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Aug 24, 2008

Eye Poll - Leaning White

Last week's Eye Poll took up the race for Heather Wilson's vacated seat in the 1st Congressional District between Sheriff Darren White and former City Councilor Martin Heinrich. Sheriff White carried our unscientific Eye Poll by a solid double digit margin of 14 points (57% to 43% read it here).

When considering the 1st CD most people tend to focus on the 2006 election where Heather Wilson held on to beat Pausing Patsy Madrid by some 700 votes. People tend to forget that Congresswoman Wilson traditionally won the 1st CD by a margin of around 10 points. It will be interesting to see whether or not the "Democratic Wave" has started to recede even with the Obama World Tour rolling through the 2008 election.
The Anointed One's announcement of Joe Biden as his High Priest leads us to believe that Obama is reluctant to share the spotlight with anyone. Biden may bring foreign policy experience to the ticket but we're not convinced that his conclusions have been accurate. When you consider Biden's penchant for shooting his mouth off - he brings almost no upside and the potential to create scandal and distraction.
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With redistricting looming and a Democratically held New Mexico Legislature, you can bet that the 1st CD will be redrawn to lean further to the left. Sheriff White may be the only hope for Republicans to hold the district through redistricting.

This week we'll move on to that other open seat. You know the one where Tom Udall is trying to convince voters that he's really for drilling despite his record of voting to restrict oil exploration at every turn. If Udall wants anyone to believe that he's for drilling as part of a comprehensive energy plan he ought to announce that his past support of radical environmentalists and their belief that any drilling harms the environment was a mistake. (Don't hold your breath on that one.)

It's the New Mexico U.S. Senate race - underdog Steve Pearce vs. Tom Udall. Let's get ready to ruuuuuumble! Don't forget to vote.


Anonymous said...

I hope that the event of a Bernalillo Sheriffs Department officer confiscating someone's $11,000 in cash, as reported on the Op-Ed page of the Journal this morning, was not because the officer was following an example of it’s leader. I am appalled at the report of such behavior! In my opinion the law enforcement branch of government assumes way too much (one is guilty unless proved otherwise). I can only imagine what will happen to our tax dollars if Sheriff Darren White is elected without being recognized as a leader of intimidation.

Anonymous said...

Darren can't run the SO. You think he will run a Congressional office??? PLEASE......

Anonymous said...

I think its pretty hilarious that, in a district with four county Sheriffs, one of them is running for House Representative and the other three have endorsed his opponent.

Anonymous said...

Would Darren White pass another vote of confidence in the sheriff's department?

He already failed one with the state police.

Too bad no one has the balls to call for one.

Anonymous said...

Only four comments?
Guess none gives a shit.
Oh by the way, no one gives a shit.