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Aug 11, 2008

Eye Poll: Derailed

The Almighty Alcalde and a number of city councilors have been determined to have their own train right down Central. Two years ago they tried to sneak an extension of the Transportation Infrastructure Tax designed to pay for the trolley past the voters on the Monday before 2006 election - which included a hotly contested CD1 race between Heather Wilson and Patricia Madrid (read about it here). Eventually, the trolley jumped the tracks and a task farce was formed to "study" the idea.

Two years ago there was a huge public outcry that ended the trolley's immediate future. Last week we asked Eye readers what their opinion was today. 83% of those participating in our unscientific poll said no way when asked if the city should spend $240 plus MILLION on a new trolley, 16% said absolutely, 3% didn't know, and 1 lone voter didn't care (read the results here).

This week we're working on two polls - our first presidential poll and a poll on whether the county should be spending upwards of $44 MILLION to purchase a place of their own. Don't forget to vote!


Anonymous said...

Typo in 2nd poll, "Now" way should be "No" way.

The Eye said...

Sorry about the typo... We didn't spot the error until after the first votes were cast. We didn't feel we could start the poll over lest we be accused of disenfranchising voters.

So... We fixed the response on this page but due to some limitations at, we were unable to change the results page without resetting the vote count.

WTF said...

Eye, I have just one question: Why, with all the "juicy stuff" going on @ APD, i.e., officers now having to to take "customer service" training (WTF??)and the "excessive force" lawsuit that NMSP filed & won against APD, etc., why oh why do you continue to blog about boring stuff??? I'm hurtin' here, EYE! OK, it's not totally boring, but it's stuff about buildings, candidates, trolleys, blah blah blah. It's beginning to sound more like "Eye on New Mexico" and as you probably know, that can be flat-out boring. Help! We want cutting-edge EYE back!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with above post. There is so much out there that your bloggers have come to expect from the "eye" and lately, you just keep falling way short of those standards.

If we want to read about light rail, senate or congressional races, we can buy the journal. That's the paper, by the way, that APD and the Mayor already control. We want a place where we can discuss issues we know to be true, but can't talk about for fear of retaliation. We need a place where we can expose the corruption and hypocrisy that exists in city government. We need a place where someone has the balls to say what is really going on. We all know that the Journal and main stream media do not have the "testicular fortitude" to report the corruption at City hall.

Besides APD, you can check AFD, City legal, Nick Bakas etc. etc...

Has this blog given into the Commnander Feists, the Mayor and APD (Dark Side) and believe the BS these types claim. Why do they care about this blog any way? Remember, they already control the main stream media. Who reads this stuff anyway? Remember, this is just a place for "mendacity". What the shit was that all about? Just another attempt at intimidating the rank and file! Of course we will post as anonymous, do they think we're stupid as well?

And why, when you do have an interesting topic, you bury it under several uninteresting topics? For example, on 8-1-08 the subject was (Doing It Again). Very good topic and many responses from your bloggers. Then you proceed to post topics on 8-3,8-4,8-5 and 8-6-08 that completely buried any momentum from the 8-1-08 posting. Your 8-11-08 posting (Bankupt) has the potential to "grow legs" if you let it. This is the type of hypocrysy and corruption that needs to be exposed or at least discussed.