Pascal's blog and her comment about "trying to run a clean campaign" I had to laugh. Recruited by Marty can hardly mean a clean campaign. With Greg Payne in the Butt recruiting on city time, and her life itself it is so typical of this corrupt city. She's perfect for THIS city council. Mr. Winter seems out of place because he is an honest person and doesn't have crap in his closet like the rest of the council. GO BRAD!!!!

Anonymous said...

When you "bother" the right people it means you are doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell doesn't own a computer. Come on. And, you can buy one for $395 to $500 complete with all the software you could possibly need. A Notebook with everything you need under 1K. Who the hell spends $3,000 on a computer to help run a campaign? That's 10% of the Public financed money for her campaign. Who does that. She just needed one and the next thing she'll be doing is buying a used sport utility vehicle for about $10,000 to help run the campaign. But what the hell, that still leaves 17 grand to finance the rest of the campaign.
Campaign headquarters in her house,apartment, maybe Paynes house?
Next on the list of expenditures to feather the nest or Greg's.
Draps, towels, big screen to watch election results, new stereo to listin to the talk radio shows(Marty & Greg). Let's not forget the the election night entertainment. About 3K ought to cover it. Printing campaign litrature, about 5 grand. (We'll still have the 5 grand, as we won't be paying the printing company- Greg Payne Campaign Management Consulting , Inc.) Seems common practice in this town. You win, you take years to pay that; if you loose you pay nothing, as you have nothing. UNLESS now, you put a lien on the computer, the draps the big screen tv and the stereo.
Win or loose, the love nest will be complete.

Jennifer said...

Did Paulette just call blogger Joe Monahan - well respected??? The guy who gets it right about once a week? Maybe he got it right the day he called her a Bad Apple. You'd think that if you were going to refer people to a well-respected blogger, you'd make sure they didn't trash you first. Duh.

Anonymous said...

he did not call her a bad apple jennifer. he put a question mark at the end of the sentence about the bad apple...double entendre.

monahan's blog has a wider audience and is more respected because he reports both sides of the issues. duh

Anonymous said...

go Paulette! keep up the hard work and continue being honest.

Anonymous said...

Miss Paulette de'Pascal since you want to run a honest campaign, I have some questions for you. I bet you will not answer them. (1) Do you support the Red Light Camera program, and the current hearing process? (2) Do you approve of Police Chief Schultz job performance? (3) Do you think City Dept. Directors should be making six figure salaries with high school diplomas and no college degrees/credits/hours? Thank you and Good Luck! The Voters anxiously await your answers.

cartman said...

Well, I dont live in her district but I still havent seen anything illegal or even that questionable about the lease (formerly purchase)of the computers. The BIG RED FLAG is Payne. Let me just say, as a Republican myself, his work for the party impressed me less than seeing the REPO men circling around loioking for his car while he was in a council meeting. The guy is a scammer of the highest order and the kind of hack that gives political hacks a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Ms de'Pascal's campaign literature on her web site talks about getting back to basics, like better schools and addressing the woes at APS.
Last time I checked, City Council, for which she is running, has no jurisdiction over APS and has nothing to do with council or city business. So is she running for City Council or an APS board position.
Big mistake made by her campaign manager,Greg Payne and her handler, Marty Chavez.
Like two prowling hungry W_ _ re dogs fighting over a bone.
Grow up boys.

Anonymous said...

3 posts up. Are you gonna answer them Paulette? It doesn't matter anyway. Jim Villanucci on 770 kkob sank your battleship today. Better Luck next time. You lay with dog's, you will get fleas.

Anonymous said...

One Marty plant (De'Pascal) down and out before the games begin. Now on to the other one Joanie Griffin. I bet you don't make the same mistakes she did. You are all over Marty's agenda. Can you tell the man no? I don't think so. Good Luck. You will need it.

Anonymous said...

The Joanie Griffin post is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO true. Please Albuquerque don't do this to us. Do not vote for her. Do your homework and just research who she campaigned for in the last election. A vote for her is a green light for whatever Marty wants.

dog lover said...

i lay with my dogs and eye dont have fleas. dogs are better than those two rats sandra r and greg p.

Anonymous said...

Paulette - are you really this naive or just arrogantly stupid? Play nice. Tell the truth. Why don't you? Tell us when you decided to become a democrat? Tell us when you decided you were not a Born-Again Republican anymore. Tell us exactly what your platform is. You can't answer that because you don't know the answers yet. Sandra hasn't told you what to say. You don't have a clue how "to fix" what's wrong with this city. You talk about improving education - who is going to improve yours? Take off the collar and stand up and tell the truth about those who put you up to this.

Anonymous said...

Don't you have to live in your city district to run for council?
Don't you need more than a high school education? or can any convict run? who can i sleep with for 35,000 for city council,knowing im going to lose but don't care cause at least i got the money!! Paulette de Pasqual a.k.a Pasqualy is a fraud!!