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Jul 20, 2008

Obamination: Jackbooted Thugs

Apparently the next generation of jackbooted thugs will be doing the goose step wearing an O on their armbands. The junior Senator from Illinois seems to believe that we need a civilian force on the scale of our military in order to achieve "national security objectives." In Obama's world this civilian force would be just as well equipped and just as well funded as our Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

There are a couple of well-know organizations that come to mind when you talk about this type of civilian police organization... the Committee for State Security (KGB) and the Geheime Staatspolizie (Gestapo).
We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
-Barack Obama, July 2nd, 2008 - Colorado Springs, CO.
It sure sounds to us like Obama has a SS-like Eco-Gestapo in mind, dedicated to enforcing national security. But, let's give the presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee the benefit of the doubt. Since his July 2nd speech was about "service" perhaps he had something other than climate change thugs breaking down your door in the middle of the night to make sure your thermostat is set above 72 degrees in summer and below 68 degrees in winter.

Let's assume that he had some mystical force dedicated to "service" that had the same funding as our military. Obama seems to be describing some sort of domestic peace corps running around doing good in the name of helping their fellow man. It sounds an awful lot like government run philanthropy - which of course isn't philanthropy at all since all of us taxpayers will be forced to pay for their activities to the tune of around a half a TRILLION dollars.

We didn't think it possible but this concept is even more frightening than Obama clad Eco-Thugs goose stepping down our street. Obama is proposing a massive increase in entitlement programs - programs that already eat up 65% of our national budget.
We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
We hardly believe that the founding fathers reference to "general welfare" had anything to do with paying people not to work. On the other hand, we are certain that the framers of the Constitution intended for the country it defined to have a military tasked with defending our country from foreign invaders.

To be clear, Obama either wants to create some sort of SS-style national security force or he wants to increase the already ridiculously high entitlement spending by HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars. It's either Jackbooted Thugs or complete economic collapse under the weight of an untenable uber-welfare state - that's certainly change.


Bobby Rolfhs for Sheriff said...

Certainly the Eye isn't talking about the candidate for change? The mesiah who will deliver us from the GOP? The rags to riches made for TV movie guy? Are you sure your not being a little biased in the race for president?

Ok, it would seem that the Eye is willing to report things that the main stream media is not. The more Obama talks, the more votes walk out the door. First the Spanish speaking comment, which I have no problem with, but what's wrong with teaching my kids the language of my homeland in Germany? After all, we do have German citizens that get lost in New Mexico every now and then.

Obamanation supporters need to wake up and look at where we are headed. The New Yorker did a spoof on Obama and claimed it was how the right wing party is trying to depict him. I have yet to see the flood of pictures of Obama wearing a turbin. If the GOP really wanted to rub it in, they would be flooding the airways with every picture of Obama they could find while he was on his trips to Africa. I think the New Yorker painted a picture of what they saw.

McCain was not my first, second or third choice, but at least he is a real American who has always loved his country. An American who knows what it means to lose his freedom with the very real possibility that he may never see it again.

While some were being raised by, " White Folks," McCain was making a path to make it possible for someone like Obama to be the Democratic candidate. It was also, " White Folk," like McCain who made it possible for Obama to be where he is today. Despite the fact that Obama has been trying to buy the Black and Hispanic vote, it would not have been possible, had a large number of White people not voted for him as well. So I am kind of tired of hearing about the race issue and how many Blacks or Whites are going to vote for him.

When you vote, make an informative vote, not because Obama could make history by being the first Black President or because he has a nice smile, If you like his ideas of change, which he never really has explained, then vote for him, if you want someone who knows what they are doing, then vote for McCain.

Anonymous said...

I for one agree with Sen. Obama on this one. This country has become a cess-pool of gangs, drug dealers, murderers, and thieves.
I think that a sort of "National Police" would help tremendously. As long as they weren't heavily dictated by politicians.
You're reference to the "Gestapo" and "KGB" is kind of funny. This country has done almost the same thing, just not as highly publicized.
I think it is about time that someone has finally seen that country is falling apart..from the inside!!!

Anonymous said...

Personally I think the eye’s analogy is wrong concerning people verses the KGB, Gestapo, and Secret Service. Our current Police State, unfortunately, remind me of groups like enforcement figures of Russia, and Nazi Germany. Why, just look at New Mexico’s name for the Special Investigations Department (SID) for example. Besides having a similar name and function, their techniques of enforcement are all too familiar. The SID has acquired a certain lack of trust from those they have disrespectfully, and wrongly cited and are truly appearing like the “thugs” you speak of. The second amendment seems to allude to baring arms to protect us from certain groups whose aim is pervert and to take away the U.S. citizens liberties that were guaranteed by our fore fathers. (Remember, our enemies were on our soil even back then). It is also our duty as U.S. citizens to protect the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights from such that choose not to be patriots for the cause of freedom in our county (as it also should be our police force, and government servants duty who swore to do so). It is the LAW! It is good you quoted the “preamble” of the constitution in your text, but the need to not only read and follow a portion, but the whole document should be emphasized and ALL the words applied to our lives. Somehow, some fall short of doing the right thing because of ignorance. The fact is our form of law has become a matter of convenience to the elite and enforcers rather than for the protection (and safety) of the people regardless of what the unadulterated version of that which was written, and ratified in the beginning says.

My vote is NOT for McCain! He does not represent the better interests for our country.

Anonymous said...

SS? KGB? Your paranoia and bias are showing.

The only KGB in this country is King George Bushie. The only local SS is Stupid Shultz.

Crime in the Duke City is rampant. Gangs rule the streets, city garages, Down Town, Chinese resturants, ice cream vendors, and on and on.

I admire APD because they are doing the best they can with what they have, but they are stretched thin and have a Chief who is subject to the Mayor's orders.

We need all the help against the thugs who are running amok that we can get. McSame hasn't even mentioned Domestic Policies and declared that he doesn't know how to use a computer and is weak on Economics. Spare me from more of the McSame. Eight years of one Village Idiot is enough.

Anonymous said...

Man I love how this thing is making its way through the conservative echo chamber. Dear crazy Republican, Senator Obama was talking about a call to duty for youth ie the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Red Cross etc. It really amazes me that conservatives are taking this little snippet out of the overall speech and acting like the sky is falling without actually bothering to read the speech it came from.

It really makes me sad for our country that so many people are apparently incurably stupid.

Anonymous said...

I read the July 2, 2008, speech given by Obama in Colorado Springs and can't find the quote that you attribute to it. I tried to link the speech but either I'm computer illiterate on your site or your site does not permit this action.
Anyhow, it's pretty easy to find on GOOGLE. (
The speech itself seems JFKish to me, calling for the expansion of AmeriCorps and all. I didn't see him call for a secret police force (Tonton Macoute, Brown Shirts, Gestapo, whatever you would like to call it).
I do find your articles about Albuquerque entertaining, sometimes on target and sometimes misguided, but entertaining none the less. But since you've moved on to the national picture you've totally lost your credibility. Please go back to an area where you have at least a modicum of knowledge.

The Viking said...

To Anonymous who stated that America needs a National Police because it has become infested with Gnags,Murderers and theives. I can simply point out that Liberalism has succeeded if you feel that current law enforcement is not working.

The lawyers filing appeal after appeal and trying to distort the constitution are beginning to take its' toll on the average American citizen. Criminals being put on the street with no real fear of reprisal from the judicial system, seems to be a motivator for people to prey on others rather than looking for a job that fullfills self gratiude.

Police agenices everyday talk about the red tape and how over the years their hands have become tied. How did this happen? Voters.... yes Voters.... From the City, County, State and Federal level, People have been voting in liberal minded people, into office, who feel that even the person who raped and murdered a 4 year old child can be rehabilitated.

I have been in law Enforcement for 13 years and I have no faith in the system. I have been to metro court for repeat traffic violaters who seem to get a 90 day deferred sentence, I have been the one on trial when trying to convict someone of DWI

( AS THE EYE WOULD SAY- SIDE BAR After the defense attorney has continued the case 6,7 or 8 times, yet if we fail to show for a pre- trial or can't not make it because we are stuck on a call, worked a 16 hour shift or had an MVD hearing at the same time we were supposed to be in court (popular tactic of defense attorney's)then the case is dismissed in the blink of an eye. END SIDE BAR

I have had to testify only twice in district court, despite 100's of felony arrest, because the plea bargain rules under Kerri Brandenburg. What doesn't sound appealing about an 8 year plea deal for the first degree murder as opposed to 30 years if you go to trial.

We build a new jail and it fills up within the first two years. I for one would pay an extra cent sales tax for every dollar if it went to building more jails and housing criminals for 20, 30, 40 years if need be. If it meant I could go to Coronado mall or downtown without taking the biggest gun I have with me. We don't need a National Police Agency, we need to vote people into office that will create mandatory sentencing laws for criminals and take away meek plea bargains. For example, if someone takes a plea for a robbery, the minimum sentence allowed would be 10 years, not probabtion, not 1 year and out because of good behavior. If they want to go to trial and they are found guilty, sentence them to 25 years.

That is why it is important you do your homework before you vote. As the other blogger said, Don't vote for someone because they could make history, have a nice smile or have good hair. Vote on the facts and vote for what you believe in. If you believe criminals are running amuck, then vote for someone who has a track record of being tough on crime. If you think criminals desreve more rights than their victims, then vote for someone who will bring down the quality of life. What ever you do, don't sit by and just watch, write letters to Congress, Senate, Judges or The D.A. Your voice carries weight if you let them know that people are keeping tabs on them and what choices they make on our behalf!

Anonymous said...

after 8 years of bushs's war on the american people - november 2008 is going to be a democratic landslide.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eye-

Love the Obama satire posts...too funny...keep up the right wing whacko stuff...I'll run get my tin foil hat so I'm all set for the next one. You and Colbert keep me laughing...regards,

O in '08

Anonymous said...

To the cop above who wants to put even more people in prison:

Do you realize that the Land of the Free, the United States of America, incarcerates not only the largest percentage of its citizens of any country in the world (including North Korea and China) but the largest percentage in the history of the world?

Maybe incarceration is not the answer to your irrational fears. I mean, come on, seriously? You wear a gun to Coronado mall? What are you afraid of, getting mugged by the 13-16 year-olds that hang out there?

Maybe if you cops would stand up to our idiot politicians and stop enforcing the completely pointless petty drug possession laws there would be room in our already ludicrously large number of prisons to incarcerate the actual dangerous criminals.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that one is a conservative when they, at least try to follow the law. When you say that you understand the U.S. Constitution, and you know what it says when you arrest someone and stay within its boundaries, I don’t think judges have a problem with that. If you disregard what it says, and arrest someone by yours, or someone else’s rules, then you are of a liberal mind and deserve to be shut down (you are no better than the criminal you are trying to convict). It seems to make perfect sense to me. If you want to call judges, lawyers, politicians, citizens, or otherwise a liberal, I would suggest re-visiting the Constitution to see where you fit in. I’ll list a few of my favorites from the U.S Constitution I feel the law is broken by police, or the system continually, and makes public servants lawbreaking liberals rather than law-abiding conservatives:

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Amendment V
No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

We need to get away from this notion of building more jail cells, and prisons. We need to start training our youth better, and need people who are good examples, and strong leaders to follow. We don’t need any more hypocrites.

The Viking said...

first of all, putting more people in jail is the answer to the problem. Think about it, had the offenders of the last 2 homicides been in jail like they were supposed to, the innocent victims, who were murdered, would be alive today. One killed by a member of the Aryan Brotherhood because of mistaken identity and another killed for a tip jar by a subject who only served a few months in jail for a previous robbery charge and then violated his probation by using drugs. Both are shining examples of a failed system. Where did the failure occur? Hmmmm. The police did their job, The D.A. proposed the minimal time in a plea agreement and the Judge accepted it. That one is not hard to figure out.

If people like this were in jail they would not be feeding on the general population. Maybe larceny and Burglary are property crimes, but they feed the bigger crimes that involve drugs. Murder, extortion and Battery. You can close your eyes and pretend that COPS are the problem, but we do our best to protect a large population of people,like you, that are ungreatful and think that "LAND OF THE FREE" means you can do what ever you want. And for the record, I always carry a gun, as do 99% of Law Enforcment, while off duty. Someday when you are hiding in the changing room at Coronado mall because of gang bangers in a firefight, you will thank the cop who happens to be shopping and has his firearm.

And I know what the constitution says, I know what it means, Don't try to distort it for the protection of doing what ever you want. You sound like a liberal from the ACLU who tries to justify that your client can be a piece of crap because it is protected by the constitution. Law abiding citizens who respect the constitution will never need the assistance of the ACLU or any other Liberal that does not understand what the real problem is. The Constitution was written over 200 years ago by men who would be turning in their graves if they knew how distorted and twisted it has become. I can debate this all day. The sad reality is that Law Enforcement Officers through out the state work with what they have and try to protect everyone's constitutional rights. Sometimes incidents happen, " IE: RICK FOLEY " but 99% of the time they are lawful arrests. But you will never see a story about all the right things we do in law enforcement. It does not make for good headlines. If you really want to see another side of ALbuquerque, do a ride along, you will never look at ALbuquerque the same way again.

Anonymous said...

God, no wonder our cops are so out of control, some of them actually believe they're going to be Rambo heroes during some theoretical firefight between "gangbangers" at Coronado mall. Much more likely Mr. Rambo cop will shoot some kid who ran away after getting caught shoplifting a baseball cap or some other non-violent offense.

If the government weren't throwing people in jail for harmless recreational drug use there would be more bunks available to keep violent offenders locked up for longer, did you ever consider that? Of course not, petty drug users are scum and gangbangers and probably deserve to be shot, right?

You're a real hero Rambo. I like how you spit out the word "ACLU" and "Liberal" like they're curse words. The founding fathers were completely radical liberals in their time. The ACLU is part of what is protecting all of us (even you, Rambo) from overzealous authoritarians like Marty Chavez and Chief Schultz. If not for organizations like the ACLU, FIRE, and the NRA, Marty and his ilk would have all of us walking around in clear plastic togas so we can't get away with carrying contraband and rubber mittens on our to keep us from hurting each other and gags in our mouths to keep us from speaking out against him.

The fact that there are cops like you who consider the ACLU an enemy is terrifying. If (some) cops consider a group dedicated to preserving the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution to be the enemy, that makes those cops the enemy of the Constitution, and of the Republic.

Anybodybutdarren4con. said...

I agree with viking, only it was three murders. The one in the parking garage off Central was also another person who should have been in jail. And as far as "Petty" drug arrest?? yeah, Ok hippie, your a great example for us to listen to! Are you defending your right to free speech, freedom of religion or freedom from unreasonable search and seizure while toking it up? I don't recall your right to use illegal narcotics as being mentioned as one of your rights. If you want to be taken seriously, don't mention that you disagree with Law Enforcement enforcing the law. It makes you sound like an idiot.

Dan said...

I don't use drugs, tough guy. I'm just smart enough to realize that the drug war is an abject and embarrassing failure that has done nothing to curb drug use and has vastly increased overall violent crime. Exactly like Prohibition did, remember how that worked out? Yet somehow the right-wing wackjobs have convinced themselves that pot is different than alcohol. You realize that the push to make marijuana illegal came from... the alcohol industry? Reefer madness! You found a college kid with half a joint, better pull out the taser and the billy club to protect America! That hippie needs to be put behind bars to protect our wimminfolk!

Additionally, I had assumed that you had actually read the Constitution. You might want to check out the ninth and tenth amendments.

Anonymous said...

Hey, didn't that punk little teenage gangbanger that killed the Chinese lady in a hold up go to the MALL, after he committed the murder????

Anonymous said...

Being a civilian supporter of Law Enforcement, I did not read anything that would suggest out of control cops. All I see is a harsh dose of reality. Read the post on safe havens for criminals. It fits with the liberal mindset that created most of the crime problems to begin with. ACLU and liberal are curse words outside of New Mexico, California and Marthas Vineyard.

Liberals have twisted the constitution because it was written by men, Liberals could not twist the Ten Commandments, so they used mans law to get God's law thrown out. Since Gods law is unconstitutional then where does our Constitution stand? After all, God created man and man destroyed God? The cops here, do a good job and I have been thankful for off-duty cops who acted on serious situations, that I have witnessed, when they did not have too. They could have walked away but choose to do what they always do, Protect us, the strangers who are anonymous and ungreatful.

And Dan, your right, we can't win the drug war as long as it continues to have a customer to serve. Maybe people should take responsibility and stop using drugs. Most people need God to kick the habit, but can't find him because he isn't allowed in the court room they are going to.

To all the Cops here, Good Job nd Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!

barbarossa said...

Dan - You will be hard pressed to find anyone in PRISON for simple possession of Marijuana in this state. I personally was told by a judge years back that he wouldn't send anyone away for weed unless it was selling over 20LBS. So yeah, dope posession is used to violate paroles and probations of convicts with other charges, and yes that is probably still a good thing. And surprisingly to you, I was a cop for over 22 years, about 5 of those in narcotics enforcement and I don't have a problem with anyone smoking a little weed... but Ill split the difference with you , my theory: make weed legal but increase the penalty for all other drugs upward by one degree of felony. In other words, puff away but the minute you sell crack or run a meth lab you go away for a 1st or 2nd degree felony. Think Im nuts? Well maybe so, but I would bet you dollars to bagels that it would work.

Anonymous said...

I was raised to obey the law. I was also taught to respect and follow the U.S. Constitution (and I believe that is a good thing). When I see our police department (as well as Rambo) arrest people without probable cause (or having not acquired a search warrant), or steal someone’s car because of an illegal search, or see people in uniform telling citizens they should remain quiet while in their presence (and feel justified doing so), it makes me wonder if I shouldn't be committing the same crimes that they so freely commit? It might make life easier. Maybe you have a good point. Maybe you have no conscience. I don’t think the constitution is a perversion, I think your interpretation of it is!

Anonymous said...

Obama problem # 412:
Taxing the so called "Wealthy".
The top 25% pay 86%--these are the people who make over $62,000. That would be most of you. He knows this. He doesn't care. His plan will kill the economy and cripple businesses who hire the people he pretends to care so much about

Anonymous said...

.... a civilian supporter of Law Enforcement

Remember that before their were the "Ten Comandments" (given to Israel, for the people of Israel to follow) ... Their was law (The law of God) .... It still exists .... U.S. Constitution, or not

Anonymous said...

Obama is not proposing raising taxes on anyone making under $250,000 a year. Where are you getting this latest delusion?

I remember these exact kind of chicken little screams prior to Clinton taking office, about how he was going to kill the economy, yet somehow the economy improved by a higher yearly percentage under Clinton (even including the bursting of the tech bubble) than it did under Reagan, Bush I, or Bush II. Obama's economic policies are more "conservative" in American terms (in economic terms, "liberal") than Clinton's. Obama's economic policy advisers are laissez-faire economists of the Chicago school.

But keep running around screaming about how the sky is falling, chicken little.

Anonymous said...

Obama! Euro trash. He's no Kennedy, not that was special, but at least he gave good speeches that had substance and didn't stutter and stammer without the teleprompter. He had balls to face our enemies. Barrack has none and just as soon kiss the French sons of bitches ass than go to war. The man hasn't got the gonads for it.
He's a slick one all right.
The left will in fact get what they want and for the next four years will have to shut they're mouths while they're once so called good life goes straight down the shitter. Antie up assholes, your taxes are a going up

Anonymous said...

Guess Im a total "chicken little" also, because I fear what will happen with either of these guys in charge.

Anonymous said...

Why exactly is it that you imagine that we should be going to war with France? You realize that they're our ally, right?

Your borderline illiteracy does give you an excuse for not knowing this, but Obama wants to increase our military operations in Afghanistan in order to actually defeat Al Qaeda (you know, the people who actually attacked the US unlike Iraq) and the Taliban instead of running away from it like a coward like the Bush-Cheney regime has done. He wants to go into Pakistan in pursuit of Osama instead of being afraid to like McCain and Bush are. Is that enough gonads for you?

Its spelled "Ante", moron.

Anonymous said...

I ante up every time I go to the gas pump to pay for inflated gas that's inflated to keep Saudis happy...Later dubyah.

Anonymous said...

Change the laws and incorporate a mandatory death sentence for conviction of every felony be carried out within 30 minutes of the finding of guilt.

Bet you crime rates decrease immediately.

Anonymous said...

Ronald "Fiscal Conservative" Reagan = $200 Billion Deficit

George "Fiscal Conservative" Bush = $300 Billion Deficit

Bill "Tax & Spend Liberal" Clinton = $200 Billion SURPLUS!

George "Fiscal Conservative" Bush = $482 Billion Deficit

John "Fiscal Conservative" McCain = Do the math!!