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Feb 13, 2008

Piling Up

Albuquerque's got a problem with property crime and violent crime; by now that has been well documented (ABQ Journal - Subscription). Less well known is Albuquerque's growing problem with white collar crime - you know embezzlement and identity theft.

This particular crime wave doesn't appear to be due to any outside influence, it's simply due to the fact that white collar crimes are piling up. Our Eyes tell us that there are somewhere close to 11,000 cases that are waiting to be fully investigated and only four detectives tasked with solving them.

Make no mistake we're not bashing the four hard-working individuals that are busy trying to shovel their way out of an avalanche of white collar cases, we pointing out that APD has made a priority of violent offenses. Maybe that's the right approach, but we doubt that someone who has had their identity stolen, their credit wrecked, and now find themselves in serious debt due to the unlawful use of their credit would agree.

The Eyes have it that if you are currently a victim of some white collar crime - like identity theft - you better hope you have a federal case, because there just aren't enough detectives assigned to clear the cases.

In our last post we were complaining about lowering standards for hiring officers and we certainly believe that APD is over specialized. However, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you have 11,000 cases waiting to be solved four detectives won't cut it. The cases are piling up and those involved deserve better than having to wait for one of four detectives to get around to solving their case.


Anonymous said...

Well, Schultz is now creating a special traffic unit with 20 new officers that will be taken out of the field , but assigned to area commands. However, not under the control of the area command.

Now, who is going to fill the gap from all those officers leaving the field. I am sure they will make up some lame excuse as how calls for service will not be affected.
That's major BS, we are getting killed oout here, as calls keep stacking!
Why don't they get more officers before they start taking more out of the field!

Anonymous said...

You can now get the eye on some city computers, but read only. Do not post off the city computers unless they are group computers with many users. This is so they can't track you.

Anonymous said...

Hey knuckle-head, I was there and heard the Cheif. Noone is being removed from the field. These are just field officers who will receive additional training in accident investigation and WILL be under the control of the Area Commander. Wake up you idiot and listen and dont spread false crap. I hope your reports are more accurate then your comments here.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the MONEY. I'm so sick of this . We have money for every other bullshit thing in this city except for what counts. Paying the police more money and doing the honorable thing. Oh, that would mean that the powers to be would have to give up some of their side money. Is what you are legitimatly paid not enough?
Where are the priorities. All we do is focus all our attention on traffic cameras that we overlook what's really important. Yes, it's all about money. Question is, who's pockets are being filled. That may explain why certain individuals are fighting tooth & nail to make sure it stays in place.
Graft anyone?

Joseph Lopez said...

New Mexico must have a sign on it that says "Come Graft Me". Even in my little part of enchantment, school security, I have personally helped to investigate or detected multi-million dollar frauds both here and in Colorado.

In Colorado and Texas, school principals who are shown to be stealing from the education fund are at least properly arrested and removed from office. Prepared Table Charter in Houston and one in Colorado. The DA finds the resources to convict them.

But suffice it to say, that when you take evidence of crimes to school cops in Texas and Colorado, they investigate and want to stop the flow of cash into criminal hands.

But not here. Is cash so plentiful that the school police has no care about someone ripping off the schol district of a million bucks? I thought if I saved the District a million a year, they could at least let me finish our my last ten for ERA retirement doing desk work. But they would rather protect thieves than whistleblowers.

This town is corrupt and scary and more. But it is my home, and I tried to do the right thing, thinking I would get backup.

The 10-82 never came, my friends.

Joseph Lopez said...

No, you were right, Prepared Table was a Federal Case! The local Houston Da did not prosecute, if I am reading he following link correctly.

Joseph Lopez said...

"Byline: Sue Lindsay


A former administrator who stole nearly $400,000 from Jefferson County schools will serve no time in prison under a sentence handed down Thursday.

Gary Dutra, 49, was sentenced to five years in community corrections, in part, the judge said, to save the expense of keeping him in prison.

Dutra pleaded guilty in December to theft and embezzlement of public property for stealing money from the district's petty cash fund over five years. He used the money for gambling, cars, jewelry, expensive clothing, traveling and visits to spas and sex shops.

Jefferson County District Judge Jack Berryhill suspended a five-year sentence..."

It goes on, but it looks like Mr. Dutra was seen in District Court there in Jefferson County, but got no time.

Anonymous said...

i have heard that Marty wants Mr. Shepherd ex APD officer will soon be taken over homeland secuirty. Look what he as done with City Secuirty and his going after some APD officers to pertect the Mayor. He has a private investigator looking at apd officers. I work at the LEC and see all the drama whats going on. whatch your back read below.

former Marty Body Guard and DMD Security Manager Mark Shepherd has been quietly promoted. We told you about Mr. Shepherd and the EEO investigation into allegations regarding his hiring. Among other things, the investigation found that Mr. Shepherd had been untruthful on his application and that there were irregularities in the hiring process (one of Shepherd's references Nick Bakus, served on the hiring committee
The report concluded:

1.) Mr. Shepherd "knowingly made false statements in his application," a violation of the City of Albuquerque Personnel Rules and Regulations which states that "applicants aare ineligible for City employment for reasons including, but not limited to... any fraudulent for false statement on an application."
2.) "City officials improperly accepted Mr. Shepherd's improbable representations of work experience and did not properly evaluate his work and supervisor experience."
3.) "An individual named as a reference improperly served as a member of the interview panel."
4.) "Interview benchmarks do not support the choice of Mr. Shepherd over [redacted]"

Further, the investigator found that they "must conclude that the irregularities in this hiring process support" the allegations made by the claimants.

The real question here is given this information, what did the city do? Our Eyes tell us that the city settled the claims with terms undisclosed and Mr. Shepherd is still serving as Security Manager. Looks an awful lot like a break to us...

Anonymous said...

2nd poster is correct--our city department just now installed the "spyware" and now EVERYTHING is tracked and can't access our personal email accounts. Looking @ stuff is OK but I use the library's public internet computers to post during the work day.

To get back on track ref: white collar investigations I was a victim myself of check fraud ANYWAY I called the worthless check fraud unit or several times and NEVER received a call back. I quit after a while. Had enuf to do getting new accounts, checks, credit cards, etc. It didn't rise to the dollar amount necessary I guess.

My positive story is I had dealings w/the gang unit and let me tell you they were right on it!!! They called me right back, asked pertinent questions, I gave the info. they requested and the people I suspected of gang activity/check fraud were removed from their jobs where I had come into contact with them. These guys were excellent!!

So if you're gut tells you that a merchant or someone you do business with like an apartment manager is sketchy or shady then they probably are! Pay with cashier's checks only. It'a hassle to do it, but it will save you at lot of time and $$$$!!!

Anonymous said...

Hear hear -- I second the comment about the Gang unit - Those guys are top notch! Most of the Specialized units are, and sadly those are always the ones under the gun when it comes to cuts in staffing or budget. Time to put cops in units that kick butt and take em out of soft sell / feel good positions that can be handled by a civilian, CSO or some other old guy part timer. For instance can anyone tell me why there is a full time sworn officer chaplain? There are always pastors of all different faiths volunteering for that job, why take a healthy guy off the streets?

Anonymous said...

We don't need 20 Det. to catch white collor crime. We only need two. Station one on the 11th floor and one on the 5th floor, since that's where most of it occurs.

Anonymous said...

To all in positions of power;
It's coming sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

Why does APD have full time sworn officers in the following positions: Public Information Officer, School Crossing Guards, Police Chaplin, Working on computers, SOP detail, etc etc etc.

At a time when APD is so undermanned you would think a Chief with any brains would get the resources he has and do the most with them.

Chief Schultz does not know how to manage the officers he has. Before he does more spinning for Marty he needs to gather his forces, decide the most important positions to be staffed our handling calls for service, investigating crimes and training officers. If any officer is in a position that does not directly pertain to these three goals then they need to be transferred.

APD needs to protect the citizens of Albuquerqueneeds, not Marty's politcal career.

Anonymous said...

Wait till "The Guy From Boston" gets wind of all this shit.

Anonymous said...

Since when did APD ever have a sworn officer as a chaplin, never.....

So why does this chief waste a position on a chplins spot. The guy could be taking calls for service, especially since the officers are being killed in the field!

He has created too many special spots for his friends.

The Mayor's special detail could free another 4 officers for calls. Between the two, you could make another squad with sgt to take calls,

What a waste of officers, considering the city of Albuquerque's tax payers are paying for them!

Anonymous said...

Few posts up... reference the TOP spots. Yes, they are potentially coming from the field. Officers are going to put in for the position. We need another specialized unit like we need another marty walking around. This has got to stop. Our officer's safety is more in jeopardy because of the lack of man power.

By the way you idiot, Chief is spelled C H I E F. not chief.

Anonymous said...

OK so here we go with the grammar/spelling lessons again. (heavy sigh.....)

Anonymous said...

The only wind the guy from boston has is from his oversized ass...fat freak!

Anonymous said...

Gary King's outfit is supposed to have a white collar crime section. Oh yeah, I forgot, he's been totally ineffective - at least in part because he's the godfather of the crooked judges. Now THERE'S some white collar crime to talk about. . .

Anonymous said...

I believe our gang unit should be investigating violent crimes, not focusing on getting someone fired,,,,owwwwwwwww goood job, ver important stuff there, that is really tuff task for an officer to do, WOW, that looks good on their monthly