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May 11, 2008

Eye Poll is Back with a Burning Question

As you have probably noticed by now, we've taken a bit of an Eye Poll hiatus... Well this week the Eye Poll is back and we're taking on the issue of Councilor Cadigan's most recent foray into private businesses O-08-29 (read about it here).

Apparently the Dee Johnson Clean Indoor Air Act that bans smoking (a legal activity) just about everywhere humans can go except outside, isn't enough for the fiery councilor who has tried no less than five times to remove any kind of designated smoking areas in "public" places. We have a problem with this concept of a "public place" being anywhere the public is invited to do business in a private establishment. In our opinion the definition is just another way for government to regulate private property and transactions, but I digress.

Since Councilor Cadigan is attempting to insert his legislative nose in private businesses yet again, it's time to let everyone know what your thoughts on the issue are. Don't forget to vote!


Anonymous said...

The difference between Michael Cadigan and a majority of the citizens of this state is he thinks the public can’t think on their own. We know where we like to do business without needing a special permission list from city hall saying what is good or bad for us. Some of the businesses I don't promote, are sellers of porn, casinos, dirty restaurants, etc, I just don't go there (I would rather have the choice, but I’m not in the business to regulate, or close any business; that is not my desire). Yet, our government still approves of places I don’t support to operate freely. Because of government regulations, I feel the Dee Johnson Indoor Air Act restricts businesses from serving ALL of its customers equally. Smokers are generally better tippers, happier people, a lot more fun, better candidates to stimulate the economy, and they complain less than non-smokers. Our leaders need to start respecting all of its citizens rather than looking upon us merely as their personal servants. It used to be the elected officials role was to serve the public. Things sure have changed!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

After hearing from a number of constituents, I have decided to remove the prohibition on smoking in retail tobacco stores from the bill. The bill now will simply make city and state law consistent and will maintain the status quo regariding smoking regulation. Thank you for your interest in this issue.

Michael Cadigan

Anonymous said...

Cadigan probably had good intentions. I just don't think he thought it through-it's just another Big Brother tactic is all. But at least he's not one of Marty's Minions.

Anonymous said...

I believe that when Cadigan sponsors a bill he actually has the publics best interests at heart. He is truly one of the council members I trust and is an independent thinker.

Anonymous said...

That last post about "Cadigan sponsors a bill he actually has the publics [sic] best interests at heart" had to have been written by his wife or his secretary (it's tough to tell them apart).

Cadigan is crazed with his supposed Council power and abuses his position on the Council every single day.

The Councilor has no respect or understanding for private property (talk to developers and property owners in Volcano Cliffs); carries that smug, liberal 'I know how YOU actually ought to live' attitude to the extreme (hence the smoking bans, construction moratoriums and restrictions, water restrictions, etc) and usually gets away with bullying people like the Montes.

People sometimes overlook his controlling tendencies because he doesn't get along with Chavez. That's only because (believe it or not) he doesn't think Chavez goes far enough in dictating how everyone should live.

Good for the Eye forcing him to respond and back down. Please continue to watch this aspiring tyrant.

Anonymous said...

To the above poster, Cadigan is a self serving pompus arrogant asshole who shoots from the hip before he has gathered facts.

Anonymous said...

Come on Cadigan, don't stick your nose too far up that ass....Independent thinker...NOW THERES A GOOD ONE!!!! public's best interest....THATS REALLY LAUGHABLE!!!! I agree with the dude who said "cuck fadigan"