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Feb 5, 2008

It's the Economy Stupid... Or is it?

Being an election year, candidates are all clamoring for a reason... a reason for you to vote for them, and a reason for you to fear voting for anyone else. The Democrat's equivalent to the Big Head James Carville once said "it's the economy stupid." The problem is it wasn't then and from a historical perspective it isn't now.

If you haven't already voted in the Democratic primary today, take a look at the piece below put together by Drew Carey and In it, Carrey takes a look at the economic realities of being in the middle class and how that compares to the rhetoric of TV pundits and politicians. You may want to consider what your chosen candidate is saying and whether or not it has anything to do with reality.

By the way - the same goes for Republicans even though you won't be voting in a primary until June.

Is it really the economy or are we letting fear make us stupid?


Anonymous said...

Your final question is most valid, we are letting fear make us stupid. Further, we allow the media's negative stories to sway our days. Perfect example, housing; the neagativity in the media makes folks afraid to buy right now, even though they are basically buying a commodity "on sale" in today's marketplace. These same folks would take advantage of a sale on a car or on clothing, items which depreciate the moment you leave the store, but housing will always go UP unless the earth stops turning. The media tells us to be afraid, so like good little sheeple, we are. You can bet the moment the election is over the media will swear that the new president has cured the economy and, via a self-fulfilling prophecy, we will all go back to spending and make their claims come true.

Anonymous said...

Is this still not the greatest country ever? Do we take every thing for granted? Are we a nation of spoiled baby boomers?
Our standard of living is better than it has ever been, yet there are those in the media and politics who are hell bent on bringing this country down. What will happen to those in Hollywood, when the Pelosis and the Clintons of the world tell them that they have too much wealth and they now have to surrender their homes and valuables as we need to make room for the masses. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Let me refresh your history for you.
This is exactly what happened during the Russian Revolution when Lenin established what was once known as Communism. Then again, I doubt that many of you know about that since most students of today and years back, were never taught anything about 20th Century history. Most don't even know anything about Viet Nam far less Korea or WWII.
Why, because our educators(liberals) don't want the masses to know what happened in the past.
So yes, keep beleivibg that the economy sucks, and just accept that. Or, get off your asses and improve your way of life. The economy has sucked for 50 years. Or, is it only when a Republican is in the White House. Please grow up, grow a set, and take responsibility. Foreiners can come over here and become quite successful regardless of what the liberal media says about the economy. The problem is that we've just had it too damn easy.

Anonymous said...

I must agree, histoy books, especically during the 50-70's were very tainted. Our best education was probably through the movies, ie: "Rose Bud". Orson Wells, was centuries above his time, an old soul. But think about "Animal Farm", "1984" and the such. Unfortunely our latest politicians seem to have the "King Fish" charisma to lead our sheep today.

Not just the US but the whole world is being fed propaganda. Thank goodness for Michael Moore, except he's one sided, we can at least learn half the truth. Check out the evangelica movement!!

As for the rest of us we just may have a "McCarthy" attitude that has us excused for free thought???

Hopefully, at least, this blog allows us some free thought.

Anonymous said...

Eye, your poll has McCain ahead in the Republican race for pres. Huh?? You all better take a look at McCain's voting record..he supports an AMNESTY program. You think NM is full of illegals now just wait until he's elected --English will become one more "extinct language".