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Mar 31, 2008

Defending the Colors

Peter Ryan Lynch heads to trial Tuesday morning to defend himself for his September defense of the colors of the United States of America. As you will recall, Lynch found the Mexican national flag being flown unaccompanied by the U.S. flag in front of Scholes Hall at UNM. He notified the ROTC and an hour and a half later when nothing had been done to correct the violation of the U.S. Flag Code, Lynch - a military veteran - took matters into his own hands by tearing the flag down (read our posts here).

Almost immediately The Center of the Race (El Centro de la Raza) started crying hate crime while taking no responsibility for their role in the Great Flag Flap of 2007 (read about it here). Lynch denied any racial motivation and posted a letter right here explaining his actions (read it here).

What has been absolutely stunning to us is that the DA chose to prosecute this case in the first place. But of course anything is possible when our DA chooses to prosecute people like Elton John Richard for trying to enforce the law and protect his property and family... but we digress.

Despite offering to replace the ripped Mexican flag - an offer refused by The Center of the Race - Mr. Lynch will find himself facing a DA and undoubtedly representatives of El Centro de la Raza whose main objective is not the administration of justice but rather the continuation of the victim status racial politics that gives them their power.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Lynch did the right thing by tearing up the Mexican flag. This is not Mexico and no flag, I repeat, no flag has a place above " Old Glory" in the United States Of America. I am a combat veteran and a Hispanic of New Mexican ancestry. I did not put my life on the line numerous times for El Centro De La Raza or any one else to disrespect my flag! If you guys are so proud of the Mexican flag, the border is to the south. In Mexico you can fly whatever flag you want, but here we fly the United States flag....With alot of pride, I might add.

Anonymous said...

Screw this; and for that matter screw La Raza

Anonymous said...

If the flag was not removed once ROTC was made aware of the problem so why are you not calling for a criminal complaint against the commander? He is responsible for violating the US Flag Code and should be prosecuted. But I guess, in your opinion, his transgressions should be overlooked. I would like to defend the colors to call for the prosecution of the commander unless all other defenders are Hypocrites!

It is obvious you operate in a narrow construct to make your life simple, because you cannot even understand much less address racial nuance. I would like the author of this blog to explain why Hispanics represent only 11% of PhDs at UNM. Is it because they are stupid or is it because they are lazy? The only other explanation is, there is a problem in this society that does not give equal access to education and therefore access to good jobs.

This inequity is frightening to you because if you chose to accept facts then you will have to contemplate the validity of your life. Did you earn your position or was a better qualified person not allowed access?

You for some reason fear cameras so I have to ask, would you support putting cameras at the boarder on private property? Would you support forcing a person to put a camera on their land? I am not talking about the Southern Boarder because undocumented immigrants also enter from the North.

Anonymous said...

"This is not Mexico and no flag, I repeat, no flag has a place above " Old Glory" in the United States Of America." ... ditto ... and Thank you for your service

Anonymous said...

To the above poster: Wait. What? What does the content of the last three paragraphs of your post have to do with this issue?

So you're saying that Peter Ryan Lynch should bear the burden for years of mis-understanding of so-called "racial nuance" at UNM by being prosecuted for a "hate crime" rather than for something he is in fact guilty of, which is vandalism?

Barbarossa said...

There are a few problems with Mr. Lynch’s case, notably that he damaged the flag instead of simply taking it down, folding it up and taking it to the ROTC office or the “Centro” office if he in fact knew it was theirs. It will also be harder to portray him as a reasonable defendant because of this action.

I can understand if the flag was left up accidentally past when it was to be taken down however this all transpired at the same time as the media was showing protests around the Western United States where Mexican flags supplanted U.S. flags or U.S. flags were hung upside down at immigration protests. Now that it is a year later folks may be forgetting that aspect of the general mood in those days. I don’t see a clear winner on either side unless a few radicals decide to use this to stage some media time.

I know a thousand other people will say this but seriously, if Caucasian folks had an organization that referred to them as “The Race” they would be immediately characterized as Nazis. I don’t know that this “Centro de la Raza” is necessarily innocent of racism but if they are they ought to soften up their image with a name change, because that one is a bit insulting to the other 3 major cultures of the area.

Anonymous said...

Get these "f" ing mexicans out of my country!!! The South will rise again!!

Anonymous said...

Not guilty. Hate crime? No.

Anyway, why was the Mexican flag flying at UNM? Do they fly the flags of the other nations respresented in the student body?

As for why so few PhD's at UNM...anyone who can do the work can EARN the degree.

If the writer above wants to get mad, get mad at the parents who don't prepare their child for school, who don't help and encourage their child, who don't expect more from their child, who don't support and assist the school.

Anonymous said...

Just try wearing a "White Pride" tee shirt or sprawl it across in old english writing on your back windshield and watch what happens.
First post, thank your for your service and I completely agree with your thoughts!!!!!

Anonymous said...

re: PHD rates see this msnbc story, it should help you out

Anonymous said...

That sux.

Anonymous said...

Eye, yes you digress, but there is connective reasoning in both Mr. Richard's and Mr. Lynch's cases: Mr. Richard SHOULD have clocked (not Glocked) the Mexican dude and Mr. Lynch SHOULD have simply taken down the Mexican flag. The law is the law even if we disagree with it in circumstances such as this!

Anonymous said...

What Lynch did, vandalism, was wrong, but taking the flag down was right. I hadn't known that he'd already reported it, that's the media for you. I would have been beyond angry also, would not have acted as he did, but that flag would have disapeared.

I'm still so sick and tired of this La Raza shit. From census stats Hispanics are the majority in NM, that doesn't include the illegal Mexicans that aren't counted.

I'm of German decent and a native New Mexican, my dad was an allied soldier during WW-2. One day I was wearing a Deutschland soccer shirt and a person, now an ex-friend, called me a Nazi. Just like one of the above posters stated, it's OK for the minority groups to throw out racial slurs, but damn us anglo's if we even use the word Mexican. Even the grocery store don't call the isle with Mexican food Mexican, it's now Hispanic. I've never heard of Hispanic food??

I know a lot of people of Mexican decent, most of them will say their family was from Spain. What are they ashamed of? I'd be more proud to be from Mexico than from the Spaniards that came in and wiped out thousands of native Mexican's.

There is a booklet on flag etiquette on the internet, it's about 20 pages. It would do every American good to read it. I plan on putting a flag pole in my yard with the German flag flying, but Old Glory will be flying above it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, right on!!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Another war veteran hung out to dry by the leftest pricks. Let's not punish the Mexicans for disrespecting OUR country by flying their flag solo on U.S. soil and a university to boot. Lets punish that veteran for doing what was right. The DA should be ashamed of herself once again. Maybe we can put him in the same cell as Elton Richard who tried to protect himself and his family against a Mexican trying to rip him off. He also did the right thing in killing that piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Lynch found guilty in flag-destruction case
Posted: April 1, 2008 06:16 PM MDT
ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - A man who tore up a Mexican flag flying on the University of New Mexico campus was found guilty today.
Peter Lynch, 30, was convicted of criminal damage to property, a charge which carries a possible $500 fine and up to six months in jail.
Lynch has denied it was a racist act and said he tore the flag down because it was a foreign being flown inappropriately without an accompanying U.S. flag.
At the time he told KRQE News 13 he felt compelled to destroy the flag because nothing was being done about it flying alone.
It turned out the U.S. flag was missing because of a communication breakdown with UNM ROTC cadets who normally raise and lower it. The Mexican flag was flying for a campus event that day.

Anonymous said...

You know, actually, most of my friends back East think I'm in Mexico anyway, we might as well just fly that flag. By the way, if we were to just admit we are part of Mexico maybe the poster up above could fix it so no one but a person of MExican decent gets a PhD. Wouldn't that be nice and fair (note sarcasm dripping from post).

Anonymous said...

This is a history lesson for the poster of German descent. The reason a lot of New Mexicans consider themselves of Spanish descent, is because we are. We speak a different dialect of Spanish than is spoken in Mexico. We have last names that are very uncommon outside of New Mexico. I can trace my family back the first ancestor in New Mexico on my father's side who was a French scout for the Spanish Army. On my mother's side a Basque surgeon for the Spanish Army. No one in my family came from Mexico. We have lived here since the Spanish first came to North America. There are many other New Mexicans of simular ancestry. They live in places like El Rito, Truchas, Espanola, Mora. Las Vegas, Villanueva just to name a few. Take some time to learn about your native state and its Spanish history.

Anonymous said...

For you my Spaniard friend. You're of French, Spanish and no Mexican blood. From your post most New Mexicans don't have Mexican decent, which was actually my point. Why would you have to defend yourself if you have Mexican in your blood?

From what you say the Spaniards moved East to West, not South to North. Spaniard's were very light in color, so why are the majority of Hispanics in NM dark? What are you ashamed of?

As far as I'm concerened we're all mutts. La Raza has got to stop their radiacal, hatefull agenda.

We are all mutts, can't we all just get along!

Anonymous said...

Not all Spaniards were "light" in color as the above poster says. Spain was invaded by the Moors ( a race of arabs from North Africa). This is one place Spanish descendants get their color. The other is intermarriage with native peoples. Take a trip to Spain, see for yourself. I realize that education is a hard thing to come by nowadays, but please try and educate yourself before you try and teach me about why some of us New Mexicans of Spanish ancestry are darker than others. Spaniards landed not only in what is now Mexico and South America, but in Florida and Mississipi as well. For the record, I am ashamed of nothing. I am simply educating you. If you were of Irish descent, you would not like any one to call you a Scot. See my point.

Anonymous said...

I blame the rehires!

Anonymous said...

OK, so I needed the history lesson, after all “I am APS”, where no child is left behind, English is a second language, & more emphasis is given to the non-English speaking, non-American children. The average intelligent children are left behind, hopefully they have a good parent base at home or they may be lost. Not much of an education there, obviously like myself. I have been to Spain and Portugal. There are mixed people in both countries. But in Spain there were a lot of people of light skin, hair, & eyes, maybe it's just where I traveled. Portugal seemed to have more people that were darker skin etc.

The Moors invaded many areas including the Nordic country’s that’s why the people were mixed (like I posted before, we’re all mutts) not all had blond hair & blue eyes, example Greta Garbo. Like I stated I'm of some German decent, but does that give the right for people to call me a Nazi? One thing I know, for sure, is my people entered the US legally.

As far as dialect goes there's a difference right here in Burque. Like the North from the South valley area's or the heights to the west side of town. There's a different slang everywhere you go.

I just don't understand why groups like La Raza are so intent on protecting illegals entering the US and why they are so hateful towards anglos and basically Americans.

You’ve stated you’re French, Spaniard, now Muslim and you do admit to some native. By “native” do you mean Mexican? It seems very hard for you to get that word out. Why?

Anonymous said...

O.K., the history lesson begins anew. First of all, being "Mexican" denotes that the person is from the country of Mexico. I think you are mistaking the spanish word "Mestizo" for Mexican. My wife is from Arizona and of Mexican descent. She could easily explain the difference to you. The difference in dialects between the north and south valley areas were not different until a few years ago when there was a big migration of Mexican immagrants. Take it from some one who speaks Spanish. I can tell the difference when speaking Spanish if the person I'm conversing with is from Texas, California or even which region they came from in Mexico.
The Moors never expanded into the "Nordic Country" as you stated. They were stopped by Charles Martel in 732 as they attempted to expand their territories into France. They never got further than Southern France. On the other hand the Cumans, a branch of the Turkish line, did expand in the "Nordic Country". I do not have a problem admitting that I am Mexican because I am not. My family has been living in the New Mexico area since the early 1600's. By the way, I'm the first poster and I like many members of my family in past generations, I have served faithfully in the U.S. Military. In combat, like I stated before. Have you?
I also lived in Germany for three years and would be more than willing to give you a history lesson on Germany!

Anonymous said...

you are so defensive! The Moors did enter the Nordic country's. You're the one that needs the history lesson. I'm not using the word Mexican as an insult.

In one of your earlier post you imply that hardly anyone in NM is of Mexican decent, that's BS and you know it. Your wife is.

In talking about slang there is a difference across the entire US. You say you've been out of the box but I doubt it or you'd know that New Yorker's have a different slang from Texan's and us.

I could care less how long your family has been here. It just makes you one of those immbedded native NM that thinks they have more rights than us 4th generation people.

You're the one that needs to read up on history and stop relying on what you hear from your clan's verbage. And by the way I've been to Germany where they have different dialects also.

And again just because I'm of German decent, anglo & white does that give anyone the right to call me a Nazi? And allow La Raza to continue to be a hate mongering group.

Anonymous said...

Alas, the Moors never invaded the Nordic Countries.The ones that invaded were of Turkish origins. Get your facts straight. I did not imply that hardly any New Mexicans are of Mexican descent. I simply stated that there are a whole bunch of us that can trace our lineage to the first Spanish inhabitants of New Mexico. By the way, my wife is from Arizona, not New Mexico. I'm not not talking about different slang, I am talking about different dialects. Do you know the difference? Apparently not. I not only visited Germany, I lived there for three years. I visited Sweden, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy and Romania. Did I mention my major was History? It is is not "clan verbage" as you call it.
I have never called you a Nazi and I do not think that I have more rights than you, but my family its due when speaking about New Mexico. I defend my family's accomplishments here like I've defended my country in combat (more than one time ). With pride! I am also a police officer and have been for over ten years.
I have never defended El Centro De La Raza. In case you missed it, I am the first poster on this blog.
Like I said before, the offer for a lesson in history is still open. Unless in your case, ignorance is bliss. I couod care less what your nationality or ethnic group is. I judge by actions, not looks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you’ve been a lot of places I’m so impressed. I’M NOT WORTHY, I’M NOT WORTHY! I would think you’d be more open-minded.

I never said your wife was a native, just of Mexican decent living here. I guess I was wrong she must still live in AZ. I wouldn’t blame her, being married to you.

I’m concerned that you’re a police officer, how’d you pass the psych exam? Or maybe you’re one of those laterals that resigned from another dept. instead of being fired. Your tone suggests you’re a total control freak; you’d probably shoot to kill a shoplifter. Why don’t you take that history major and go teach at UNM with the other liberal radical professors. In the meantime you might want to look up the definition of Moor. And Germany has at least 3 dialects (slang, vernacular, whatever you want to call it). Ever heard of the Berlin wall and High German?

So Mr. narcissistic, arrogant, vain, pompous “Spaniard”, you can have the last word about my ignorance. As I stated on an earlier post “I AM APS”. By the way I’m also a public servant with more time than you!

OVER & OUT, 34. I’m sure you’ll find a way to criticize that one, too.

Anonymous said...

I hear those crickets now fo' sho'!

Anonymous said...

Why all the personal attacks? I am neither vain or narcissistic. I simply corrected you when you were so obviously wrong about the history of Spain and New Mexico.
Moors are Morrocans that invade Spain, Italy and Portugal. It is you that needs to look up their definitions.
I am not a "control freak" as you put it. I am not a lateral that almost got fired and I passed the psych test first try. I would not shoot just to kill a shoplifter. Unlike you, I have been shot at, stabbed and assaulted in the line of duty. Again, I'm surprised at the personal attcks.
I am guessing that you are a teacher, which is a noble profession, but your lack of knowedge on basic things such as the difference between slang and dialect is surprising. I am glad that I work seemingly endless hours of overtime to keep all my children in private schools! I have not only heard of the Berlin Wall, I was there when it came down. No argument from me on the different German dialects.
Your assumptions about me are astounding. You have called me defensive, but you should read your own posts. I was not criticizing you, I was merely correcting your lack of history knowledge.
I doubt very much that UNM would appreciate such a right-wing Rupublican such as myself teaching in their very liberal college!

Anonymous said...

see what I mean, "control freak", you just had to have the last word, and you got it!

Like I said over & out, 34.

Anonymous said...


poopo said...

I am from Europe and I am shocked to see how much hate there is from "hispanics" towards whites. I am also perplexed to why so many in this state call all whites "anglos". I am from the Mediterranean area, therefore of Roman/Latin origin. So, technically I am more latin than many here who claim to be of latin origin.
By the way, let's begin flying other foreign flags to show that new-Mexicans are truly as "cultural" as they claim to be. It's about fairness right?