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May 19, 2008

Torpedoing a Sinking Ship

State Senator Joe Carraro's campaign has been bailing water since it set sail last year. The vocal Carraro started the race with a sizable hole in his campaign ship when he failed to get the necessary 20% of the votes at the Republican State Convention. Undaunted by the water around his knees Carraro pressed on qualifying for the ballot by submitting additional petition signatures.
For any of you aspiring candidates, it's not a good sign when less than 20% of party activists vote for you in a two-way race. That coupled with relatively low name ID should have been an indication that it was time to look for a life raft not additional petition signatures. Determination can only carry so far... unless you can write million dollar checks to patch the holes in your campaign hull.
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Today, the Albuquerque Journal fired what could only be called a devastating torpedo at an already sinking ship. The story (ABQ Journal - Subscription) linked Senator Carraro to a company called Real Turf. Apparently, Carraro was hired as a "business consultant" for a business that did work for state governments and relied upon state appropriations.

According to the story, Carraro had the sense to include contract language making it clear that there could never be a "real or perceived conflict of interest."
"There can never be a real or perceived conflict of interest regarding my positions as a state senator and president of Public Perceptions," he said, adding:

"Specifically, it should be noted that recommendations of your product to governmental entities given prior to this contract ... in no way bound you to the employment of Public Perceptions."
We really don't know whether or not Senator Carraro used his position as a state senator to benefit Real Turf. In fact, we'd be hesitant to hire Carraro's company Public Perceptions, because Real Turf went bankrupt after using his consulting services. Our problem is that the senator knew that there could be a perceived conflict of interest as evidenced by the inclusion of the language in his company's contract but he went ahead anyway earning some $40,000 over an eight month period until Real Turf stopped paying him.

For a candidate running on a platform of "experience" this major screw-up shows an astonishing lack of understanding of politics and the media.
After twenty years serving as your State Senator, I bring experience and knowledge of issues to represent The People, not the special interests of political parties, government or big business.
Regardless of whether the senator actually did anything wrong or not, the public perception is that he did because he was in a position to do so. By working for Real Turf Carraro managed to create the perception that he works for the very special interests that he claims not to represent and that he's for hire.

Folks, that's a very large political torpedo. For $40,000 he created a public perception that will take a million dollars and weeks of spending it to dispel - neither of which he has. After 20 years in office, Carraro should have known that and never signed a contract that created a perceived or real conflict of interest. Ironically, it was Carraro himself that created the torpedo that will finally sink his congressional ship.


Anonymous said...

According to a previous blog it does not matter that the journal printed the article about Carraro because people do not read. So should I believe your last blog and consider the story irrelevant or do I believe this blog and consider this story the final nail in the coffin? If I were to believe today’s entry then Robinson must also be on his death bead. The eye flip flops once again.

It supports term limits then the eye doesn’t. The eye says voters are uninformed morons then it says they read the paper and can make educated decisions.

Anonymous said...

I take it that the Eye is a fan of Mr. White. Tell me one thing, exactly what experience if any does Mr. White bring to the table?

ched macquigg said...

I would sooner trust Carraro who created a paper trail,
than Darren White who will not create a trail even when asked.

Darren White is hiding his own corruption. If it "too small"? a corruption to worry about, why doesn't he just explain how his data base was criminally abused by APS administrators to harass and intimidate APS whistle blowers.

Do we really need another politician who abuses political power to harass whistle blowers?

Do we have any use at all for a politician who will will not respond candidly, forthrightly and honestly to legitimate questions about his public service?

Anybody BUT Darren White for Congress