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May 26, 2008

Eye Poll: Heinrich

Former City Councilor Martin Heinrich ran away with last week's Eye Poll. Our unscientific poll found 60% preferred the former councilor, 17% Michelle Lujan Grisham, 13% Robert Pidcock, and just 10% Rebecca Vigil-Giron Rebecca Vigil-Giron (read it here).

The results of our Eye Poll agreed with Saturday's Journal poll - at least as far as the front runner is concerned (Subscription). Interestingly, Vigil-Giron Vigil-Giron, was in second place in the Journal poll while she rounded out the bottom of a group of contenders that trailed Heinrich by over 40 points.

The Journal's poll found a large group of undecideds - 29%. Our Eye Poll didn't have an undecided choice. Could this be an indication of a huge Heinrich Democratic landslide? We'll know June 3rd.

This week we're looking at the Republican side of the 1st Congressional race. Don't forget to vote!


Anonymous said...

My gosh, this blog has gotten soooo boring! It makes me wish Jason Daskalos would have another run in with the law. Those were good times, right?

Anonymous said...

hahahahahah!!! Yup!